Laurie by Stephen King


Short story about a widower and an unwanted dog, foisted on him by his sister.

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Release DateMay 17th, 2018
GenreShort Stories, Horror, Fiction

Reviews Laurie

  • Zoeytron
    A grieving widower, a mixed breed puppy, and life.  It is meant to be lived.  Sawgrass.  Stay away from it.  It has teeth.A delightful short story by Stephen King.
  • Carol
    BEWARE what lurks in the reeds.......Free short story from Stephen King about life, loss and hope for a 65 year old man....and little Laurie-dog....with an eerie touch of real life horror!Thank you Mr. King!
  • Ron
    This reminded me of the gift that is a dog; that other things have big teeth; and life's boardwalk will have its share of broken planks. Liked this one a lot.
  • Sophia Triad
    It was life, you were stuck with it, and all you could do was live it.I could read anything by Stephen King. ANYTHING!The story has a bitter-sweet start and then there is a twist towards the end. Well, apparently no matter how much you miss your other half, you always want to stay alive for as long as possible.The protagonist is the loveliest, most innocent dog, Laurie.Highly recommended and completely free new short story.
  • Wayne Barrett
    Okay... I live in Florida, right. The place where this story takes place. And so, I've experienced... :SPOILER ALERT:I've experienced the feeling of unexpectedly coming upon a gator and looking into those dead, black eyes. Eyes like a sharks, unfeeling, emotionless, cold. The first time it happened I walked within a few feet of one that was about 8 feet long without even seeing it. It saw me and quickly spun on the bank of a pond and splashed int...
  • Kevin Kuhn
    “They were proof that life was nothing but a short dream on a summer afternoon.”This is a free short story from Stephen King that you can download on his website. I am a fan of Mr. King and have been since I was 13 years old. So, not surprisingly, I found this to be an enjoyable tale, and hopefully, will hold me over, until I get around to picking up and reading King's new novel, "The Outsider". I believe this free short is a teaser for that ...
  • Trish
    This was such a cute story!A man has recently lost is wife and his sister is gifting him a puppy since he isn't coping very well. He doesn't want the responsibility but agrees to take the dog "on probation". What follows is an account of their day-to-day life as they get to know and fall in love with each other so to speak.It wouldn't be Stephen King if there wasn't also some part that made your heart race ((view spoiler)[I was sooo scared that i...
  • Bradley
    Just because I heard about it and could get it for free, I jumped on this new SK story like some rabid fiend. :)Suffice to say, there's nothing much to say except that it's a good character study about a bereaving old man getting a dog and having the scare of his life bring him all the closer to the little mutt. :)Simple? Yes. Good. Yes. Come on. It's Stephen King!
  • Cristina•●♥Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ♥●•
    🐾Laurie 🐾 a “must-read” for #DogLovers! ♥👅“It’s not a case of who wants a dog, it’s a case of who needs a dog. That’s you.”- Beth* * *“Puppy’s are God’s ideia of a perfect workout program.”- Dr Albright* * *“It was life, you were stuck with it, and all you could do was live it.”- Lloyd Sunderland 🐾Laurie 🐾 a “must-read” for #DogLovers! ♥️👅“It’s not a case of who wants a dog, it’s a cas...
  • juan carlos
    De nueva cuenta king cambia de genero y nos muestra un libro corto donde el tema principal son los lazos sentimentales que existen entre perro y dueño¿Para qué leer Laurie?1. Por que a través de las palabras King muestra todo lo que nos dan las mascotas a nuestras vidas. 2. El amor natural que dan los animales, es sincero y sin maldad. Depende de como los trates te trataran. 3. Las escenas de los paseos nocturnos, son preciosas y lees que los...
  • Daniel
    A charming and relaxing little story. No supernatural stuff :P It's free so greatly recommended.
  • ashley c
    Beautiful little breath of fresh air to puncture the long, depressing apocalyptic novels I am currently reading. Dogs are universally the best cure to everything.I used to work for a dog trainer. We trained and cared for about 70 dogs, and my favourite was a hyperactive, anxious, young female border collie. Laurie was a well-adjusted and mature puppy; perhaps it was the mutt in her. My border collie wouldn't stop barking for hours, she destroyed ...
  • Bill Lynas
    A short story about a man and his dog, which you can download free from the official Stephen King website. Simply and beautifully told.
  • Marc-Antoine
    Dogs are awesome.
  • Amanda NEVER MANDY
    Grumpy man meets dog and the extreme opposite of hilarity ensues. I absolutely loved this short story. It was perfect in every way and it was free!!!
  • Jason
    I would read a grocery list made by this man. Laurie is a nice little story about a widower who get a puppy and the life they make together. Good stuff.
  • Paul Nash
    4 StarsA new short story free from Mr. King on his website.I believe a lot of authors have that love for their pets, like Koontz & his Golden Retrievers (but of course Koontz goes overboard with this), and sometimes will write a story about their furry loved ones. And this is basically what we have from King. But with that crazy & spooky King touch.It was a quick read that I really enjoyed. Go read it, it's free and only 32 pages. 4 stars
  • Amar
    Presimpatična pričica o psiću i penzioneru, tamam za ubit vrijeme u busu.Što je najtužnije, ovih 30-tak strana su bolje od njegovih zadnje dvije objavljene knjige. Držim fige da će Outsider ličiti na nešto.4*
  • Anne
    I loved this. Even in 32 pages, King's characterization comes shining through. And he writes dogs almost as well as he writes people. Loved it, can't wait for The Outsider. (Have you preordered yours yet??)
  • Marianne
    Laurie is a short story by popular American author, Stephen King. It begins predictably enough, with recent widower Lloyd Sunderland’s bossy older sister, Beth turning up at his house on Carmen Key with a puppy, a little female Border Collie-Mudi cross. Lloyd is adamant that he does not want a pet, reasoning that he can barely care for himself. Beth can see that he has lost weight, but she’s insistent that he give the puppy a trial. From ther...
  • Linda Boyd
    Cute story!
  • Alice
    Laurie looked up at him with her amber eyes. He wondered, as he almost always did, just what it was she saw in the face looking down into hers. Like the stars he saw when he took her out at night, it was a mystery.This is the sweet story of Lloyd, who after losing his wife in advanced age warms up to a clever fluffy pup that will give him a new interest in life. Would recommed, their relationship is adorable, Lloyd is a wonderful character and, a...
  • Jolene
    There honestly isn't much to say here. I'm procrastinating on my grad school work, and this was a quick, enjoyable distraction. Don't go out of your way though.
  • Shorty
    A very good and interesting short story, available for *FREE* as a direct digital download from the author’s website: stars, and recommended.
  • ✰☽♥✰ Unsolved Mystery ✰♥☾✰
    This is a short story about a man who loses his wife to cancer. Six months has gone by. His sister gets him a runt puppy. They both needed each other. -----------------------------------------------I loved the bond between this man and his puppy. It was a nice surprise. (view spoiler)[Too bad about Don Pitcher though. (hide spoiler)]
  • The Face of Your Father
    A sweet little yarn by King, naturally even his sweetest tales possess a bit of the macabre.“Laurie” is a thirty page short story that echoes King’s 1994 novel ‘Insomina’ as well as being similar in atmosphere to the 2008 tale ‘Duma Key.’ Grief is a common thread throughout all of King’s works but here in “Laurie” it is not overwhelming. The character of Lloyd is not consumed with the emotion to the point of insanity like Loui...
  • Angus McKeogh
    Recently I’m starting to think King’s short stories are better than his recent novels, which seem to meander on and on and on. While this story isn’t horror per se, I suppose it could be classified as the horror of nature. It’s spooky stuff one way or another and much more effective in the short form where it punches you in the face. I really liked it and it was free from his website. Can’t beat that.
  • Alexandra
    I really enjoyed this short story. He captured the innocence of puppies really well and it was overall a really sweet tale between man and his best friend. Of course, it wouldn't be a Stephen king book without something on the strange side creeping in. I was considering giving this lovely story a four star until that ending shifted my opinion. Gotta love Stephen King and that wonderful brain of his.
  • Damian
    Great super short story for dog lovers. Even greater that it’s free.
  • Constanza
    Here's a word I never thought I would ever use for a SK story, but this short story was adorable, ha!