to be female is to be interrogated by S. K. Grout

to be female is to be interrogated

In “to be female is to be interrogated”, S. K. Grout speaks with a thousands mouths, and tells a thousand stories. From the tender to the fierce, the poems of this collection wind into and around the body like a memory.Both extolling and examining, deconstructing and dreaming of the female and femininity, Grout weaves a journey with her words as intricate and elaborate as the body itself.

Details to be female is to be interrogated

Titleto be female is to be interrogated
Release DateMay 28th, 2018
PublisherThe Poetry Annals

Reviews to be female is to be interrogated

  • Emma-Louise Adams
    'Your heart's teeth' absolutely made this chapbook for me, with such amazing imagery and a powerful ending.Many of the other poems I do not understand yet, but that's not a fault of the author - I'll definitely be revisiting this when I have more time and looking deeper into it, as there are lots of themes I really rather like going on here.
  • Marie
    some of my favourites:'my brain is fighting back.To be female is to be interrogated.I pronounce my heartan open wound that disobeys''twisted blackberry bushes,all the sweeter for it,line the side of the forest,as we, provisionally, get lost'i also really loved the entire poem 'worship, war and toil'