Iron Garland by Jeff Wheeler

Iron Garland

Wall Street Journal bestselling author Jeff Wheeler continues his majestic Harbinger series in a world where motivations are as mysterious as magic.For three years, Sera Fitzempress has been a pawn in a gilded prison—the floating manor of Pavenham Sky. Disgraced and exiled from society, she has been isolated from the downtrodden she’s determined to liberate. But although Sera may seem subservient on the outside, the stubborn princess has only...

Details Iron Garland

TitleIron Garland
Release DateNov 13th, 2018
GenreFantasy, Fiction, Young Adult

Reviews Iron Garland

  • Quintin Zimmermann
    Iron Garland is the third instalment of Jeff Wheeler's planned five book Harbinger series and Jeff Wheeler certainly doesn't disappoint. After the very solid foundations laid by the preceding books, Jeff Wheeler has skipped ahead three years, ramped up the intrigue and expanded the world across the Mirror Gate. The fate of both worlds rest in Sera’s and Cettie's capable young hands as they gather their wits and rise above their allotted station...
  • Jennifer
    A few more years have passed since book 2 and the empire has been at war with Kingfountain. Sera is being held almost like a social captive in Lady Corrine's household. She is shunned. Sera isn't broken though; she has been quietly learning what she can by observation and biding her time for her release. Her chance comes when her father wants to try to resurrect the idea of a marriage contract with the Prince of Kingfountain, which will hopefully...
  • Sarah
    The next one doesn’t come out until March??? 😭😭😭
  • Dee King
    This author. He is incredible. The stories he tells, how he weaves them all together yet keeps them separate. I can’t say enough great things about him and his words.
  • Betty
    Jeff Wheeler draws readers back into the magical world of Muirwood in the latest installment of the Harbinger series. Three years have passed, and the war with Kingfountain continues. Sera remains in isolated exile, yearning to be free and able to take her rightful place as Empress. Cettie fills her time as Keeper of Fog Willows, as well as making important (and secret) contributions to the war effort. Meanwhile, long kept secrets are at risk of ...
  • Spencer Fields
    Another Wonderful Work by WheelerThe third book of the Harbinger series by Jeff Wheeler is another testament to the author’s ability to draw you into a story. While the book is good on it’s own merit, you really need to read the previous two installments to fully appreciate it. The book starts off with an unexpected twist that, for me, confirmed some suspicions but left many more questions unanswered. Cettie and Sera continue their disparate ...
  • Matthew
    Iron Garland marks the midway point of the Harbinger series. In most series, this is where the story slows down and not much happens as the author slowly moves pieces into place but withholds any sort of resolution in order to keep the tension for the concluding installment(s). I am so glad to report that Iron Garland does not succumb to that problem. It is not a stand-alone novel in any sense of the word, but enough of the story lines are given ...
  • Crystal
    Disclaimer: I received this book free from Netgalley in return for an unbiased review.He did it again. Mr. Wheeler sets about making me care about people and then up-ends them. Twice in this book! Once in the first chapter!! I expect this kind of tricksy-ness from George R. R. Martin, but you sir! Don’t stop! 😊These are such great books. Cettie, is becoming a force to reckon with. Her power is unstoppable but it is tempered with such a sweet...
  • Shaline Lopez
    What can I say about this book! I just adore this series and the universe that Wheeler has created. It's atypical to find a series that follows characters from childhood through adulthood, and Wheeler does that as well as any of the masters. Cettie, Sera and the rest are so relatable and believable. Oftentimes, characters lose the traits that originally made me love them as they progress through a series. That doesn't happen with the characters o...
  • T.E. Bradford
    Book 3 of the Harbinger series drops us back into the lives of Cettie and Sera (aka Seraphina), two friends born on opposite ends of the class spectrum. While both are in completely different situations, both face very similar challenges.WHAT WORKED FOR ME:The drop into book three was seamless. There was no ramp up, with pages and pages of information explaining the previous books. At the same time, there was nothing to leave you lost trying to f...
  • Madeleine Myers
    This is definitely the best of the Harbinger Books so far. Cettie and Sera are growing in strength and wisdom as they take separate paths to adulthood, and face very different challenges as a devastating battle wages between their homeland of sky people and the water-worshipping world of Kingfountain. Cettie has become the secret harbinger who shares her visions of the coming battles with her adopted father, Admiral Fitzroy, and helps their side ...
  • Lois Young
    Jeff Wheeler doesn't hesitate to start "Iron Garland" off with a jaw-dropping reveal that yanks you into the story and makes you want to continue reading to the end!Three years have passed since the events of "Mirror Gate," and both Sera and Cettie are surviving their current situations. The former is still exiled from society and is living under house arrest, and the latter is running her family's estate. However, while people continue to shun t...
  • Tales Untangled
    We enter the scene three years later, and Sera and Cettie have both matured and grown. Their circumstances and responsibilities have formed them into new people - but better.Sera is more reticent, keeps her own counsel and has unintentionally learned the art of manipulation. That may sound like a negative, but because she's honest she works through this as well as other issues.Cettie has the responsibility of caring for the family home and has ea...
  • Keri
    December 20184 Stars - I really liked itAudiobookThe writing, the world, the characters, the story.... it was all very well done. I will definitely be continuing with the series. Loved it.Available to read and listen with Kindle unlimited, it's well worth it.
  • Jummai
    * It's not a review, more like notes to myself. It's scatty*Yay! Back on track. There second book wasn't as enjoyable as the first for me. But I loved this one. Everything I said about the first applies here too. The death they started this with was harsh ghjgfhjfghjh. Like he could not catch a break. I felt bad for him but his arrogance and presumption... Making decisions for the little lady already are we?! If he'd consulted her he might still ...
  • Al Burke
    Review can be found here -
  • Jonathan Donihue
    I'm loving seeing how Mr Wheeler is bringing together the Muirwood and Kingfountain worlds. This is a great continuation of his earlier works. I can't wait to read the next one!
  • Anjana
  • Chip
    Characters: 5*Universe: 5*Plot: 5*
  • Autumn Bachhofer
    Always love his books!I will always love his books. The world that they are in are great and wonderful! I hope you all love it too!
  • Alison Culhane
    Three years into the war with Kingfountain, the populace is weary of it. Sera has been ostracized from society in the hopes to make her subservient. Cettie has grown into her role of Keeper of Fog Hollow and is finally feeling confident in herself. But the war is coming to a head and both women will play a vital role in it. I loved the character growth in both of the main characters. Wheeler also does a great job of weaving the “bad” guys in ...
  • Iryna Paprotska
    The book with a jaw-dropping opening, amazing events, and revealing ending, what more can one expect? Same great writing, the world (even bigger now), the characters :)I should also say that in addition to the way Jeff Wheeler tells the story in first two books, there were moments in the third book drawn so vividly that I almost regret my inability to draw some of the scenes. For example the one in the middle of the book by the Mirror Gate.. for ...
  • Lila White
    NNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I'll only say that the ending took me completely by surprise.This was such a delicious read, interesting clues dropped, and many, MANY things to ponder such as Joanna. Jeff Wheeler has done it again.
  • Jessica Creason
    If you have not read Storm Glass, I recommend reading it's review instead by clicking here: Storm Glass . This book picks up three years after Mirror Gate ends. Sera Fitzempress has now been a prisoner at Pavenham Sky for three years, since the beginning of the war with Kingsfountain. Cettie is now the keeper of Fog Willows, her family’s estate. There is definitely a difference in Cettie and Sera in this book. They are both grown into strong...
  • Lora Shouse
    I am continually amazed at the dazzling world Jeff Wheeler has created for this Harbinger series. The magic is so dazzling, the plots so intricate, the villains so, um, villainous. And the characters manage to navigate this improbable world so believably.In this book, we begin to get an inkling of just exactly how dangerously evil, and how powerful, Lady Corinne is. Before we thought she was just sort of calculatingly cruel in a social manner –...
  • Tiera McMillian
    Yet another win for Jeff Wheeler! I love these books, all of them! I feel like our characters are finally getting everything together and everything is being set up. The rich history of Muirwood and Kingfountain being brought together yet again, comes more from reading the other series but is mentioned here and there in this series as well is such a breathtaking background for the story. Our 2 FMC's Cettie and Sera are really coming into their ow...
  • Tony Parsons
    Fells. Mr. Clarence Skrelling worked for Sloan & Teitelbaum. Pavenham Sky manor. The butler was skeptical of letting Clarence talk to Lady Corinne Lockhaven (30+, wife).Ms. Sera Fitzempress (Emperor’s daughter) spoke with him also. Billerbeck Abbey. Caulton Forshee had a unique device called the Cruciger orb.It was capable of finding anybody. Hopefully Ms. Cettie Muirwood (clairvoyant, keeper, nee Saeed, Pratt) who was missing. Prime Minister L...
  • Judith Moore
    Originally posted at Chain Interaction I always find it quite tricky to review a series, particularly one being published as quickly as this one is, I don’t just want to repeat what I’ve said in previous reviews, but it’s hard to build on them without mentioning things from before. I’ve left links to my previous two reviews above, so maybe check those out for some additional context.A hallmark of a book in a Jeff Wheeler series is, of co...
  • Isabella
    Oh boy, a very nice addition to the series.I am very prone to have a favourite POV when there are more than one. I was enamoured by Cettie from the first chapter of the first book. Sera's chapters were often just a distraction from my actual interest, but Sera has grown on me over the course of the last three books.I admit that I often just want to skip ahead each time I reach Sera's parts, but I persist and start reading her parts, and each time...
  • Allison
    Iron Garland, the third installment in Jeff Wheeler’s Harbinger series starts three years after the events of the last book. Sera has been isolated in Pavenham Sky after her disgrace in the last book. Though she is a prisoner, she is not broken; instead, she bides her time until she can make a move. Meanwhile, at Fogwillows, Cettie has grown stronger and more independent in her role as keeper of the estate. She continues to grow stronger with t...