House of Imperial (Secret Keepers, #2) by Jaymin Eve

House of Imperial (Secret Keepers, #2)

Callie has spent her life moving towns every four months in a bid to “stay off the grid." Her only family is a paranoid mother who believes there’s a race of supernatural beings out there actively searching for Callie. A race who could destroy Earth if they get their hands on her. Callie’s never seen one thing to suggest there’s any truth to mom’s insane ramblings, and at the age of eighteen now, she’s grown numb to her reality – sh...

Details House of Imperial (Secret Keepers, #2)

TitleHouse of Imperial (Secret Keepers, #2)
Release DateJun 15th, 2018
GenreFantasy, Magic, Romance, Young Adult, New Adult

Reviews House of Imperial (Secret Keepers, #2)

  • ♛ Garima ♛
    This series shows potential. It also reminds me of 'Judgement of Six series' by Melissa Haag which I enjoyed a lot but instead of six we have 4 secret keepers. Never underestimate a woman. You'll end up on your knees holding your balls. Callie was fun to read, definitely an improvement from Emma. But while Emma lacked in #1, we had his amazing mate Lex to compensate. While Emma got naked in Lex's bathroom, after being kidnapped by the dude, Ca...
  • Christa
    “My coffee was long gone, but I still held the cup in the hope it would be refilled at some point.” I can relate to this main character. I was a little on the fence about this series. The first book was ok, I wasn’t crazy about the romance but the set up for the world building was good. But this book blew my expectations out of the water. I had no idea going into it that this is a Hades/Persephone retelling. That is my absolute favorite kin...
  • Mo
    Secret Keepers 2My main issue with this book is that everything seemed so forced upon the reader. I don't think I like Callie, but we were instantly supposed to accept her and Daniel's relationship? They met in New Orleans and Daniel wanted to help her and next thing you know they're soul bonded and next thing you know they're in love? I am not buying it. I am disappointed because I really felt the strong attachment to Daniel in House of Darken a...
  • Sharon
    3.5 stars. The second Secret Keepers installment introduces the House of Imperial which is akin to the underworld. Think Hades and Persephone. The storytelling here is much longer and involved to explain who are the mysterious Daelighters and this strange otherworld ruled by the four Houses.Callie, who has been on the run for most of her life, meets the bold brash Daniel for the first time when he attempts to rescue her. But seeing the tall, bald...
  • Krystal Macias
    "He shouldn't have entered my place acting like a creepy shit. Creeps get punched in the dick."By far my most favorite quote in this book!Continuing on from the first book we have a new secret keeper, Callie.She is used to being on the move because her mom is essentially paranoid. Beyond paranoid actually. But after they land themselves in New Orleans things seem to get more intense for them. Having been prepared her whole life by her mother she ...
  • Treena
    I’m seriously loving this series! It’s a freaking delicious treat esp if you like PNR-Fantasy reads. The MC’s are kickass. The pace is action packed and fast. It has feels and heart tugging moments. Just so so soooo good all around. I cannot wait for the next book to come out!
  • Sara Oxton
    House of Imperial by Jaymin Eve a majestic five-star read. This is the second book in Secret Keeper series and they just go from strength to strength. Jaymin Eve I don’t know how you write woman with so many amazing qualities, and such a love of coffee and Converse, it’s just the little things that make her that much more adorable. Callie feels like she has come home when she finds herself in New Orleans, but is it the place, or someone else ...
  • Kait
    3.5ishhhIt's a good thing sweet baby Daniel was introduced in the first book. Otherwise the pacing/fated insta-love would not have worked. BUT I love Jaymin Eve's brain and I am definitely excited to read book three.
  • Lissa Hawley
    Just as good as the first.
  • TaySte Book Reads
    Damn you, romantic comedies. You’ve given me unrealistic expectations, and now I wanted a Lexen. Not him, exactly, because he wasn’t my type. Too pretty, too broody, too in love with another woman. I did not poach. That got you a straight punch in the boob. So that quote sums up the book...just kidding! But I thought it was a great quote!This book was awesome! I am love with the whole alien concept and spending so much more time learning abou...
  • Jennifer Aldrich
    More? Please? Now? Those were my thoughts when I finished House of Imperial. I enjoyed the first book, but this one really took the cake for me. I think it was because I already knew about the world so I was able to embrace it a bit more. Or maybe it was just because I had a thing for Daniel. Either way, this book was on fire. Pun intended. I really thought this book would be much the same as the first. The underlying plot was the same, while the...
  • Jennifer
    I liked this book no question. However, it didn't quite work for me like the first one did. In someways, its kind of like the Empire Strikes Back in Star Wars. But wait Jennifer, isn't that a good thing as it is widely considered the best Star Wars movie? Well in some ways yes, but also evil wins, a lot, and bad things happen to people we like. Which isn't always what I am in the mood to read. Callie is different from Emma. Very strong physically...
  • Debbie Turk
    Emotive & Drama Filled Read!! 😭Callie has been been brought up by her Mum. She shows her no love, care or other emotions except when instilling her with fear, suspicion and hatred towards a race of 'aliens' that's Callie is certain don't even exist!!👽 Her Dad is dead & she never knew him. They have moved from place to place as long as she can remember. They never stay anywhere longer than 5 months 😳Callie is currently living in New Orlea...
  • Kyles
    Brilliant second book to this series!This book brings Callie into the world of Daelighters. Unlike Emma, Callie is athletic and loves training, running and self defence. Similar to Emma though, Callie has been pretty much alone her whole life, constantly moving to new places with her mother and not having any friends. She also has a great sense of humor, and is strong and stands up for herself.When her mother is taken, and Callie meets Daniel, sh...
  • Kimberly Fooshee
    I’m just really enjoying this story and the world it’s in! My only hang up is that there are things that are mentioned and never really fleshed our or explained about powers and abilities and the environment. Still, highly entertaining. I think I like Emma better than Callie. Callie needs more time to figure out who she actually is. One thing I love especially is how Jaymin isn’t taking the story too seriously- when Emma mentions how serend...
  • Sarah
    Heading straight back into the thick of things we meet, Callie, the second Secret Keeper - she's a fierce, strong, emotionally challenged 18 year old, who is very distrustful of people. Then along comes Daniel, head of the House Imperial, he has to protect Callie, get his house back in order after the destruction his uncle left, and help stop his uncle - sounds simple right?This book is a whirlwind addition to the Secret Keeper series - whereas b...
  • Puna
    AHHH!!!!! This book has me in turmoil! The ending! I read.I laughed.I cried.I smiled.I screamed.I contemplated.I re-read.This book was great! It's a continuation of the last book, but I'm torn between these books. I loved the first book, I loved this book too. But....the ending, destroyed me a bit. (view spoiler)[ Marsil was one of my favorites. (view spoiler)[I was frustrated at this book. For many reasons. Daniel fell a bit short for me, I real...
  • Amber Shepherd
    Secret Keepers Shattered my expectations I was really attached to Emma and her crew, so I was kinda hesitant going into this book since the MC is another secret keeper, but as always this author shatteredy expectations. If you're like me and you were really attached to the first books' characters, don't worry. You definitely see more of them in this book. It was actually really fun to see the new characters and how their bond forms with the chara...
  • Jeannie
    I'm loving this series by Jaymin Eve. House of Imperial is just amazing. Daniel the Overlord of House of Imperial sets out to save the Secret Keeper of his House, Callie. The chemistry between Daniel and Callie is hot but also very warm. Callie is strong, a fighter, and yet so lonely. She’s amazing as she navigates through this Alien world and all the emotional changes. Jaymin Eve writes Callie so well. You feel along with her every step of the...
  • Natalia Navarro
    This book is awesome, so intense... Callie is a total badass, so different from Emma, but you really get to love her... Daniel, oh my, Daniel... is really hard no to want him too... the boys from this saga are so hot, so strong, sweet, over protective (which I adore), so loyal, it is so hard to want just one of them... and we are just in the middle, there are two more guys to know about... Callie and Daniel are so sweet together, I love the way t...
  • Chantel Sanchez
    Yes! No! Why! More Please! Must Read Again!Jaymin freaken knocked this one out of the park! This book is nonstop action, adventure, snarky comebacks and makes you fall hard and fast for its characters. Jaymin really has a knack for creating amazing stories and worlds that are unique, utterly beautiful and terrifying, and grounded in a way that makes you think it’s real. Callie is a captures your heart with her hilarious sarcasm and awesome one...
  • Kim Gorga
    One of my favorite things about Jaymin Eve's books is how intricately she builds new worlds. Each book in a series has both the fun of going more into depth with new characters, while building on worlds and characters that we already knew. House of Imperial is no different. It starts off with us getting to know Callie, her life and her world before reintroducing the daelighters we met in the first book. It was fun getting to know Daniel and seein...
  • Erika
    Interesting world building? Check. Interesting story line? Check.Interesting cast of supporting characters? Check. Interesting main characters? A bigger check than the last book but still not a normal sized check. Like one of those half checks where you wonder if someone actually checked the box or if it was a stray mark that just so happen to land in said box. I’m just going to go ahead and admit I’m going to finish the series whether I want...
  • Amber Tucker
    Amazing!This is book 2 in the Secret Keeper Series. I have been impatiently waiting for this book. In this book we follow the Secret Keeper #2, Callie around. Callie's dad is dead and her mom is paranoid and isn't a mom in the sense we know a mom should be. Callie has a problem reading but is quite good at taking care of herself. She has trained in various forms of fighting and once she has been pulled into Overworld, she uses her abilities to pr...
  • Jemimah Zafoune
    A follow up to book one but with a brand new characters POV. We still get to see and hear from old characters, but this book is all from the second secret keepers view point. I liked that we got to learn more about Daniel in this book as I was intrigued by him in the first book, equally I'm looking forward to learning about Chase in the next book as the bit of him.we got to see was exciting. House of Imperial was exciting, full of adventure and s...
  • Marlinda Robinson
    Good, but I liked the first betterI like this series overall, but I liked the first book so much better. I feel like it had more detail, more depth. Though still fast paced I felt like the relationships in the first book happened more organically. The love was able to grow and wasn’t instant. Though, I do like that this book came up with the whole fate and soul-mate spin to explain why they fell in love so fast as an explanation. I liked Emma m...
  • Sabrina
    Loved it We are in New Orleans and Callie is our second girl of the series and if you've read House of Darken them you know of Daniel who is Overlord of House of Imperial and a pretty broken up guy who because of his Uncle couldn't catch a break. Daniel had to find our second girl of the 4 keepers and when he did he found a girl who was just as much of a emotional mess as he is. The story is pretty fast paced and had allot of wow factors. You wil...
  • Stacia
    Not as good as the first This book had a lot of potential. Really the whole series does. I usually love Jaymin's books but this fell a little short for me. I get it's hard to write a full connecting story into one book. I just didn't get the full connection here with the "main" characters, mainly because they never seemed to be together. It's this love story and Daniel keeps saying he'll never leave her but then they constantly are apart. Yet the...
  • Sam Freese
    I loved this world that Jaymin created!!! This story follows two different main characters, Callie and Daniel. Emma, Lexen, and the others make an appearance through. Its a continuation of a bigger story over all. I LOVED Callie. She's funny, vulnerable, and strong. Callie and Daniel (who is so dreamy) have a fun chemistry. I read this book in one gulp because I couldn't put it down; it was intense, action packed, tender moments. I enjoyed seeing...
  • Shauna Parrish
    Fabulous Callie grew up knowing about Other World and constantly moving and on the run from them. They found her in New Orleans where she had no choice but to go with Daniel because her mother was kidnapped to get her out of hiding. She’s the second secret Keeper. This story sucks you in from the very beginning. Callie has spunk and fire and her and Emma click instantly. The girls are in for the fight of their lives, and it’s not over yet. I...