Song of the Dead (Reign of the Fallen #2) by Sarah Glenn Marsh

Song of the Dead (Reign of the Fallen #2)

The Dead must stay buried.Karthia is nothing like it used to be. The kingdom's borders are open for the first time in nearly three hundred years, and raising the dead has been outlawed. Odessa is determined to explore the world beyond Karthia's waters, hoping to heal a heart broken in more ways than she can count. But with Meredy joining the ocean voyage, vanquishing her sorrow will be a difficult task.Despite the daily reminder of the history th...

Details Song of the Dead (Reign of the Fallen #2)

TitleSong of the Dead (Reign of the Fallen #2)
Release DateJan 22nd, 2019
GenreFantasy, Young Adult

Reviews Song of the Dead (Reign of the Fallen #2)

  • destiny ♎ [howling libraries]
    #1 Reign of the Fallen ★★★★★#2 Song of the Dead ★★★★★That was absolutely wonderful. It felt so good to be back in the world of Karthia with Odessa and the rest, and I honestly didn't want it to end. ♥ Review coming soon!
  • Caidyn (SEMI-HIATUS; BW Reviews; he/him/his)
    This review can also be found on my blog! Thank you to Razorbill for providing an ARC in exchange for an honest review!3.5/5First, I want to give a huge thank you to Sarah Glenn Marsh. She’s a wonderful woman and is so sweet. I started talking to her (more like gushing about the characters from Reign of the Fallen) and she helped me receive this copy. So, a huge thank you to her. She’s just so damn sweet.This book picks up where Reign of the ...
  • Kat
    This was just as magical, dark, romantic, and gripping as book 1. You guys will love it.Edit: I'm Sarah's critique partner, so I've been lucky enough to read her books before publication. :)
  • Kristi Housman Confessions of a YA Reader
    I loved Song of the Dead just as much as Reign of the Fallen.  There may be spoilers for book one in this review.Warnings for addiction and violence.  I really fell in love with the characters when reading Reign of the Fallen.  I was happy to see them back for book two and we got some new characters that I really liked, too.Odessa is my favorite.   I love that she's so flawed, but she realizes it and tries so hard to get better.  She loves...
  • Heather Fawcett
    Yet another gorgeous fantasy from Sarah Glenn Marsh.
  • Kelsey
    ***ARC received from publisher in exchange for an honest review***I seriously love Sarah's writing. The flow of the book is wonderful and I'm never confused about what is going on.I fell in love with Reign of the Fallen as soon as I started reading it. I quickly started stalking, I mean following, Sarah on social media and bugging her enough that she became my friend ;) As soon as I finished Reign, I NEEDED the next part of the story! I love the ...
  • Natalie
    I already know this book is going to be magical.
  • Samantha
    3.75I received this as an advance copy from Penguin Teen and it was really good. The book picks up where it left off from Reign and while it seemed confusing and unnecessary at first, it all comes into play as the book goes on. While I’m not a fan of romance, the love in this book is so heart warming if not sickly sweet at some points. It’s hard not to “aww” at a few moments. Overall, I think the plot of this book was just as interesting ...
  • Felicia Mathews (Bookishly Slytherclaw)
    Simply amazing and a great continuation after Reign of the Fallen. Full review to come!Thank you to Penguin Teen for an advanced copy. All thoughts are my own.
  • Heather Hughes
    This review is spoiler free.I want to give a very special thanks to my friend Sarah for allowing me to read this book early because I could not contain my excitement!AND I STILL CAN’T!Okay, so we are pretty much where we left off. Odessa and Meredy are on the ship together and plan to explore the world just like Evander would have. Of course, things go wrong. Trouble is brewing in Karthia with people protesting Valoria’s power and her current...
  • Elizabeth
    Karthia is almost unrecognizable. Change is allowed, people can travel, science can move forward. Valoria, the newly crowned queen, is met with resistance from subjects used to being ruled by a king that forbids any change at all. Odessa, master necromancer with no job anymore with the laws against resurrecting the dead, chooses to leave without a word and travel with her friend Kasmira and Meredy, the girl she has feelings for. She wants to see ...
  • S.M. Parker
    I made no secret of my love for REIGN OF THE FALLEN and I had high hopes for this beautiful sequel and it delivered on every level. Even if you haven’t read the first book, you should. Like, now. But as a standalone, this book is soooooo good. There is magic, strong girls, and distant lands. You will have a crush on Odessa when you finish this book. And Meredy. And a particular dragon. :) Sarah Glenn Marsh delivers a powerful punch with this fa...
  • USOM
    (Disclaimer: I received this free book from the publisher. This has not impacted my review which is unbiased and honest.)It feels so good to be with my favorites again. I've missed my precious necromancers, queens, and healers so much. But they're not out of the woods. Because what happens after will be a story of rebellion, new countries, dragons, and romance. There's something for all the pieces of your heart (that you'll have to pick up once t...
  • Jennifer
    I jumped at the chance to read an advance copy of Song of the Dead because after finishing Reign of the Fallen, I had to know what happens next! Sarah Glenn Marsh's breathtaking, unique world-building and detailed plotting make this book an instant favorite. I loved not just the main characters, but everyone in Odessa's circle of friends, especially Valoria, a ruler who's willing to make tough decisions for the good of her kingdom.
  • Chiara
  • Tween 2 Teen Book Reviews
    I loved this book! It was a great sequel to Reign of the Fallen. Let me tell you, Odessa is a much better human being than I am. This book will make you cry so many times, but it'll be worth it!