The Messy Middle by Scott Belsky

The Messy Middle

Entrepreneur, Chief Product Officer at Adobe, and product advisor to many of today's top start-ups Scott Belsky believes we focus too much on the start and the finish of any project, ignoring the most important part--the messy middle--where success is truly determined. Creating something from nothing is a volatile journey. The first mile births a new idea into existence, and the final mile is all about letting go. We love talking about starts and...

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TitleThe Messy Middle
Release DateOct 2nd, 2018
GenreBusiness, Entrepreneurship, Nonfiction, Management

Reviews The Messy Middle

  • Scott Wozniak
    I generally agree with everything in this book (minor quibbles on methods). But I was disappointed to find that it's pretty much a restatement of common leadership and entrepreneurial advice. Endure through the tough times. Hire and onboard your people carefully. Build a diverse team. Focus on your best idea, don't try to do it all at the start. You get the idea. And it's not only been said before by others, it's been said better.
  • Gabriel Alan
    Aimed at anyone involved in a multi-year entrepreneurial business, Scott Belsky offers a critical and deeply reflection about the trappings and misguided strategies of, as the lingo has it, "failing forward." This book is a wonderfully practical, thoughtful and (dare I say) "spiritual" guide for anyone in its intended audience. So why the three-star review? Simply because my life and goals only have peripheral intersection with the life of a driv...
  • Tim
    The majority of our time spent in any venture is spent within that "messy middle." Scott packs a book with practical advice on things like hiring, leadership, and a sense perseverance. It's a book you'll go back to constantly while writing your own adventure.
  • Ken Hamner
    Excellent book! Highly recommended.