Indulge with Me (With Me In Seattle, #10) by Kristen Proby

Indulge with Me (With Me In Seattle, #10)

The beloved Montgomery Family, from New York Times Bestselling author Kristen Proby’s With Me In Seattle series, is big, and it just keeps growing! There are parties and celebrations taking place at every turn, and we are delighted to invite you to all of the festivities! Whether it’s a brunch hosted by Nate and Jules McKenna, or a fancy dinner party hosted by Luke and Natalie Williams, you won’t want to miss all we have in store for you! E...

Details Indulge with Me (With Me In Seattle, #10)

TitleIndulge with Me (With Me In Seattle, #10)
Release DateOct 2nd, 2018
PublisherEvil Eye Concepts, Incorporated
GenreRomance, Contemporary, Contemporary Romance, Novella, Food and Drink, Cookbooks

Reviews Indulge with Me (With Me In Seattle, #10)

  • Lyndy Ann ♫
    Indulge with Me is a collection of short stories with all our favourite couples from the With Me In Seattle series then after each story there are a few recipes (which I skipped over not interested). Jules & NateHost a brunch for Amelia & Wyatt's engagement with the whole family. Meg & Will Host game day aka couples eat, drink and mess around. Sam & Leo Host a get together for the band Nash. Alecia & DomHost a dinner party for the whole family....
  • Maria...
    "4 stars"I missed this family so their getting together was pretty funny! Montgomery family CAN eat that's for sure! I enjoyed their crazy and happy life!P.S. Will and Megan are still my fav!
  • Michelle
    Yummy!! This book is a great idea. Mix yummy recipes and short stories with the characters from one of my favourite series what more could you want. Getting more of the Montgomery is alway great and this book showed just how strong sexy and supportive they still are with each other. Lives are quite crazy with all the kids and different things goin on if there lives but it's great that there still so close. Each story was great and quite sexy I lu...
  • Karina
    Received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.Can we give 10 stars??? 5 for the short stories and 5 for the recipes???!!! Where do I even start on this one? When Kristen announced there will be a new book in the Montgomery series, I was so excited. But when it was revealed that it would also be a cookbook? I just went crazy! There are very few things that I love doing in this world and tops on that list is reading and cooking /baking (watching...
  • Suzi (Obsessive Reading Disorder)
    Just a delightful snippet of the beloved Montgomery family. Short stories tied into yummy recipes make this the perfect read for fans of the Seattle series. The stories are sweet and steamy. The food is simple yet elegant. A very nice blend of tastes that will allow readers to come back to the book time and again for inspiration.
  • Jo
    i m not sure the book is the cook book or the closure of the series, maybe cook book then.they r telling their stores after years n years, built their own family, with kids n their career. to be honest, i don’t remember all theirs stories, some of them did but most just some lines.
  • Crystal
    This book was so much fun! I loved catching up with the Montgomery group and the recipes... wow I want to make them all! I loved that there are some fancier dishes in there, but also some basic ones that I wouldn't need to run to the store for ingredients. I can not wait until the next family get together where I can bring one or two of these dishes :) Of course with everything Kristen Proby writes, I couldn't put it down! They may only be short ...
  • Ann
    Indulge is right! Loved, loved, loved catching up with all these sexy couples who are still totally enamored with each other some years down the road and have even more kids to show for it. What is really fun is that there is food and drink a plenty here and the recipes to go with them. Really cute idea these author had. Each section is a different get together at a couples home with several recipes each. See the table of contents for the gazilli...
  • Renee
    Another 5 starts for Proby!Kristen and Suzanne found a wonderfully creative way to take us back to our beloved Montgomery clan. Short stories and mouth watering recipes make for such a fun read. The humor and fun the Montgomerys have make them such an easy family to love!
  • Lisa
    Why can’t I be part of this family?! 😫Fun stories with yummy recipes. Win/win
  • Loretta Rogerd
    Indulge with meI love this book along with all the other I like how it's like catching up to what everyone has been doing. I enjoyed reading where they are all at in their lives now. Oh and I love how you had a mention of Jenna form Cunningham falls. This is definitely five stars again Kristen. I really enjoy you stories keep me coming. Thanks
  • Gaia
    Just Ok.In my opinion, there are too many receipts to be a real 'With Me in Seattle' book. I don't see the point of it. Isn't it enough to jump to the unknown cousins lives of the supposed very close knit family who now we know had more family living a few miles away but didn't heard about them before book 9 to expand the series? Was this book also necessary?BTW, You NEVER peel the shrimps to cook a Seafood Paella, you ALWAYS use bomba rice (or s...
  • Live Life Leisure
    This was my first time doing a review for a recipe. Sometimes I find with my schedule I don't always have time to prepare snacks or even a simple appetizer for when friends come over. This was my first time doing a review for a recipe. Sometimes I find with my schedule; I don't always have time to prepare snacks or even a simple appetizer for when friends come over. When I received this recipe, I was happily surprised on how easy it looked to mak...
  • Susan
    I absolutely loved the format for Indulge with Me! It was a combination of short stories that followed a number of the couples in Kristen Proby's With Me in Seattle series, allowing us the opportunity to catch up with the whole Montgomery family. The backdrop had them hosting dinner parties that brought together the family. But the uniqueness of Indulge with Me was that interspersed with the parties, we got the recipes for the food at these parti...
  • Kim
    First of all . . . SQWEE . . . The Seattle crew is back. I've missed them. They are so much fun and I want to be a part of their families so much.It was awesome to see a bit into the lives of a few of them and this was an awesome way to do it since when they are together as a family are some of the best parts of thee books and there is always food involved (love you, Will). The stories were too short, though I loved every minute of the stories th...
  • Melissa
    Catching up with Seattle finest crewI love that you gave each couple their own section. You caught us up to everything that has changed and everything that they're going through as a married couple with kids or just in life. I love that even though they each got there happily Ever After with they're perfect men that everything's not always perfect in a relationship or as a family. You keep that as real as possible. And you also gave us some good ...
  • Paige T
    Another fantastic book for this amazing series!I absolutely loved catching up on what our favourite couples and biggest family are up to!We get several chapters focused on different couples hosting different kinds of events with friends and family. Was so good to see how each couple are going, what's changed or going to change in their lives.We also get the recipes for the amazing sounding food and drinks provided in each event. I can't wait to t...
  • Halil Yaman
    This book was so much fun! I loved catching up with the Montgomery group and the recipes... wow I want to make them all! I loved that there are some fancier dishes in there, but also some basic ones that I wouldn't need to run to the store for ingredients. I can not wait until the next family get together where I can bring one or two of these dishes :)Of course with everything Kristen Proby writes, I couldn't put it down! They may only be short s...
  • Theresa
    What better way to keep up with the Montgomery’s and the whole clan than with food. All of the small stories and parties was absolutely wonderful. I could not put this book down and can never stop hoping there will always be more stories for this family. There are so many recipes I want to try and will within the next few days here are just a few.Fried glazed donuts Bacon cheeseburger pinwheels Spicy corn dip with homemade chips Tipsy berries G...
  • Debbie
    2.5-3.0 Stars The idea of Indulge With Me was cute enough. However, it’s not at all what I expected and fell flat. It’s basically a collection of very, VERY SHORT stories centering around five of the couples from the series each throwing some kind of party. The recipes for the food served at those parties are provided at the conclusion of each story. The sixth short story was about a girl's night but it was boring and not funny at all. I gues...
  • Yve
    I was beyond thrilled when Indulge with Me was announced; any time I get to catch up with the Montgomery clan is a good day. Add to that the fact that Indulge with Me is a completely different format than what we're used to from Kristen Proby and my mind was blown! Proby teams up with well known cookbook author Suzanne M. Johnson to deliver a mixture of short stories and mouth watering recipes in Indulge with Me. The stories are all set in the Wi...
  • Hsu Lee
    I voluntarily offered to review this book with no obligations and my opinions are honestI loved all the couples in the " With Me In Seattle " series.It was so nice to reconnect with them.I hope that there will be more books like this in the futureI would love to see what is happening in their lives.What would happen if Samantha got pregnant ? Oops.Loved the recipes.The characters + storytelling were very captivatingIt has all the ingredients that...
  • Melissa
    This was a great combination of 5 novellas along with 5 groups of amazing recipes.I'm a series girl, I'll always pick a series over a standalone. There is nothing better than sinking into a world and I often wonder what happens after it all ends. That was the best part about this book, I loved getting caught up on the lives of the Montgomery clan. It was so great to get a peek into how their lives are going and how their family is growing.The rec...
  • Theresa Natole
    Two things I love to do: read and cook. Indulge with Me has that in spades. Catching up with characters to see what they are up to. Falling in love with them all over again. Each short story focused on a couple and combined with the tasty food choices was a sure recipe for a goodread. Kudos to Kristen Proby to combine these two things and come out with another winner. This book will leave you feeling full and satisfied. It will also have you head...
  • Dawn
    “Indulge With Me” is a delightful blend of short stories centered around Montgomery family get togethers and recipes for the delicious food served at the parties. All the stories are quick, fun slice of life moments highlighting five favorite couples from the “With Me In Seattle” series. Credit to the authors skills, all the shorts were interesting enough to have been fleshed out as full books I would gladly read. It’s always a pleasure...
  • Kristina
    Indulge with me was a great way to revisit the with me in Seattle series with unique twist. A cookbook mixed in with fun stories. I missed the characters so much. I enjoyed getting to reconnect with the families and to find out that they are still more in love after all these years. The recipes look fantastic. I wish the book had been scratch and sniff because I could smell the food here. I can’t wait to try out the recipes. Perfect release for...
  • Renae
    New With Me in Seattle Stories!A new book with the Montgomery/Williams clan, yes please!!6 new stories of our favourite families that gives us glimpse into their lives after the happy ever afters and fun recipes to go with each story as well. I absolutely loved seeing old favourites again, it was like no time had passed from the last Seattle book. It was like catching up with old friends.
  • Carrie
    Great read w/ lots of DELICIOUS recipes!!! I love how they formatted this. We get a few vignettes from various couples' POV, all centered around various parties the families are throwing. And for each party, there's a menu, and we get the recipes!! Not only was it great catching up w/ some of my favorite characters, but reading about all the food & drink made me hungry! LOL Two thumbs up & a whole passel of stars for this one! : )
  • Indri Handayani
    I love this series, but not this book. Not only too many characters plus their children at one scene makes me dizzy, but also the same theme at every girls night in every book of the series.. Talk about sex, Nate's apa and miss spelling. Yeah but no!! That's enough girl, you need more creative about the story. When i clicked this ebook i was expecting to read the romance series not a cook book!! 😏
  • Shannon Sharpless
    I absolutely loved catching up with my old With Me In Seattle friends. And yes that is what they are! Dinner parties, Ladies nights, and Housewarming parties all in one book and you're invited. Not only do we get to see what everyone has been up too but we also get to laugh at the antics of the Montgomery Women. Plus don't forget the recipes that are included in this book. I can't wait to try the Chocolate & Peanut Butter Truffles. YUM! This is a...