Quantum (Captain Chase #1) by Patricia Cornwell

Quantum (Captain Chase #1)

International bestselling author Patricia Cornwell delivers pulse-pounding thrills in a series featuring a brilliant and unusual new heroine, cutting-edge cybertechnology, and stakes that are astronomically high.On the eve of a top secret space mission, Captain Calli Chase detects a tripped alarm in the tunnels deep below a NASA research center. A NASA pilot, quantum physicist, and cybercrime investigator, Calli knows that a looming blizzard and ...

Details Quantum (Captain Chase #1)

TitleQuantum (Captain Chase #1)
Release DateOct 1st, 2019
PublisherThomas & Mercer
GenreMystery, Fiction, Science Fiction, Thriller

Reviews Quantum (Captain Chase #1)

  • Charles van Buren
    Charles van BurenA thriller/mystery which quickly became tiresomeSeptember 5, 2019Verified PurchaseFormat: Kindle EditionReview of Kindle editionPublication date: October 1, 2019Publisher: Thomas & MercerLanguage: EnglishASIN: B07BN2WGGJ353 mostly dreary psgesI believe that this is but the third Patricia Cornwell book I've read. It is very different from the other two and, I suspect, from what most readers of her books are accustomed to. This one...
  • M
    Decent police procedural, so far. Not a stand-alone. THIS BOOK HAS NO ENDING. I enjoy reading mystery/police procedurals, especially if there are science-fiction elements. That said, “Quantum” starts glacially slow, with two female security personnel searching a NASA Langley basement/tunnel. After much exploring, complaining about claustrophobia, and monologuing about . . . well, about a lot of stuff, protagonist Captain Calli Chase and Major...
  • Allison
    Last year I read the last Sue Grafton in the alphabet series and was disappointed. Turns out she had a terminal illness so I feel bad for my critical review. I don’t think Cornwell has that excuse. It’s been a long time since I read a Patricia Cornwell mystery, but I remember them as fast-paced with interesting characters. Quantum has none of those qualities.This story centers on a pair of twin sisters, narrated by one of them, both of whom a...
  • Mendhak
    The story, while 'OK', is unfortunately marred by one of the most insufferable characters I've encountered in a book. The protagonist is the very epitome of an 'iamverysmart' who has studied or developed every field of science, every technology implementation and suffers from every conventional quirk that they can think of, and who has the habit of pointless extemporizations and diatribes for no real reason other than to demonstrate their 'iamver...
  • Pam
    I did not really care for her new book. I will not read the continued story. It’s not as good as her other book in my opinion. I had a hard time keeping interested
  • Ann
    I grabbed this for free as a "Kindle First" book -- it will be formally released as of October 1.I've read a around 30% and I'm just not feeling it. It started out pretty suspenseful, but the last couple chunks I've read have been a lot of non-expositional exposition if you know what I mean. For example. MC is talking to a former boss who makes a comment alluding to something she should know. We're in her head and she acknowledges that she knows ...
  • Pat
    This was an Amazon First Reads, so thankfully I didn't waste money on it. But reading it took a good few hours that I'll never get back and I begrudge those wasted hours, because the book was abysmal! The writing style was truly awful and I had to force myself to finish it in the hope I'd understand what was going on. I have no problem understanding science but I still have no idea at all what it was about... just a jumble of meaningless numbers,...
  • Marcy Kozar
    This book was so awful! If you don't have ADD before reading this, it might give it to you! She's all over the place with this mess of a story, using way too many words to say not much of anything. One example is her using pages and pages to describe the contents of a person's office - a place the story never revisits, so why bother? Characters are introduced who never show up again and don't serve to move the narrative further, or clarify the ch...
  • David W. Gaskins
    Sub par for ScarpettaNot happy from page 1. On Kindle I had to read it portrait position rather than landscape. The color animations were childish and added nothing to the story. Oh, and the story line was confusing, evolved too slowly, and then without an "ending" only to offer that the sequel would be out in about a year! Do you really think I can hold the plot, and any level of interest that long?Patty, go back to what made you famous: death, ...
  • Heidi R.
    Maybe it’s just me, but there is a lot of scientific jargon in this book that was, quite frankly, a bit over my head. Even still, I have always liked Patricia Cornwell’s books. The plot is great and the characters are complex. It ends on a cliffhanger, but still completes the story enough to not make me feel like I was left hanging. Did that make sense? The second book doesn’t come out until summer of 2020. I can comfortably wait until then...
  • Erssie
    Reviewing for the Kindle in Motion featuresThe KIM features were sparse and disappointing. Really the cover animation was the best one. And the features lock 🔒 down background colours as white which isn't suitable for visually Impaired people. I've yet to read the contents of the novel but thought I'd review the animations feature in case anyone makes a choice based on that because I think for a cybercrime NASA thriller it could've made use of...
  • Alisa
    Never disappoints You can always count on Patricia Cornwell to give you a book that you just can't put down. She has certainly done that here. You can't help but fall headfirst into Captain Chase's life, getting wrapped up in the story, trying to figure out everything before you get to the end. This series is way different from what's come before and different, in this case, is great?
  • Toni Alsup
    I read most any books by Patricia Cornwell, so was anxious to read Quantum. After I finished it I was certainly glad it had been free because I'd be very agitated if I'd paid money for it.I also really didn't like the fact it didn't have a conclusion to the mystery and there is a follow-up book called Spin.If I do decide to read that one, it would have to be free too!One Star for effort for Quantum.
  • Tracey
    QuantumI must admit I have never read any of Patricia Cromwell 's previous novels so I went into this one with no idea what to expect.Quantum introduces Captain Calli Chase and although this is a police procedural novel it is sci go based.The story is good although I will admit it was rather slow in the opening chapters. I am actually considering getting the second book in the series as I'm really would like to find out what happens next.
  • Mrs.J.C.Mooney
    Absolute Tosh !!!!I downloaded this book because it was written by Patricia Cornwell. Having read all of her Scarpetta books and thoroughly enjoyed her style of writing I thought I was on a winner.....How wrong was I? Absolute Tosh - Totally Boring - a Complete Waste of my Time. Thankfully it was free, if I had paid good money for this rubbish I would most definitely have felt conned.
  • Deena
    The Kindle version which boasted animation...had the lamest animation I’ve ever seen. The story rambles, has a few points where it seems like there is promise, then just leaves you with a bad taste in your mouth. Like you were all prepared for some decent Cadbury chocolate and someone slipped in some half rancid Palmers.
  • Alan Medcalf
    It has been a long time since I picked up a book that looked so promising, yet started out so excruciatingly slowly and then slowed down from there. The promising plot plodded along, buried under the growing weight of the protagonist's tangential and circular stream-of-consciousness ramblings, seemingly to no purpose. A great book for insomniacs.
  • Arthur L Spain
    Feels like half a bookThis is definitely not my favorite Patricia Cornwell book. I didn’t care for the style of the narrative. It made it hard to follow the story. The end wasn’t really an ending. It was more a prelude to the next book. I’ll probably read the next book just because I want to get to an ending.
  • Geri
    Skip itHorribly written - boring - trying to impress with ridiculous outlandish details and descriptions about the character and locations. Nobody cares - just tell us a story! Couldn’t get past a few chapters. Are there no decent editors out there anymore? What a waste of one of my free September reads.
  • Anadarko52
    Slow and murkyThe underlying idea - a Spaceforce policewoman investigating something - was good. However, it was too wordy. The characters were not likeable. There was some backstory which was not revealed. There was very little action. Not enough for me. Cornwall has to do better.
  • Tom Allred
    Too much fillerA good story but way too much extraneous text adding nothing to the plot. After I recognized what she was doing I was able to skim over multiple pages at a time without any loss of comprehension or useful background. Having said that I look forward to the next installment even though it is being needlessly stretched out.
  • Anthony Delucia
    Cliffhanger no endingI expected a fast paced scientific detective drama instead of a confusing slow paced storyline. You will find a lot of scientific jargon in a slow moving plot with no ending.
  • Bernie Jacobs
    Far outI always liked Cornell's books but this one is too much science fiction for me. There were some basic mystery parts that were ok but the rest was hard to follow.maybe if I had read the first of the chase series of would have made more sense.
  • Marsha Gladhart
    I would have rated this lower if I wasn't such a fan of Cornwell. It's a briar patch of scientific details and an unfinished plot. What was she thinking? However, I want to know what happens next since it is only the beginning of an ongoing plot.
  • Glenna Pritchett
    I read about half the book then filed it under DNF after very rapid skimming from there to 70%. I found it to be disjointed and rambling, frequently repetitive. I wasn’t engaged enough to care what the ending might be.
  • Jean
    Read sequel! Frustrating ending!Rated 3 because it just stops and says read the sequel! I can't recommend a book that does this. What seemed to be a good mystery just left hanging.
  • Hugh Murphy Jr.
    Murph's ReviewI do not like stories which are not complete in one novel. To leave the reader hanging and requiring him to buy the next book in the series to resolve the story line is a cheap trick.
  • Jacqueline Wyett
    Quantum (Captain Chase)Very disappointed in this book. There is a lot of padding that is not necessary to the story. I have always been a big fan of Patricia Cornwell but this is not as well written as the other books.