Saga #54 by Brian K. Vaughan

Saga #54

The explosive “season finale” to SAGA's most shocking storyline yet.

Details Saga #54

TitleSaga #54
Release DateJul 25th, 2018
GenreSequential Art, Comics, Graphic Novels, Graphic Novels Comics, Fantasy, Science Fiction

Reviews Saga #54

  • AleJandra
    I have a message for Brian K. Vaughan:Reseña para cuando deje de llorar.
  • Saga Norén
    A couple of hours...Another heart attack after this issue. Brian, don't (view spoiler)[ kill Marko!!! It was shocking that scene!!! The last part was saddest!! Hazel in the beach with his daddy, 'Honeybaby, you have to be kind with everyone you meet' 'That's the hardest part of being alive' Ahhhhh!!! Heartbreaking 💔 (hide spoiler)]At least it's not the end...#55
  • Amina
    Brian K. Vaughan , Fiona Staples
  • Audrien
    I'm going to need therapy to get over this arc
  • Ela
    Nome chinguesno me pinches puedes hacer esto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭Por fa alguien dígame que esto no es verdad, no puede serlo... no 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭(las 5 estrellas son de "esto me hizo sufrir muy cañón)
  • Amanda
    Well fuck. There goes my heart.
  • Jessica Mercado
    Saw i already received my kindle pre-order for this and was suppppper excited.The ending of the last one already broke my heart but this one...This shit right here...What..the...actual....f%#k.NO.NO.NOpe.That cannot end the way it did. What kinda person.....F*&k you THE WILL i hope your death is slow and painful!!!Omg imma cry i cant comprehend what i just read......MUST READ SERIES!
  • Mikeilla
  • Ahsen
  • Itzell
    😭😭 ¿POR QUÉ? 😭😭
  • Nicole
    I get why but nooooo
  • Kim the Strange
    Oh god that was so painful. What am I supposed to do with myself, a year or more without Saga. My heart hurts too much.
  • Innasa
    why it gets harder every issue? why? I don't understand why BKV makes everything harder? is he trying to lose a reader? I personally do not have any reason to continue reading this series. I'm seriously wondering whether I should stop reading this or not, I mean I've read all 54 issues, but damn... this shit is getting ridiculously depressing. The excitement that was there with the first couple of issue is wearing off, now it's just death and gor...
  • April Pelt
    Reading this right before work? Not my best decision.
    it's the last issue for at least a year so of course they had to finish it like thisof course they didhaha
  • Estefania Grajales
    Brian, Cariño ¿qué estás haciendo?, ¿qué crees que estás haciendo? ¡DETENTE!
  • Kirra
    That hurt a lot.
  • Tara
    WTF!?!?!?! I am literally a sobbing mess right now.
  • Ola
    Possibly this issue has fewest dialogues of them all. And doesn’t really need them - it will make you cry and repeat “no fair” like a baby over and over again. Like, WTF?! And how long do we have to wait for the next one? * dramatic sigh *
  • Simeon Scott
    This issue just fucking crushed me, I mean I knew Vaughan was kinda ruthless from his other works but killing off two beloved characters back to back in the last two issues before he takes a YEAR LONG HIATUS?! Joss Wheadon, eat your heart out. And that Flash back was just the most Bittersweet thing. R.I.P. Marko, if I am a fourth as good of a father as you are when I have kids, it'll be a miracle.
  • Stacey
    Heart brokenRight now I am in disbelief and just so shocked. 😱😥 The art was fantastic as always, and I cannot wait for Saga to be off of their extended hiatus to see what happens next.
  • Iara
    after readingI'M NOT FUCKING OKAY OH MY GOD WHAT THE FUCK THEY WENT THERE HOLY SHITbefore readingoh my god the release is july 25./someone hold me i'm not ready for whatever BKV and fiona staples have planned i've already panicked so much in the last few issues/
  • Chad Bunch
    Spoilers! Spoilers! Spoilers!Nooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!Markoooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!WTF, BKV!! You're even worse than G.R.R.M. Build up our favorite characters, make us fall in love with them and then rip them away from us. Bad enough you had to kill off Sir Robot, but now you've got to take away Marko too! Sheesh!!Now that I'm over the initial shock and anger, this is an amazing way to end the current arc. I'm not sure what's more disappointing; the fac...
  • Jean
    This issue crushed me. I needed a drink right after I finished it.
  • Ekaegy
  • H.D
    You MONSTER! 😣