FCBD 2018 by Nick Spencer

FCBD 2018

New creative teams. New series. New directions. New beginnings. Fans will be able to read the first Amazing Spider-Man story from Nick Spencer and Ryan Ottley in this very issue!

Details FCBD 2018

TitleFCBD 2018
Release DateMay 5th, 2018
GenreSequential Art, Comics, Graphic Novels, Superheroes, Marvel

Reviews FCBD 2018

  • Alejandro
    Your friendly neighboorhood comic book! This is a single comic book issue given in the Free Comic Book Day event of 2018, featuring a part of the incoming “Amazing Spider-Man #1, PLUS an introductory guide for Infinity Countdown through the recent events on Guardians of the Galaxy.Creative Team:Writer: Nick SpencerIllustrator: Ryan Ottley A BRAND NEW DAY…AGAIN Marvel Comics is about to reboot its titles (again!) and they took the chance with ...
  • James DeSantis
    This was okay. It had some funny moments, Nick Spencer gets a lot of Peter's voice right, and I loved the Art. However, the storyline has been there and done that feeling X100. I really just wish they'd take Spider-man to new places, because this is getting a little too boring. I also think the humor is a little too deadpool at times. Either way I'll give it two full arcs because love Ottley and Nick work most of the time.
  • kristen b ♡
    WELLLLL!!!! i am NOT a spider-man fan at all , like i’ve never been a fan of him. i have a vivid memory of crying and having a mental breakdown when i was 4-6 because my mom was forcing me to watch spider-man with all the other kids at a party.but THIS was good!! it’s leading up to the new spider-man series and i might...... i might start reading..... because this was so entertaining.
  • Clara
    I love Peter Parker so much.
  • Rowie
    I'm really into superhero movies, especially the ones Marvel comes out with. I love how they take me to a world where I feel thrilled and like being powerful. Seeing the heroes on the big screen sometimes makes me feel like I've run for miles. It literally gives me adrenaline.So I do want to get into comics, I think? They seem really cool, but also a little hard to understand. There's all this references and throwbacks to other issues and there's...
  • Ankit Saxena
    Amazing Start.Good to go story from Spiderman. My favourite of all time since I was so young. Always amazes me.And...For Gaurdian of Galaxy, storyline is good and here they started to save the Infinity Stones. Proving their worth of being Gaurdians..
  • Grace
    Actual Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars.Good ol' Spidey is back in the business
  • Isla
    Free Comic Book Day - This book is becoming more and more like Deadpool.
  • Abish
    Refreshing happy to have a comic for free downloaded for soul purpose to keep my cousin busy but eventually I fell for it.. old crave is back now I am pirate again for heart bottomEnjoyed it too cuz I beged borrowed and finally stealed from cousin
  • Ronak Shah
    Obsessed with comic booksLately so much obsessedComic books are always love for me.And Spiderman is person favorite hero..Because"With great power comes great responsibility"
  • Ivy
    5 ⭐Peter and Randy are looking for an apartment and it doesn't seem to be going well. Peter stops some super-villains: Electro, Rhino, Boomerang, and new Big Wheel and they finally find an apartment. Boomerang is Randy and Peter's new roommate. Nice to see Peter and Randy are finding an apartment. Annoying that the only cheap ones have garbage in front of them or something. Cool that Peter was able to stop the bad guys. Wonder what he will do w...
  • Vinton Bayne
    The voices are good, the humor is good, but this really feels like a step back. It feels like a reset in a bad way, like we are just stuck in the past. Development is a good thing, I hope we don’t completely disregard it.
  • Silas
    I got this one late at Halloween ComicFest, left over from Free Comic Book Day. I hadn't read Amazing Spider-Man, though, so it was new to me. I have been hearing about some of the story details, so the ending wasn't particularly surprising, but it was a solid book, throughout. The art is well done, and Peter's voice is, as well (I particularly liked the bit about wheatcakes). It is a bit of a change, since the last time I read Spider-Man, he was...
  • Kori ☾
    2 stars for Amazing Spider-Man & 1 stars for Guardians Of The Galaxy. Thank goodness this was free because I would have been highly disappointed with my purchase. I have never been a huge fan of Spider-Man. I have always found his holier than thou attitude slightly annoying. This version of Peter Parker looks like a college graduate who is just trying to find his place in the world. Seems interesting enough but his one liners while in battle anno...
  • Simeon Scott
    Though I'm more of a fan of Spencer's then most people these days, this did little to get me excited of his Spider-man run. It's not bad, it just seems like more of the same stuff we were getting from the Slott run which I got tired of around the time Spider-island happened and though I do eventually want to read the rest of that, seeing that this isin't going to be anything really that different or even that same but better quality left me kinda...
  • Jess Maggio
    Fuccin Nick SpencerI got this ish for free comic book day (2019, I'm a year late) and I didn't realize it was Nick Spencer. Who I'm still mad at.It's not bad but I'm a little bored by this 'back to basics' stuff. It's cute and it's Spidey but how you gonna erase all his character development like that? Boy's been through a lot in fifty years, and you wanna just throw him back to the beginning? Weak.
  • Sarah
    So apparently this is from the same author as ‘Superior foes of spider-man’. I think i prefer this issue than that trade. Randy is a new character to me but I like him and I am interested in the antics that will arise with Peter needing to live with one of his foes. That sounds fun.
  • Monisha Batsa
    I liked it because it is free and it's technology of comic books is nice It's free and I need more books like this ...best for all..please post new books like this..superb nice excellent awesome
  • Rod Trent
    C'mon guysThis preview of the upcoming next Spider-Man revamp makes me want to stop liking Spidey altogether. It's almost like they took Archie and stuck a Spider-Man costume on him. I really can't see how this will be any good.
  • PvOberstein
    Like most of the free comics, it's a short burst of action with a reasonably-interesting set-up for more adventures to come. Cool, I guess? The Guardians of the Galaxy bit at the end didn't work for me at all, though.
  • Missy Vigue
    Spiderman and boomerangCan't wait for the next one!!!😂😂😂😆😆😆😊😊😊It was awfully short though....-Plz make more'4 and a half stars 🌟
  • Vinaykumar
    Very descriptionsI like action and the book has itAlso the book has the thing i really with lots of action
  • Kest Schwartzman
    Cute enough, but nothing special
  • Lillian Francis
    Definitely want to carry on with this.
  • Steven Underwood
    SpidermanIt was a short story, great if you haven't got much time but still want to read. I recommend it.
  • Angela
    So, this is a quick read while watching My Kitchen Rules. I liked this comic, didn't love it. Its was fun and fast paced. I gave it 🌟🌟🌟.
  • Jono
    I hope the new monthly title lives up to this. Great writing and gorgeous art.
  • ryan khafafa
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  • Julian Anderson
    I because it is a very good comic book and I really like the story of spider man that they have.
  • Arthur
    NiceA good introduction to Spider-Man, and a few of the major villains with a nice guardians of the galaxy follow up.