An Elderly Lady is Up to No Good by Helene Tursten

An Elderly Lady is Up to No Good

Content:- An elderly lady has accommodation problems - An elderly lady on her travels - An elderly lady seeks peace at Christmas time - The antique dealer's death - An elderly lady is faced with a difficult dilemmaMaud is an irascible 88-year-old Swedish woman with no family, no friends, and…no qualms about a little murder. This funny, irreverent story collection by Helene Tursten, author of the Irene Huss investigations, features two-never-bef...

Details An Elderly Lady is Up to No Good

TitleAn Elderly Lady is Up to No Good
Release DateNov 6th, 2018
PublisherSoho Crime
GenreShort Stories, Mystery, Fiction, Crime, Humor, Cultural, Sweden

Reviews An Elderly Lady is Up to No Good

  • Julie
    An Elderly Lady is Up to No Good by Helene Tursten, Marlaine Delargy (Translator) is a 2018 SOHO Crime publication. Well, if you’ve had your fill of gooey, saccharine sweet holiday books or movies, then this collection of vignettes featuring Maud, an eighty-eight year old serial killer, will cure your holiday sugar rush. To be completely honest, I didn’t do much homework when I borrowed this book from the library. One of my fine friends on Go...
  • Debra
    Dear sweet little old Maude....what a clever, serial killer you are! Plus, you are not so sweet. If fact, you are quite grumpy and calculating. She’s not your grandmother folks (unless, of course your Granny is a killer).Maude is an 88-year-old Swedish Woman with no family or friends. Who needs them? Not Maude! She quite happy to do things on her own. Make travel arrangements, go on vacation, murder someone, surf the internet, etc. Everyone nee...
  • Diane S ☔
    3.5 Meet Maude. She is not your stereotypical elderly lady. Definitely not the kind that distresses one when in a hurry and the car that is doing ten or more miles under the speed limit is driven by a littleold lady who can barely see over the steering wheel. Nor the one in the grocery checkout counting out her exact change one coin at a time, while we not so patiently wait for them to finish. Yes Maude is in her later eighties, lives in a large ...
  • Sheri
    Resourceful. Intuitive. Discerning. Sharp. All words one might use to describe Maud. All positive attributes, you might say. But Maud also has a darker side. She can be cunning, devious, and coldhearted to "certain individuals". Whenever a dilemma pops up, Maud contemplates the problem at hand, and arrives at a perfectly wily solution. A fun read to entertain one’s latent maniacal tendencies. There’s no rest for the wicked when revenge is so ...
  • Diane Barnes
    A little book (literally) that packs a punch (figuratively)because Maud is not your typical 88 year old lady. When she sees a problem, she fixes it by getting rid of the source. It turns out that being old is a great disguise for a murderer.3.5 stars rounded up for a great character. I hope we get more of these stories, the first five just whetted my appetite.
  • Bill Kerwin
    Swedish author Helen Tursten is best known for her series of mysteries about Inspector Irene Huss (made into a series of films for Swedish TV), but, when she was asked to contribute to a Christmas anthology, she decided to write about a serial killer instead, a serial killer who happens to be an “elderly lady,”Tursten’s heroine Maud is not a blood-thirsty monster, driven by bloodlust or malice. No, she is merely a stone-cold but reasonable ...
  • Jon Nakapalau
    Wow! What an original character! Maud will put a smile on your face even as you feel a shiver down your spine!
  • ♥ Sandi ❣
    4 starsWhat a charming little book. Translated from Swedish, being made into a TV series in Sweden, I feel cheated that we are not also getting it in the United States. Eighty-eight year old Maud is just a little devil. Set, and solitary, in her ways and always looking for the solution to her next problem. That solution, involving a bit of murder, does not dissuade her. Humorous to the point of laughing out loud funny, this book is light, relaxed...
  • Kyra Leseberg (Roots & Reads)
    88 year old no-nonsense Maud is a former teacher living rent free (thanks to a legal technicality after her father passed away when she was 18) in a spacious apartment in Gothenburg, Sweden.In a series of short stories, we learn about Maud's life and her penchant for murder. While most people see a feeble minded elderly lady who is half deaf and lacking the strength to hurt a fly, Maud uses this illusion to her advantage as she surfs the net for ...
  • Victoria
    What is the deal with these curmudgeonly, geriatric Swedes? This one takes her ire to a new level, but I just didn’t find enough of the promised hilarity to make it worthwhile. Others have loved, so maybe I’m turning into a crotchety Cuban heading for a murderous streak in a few decades.
  • Kate ☀️ Olson
    Title is perfect. Cover is perfect. Maud is perfect. I have honestly never felt so justified in cheering for a murderer as I have with this book. This little old lady is LETHAL, and her age (late 80's) and infirmity (mostly faked) are the perfect defenses. If you are looking for something deeper in this book, I can assure you that my mind went often to the invisibility of older people in our society. While Maud surely took that to her advantage, ...
  • Connie G
    Maud is an elderly Swedish woman with a benign exterior. She has no tolerance for anyone who crosses her, and deals out her brand of justice to those taking advantage of older people. Maud is responsible for a sizable body count in this small collection of five witty short stories. I enjoyed the humor in the stories, but I wouldn't want to meet Maud on a dark staircase.
  • Dita
    Well...that was weird.
  • Jeanette
    For an 184 page group of stories this one is far more difficult to describe and evaluate than it would seem. For my taste and reading experience of it, that especially.Because I do have mixed feelings. Mixed "eyes" for form, and mixed nuance to put this into true "category" itself. It's certainly not unique. But in the same breathe, it is also terribly memorable. With the emphasis on "terribly"- don't forget that angle.Maud is 88 years old. Maud ...
  • Mara
    This basically makes me want to write fan fic where Maud visits St. Mary Mead in 1935 and shit gets real. Savage old lady mortal combat
  • Carolyn
    This was a delightful, cozy crime story. Not a mystery as we knew the perpetrator and the motive for each criminal act. Maud is an elderly, apparently frail 88-year-old Swedish lady. She lives rent free in a large home which belonged to her family and had been divided into apartments. She appears feeble, uses a walker and hearing aids to fool people. Her pastimes are surfing the internet, visiting a luxury spa, extensive travel, and murder. She h...
  • Rissa
    No she couldn’t possibly kill a man half her age and twice her size. Thats ridiculous shes 89 for gosh sake! Maud is an old woman that just wants to live her without distractions and annoying people. If someone gets in her way she gets rid of them and while reading i was like “why am i okay with her killing people? Im okay with it. I sort of get it” This was hilarious and simply wonderful!
  • Jann Barber
    I have lived in a retirement community since 2015 and am currently 66 years old. The average age here is about 81. I mention this because after reading this book, I am not going to turn my back on anyone who lives here, and I plan to be as sweet as possible to everyone!Why? Well, the protagonist of these short stories is Maud, who is 88 years old and is definitely up to no good in every one of the stories. I know a few reviewers felt that there w...
  • Sarah
    Maud is an 88-year-old Swedish woman who lives rent free due to a lucky provision in her father's will, loves to travel, and often pretends to be much more feeble and dotty than she really is, when it suits her purposes. She doesn't seem to have any friends, or desire any sort of companionship. Maud also kills people. Always for practical reasons, though she doesn't seem to lose any sleep over it.This book is a collection of five short stories ab...
  • Elizabeth
    An unusual romp through chaos and murder, this book puts a whole new spin on how to achieve a peaceful and comfortable life. I devoured it in one sitting.Its difficult to say more without spoilers so I will just say, any cozy fan MUST read this book!
  • Alysa Craigie
    *nervous laughter*
  • Kate
    Reread for book club, and I loved it just as much and still want more Maud!I could have read 900 more pages of Maud knocking off annoying people.
  • Ivonne Rovira
    It would be much too easy to reveal too much about Maud, the eponymous 88-year-old spinster up to no good in Gothenburg, Sweden. But my advice is to take a page from the author, Helene Tursten, a nurse and dentist turned crime writer: Readers will dearly love Maud, but they will be even more glad that she is neither a neighbor or family. A five-star read with both humor and lots of plot twists. Highly recommended.
  • Lesa
    I want to be like Helene Tursten's character Maud when I'm eighty-eight years old. So, that's a warning if any of you remember that in twenty-seven years. Tursten's Detective Inspector Irene Huss makes two brief appearances in the story collection, An Elderly Lady Is Up to No Good. But, Maud is definitely the star in this unusual crime anthology.Maud has lived in the same apartment building in Gothenburg, Sweden for her entire life. Her beloved f...
  • Abbie | ab_reads
    Thank you @soho_press for providing me with a free copy of this book to review! Rarely do I choose books based on covers alone, but I’ll be totally honest that when I saw this cross-stitched cover, I knew I needed it - the fact that it details the insidious crimes of an 88-year-old woman just makes it even better!.The book is split into stories, but they all centre on Maud and her dastardly doings, and eventually Tursten introduces the Inspecto...
  • JZ
    My mother is the same age as Maud, and she read this first. She gave me a funny look when she returned it to me afterwards. Now I know why. She could get away with murder, too. I checked it out because of the elderly lady in the title, and that it was listed under mystery fiction. Good and better. I don't read far into the reviews, as I don't like to expect one thing and get something entirely different. Funny how reviews slant your expectations,...
  • Becca
    Maud is an eighty something year old lady, living alone, in a large rent free apartment, with no family or friends to speak of. She passes her time watching TV, walking about town and murdering people she doesn't like.Maud gets to live in this massive apartment rent free because of a clause her family put in decades ago, that meant the housing association could buy the house, but any living descendant can live there for free until they die. Maud ...
  • Dimitris Passas
    Helen Tursten is widely known for her popular "Irene Hus" book series, which were also successfully adapted for the television (2 seasons starring Angela Kovacs as Irene). "An Elderly Is Up to No Good" is an anthology consisting of five short stories having Maud, the titular elder lady, as the sole protagonist. Maud embarks in a series of adventures where she kills for merely practical reasons, exhibiting behavior that can be described as sociopa...
  • Janet
    This is a small hardcover book…literally it’s 6 1/2”x 4 1/2”. You can carry it in your handbag and read it over the course of a day, a few stolen minutes here and there.Humor is a funny thing….(see what I did there)…you either get it or you don’t.This book is a series of 5 vignettes about the adventures of an 88 year old woman who commits murders. It’s billed as a mystery but there is nothing mysterious about it. I’d classify it...