All of Us with Wings by Michelle Ruiz Keil

All of Us with Wings

Michelle Ruiz Keil’s YA fantasy debut about love, found family, and healing is an ode to post-punk San Francisco through the eyes of a Mexican-American girl.Seventeen-year-old Xochi is alone in San Francisco, running from her painful past: the mother who abandoned her, the man who betrayed her. Then one day, she meets Pallas, a precocious twelve-year-old who lives with her rock-star family in one of the city’s storybook Victorians. Xochi acce...

Details All of Us with Wings

TitleAll of Us with Wings
Release DateJun 18th, 2019
PublisherSoho Press
GenreFantasy, Young Adult, LGBT

Reviews All of Us with Wings

  • Boston
    How does a book that romanticizes pedophilia get through so many stages of writing and rewriting only to continue to be published? - The "love interest" in this book is a 28 year old man. The main character is 17. Do not try to tell me there's nothing wrong with that. There's a lot wrong with it. - Pedophilia is used as a plot device to make the "relationship" seem forbidden. It's not forbidden. It's predatory and not to mention very illegal. - ...
  • ☄ ari
    This review is based on an ARC I received from the publishers in exchange for an honest review.EDIT: This book is not pedophilia. Pedophilia is about pre-puberty children, usually to the age of 13. As a survivor of pedophilia myself, and knowing other survivors, calling these sorts of relationships pedophilia can be very harmful to us as survivors. However, it is statutory rape, creepy and predatory, and completely excused and romanticised, and I...
  • Jasmine from How Useful It Is
    I started reading All of Us with Wings on 4/23/2019 and finished it on 4/26/2019. This book is an okay read for me. I picked this book up purely on the cover because it’s cute but the story is more weird than I can handle. There are drugs and mentioned of sex, rape, and tattoos going on in this story with older men and underage girls. There are family abandonment and teenage parenting. The parents of Pallas sleeps with other people while togeth...
  • Grace Li
    Finishing this book felt like waking up from a strange, miraculous dream. This is a such beautifully crafted story of found families, music, and unexpected, inevitable magic.
  • Celia McMahon
    Once in a while, a book comes along that completely blows my mind. This is one of those books. Thank you to Edelweiss and the publisher for allowing me to review this book ahead of its release date. What is it about, you ask?Our 17-year old protagonist is named Xochi. She's a governess to a 12-year old girl named Pallas. Pallas is our second POV, and she lives in a grand old house in San Fran with her rock star parents and their colorful array of...
  • Liz
    Trigger warnings: sexual assault, rape, age-inappropriate relationshipsI received an ARC of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Honestly, I had to stop 50% of the way through this book. While the writing and world-building felt like a love letter to San Francisco through the ages: the Beats, hippies, glam, punk, and all with a hint of witchcraft (all of which I enjoy), it was heavy-handed. I didn’t realize going in to...
  • noah
    visual representation of me coming after all the adults in this book:xochi is a kid! a seventeen-year-old girl! and these adults are giving her drugs, alcohol, free tongue piercings, and propositioning her for sex if not actually acting on their desires, and that's not even all. it's fucking gross.grossest of all is that the "romance" (barf) is between xochi and her 28-year-old employer. xochi is literally hired to babysit his 12-year-old kid and...
  • Debbie Gascoyne
    There was a lot to like about this novel, and I imagine it will appeal to its target audience, especially as it is written under the #ownvoices rubric, and features diverse characters. It is a well-written and at times suspenseful urban fantasy with many interesting and sympathetic characters. It portrays 70s-80s San Francisco very vividly, including reference to the AIDS epidemic. It deals sensitively with a teen-age girl dealing with neglect an...
  • *Stani*
    Rating: close to 4.5 stars actuallyPremise: A 17-year old girl name Xochi (pronounced So-Chee) is a governess/babysitter to a 12-year old girl named Pallas. Pallas lives in a beautiful Victorian house in San Francisco with her rocker parents and blended family/friends. Xochi is running away from a dark past and secrets she would rather forget. On the night of the Equinox, Xochi and Pallas cast a spell that summons a fey children from their slumbe...
  • Samantha Fondriest
    Thank you to Edelweiss and the publisher for an ARC of this novel. All opinions are, as always, my own.All of Us With Wings is a wonderfully unique, atmospheric magic realism book that kicked me out of my 2019 fantasy funk. After reading the same old story over and over, this original, beautifully written book was a breath of fresh air. If you were a fan of The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender, this is the book for you!The magic of t...
  • Sofii♡ (A Book. A Thought.)
    I want to thank Edelweiss+ and Soho Press for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest reviewTW: Drug Abuse, Sexual Abuse, Underage/Adult Relationship & ViolenceI was very excited to read this book, it has many factors that I find fascinating, especially when I just knew what it said in the blurb, but it turns out that the book isn't what I expected and I guess that's why I ended up surprising, although unfortunately, it wasn't a pleasa...
  • Mia
    This is not a book for children or faint-hearted adults for that matter because of mature content. It contains a few scenes that could be triggering for some people. I would recommend reading a few of the other reviews for more information on that. Only proceed with reading this book if you are prepared for that. This is the book that got me out of my reading slump. I picked it off the shelf at my local book store because of the beautiful cover. ...
  • Danielle
    I loved this! So, so delightful and dark. It's perfect for fans of TEN THOUSAND SAINTS or Francesca Lia Block with a big splash of Miyazaki animal magic. It is a strong "New Adult" or crossover read, containing graphic descriptions of drug use, sexual abuse, and body modification. Is it fate that intertwines 17-yr-old Xochi and 12 yr-old Pallas, or are they kindred spirits? On the night of Autumn Equinox, they cast a playful spell and summon two ...
  • Alison
    I’m pretty sure this book found me in the same way the kindred spirits in the story found each other, through some level of magic and match making beyond our control. Or maybe it was the Jane’s Addiction quote in the first pages that brought us together. If you’re not into fantasy or magic realism, don’t let the inclusion of a few ancient creatures scare you away. Surprisingly, they fit right into the underground California music scene an...
  • Sasha Beezy
    😍😍😍 So good!
  • Salieri
    Easiest five stars I've given this year, it's so beautiful I'm gonna cry.Full review to come closer to publication date. Thanks a lot to Soho Press and Edelweiss+ for sending an ARC my way!
  • Dane
    I am so much in love with this book! Everyone should read it!
  • Margot Lissens
    4.5 starsTrigger warnings: drug use, rape/sexual abuse, underage/adult relationship, self-harm.Representation: diverse cast of characters sexuality and ethnicity wise, polyamory, cat’s pov.The beginning of this story was rather slow paced and very confusing. You get dropped in a household with quite some people and all the names are rather confusing because no one really got an introduction, so you only get the know these side characters and th...
  • Avery
    Child has relationship with adult, it's excused within the book....fuck no
  • ~ Althea | themoonwholistens ~ ☾
    "You're family now. Whether you live here or not, you're stuck with us."FORMAT READ: eBook (Adobe Digital Editions)SIMILAR VIBES: The Sun is Also a Star (vaguely.. and without the magical realism part)⇒MY BLOG⇐*All my reviews are spoiler-free unless stated otherwise* OVERALL: 2.7/5I like how there were parts of the story that were crafted around music and gave the readers a bit of an inside experience to what that was like.The characters bor...
  • Stephanie
    Xochi is running from her old life. After her step-grandmother’s death, she had nothing to stay for. In her travels, she finds herself in San Francisco, made governess to a young girl named Pallas, the daughter of two rock stars. Living with this strange family of musicians, Xochi is finally starting to feel some sense of belonging, although her past keeps haunting her. One night, she and Pallas manage to summon some strange fairy-like creature...
  • Laura
    At times it was difficult to remember how old any of these characters were, with the "elders" being under 30 and the youngest merely 12 yet wise beyond her years. Taking place in San Fransisco, near the Haight, and featuring a rock band, there are drugs and complicated sexual relationships and body modification and a general sense that there's something different going on here. That something different is two waterbabies, drawn to Xochi by her ri...
  • Jaime
    A darker, more mystical and sharper Weetzie Bat, almost. Lovely lyrical writing that is beautiful to read.
  • Nèngath
    Unique, strange and beautiful. A poetic exploration of abuse, love and the relation to the body in a dream-like San Francisco summer.First, I love the idea of one girl summoning avenging angels, protectors of children, to punish the people who abused her, including her rapist. It sounds catchy, right? But it is a very interesting book too, it questions revenge, healing and forgiveness. I particularly appreciated the way Xochi's rapist was portray...