Judgment by Joseph Finder


New York Times bestselling author Joseph Finder returns with an explosive new thriller about a female judge and the one personal misstep that could lead to her--and her family's--undoing. It was nothing more than a one-night stand. Juliana Brody, a judge in the Superior Court of Massachusetts, is rumored to be in consideration for the federal circuit, maybe someday the highest court in the land. At a conference in a Chicago hotel, she meets a ge...

Details Judgment

Release DateJan 29th, 2019
GenreThriller, Fiction, Mystery, Suspense, Mystery Thriller

Reviews Judgment

  • Matt
    In his latest legal thriller, Joseph Finder takes readers into the world of a well-meaning judge whose selection to hear a case may have paved the way for countless troubles, both legal and personal. Judge Juliana Brody is a respectable member of the Massachusetts bench, so much so that she has been asked to speak at a conference in Chicago. When she lets down her guard and becomes involved with a man at her hotel, she can only presume that the d...
  • Tim
    The longer this story droned on, the more I wanted it to end. This kind of soft and whiny thriller grates rather than excites. 3 of 10 stars
  • Susanne Strong
    3.5 Stars* (rounded down)A Complex, Intense Thriller! Juliana is a married Superior Court Judge. While at a Conference she meets a handsome man and for the first time in her life, Juliana cheats on her husband. Little does she know, it’s a set up. Juliana is presiding over a sexual harassment case - and some powerful people would like for her to rule in a very specific way and will do whatever it takes to get her to rule in their favor. That in...
  • Elizabeth
    Judgment has an interesting premise: an up-and-coming judge based in Boston has a one night stand while at a conference in Chicago. A marital risk? Yes, but Judge Juliana Brody decides that since it's very clear it's a onetime moment, it's a minimal risk.Obviously, her judgment is flawed on that. (Sorry, couldn't resist!)Juliana is immediately blackmailed over the one night stand regarding an ongoing case she's presiding over and suddenly she's i...
  • Dave
    Finder’s Judgment explores how even the most sacred institutions could become susceptible to blackmail and how doing the wrong thing is like drowning in quicksand that you keep falling deeper and deeper into. The story features a career-minded Massachusetts Judge who hopped into the wrong bed while at a conference and suddenly finds her marriage and career dangling from a thin thread as her misdeed is used to bend her will and her rulings in a ...
  • Patrice Hoffman
    I have been a fan of Joseph Finder for quite some time now so when I was approved for a review of Judgment I broke into the requisite approved dance and got to reading ASAP. Like other reads by this author, the suspense does not letup and before long, the last page is turned, and the last sentence is read. I always look back like what the hell? I wasn't ready for it to end.Judgment introduces us to the honorable Judge Juliana Brody who usually pl...
  • Kathleen
    Best-selling author Joseph Finder has packed his latest thriller with lots of action. It all starts with Massachusetts Superior Court Judge Juliana Brody presiding over the case of Rachel Meyers versus Wheelz. Meyers is claiming that the management of Wheelz created a hostile work environment due to sexual harassment. So Juliana is one surprised judge when Matias Sanchez is added to the defense team right after she spent a night with him at a Chi...
  • Ellen
    Joe Finder's standalones are always good, but this one made me so tense in places I actually had to set it down and walk away for a minute or two, while I remembered it was only fiction. Juliana is an extremely believable character, and it's always fun to see how he gets the little details right. (Full disclosure: I'm Joe's researcher.)
  • Adrienne
    Wonderful, terrific, cat and mouse, great characters, excellent legal twists and turns, plain language medical explanations and technical surveillance countermeasures and Joseph Finder's tension building writing. Unputdownable.
  • Deb Jones
    I found this a thoroughly enjoyable read with suspense that built over the entirety of the story, mostly of the psychological type, but with some dead bodies thrown in occasionally. I was always eager to find out what was going to happen next.
  • Melody McNamara
    I have read all of Joseph Finder's novels and have always enjoyed them, and this one was no exception. A nice break from the string of psychological suspense books I've been reading. Judgment was a compelling legal thriller, with some espionage thrown in, and although the ending may have been somewhat implausible, I found it hard to put down. Another great read from one of my favorite authors!
  • Carol Vincenty
    This was not one of Joseph Finder's best books. I like books about strong & feisty women, which in many ways Judge Brody is, but in other ways she was portrayed as being really dumb. The book was unbelievable & in the end, everything was neatly tied up with a red ribbon. The funniest part was the dog's chew toy, portrayed as Trump. Finder's earlier books were much better, as is the case with so many other authors.
  • 3 no 7
    “Judgment” by Joseph Finder poses the question “How much will a mother, wife, judge, do to protect her family?” It is a story rich in complexity and moral challenges. Judge Juliana Brody is Chicago on a business trip when she meets Matías Sanchez. It was just one night, but a night that will change everything about her life forever. Juliana’s husband, Duncan, is a professor at New England Law. There were a few problems in their marriag...
  • Cassie-Traveling Sister-
    I enjoyed reading this book! I finished it in two days! I was in such a reading slump finally I picked this book and I completely devoured it! The Judgment by Joseph Finder was a complete thrill ride, Juliana Brody is a Superior Court Judge in Boston. While attending a legal conference she decides to have a few drinks at the hotel bar. This is not a normal act by her she usually stops at one and leads a pretty scheduled life and she prides hersel...
  • Nora
    I’ve read that there are no new, original plots, only new ways to tell an existing plot. This book takes the dumbest, most boring, told a gazillion times plot and does nothing even remotely original or even interesting with it. You just want to slap the lead character silly for being so stupid in how she handles the situation.Finder is one of my three favorite authors. I adore his writing. It was tedious but I kept reading because I hoped Finde...
  • Ellen ✦ Book Bellas ✦
    Smart and so intriguing! Loved it! The attention to detail was fantastic. This was my first book by Joseph Finder and I can see now why he’s my husband’s favorite author. A female judge who’s being blackmailed? The author hooked from the start! Suspenseful, intelligent and very witty, ‘Judgment’ was a fantastic crime thriller. Highly recommend.
  • Melissa Borsey
    Juliana Brody is a Superior Court Judge who takes her profession very seriously and holds herself to a higher standing because of it, however, one night, after having drank one too many she has what she thinks is a harmless one night stand. She soon discovers that it was all a set up and the stakes are very high. I thought this was a good, suspenseful read that's a whee bit far fetched yet highly entertaining. I thank Netgalley for the opportunit...
  • Jeanne
    I've seemed to find a rush of Russian-themed stories lately. All I'll say about this one is never underestimate the power of a woman, especially a mother! 7 out of 10.
  • Scott Hitchcock
    Mildly entertaining, implausible in some cases and playing into the modern Russian politics and financial scandals plaguing the world economy.
  • Kay
    The Judgement was fast paced and difficult to put down. A great thriller involving a female judge trapped in situation that could ruin her career and family. The characters are good, my favorite - the private investigator.
  • Tom Bierdz
    I’ve been a fan of Joseph Finder and have read most of his books. This time he hits it out of the park. A judge who has always followed the rules and would not do anything to jeopardize her marriage or job, gives in to temptation while at a conference in Chicago and has a one night stand. Both parties agree that it couldn’t happen again. Soon thereafter, in a sexually abuse work-related case, she is threatened with exposure and a video of tha...
  • Natalie
    I was amazed at both how much I enjoyed this book as well as how incredibly topical it is. It is the story of Judge Juliana Brody, a judicial star whose life was upended by the mistake of sleeping with a stranger. This proves to be the catalyst for the rest of this totally engrossing thriller. That night becomes her KOMPROMAT, as her life is swallowed by threats from the Russian MAFIYA, demanding that she must obey their wishes or she and her fam...
  • Jannelies
    I haven't read every book by Joseph Finder, but my favorite is still Paranoia. I hoped Judgment to be as interesting and exiting as this title, but sadly I'm a little disappointed. Judgment is a good read when you like thrillers that are rather predictable. The main character Juliana having just one glass too many and therefore a little tipsy, falling for this handsome man when she is away from home. The handsome man turning out to be not so hand...
  • Pamela Small
    JUDGMENT exploded at the start with intense suspense with the promise of a spectacular fireworks display of thrills and chills. Regrettably, it fizzled and imploded, resulting in a dud. The characters are flat, one dimensional duds. They are not developed and this reader feels no connection with any of them. There is a great deal of telling, but not showing. The storyline begins with an intriguing complex plot. Too many details (including unimpor...
  • Marco
    We all know what we're getting here, so you know the drill with legal thrillers. Good reading especially for thriller readers as Finder gives you exactly what you want in one. Quick and enjoyable for a weekend read."Judgment" by Joseph Finder is another hit in his line of corporate/law conspiracy theory novels that explore corruption inside the rules that keep society in check.In this latest novel, main character Juliana Brody, a Superior Court j...
  • Joyce
    I looked back at my comments on the last Finder I read, and I'd say the same this time: this might be better read--at a very fast pace--than listened to. Then there's less sighing and eye-rolling when stupid decisions are made. The book has an interesting premise: a well-respected judge on her way, possibly, to the Supreme Court makes a bad decision one night at a conference--and then she's blackmailed with evil guys wanting her to make a very ba...
  • Tracy
    Good quick read, quick because I couldn't stop reading!
  • Mark Marcus
    Although I like the writing style of the author, I gave this book one star because the outcome of the storyline is completely unbelievable, not realistic. No one who battles the forces of evil, such as those described in this book, comes out unscathed. It’s just not possible.
  • Martin Axel
    Great premise. Unbelievable development. Could never be. A judge becomes superwoman all within days. A spy. A lecturer. A defender of family. Two stars becuz I fought my way through the end.