My Solo Exchange Diary Vol. 2 by Kabi Nagata

My Solo Exchange Diary Vol. 2

The sequel series to the award-winning My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness!Living on her own is harder than Nagata Kabi expected. Building relationships is difficult too, but with a new friendship to cultivate and a new perspective on her family, she's doing her best to open up and become a warm, compassionate person!

Details My Solo Exchange Diary Vol. 2

TitleMy Solo Exchange Diary Vol. 2
Release DateFeb 12th, 2019
PublisherSeven Seas
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Graphic Novels, Lgbt, Nonfiction, Comics, Glbt, Queer

Reviews My Solo Exchange Diary Vol. 2

  • Jhosy
    This is a type of book that can't be judged or evaluated because it is about the author's personal life.How can one evaluate the life of another and give stars through it?This is one of the topics the author deals with in this volume. As she realized that in writing her life she ended up selling herself and putting not only her but her family in spotlight.In this volume the depression of Kabi appears with all its force again. Her anxiety about th...
  • Jessica Peregrym
    I really respect Nagata Kabi for putting herself out there and talking so openly about her anxiety and depression. I understand that mental illness is a painful thing to live with, especially in a place like Japan where seeking therapy is still fairly frowned upon. But I still found it hard to read about this woman doing little more than running circles in her own little pit of despair. I hope she can get out someday and find happiness, but I hon...
  • Raquel Castellanos
    I relate too much to the endless cycles of depression and anxiety, that it makes me a little scared tbh. Her realizations about her family also hit too close to home for me. I felt the same way not too long ago about what she felt about her mom about my dad. Almost made me cry but I had to stop because I already had a headache. ✌ I relate too much to the endless cycles of depression and anxiety, that it makes me a little scared tbh. Her reali...
  • Sara Mul
    This follows "My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness" as a kind-of sequel. Thematically, it's all very similar to us: Kabi Nagata is learning how to be self-sufficient, to love and to be loved, and to function as a person. However, this one was structured differently: now, it felt less like a stream of consciousness and more like diary entries (makes sense cause of the name of this one, ha!), and I enjoyed the format much more this time around. Ea...
  • tatterpunk
    Progress, as they say, is a spiral.I am deeply grateful to these books and their honesty about the mundane nature of recovery, the struggle within success, and how sometimes all the love we crave is already present in our lives -- we only need to become the version of ourselves who is ready to experience it. I won't be surprised if this volume gets lower ratings than the first two. The cultural dissonance about the treatment of mental health and ...
  • Alex
    I really enjoyed Nagata's previous work, but I can only handle so much paralyzing, debilitating depression before it starts to rub off on me. She's brutally honest, which I can respect, but I just had a hard time enjoying the book. Also, I'm not sure what's up with the cover illustration. This book didn't really have any sex in it like the last two did. It seems to be following the trend of the previous two books, but it's really out of place in ...
  • Valkyrie Vu
    I still love this one quite the same way I do with the 1st one in the sequel . I admire her for putting herself on the naked paper so other people know that they're not alone.I just wish she could find a girlfriend and enjoy life. Well , at least someone to cuddle with :))
  • Ellis
  • Meaghan Steeves
    I was a bigger fan of the first book but still related to her desire for independence.
  • Benjamin Kass
    A good reminder that getting better, whatever that might mean for you right now, doesn't necessarily mean a straight line pointing up. It's cycles and challenges, the slow work of learning new behaviors and creating a safer, healthier environment for yourself. Helped me figure out some of my own frustrations and, as ever, I will read whatever Kabi Nagata puts out
  • Esteli
    Kabi, If you are out there reading this: Be gentle to yourself. Your books are beautiful. Keep making themselves and keep loving yourself and keep taking care of yourself.
  • Chloe Crist
    Wow, I still admire Nagata for being able to put so much of herself on the page; I really found it interesting that she included the repercussions of her first book in this one. I mean, considering this is a memoir, it makes sense, but she could have just as easily left things out to help with her relationship with her family.Kudos for being so candid and honest, and frankly, brave.
  • D
    The second volume for Nagata Kabi's manga begins with a bit of a downer news: it didn't work out between her and the new friend that we saw in the ending of Vol.1. And despite not explicitly saying why, she shows us in the rest of the manga: for her to get into a romantic relationship, she also has to start loving herself and the people around her (particularly her family). And there's a lot to unpack for Nagata. She's a published mangaka and hav...
  • Miranda
    I'm terribly sad to see this series to go. Peering into Nagata's life, her struggles with self-acceptance and worth, managing her relationships with her mother, father, friends, and possible girlfriends - it was all so much to take in and left me crying several times. This particular entry had several pages where I had to stop and take a deep breath, mainly because her pain was so personal and intimate and I could easily see myself falling into t...
  • Jes Jones
    My Solo Exchange Diary Vol. 2 covers the author's life post-book deal of her first released manga My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness as she grapples with the residual aftermath of her parent's opinions of her first manga as well as battling crippling depression and loneliness that appears to remain a constant in her life. Nagata offers a real, and heartfelt, look into the jaws of depressions and presents it to the world in a tolerable pink-and...
  • Jenny O'Neill
    I think this may be the final one in this series, but it was a good ending. I enjoyed watching Kabi grow as a person and learn more about herself as well as reach out to family and friends. It was hard watching her struggle with depression, especially as someone has had it twice in their life. I could understand her struggles with motivation and anxiety, though I will admit I never really dealt with loneliness to the level she did. I think that, ...
  • Tatiana Pérez
    Me parece complicado, viéndolo en perspectiva, valorar esta serie por un tomo suelto, sin completarla. Kabi Nagata ha tejido un relato desgarrador sobre su vida con una depresión que no acababa de superar. Como bien dice en el epílogo, cada uno de los tomos ha girado en torno a cómo se relaciona con el mundo de diferentes maneras y se ve una evolución hacia un futuro mejor al ir descubriendo cómo afrontar los sentimientos y cómo relacionar...
  • Ivo Lederer
    It came with them mail today and I just had to devour it immediately! I have been waiting for the release for months and haven't been disappointed. I love the honesty in Nagata Kabis work, reflecting about her life experiences in relatable way that makes you feel for and like the character-author. While lacking detailed as well as background drawings, what the book doesn't lack is meaning. On the contrary, the minimal style helps to accentuate th...
  • Ainelle June
    Kabi-san i super relate your previous books about how toxic life can be sometimes or how parents doesnt give a damn clue about what you feel or sometimes just simply dense or maybe just super concern about your life and maybe they expect something better because how much they appreciate you... maybe they just cant show it properly but thats also my current situation with my parents too.. this book seriously opened my eyes how forward you are and ...
  • Rachel
    The author continues with her efforts to have a satisfying life. I don't know what the mental health system is like in Japan, but she could use at least some counseling. Instead, writing her story as manga is her therapy, and she does it very well. She seems sweet and quirky, but generally not very happy. Three and a half stars, rounded up because I like her.
  • Reixel Soy Yo
    When people speak about depression, anxiety and some other mental disorders, frequently they are pretty ignorant. I can't imagine how must be to live with diseases like these, but when I read something like this, I feel more determined to work helping other people to her better and defeat their monsters.
  • Elena Varg
    Thank you, Nagata Kabi, for showing the ugly side on mental illness in a widely published manga. This volume was a very hard read, but worth it. And if you end up googling yourself again, I wish you all the best!!! Keep on fighting, we are fighting alongside you!
  • Melissa
    To me, Nagata Kabi / Kabi Nagata is an inspiration for acceptance of who I am as well as to strive for positive change. Like the last two, this volume broke my heart over and over again and it will be a while before I forget her pain and sadness 😭😭
  • DrCalvin
    Depression and hospitalization. Less gripping than volyme one, with more simplistic art.
  • Flynn
    Really wonderful, and resolved questions I had about the first volume! It's impressive how open she is about everything.
  • Jessica
    Awkward and a little painful. But real.
  • Elon
    Fin inblick i psykisk ohälsa, och hur det inte funkar med enkla quick-fixes!
  • Rekki
    Another honest peek into Kabi Nagata's life. This sequel makes me want to see more, and hopefully her life continues to improve.