Deep Creek by Pam Houston

Deep Creek

Beloved writer and teacher Pam Houston explores what ties her to the earth in essays as lucid and invigorating as mountain air.“How do we become who we are in the world? We ask the world to teach us.” In her travels from the Gulf of Mexico to Alaska, Pam Houston explores what ties her to the earth—her 120-acre homestead in the Colorado Rockies most of all. Here, elk calves and bluebirds mark the changing seasons, winter temperatures drop to...

Details Deep Creek

TitleDeep Creek
Release DateJan 29th, 2019
PublisherW. W. Norton Company
GenreAutobiography, Memoir, Nonfiction, Environment, Nature, Biography, Writing, Essays

Reviews Deep Creek

  • Diane S ☔
    Thoughts soon.
  • Katie
    It took me awhile to write this review because I am still getting over the excitement of reading a new book from Pam Houston. Her writing was moving and I felt like I could see her ranch and all of the places she described so beautifully. This is an important book about being a woman, an environmentalist, and a writer. Her voice is so refreshing and it will be the perfect read for welcoming 2019.
  • Laura
    A balm for the soul, a visit with an old friend, a love song to the Earth. This book was all that and more. Cowboys Are My Weakness was a touchstone for me when I was in my mid-twenties, and this book served as a reminder of the fiery, uncertain young woman I once was and an illustration of how far I’ve come to be comfortable in my own life since then. I’m grateful to writers like Pam Houston who put themselves out in the world to provide gen...
  • Heather Fineisen
    I love Pam Houston for the way she loves. Be it cowboys, her animals, writing or in this volume her ranch. Houston is at her best here, in love with the land. Her essay on the fire that devastated the surrounding area was interesting if a bit too detailed and off balance with the rest of her writings. Not disappointed, I love my own animals a little bit more. And myself.
  • Vivek Tejuja
    Pam Houston’s Deep Creek has to be read, actually savoured with enough time on your hand. It cannot and shouldn’t be rushed with. This book is about home and place and what is their meaning to someone who has spent half her life travelling around the world. More than that though, it is about the places we inhabit, the landscapes we belong to, the daily rituals of living and caring for people around you. Deep Creek is all about celebrating nat...
  • Tina Humphrey Boogren
    An exquisite love letter to Colorado and the Earth. So beautiful.
  • Sara Cutaia
    Pam Houston's writing is the most comforting and encouraging writing that tackles the horrors and pains of this world that I've ever read. With prose that sings, she takes you through the years that she's lived on her 120-acre ranch in Creede, Colorado, and relays the joys and terrors she's experienced while there. Hers is a story of resilience, and it was even before she had to take care of ranch animals, and deal with elevation, and survive win...
  • Julie
    Any book that brings me to tears on multiple occasions deserves all the stars.I expected a lot. It packed way more wallop.
  • Kales
    This is a book I wouldn't normally pick up. It is a memoir, outdoorsy, and about subjects I don't give any care about. However, I heard Pam Houston speak and after her enigmatic talk I knew I had to read this book. I hadn't read anything else of hers--in fact, I didn't know she was a fiction author until I read this book. And it was wonderful.I learned so much more than I every thought I would about the mountains in my home state. I know, I'm fro...
  • RMazin
    Deep Creek is Pam Houston’s invitation to her ranch home in the high country of Colorado. She bravely invites the reader into the world she has made for herself. From an old homestead, Houston has created a refuge, a home of natural beauty, with animals both wild and domestic. Here Houston can create and refuel from her teaching and journeys around the world. This is also the place where she can become the person she was always meant to be…ev...
  • Jessica
    I LOVE to read books about farming/farms because I have a fantasy about that life (mostly that I would be really good at it and love every minute of it) and they always leave me feeling like time is slipping away and I have to DO IT NOW and I spend the next five days looking at farm properties that can't meet my requirements and making plans to buy one anyway because I WILL LEARN HOW TO USE A HAMMER! (It's kind of exhausting...) I can't say I lov...
  • Lori
    I've been reading Pam Houston's books, articles, basically anything she has written since 1992. Perhaps it is our mutual affinity for wild places, our love of Colorado, that she is close in age to me and so her journeys of self-discovery seem to parallel mine -- whatever the reason, I eagerly await anything she writes. But this book, Deep Creek, more than all the others, touched me in ways I cannot articulate. It may be this moment in history, or...
  • Ariel
    Blown away by this lovely book. It reads like the best, engaging fiction but has the oomph and meaningfulness of memoir. Houston is such a lovely writer. I am surprised and delighted that I am just discovering her now. Of course, this is not a book for everyone. It’s not perfect. Yet, within the first chapter, it burrowed inside my head and inside my heart. Read it for the section on saying goodbye to her dog (which beautifully takes us by the ...
  • Kristi
    I love this book with my entire heart. Read this book if:... you’ve ever fallen in love with a piece of land, especially in the Colorado mountains ... the fate of this planet has ever brought you to tears... you love animals more than humans (at least sometimes)... you’ve survived things you should never have had to survive... you are a brave woman, or not so brave just yet but you want to be ... you loved Cheryl Strayed’s “Wild,” Thore...
  • Ilse
    I wouldn't have thought it possible to get so emotionally invested in a place I've never been to, but if anything happens to this Colorado ranch I would be devastated. I sometimes struggle with memoirs/biography type books as they often get bogged down with too many date/time/place details and this book really stays away from that. It's beautifully written and makes me want to sell my house and all my possessions and move out to the wilderness; o...
  • Andrew
    Deep Creek is a one-of-a-kind account of living on a ranch in rural Creede, Colorado. Over a 30 year timespan, Houston recaps stories involving all aspects of country solitude, including a harrowing account of the West Fork Fire Complex. Sometimes people can be cruel, sometimes neighbors are generously kind, and sometimes animals are better than humans altogether. This rustic collection shines light on both how simple and how complex ranch life c...
  • Brooke Dilling
    Beautiful. And sad and difficult to read. I’ve never read Pam Houston before, but I love her connection to the land and the power it has to heal.
  • Biography & Memoir
    Sometimes, in order to find yourself, you have to get lost in the wilderness. That is the path that was taken by author Pam Houston (COWBOYS ARE MY WEAKNESS, CONTENTS MAY HAVE SHIFTED) when, in 1993, she bought a timeworn homestead high in the Colorado Rockies.From the outset, the piece of land --- first owned and homesteaded by the Pinckleys, whose graves are located on the property --- represented multiple challenges. The first was the fact tha...
  • Mandy
    4.5 starsI randomly stumbled upon this book last year while searching through the “recently ordered” books on my library’s app...after reading the description I put myself on the waitlist and anxiously awaited its arrival. Deep Creek is my first experience with Pam Houston and I have a strong feeling it won’t be my last.After reading the first 30 pages, I had to set it down and questioned whether or not to continue. Reading about her abus...
  • Tomigirl44
    Deep Creek by Pam HoustonFull disclosure: I’m grateful to NetGalley for the free advance copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.I give this book 5 stars.Wow – this book is amazing! Although I had other plans (including a number of books ahead of this one to be read) I just couldn’t put this book down and read it in 1 days. Houston is honest and insightful in regard to her childhood, family and some of the challenges she faced an...
  • Michele
    A new book by Pam Houston is always a cause for celebration. Deep Creek: Finding Hope in the High Country is to be read slowly and savored. The language takes you from despair to joy in one paragraph. It’s strong sense of place puts you in the middle of the Colorado wildfires of 2013 and lets you experience a narwhal migration in the Northwest Passage past Bylot Island, Canada. The book is divided into five parts, with Part Four dedicated to th...
  • Brenda Gadd
    I loved this book. Pam Houston has done most of the things I daydreamed about doing. Some things we have in common at various times of our lives. I met her briefly at a writer's conference in Taos NM years ago. I could see her and perhaps even that of the Irish Wolfhound in profile as they drove away for a day of adventure. ( It could have been just a friend with a bad hair day.) That week, when the conference closed I climbed a trail to Williams...
  • Susan Burlew
    I won this book in a goodreads giveaway and thought it sounded interesting. It was incredibly good. The author shares parts of her life from childhood to adult and the ranch she has owned for 25 years. She makes a connection between them and her love for her land and nature everywhere and shows how it has helped her come to terms with some horrifying events in the past. I believe she is incredibly brave for learning to live her life and find some...
  • Katelyn
    Wow, it was a treat to read Houston's stories about living on 120 acres in a valley in Colorado. This is the ultimate voyeurism: reading about living way out with the snow piling up and animals to care for, but without having to do the super hard work that goes along with that lifestyle. Houston switches off living on her land and teaching writing in California to support said land. Highly recommended.Trigger warning: sexual abuse
  • Amy Carlson
    I forgot how much I love Pam Houston. Great to read something recent from her-and I enjoyed all of it, from her recounting of the forest fires that nearly engulfed her ranch to the daily ins and outs of ranch life. Her love affair with the outdoors and with Colorado is so inspiring to me as I tend to get caught up in daily life and don’t always make it a priority to be outside. Really tough, though, reading about her childhood.
  • Susan
    I loved this story about strength, devotion to and from animals; global warming, and the importance of real friends. Pam Houston’s life in the Colorado Rockies, with her beloved wolfhounds, is a tale of the incredible beauty and fragility of our earth, and of those who are working to stop the destruction.My own love of animals and nature’s beauty makes me want to read this book over and over.I can’t recommend it strongly enough.
  • Courtney Forsythe
    I loved this book! I live in CO and have spent a good deal of time in the high country. I could smell all the wonderful smells and feel those clean crisp winds caressing my face while I read this. Once you smell the burn of a forest fire it’s imprinted on your memory forever. This book truly honors the beauty of our wilderness here, including all parts that lift or break your heart. I highly recommend this one.
  • Collin Huber
    Like any essay collection, some of its entries were stronger than other, but none of them were duds. In fact, the final two were so stirring I was sad to see the book come to an end. Houston has collected a moving reflection on how to live a life poised between wonder and grief, hope and loss, all rooted geographically into a single piece of land. Take your time reading this collection. It deserves to be savored.
  • Jess
    As someone who lives in Colorado and has a deep love for the natural world, dogs, rural towns, and lives well lived this book was the perfect love letter to all of these things and more. The book came at a perfect time and asked us to love the earth or at least take notice of it’s beauty despite all the ways we are destroying it. I sped through my hardcover copy in two days and will reread slower on the kindle so I can highlight my many favorit...