Connections in Death (In Death, #48) by J.D. Robb

Connections in Death (In Death, #48)

In this gritty and gripping new novel in the #1 New York Times bestselling series, Eve Dallas fights to save the innocent—and serve justice to the guilty—on the streets of New York.Homicide cop Eve Dallas and her billionaire husband, Roarke, are building a brand-new school and youth shelter. They know that the hard life can lead kids toward dangerous crossroads—and with this new project, they hope to nudge a few more of them onto the right ...

Details Connections in Death (In Death, #48)

TitleConnections in Death (In Death, #48)
Release DateFeb 5th, 2019
PublisherSt. Martin's Press
GenreMystery, Fiction, Romance, Crime, Futuristic

Reviews Connections in Death (In Death, #48)

  • Phrynne
    Another great book from the magic pen of J.D. Robb. Or maybe she just has a magic formula. Perhaps she keeps a list of things the fans like best, something like this.....Each book must contain:1. Minimum two sex scenes.2. Several confrontations between Summerset and Eve.3. Any number of appearances by Galahad with at least one involving bacon. 4. Mention of the candy thief.5. Pizza6. As many comic interchanges as possible between Eve/Peabody and ...
  • Corina☞BookTwinsReviews
    It's hard to believe that we are already at book #48 in this series.I know that many readers might feel intimidated by this number but please don't be. I know a couple fellow bloggers and readers that just started this series this year, and they are already hooked and are looking forward to reading a JD ROBB book each month. At this rate, one book a month, it doesn't feel too overwhelming and there is enough time for other books as well.But if yo...
  • Brenda
    Roarke’s hiring of child psychologist Dr Rochelle Pickering for his and Detective Eve Dallas’ new venture, An Didean gave Rochelle joy and satisfaction. Her brother Lyle, who was a successfully recovering addict was over the moon for her. The night Rochelle and her boyfriend Crack went out to celebrate, it all went south for Lyle. As distress and grief hit Rochelle, Crack called Eve and Roarke – she started immediately to get justice for Ly...
  • Jilly
    This series always delivers. Unlike so many other series that go on for years and years, this one hasn't devolved into a story that feels called-in. Yes, there are always certain things we can expect because we know the characters so well, but the mysteries are usually pretty good and if you like police procedural books, you will enjoy these. Plus, the main characters, Eve and Roarke, are probably one of the greatest book couples in book coupledo...
  • Ms. Smartarse
    Remember how I mentioned only reading these books due to nostalgia? I finally got myself into utter boredom with the current installment...This time around, Eve & co. deal with the murder of Crack's girlfriend's brother. Yes, it's appropriately tragic, how the boy gets offed by members of his old gang, just when he finally seems to be free of every one of his old vices. *insert faux sniffles* Throw in an equally tragic past, a squeaky clean older...
  • Alicia
    The mystery isn't as strong as some of the others in this series but I don't particularly care. This is a comfort read for me and as long as Eve and Rourke keep evolving I will be along for the ride.
  • Jonetta
    Dr. Rochelle Pickering receives the offer of a lifetime when Roarke asks her to head the team of psychologists that will serve in his new youth shelter. When she returns from a celebratory dinner with her boyfriend, she finds her brother dead of an apparent overdose. Lyle was a recovering addict who was winning and nothing about the scene makes sense. Lieutenant Eve Dallas is requested to investigate and it doesn’t take long for her to determin...
  • Mei
    The writing and everything else was good as usual, but the crime story was not as interesting as, for example, the Brotherhood in Death or Obsession in Death, just to mention a few good ones!It was not bad, since she put away two gangs, but the story missed the intricacies. It was just too linear. We know since the beginning who the villains are and Eve have just to find evidence. And since the villains are, as Eve herself says, idiots, it is not...
  • Obsidian
    So, my initial thoughts of "Connections in Death" hold. However, I have to admit that I can't give this five stars because I am now realizing it's a bit off that Eve doesn't get that maybe other people have different upbringings and it's not all roses. I am happy that we get to see another side of New York though and it's not just the rich and famous all of the time. "Connections in Death" focuses on Eve investigating when a woman she just meets ...
  • ♥Sharon♥
    Maybe after 48 books I should lower my expectations because quite frankly this one was lacking.The plot lacked excitement and that edge of your seat feel that I have come to expect with this series.The line up of our usual secondary characters was lacking too. Not personally but on page. Peabody was present but not overly. There were a few funny moments but I wanted more. We got very little of Feeney, Summerset and Mavis too. Even the lovely Dr. ...
  • SB*needs low angst books*
    Nadine is throwing her first party after her Oscar win in her new apartment. All the gang are there including a new face. Dr Rochelle Pickering. Rochelle is someone that Roarke gives a very prestigious job to but her happiness is short lived when her brother that is a recovering addict and ex gang member is found dead in there shared apartment. So now Eve must find out who killed her brother and made it looked like an OD and why?So the last book ...
  • Celeste
    You can find this review and more at Novel Notions. I don’t know that I’ll ever find another series that feels as much like coming home as this series. Which is pretty amazing, considering all the murder.I’ve made my love for Nora Roberts and her pen name abundantly clear over the course of my book reviews, but let me just reiterate that I absolutely adore everything she writes. There’s a flow to the prose that, while lovely, sucks me int...
  • Shawna
    3 stars - Crime/Suspense/Mystery/FuturisticThis is one of my absolute, all-time favorite series, but this installment was a disappointment for me. The murder in this one involved a web of criminal gang activity, and I found it all confusing and honestly, just really boring. Also, there wasn’t nearly enough Eve/Roarke couple/romance page time, and I also felt it lacked the involvement of all the fabulous secondary characters that I’ve come to ...
  • Ira
    As always, I loves it!I’m waiting for the next book now:)❤❤❤ As always, I loves it!I’m waiting for the next book now:)❤️❤️❤️
  • Diane
    JD hit this one out of the ball park! Great read, lots of action, some particularly nasty young punks, and extremely good police work. Guaranteed to quench one's thirst for the In Death series! I have seen some reviews that question who actually wrote this book - to me there is no question that J.D. Robb wrote it. As the characters grow/develop and change, so can an author's writing style. Nobody is forcing anyone to read the series, if you are u...
  • Ann Lou
    This is the 48th installment in the series but it doesn't get old. I LOVE LOVE Eve and Roarke. Yeah, I sound like a broken record but who cares? Roarke and Eve still leaves a silly grin on my face. They were talking about papers being signed and with Eve not reading some of them. "If you fucked me over, I'm a cop. I know how to make you pay without letting it show. There's one where I coat the inside of all your boxers with a biological that caus...
  • Vannessa Anderson
    Author Robb did an excellent job in keeping readers captivated in a high action and high impact suspense. I’ve been with this series since the beginning and have enjoyed the series mature into a bona fide crime series. If anyone would ask me who is my favorite book detective I wouldn’t hesitate in saying Lt. Eve Dallas!Lt. Eve Dallas has evolved, greatly, in a believable time frame, from the helpless abused child into an honest tough cop. She...
  • Jean
    I started reading this series because I was curious about how the author perceived the future. The book is set at a future date in New York City. I started with book 10 and was impressed so I went back and read all the books to date. Over the years I have kept up with the series. It is amazing the series is now at 48 books. This is the first book I felt did not hit Robb’s high standard. Something is a bit off in the story. Maybe it is the subje...
  • Barbara Rogers
    Series: In Death #48Publication Date: 2/5/19Number of Pages: 384You might think that after 48 books this series would start to get stale, but that is definitely NOT the case. I look forward to each new book with as much enthusiasm as I did at the beginning of the series. I have absolutely loved watching Eve’s transformation – which is why I am a firm believer that you really should read the series from the beginning – or at least read the f...
  • Misty
    This is the single same-character series I follow—and I’ve not missed a single one! JD Robb (Nora Roberts) consistently delivers as she continues to develop Dallas and Roark, both separately and as a couple. Is it wrong to want a Roark of my own??
  • Monnie
    There's not quite enough here of Lt. Eve Dallas's hunky husband Roarke for me to put this one - the 48th in the series - on my short list of favorites. Besides that, both Eve and Roarke seem a little lackluster - almost as if they'd rather be anywhere other than in this story - and the setting amid rival gangs isn't quite as attention-holding for me personally as are other scenarios. Otherwise, though, it's got all the goodies I've come to know a...
  • Commendably Yours
    In death never gets old. I still could not get enough of my Eve-and-Roarke dose. The way Connection in Death was introduced definitely made me miss more our other beloved characters. Their interactions with each other kept my smile throughout the book. Although the plot was not as intricate as the previous installments, it was still a mind boggling and kept me guessing. I'm counting my days for August so I can have Vendetta in Death.
  • Rachael*Caribbean*girl*bibliophile
    2.5*While the mystery/suspense of each book is admirably different (idiot gangsters this time) the overall feel of the book unfortunately remains very similar to the 47 previous ones. Eve's interactions/relationship with the people around her seems stuck in mud, Peabody needs a new role and something else besides her ass and sex with McNab to talk about, Roarke is starting to seem like Eve's work partner like he gives so much to help her in her c...
  • Debra
    I cannot tell you how good it was to delve into another instalment in this series. It almost feels like coming home, in a weird murderous detective problem solving kind of way...The best thing about this novel and this series as a whole are the characters. Although I have not started from book 1 yet I have read quite a lot later on in this series to know these characters well and fondly. You have, of course, the main character Eve Dallas and Rour...
  • Jenn
    I received a digital ARC of this title from Edelweiss for an honest review.Eve and Roarke are back and are all set to open a new youth center and school. They've just hired on a new head counselor who just so happens to be dating their friend Crack. Rochelle is at the top of her game and is happy to take on the job, but is soon devastated when her ex-con, ex-gang member, ex-drug addict brother is killed in the home he shares with her of an appare...
  • Fran
    It took me a while to finish this because real life happened, and because I kept picking it up and then stopping for a couple of days in between, so I can't say I enjoyed the whole experience of reading this book. But Eve and Roarke will always be a comfort read to me no matter what. Also, I'm biased so the day I'll have rated an In Death book less than 4 stars, well, I just hope that won't ever happen. :)
  • Katie Reus
    This series is so consistent. Another great listen (read)!
  • Lyn* Nomad *Worlds await*
    Good story but not epic. Still it was good to see the whole gang 🙂