More Than Words by Jill Santopolo

More Than Words

From the New York Times bestselling author of The Light We Lost comes a tender and moving new novel about a woman at a crossroads after the death of her father, and caught between the love of two men.Nina Gregory has always been a good daughter, a good girlfriend. Raised by her father, owner of New York City's glamorous Gregory Hotels, after her mother's death, Nina was taught that family, reputation, and legacy are what matter most. And her boyf...

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TitleMore Than Words
Release DateFeb 5th, 2019
PublisherG.P. Putnam's Sons
GenreFiction, Romance, Contemporary, Womens Fiction, Chick Lit

Reviews More Than Words

  • Melissa
    Angsty. Relatable. Redemptive. Heartfelt. Sweet.To say that I was eager to get my hands on Jill Santopolo’s latest release is quite the understatement. And now, on the other side—with those mighty expectations I’d built up during the wait having been met—my heart is content.Likely, readers will find that More Than Words is just that, a novel that’s more than words simply typed on a page with a pretty face to boot. Nina’s story is a he...
  • Susanne Strong
    3 Stars.A novel that was well told, but unfortunately, not felt with my heart. What do you do when your life’s actions and decisions are made for you? For Nina, you follow them. Nina is a woman whose life has always come naturally, her relationship with her father, college, work and Tim, her best friend since childhood and now, her boyfriend. Working as a speechwriter for a Mayoral Candidate, she loves her job. Someday soon however, she’ll be...
    In her second adult novel Santopolo gives us extremely beautiful prose, introducing us with interesting and lovely characters!More Than Words is one of my most anticipated book of the Year and it didn't dissapoint me, you'll get hooked by the amazing writings while devouring this book, it really is a page-turner and it has a unique nature of telling the story in a very delightful perspective, I highly enjoyed the tensions between the acts and the...
  • Katie B
    Nina, Nina, Nina. You just didn't really work for me therefore this was just an okay read. I didn't dislike you or anything but given the tough stuff you were dealing with in the book, I wish I would have felt more of a connection to you.This is a story of a woman who has the type of wealth and privilege most of us can only dream of and yet Nina Gregory doesn't feel completely satisfied with her life. When her world falls apart, she really starts...
  • Jayme
    I loved "The Light We Lost"(5 stars for me) so when I saw that Jill Santopolo had another novel being released, I had to request a copy!!In that book, Lucy struggled to resolve her feelings for 'the one who got away" with “the one who took his place”. In this book, you'll meet Nina, heiress to the Gregory Hotels of New York City, a woman also struggling to make sense of her feelings for two men. She has known her boyfriend Tim, since childhoo...
  • Elizabeth
    More Than Words is barely a story. Hotel heiress Nina Gregory's father is dying. Her mother died when she was eight. (Oh, various parental mysteries!) Her boyfriend, childhood friend Tim, wants to get married. Nina is attracted to Rafael, mayoral candidate for New York City whose campaign she's part of. You can guess the whole thing from this. Which is about as long as most of the chapters are.Too boring and cliched to even resemble a real story....
  • Stephanie (Stephanie's Novel Fiction)
    The Light We Lost by Jill Santopolo didn't really work for me, but I wanted to give the author another try because although I didn't love that particular story, I did love Santopolo's magical and eloquent writing style. I'm so glad I decided to read her newest novel! More Than Words was a captivating story filled with lots of drama and romance, but more than that it is a story about one woman's journey through heartbreak, loss, and grief to fin...
  • Bkwmlee
    2.5 stars rounded up to 3 starsI decided to read this book because I had read this author Jill Santopolo’s earlier novel The Light We Lost back in 2017 and liked the story well enough, even though with that book, the characters didn’t work for me and the emotional aspect was lacking – however even with a few issues, there had been a twist to that story and the dialogue was meaningful enough that it almost made up for some of its flaws. In...
  • Jenny (Reading Envy)
    I wanted to try this author after her last novel was highlighted by Reese Witherspoon. It's solidly in women's fiction bordering on romance.Nina works in politics but is destined to take over the family business, a lucrative hospitality corporation in NYC. As her father approaches the end of his life, she is confronted with the truth of what happened in her childhood and has to decide who she wants to be. I liked the quick chapters, female crisis...
  • Jennifer Kyle
    3.5 Stars
  • Megan Johnson
    After loving The Light We Lost, maybe I held this book to too high an expectation but it was just a solid meh from me. Not that it wasn't enjoyable, but it wasn't believable, the characters weren't likeable, and above everything there wasn't anything pivotal that happened that made me feel like I couldn't put the book down. Is it worth reading? Sure. But did I love it? Not really.
  • Anna
    Nina Gregory lost her mother to a tragic accident when she was a girl, and is now dealing with her father's terminal cancer. Her father owns the renowned Gregory Hotels, catering to the rich and powerful. He carefully crafted a persona and taught Nina that reputation and public perception were the key to success. Her life was laid out before her, take over the Gregory Hotels, marry Tim, the boy she has known since birth, and continue the legacy.N...
  • TeriLyn
    **More Than Words generously provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.**5 "And then we can see..." StarsAfter reading and being taken with Jill Santopolo's The Light We Lost I was delighted to read her next contemporary novel. More Than Words comes as very different yet no less monopolizing tale than the former. It's a beautifully written, exquisitely emotional story of a woman unraveling. In a time of great grief,...
  • Jamie
    When I read Jill Santopolo's The Light We Lost last year, I was blown away, the love story and the context of the relationship felt so real to me and the book made my top 10 of 2017 list. Fast forward to now, I see than Santopolo has a new book coming out - lo and behold, I'm lucky enough to score an ARC. Said ARC is not out for months, but my eager heart couldn't wait even find minutes before I started. More Than Words is a totally different boo...
  • Jen
    Nina has always done what is expected of her. From a prominent family, she has always followed the path that was laid out for her and lived out others expectations. When her father passes away, Nina begins to branch out and examine where her heart truly lies. This is a story of grief, loss, love, and self discovery. More Than Words is an easy read but unfortunately for me it lacked depth. This was a very surface story that didn’t engage any emo...
  • Amy
    I’ve been holding off on posting my review until today simply because I can’t think of a more fitting book to discuss on Valentine’s Day than this one! It was a great love story, but it also had plenty of depth and was about so much more than two people falling in love, it explored several other relatable topics and issues as well.I love a book that follows a character at a defining point in their lives, it’s so interesting to me to see w...
  • Ellen ✦ Book Bellas ✦
    'More Than Words' is a lovely story about a young woman coming into her own in New York City during a time of tremendous personal and professional upheaval. I enjoyed Nina's story and the New York setting. Jill Santopolo is the author of one of my favorite books, 'The Light We Lost' so I was very eager to get my hands on her latest novel. At times both emotional and romantic, this book was a fast-paced story about Nina Gregory, who has been raise...
  • ☾☆ Nikki. ✿
    Good book, wasn’t sure at first if I was going to enjoy it but once you get past the first chapter it’s an okay book. Three stars from me. 🌟🌟🌟
  • Sarah
    I had a difficult time drumming up the slightest bit of sympathy for this novel's main character, Nina Gregory. Must be terrible having two men in love with you. My heart bleeds. Personal envy aside, the real story didn't begin until nearly halfway through the book. It was at that point Nina's life changed, following the death of her beloved father and the discovery of information about his secretive past. Until that point I was, quite frankly, b...
  • Jasprit
    I was the biggest fan of Santopolo’s The Light We Lost, it was a story which had me thinking about it for days after and Santopolo’s world building was majestically done. So, when I first heard about More than Words, I dived right in, going into books with the least amount of impressions works wonders for me, as I like being surprised by the different elements a book may bring. And whilst I loved Santopolo’s writing once again with this sto...
  • Linda Zagon
    Lindas Book Obsession Reviews “More Than Words” by Jill Santopolo, G.P.Putnam’s Sons, February 5. 2019Jill Santopolo, Author of “More Than Words” has written an intense, emotional , captivating, intriguing, romantic, heartbreaking, entertaining and thought-provoking novel. The Genres for this story are Fiction, Women’s Fiction, and Romance. The timeline for this story is in the present and goes to the past when it pertains to the char...
  • Kailey (kmc_reads)
    4.5 stars - thanks to the publisher for my free copy of this novel. Disclaimer: If you go into this expecting another story like "The Light We Lost", I think you may be disappointed. This story was wonderful, but for me, it was very different (i.e. there was no ugly crying during this book). However, I really enjoyed this one! There were so many good things about this story - this novel felt fresh and unique to me. The fact that Nina was basicall...
  • Tess
    I’m... not sure what the point of this book was.
  • Michele
    To say that Ms. Santopolo has a way with words would be an understatement. Words simply seem to effortlessly flow onto the page in her books. I fell in love with her writing style when I read The Light We Lost. So, needless to say, I was eager to get my hands on More Than Words with the hope of recapturing the same "feels." I have to be honest, it took me a bit longer to connect with this storyline but once I did, I was hooked.The story's main ch...
  • Jaymi Couch
    Nina is the perfect daughter. She’s smart, beautiful and understands the responsibility of her family’s legacy. Her fiancé is her best friend and they’ve grown up together. She feels pressure after her father dies to do everything he expected - marry the guy, run the company and continue his legacy. This story is about love and loss. Learning that people don’t always deserve to be put on a pedestal. That it’s okay to be brave and hones...
  • Autumn
    Nina Gregory lives a life of privilege and of responsibility. As the sole heir to the Gregory Corporation, it has been ingrained in her psyche since birth. Determined to make a difference, she lands a job as a speechwriter for the up and coming NYC mayoral candidate, Rafael O’Connor-Ruiz. He embodies everything that she loves about New York City - He’s hard working, honorable and entirely too handsome for her peace of mind. She keeps telling ...
  • Robin
    Alright after some reflection I've settled on 2.5 stars. Unfortunately this one just didn't work for me.Synopsis "I think it's hard not to fall apart when your view of life is shifting." This story follows Nina, the heiress to a hotel corporation. Her world is crashing around her as her father's health declines. She is thrust into a role she wasn't ready for, she's questioning her relationship with the man she always thought she'd have a future w...
  • The Lit Bitch
    Jill Santopolo was an author that I wanted to read long before this book! I received an ARC of her THE LIGHT WE LOST a couple years ago and I just couldn’t fit it into my review schedule.I still continue to eye THE LIGHT WE LOST whenever I am looking for something to read. It sounds like such a beautiful story, but for some reason, it just never makes its way onto my nightstand.Then MORE THAN WORDS came up for review and I wasn’t about to let...
  • Lynette Burnett
    I gave More than Words by Jill Santopolo 3 Stars but it’s really more a 2.5 star book. Here’s the problem with More than Words: no conflict. All books have to lead to a conflict then resolution. Without the conflict, all you have is a narrative that isn’t very interesting. That’s how I found More than Words. Nina is a very milquetoast character; she admittedly doesn’t know who she is and we, the reader, never really know who she is eith...
  • megreadsnovels
    5 stars. I thoroughly enjoyed this book! Add this to your summer TBRs because it is fast, compelling and morally more of a feel-good than the last Santopolo book. Spoiler/trigger: death of a parent.