Quantum (Captain Chase #1) by Patricia Cornwell

Quantum (Captain Chase #1)

International bestselling author Patricia Cornwell delivers pulse-pounding thrills in a series featuring a brilliant and unusual new heroine, cutting-edge cybertechnology, and stakes that are astronomically high.On the eve of a top secret space mission, Captain Calli Chase detects a tripped alarm in the tunnels deep below a NASA research center. A NASA pilot, quantum physicist, and cybercrime investigator, Calli knows that a looming blizzard and ...

Details Quantum (Captain Chase #1)

TitleQuantum (Captain Chase #1)
Release DateOct 1st, 2019
PublisherThomas & Mercer
GenreFiction, Mystery, Thriller, Science Fiction

Reviews Quantum (Captain Chase #1)

  • Mackey
    Years ago I was a huge Patricia Cornwell fan. I read every book the moment they hit the shelves and still have many of the earlier ones on my library shelf today. However, after time, I grew to dislike the characters in the series. They never grew, changed, worked on their flaws to the point that they became unbelievable and, really, horribly boring. SO, when I saw that Cornwell had a new series, one not aimed at teens, I thought I would give it ...
  • Matt
    We’ll say 3.75 stars for a sluggish start.After a hiatus from her successful forensic series, Patricia Cornwell returns with a novel that will have readers reaching for the stars in the middle of this impactful crime thriller. Captain Callisto ‘Calli’ Chase gave up a promising career in the military to help her family. She was able to land on her feet, serving within the NASA police in Virginia. While out investigating an alarm within the f...
  • Allison
    Last year I read the last Sue Grafton in the alphabet series and was disappointed. Turns out she had a terminal illness so I feel bad for my critical review. I don’t think Cornwell has that excuse. It’s been a long time since I read a Patricia Cornwell mystery, but I remember them as fast-paced with interesting characters. Quantum has none of those qualities.This story centers on a pair of twin sisters, narrated by one of them, both of whom a...
  • Monnie
    There are a few authors for whom I'll move heaven and earth to carve out enough time to read their latest efforts; Patricia Cornwell is among them. So when I got a chance to read a pre-publication copy free through the Amazon Early Access program, well, how fast can you say one-click? For years, you see, I've enjoyed the author's exploits of Medical Examiner Kay Scarpetta This one isn't about her, although similarities to both the good doctor and...
  • Barbara
    Patricia Cornwell's long-running 'Kay Scarpetta' series is about a talented medical examiner who helps catch sadistic killers. Kay works with a thorny detective; has a brilliant niece; and experiences angst about her man. Cornwell's new book Quantum goes in a different direction, but has a similar vibe. The main character - Air Force Captain Calli Chase - is a talented scientist and NASA security expert who's trying to catch a possible saboteur. ...
  • Charles van Buren
    Charles van BurenA thriller/mystery which quickly became tiresomeSeptember 5, 2019Verified PurchaseFormat: Kindle EditionReview of Kindle editionPublication date: October 1, 2019Publisher: Thomas & MercerLanguage: EnglishASIN: B07BN2WGGJ353 mostly dreary psgesI believe that this is but the third Patricia Cornwell book I've read. It is very different from the other two and, I suspect, from what most readers of her books are accustomed to. This one...
  • Kevin Dowson
    I'm sorry to say this was a huge disappointment. I admit to never having read any Patricia Cornwell but her reputation as one of the foremost crime writers, especially via her Scarpetta series, had me very excited to pick this up as a First Reads selection. Sadly, that was the end of the excitement.While it is evident Ms Cornwell is a very accomplished writer, this book left me frustrated and even bored throughout. There are lots and lots of veil...
  • Gerri Mazer
    (No storyline spoilers) I just finished this book and am unhappy that I wasted a few hours reading it. I feel that the author was a little arrogant because of the success of her other series and forgot she was telling a new story. It seems that the comma button on Ms. Corwell’s typewriter was broken when she wrote this book. As the entire thing was written with sentence fragments. And so annoying. That I was beyond distracted. Having to keep re...
  • Ladyreadalot
    What a difficult book! I give it 1.5 stars. It was an exhausting read, and I used it to help me fall asleep, which was effective. Written in first person, the story is continuously interrupted by the character's chaotic thoughts. I think the book could have been cut in half with just one chapter containing past events and experiences that shape the character. Instead, the reader is constantly bombarded with the repetitive unfinished flashbacks, b...
  • Debbie
    I can't believe Patricia Cornwell wrote this. I started reading this on Kindle Unlimited, and kept thinking I skipped a page, or missed a paragraph. NOTHING made sense - so choppy, purposefully vague and misleading, completely not engaging at all. I stopped reading after literally nothing had happened, literally spent pages on her walking thru the underground secret tunnel (ok, maybe that's a scene setter) walking in the parking lot, walking into...
  • David Highton
    Got this free as Amazon Prime First Reads choice for September. I had got fed up with Scarpetta so was keen to read about this different character. A pity. She is such an annoying character - I have given up after 20% - I hate not finishing books but life is really too short for this one
  • Liz Barnsley
    I went into this blind, having been somewhat down on this authors last few Scarpetta books but despite being dubious at first at the rather rambly nature once again of the prose suddenly I found that I was in it and from that point on I banged through it- the science was fascinating, main protagonist Callie was odd yet compelling so I do feel somewhat vindicated in my previous comments that Patricia Cornwell really needed to move onto something n...
  • Mendhak
    The story, while 'OK', is unfortunately marred by one of the most insufferable characters I've encountered in a book. The protagonist is the very epitome of an 'iamverysmart' who has studied or developed every field of science, every technology implementation and suffers from every conventional quirk that they can think of, and who has the habit of pointless extemporizations and diatribes for no real reason other than to demonstrate their 'iamver...
  • Amanda Lawford
    It feels like Patricia Cornwell read The Martian by Andy Weir and then whinged to her publisher that it’s not fair that Andy can write a book that’s all science and math but she has to keep releasing books in a series that’s 25 books long published over 30 years and she’s sick of writing about a forensic examiner and wants to write about NASA, maths and science, (probably just to show off her intelligence) and if Andy can do it, why not h...
  • Ruthy lavin
    Not the usual high standard of Cornwell’s work, I found this frustratingly slow.Maybe my expectations were too high, or maybe it’s because I’ve never read one of her books before which wasn’t brilliant, but this was barely pushing 2 stars.Disappointing.
  • Paula
    The only thing at all notable about this half of a book (and no, it’s not an entire book, in spite of what you may have heard) is that it is one of the worst offerings I’ve read in a long time. Good golly, Miss Calli, it was torture being trapped in your pretentious, boring little brain. Please do yourself a favor and give this a hard pass. I got it for free and I still feel as if I was ripped off. It’s bad my friends, it’s bad.
  • Pam
    I did not really care for her new book. I will not read the continued story. It’s not as good as her other book in my opinion. I had a hard time keeping interested
  • david j mitchell
    I really enjoyed Cornwell's early books, and keep hoping that she'll return to form. So I continue to read each new book, and continue to be disappointed. Quantum was possibly her worst ever.
  • Marcy Kozar
    This book was so awful! If you don't have ADD before reading this, it might give it to you! She's all over the place with this mess of a story, using way too many words to say not much of anything. One example is her using pages and pages to describe the contents of a person's office - a place the story never revisits, so why bother? Characters are introduced who never show up again and don't serve to move the narrative further, or clarify the ch...
  • Patricia L Kerr
    00:00:00:00:0 means nothingOh my gosh, where to begin? First, Calle cut her fingertip of her right hand cutting bagels...she's right handed, how did that happen? Two, she's supposed to be a logical thinker and one of the top candidates as an astronaut but her mind is all over the place and never on the task at hand! I'd fire her in a heart beat. Third, she's contradictory with herself and others. Fourth, those blasted numbers mark separations wit...
  • Nancy Baker
    I never thought I would write a negative (really just a so-so) review about a Patricia Cornwell story but, alas, here it goes. In all fairness, my lukewarm feelings about the book may come from my love of her past forensic series books. They were engaging, informative and, for the most part, had a beginning, a climax and an end. I must confess that I don't read series books. And I did not realize that this was an actual "series" style story. As h...
  • Deb
    This is a hard review for me. I'm used to reading Patricia's forensic books. I struggled reading a lot of this book as the main character would float into memory lane during a harrowing event that could have meant life or death at times. There were good points, the background of her actual career and how well she performed it; the closeness of her family and one particular friend that out ranked her. She also performed well under pressure.
  • Alasandra Alawine
    Captain Chase Callie to her friends is unbelievable, those of you who are familiar with the Scarpetta series she makes Lucy look like a slacker and an underachiever. Callie has not one but two jobs as a Cybercrime investigator she is investigating a staged suicide of an employee whose badge went missing. As a quantum physicist she has to save a top secret space mission all while trying to unravel what her identical twin Carme (pronounced Karma) h...
  • Donna Davis
    I'm a longtime fan of Cornwell's Scarpetta series, so when Amazon offered me a free, early look at this first book in the new Captain Chase series, I was over the moon. Thanks go to Amazon First Reads, and I am sorry not to provide the kind of review that I expected to write, but this one doesn't work for me. It's for sale now, but hang onto your money. Whereas her earlier series was the original forensic thriller genre, Calli Chase, our protagon...
  • M
    Decent police procedural, so far. Not a stand-alone. THIS BOOK HAS NO ENDING. I enjoy reading mystery/police procedurals, especially if there are science-fiction elements. That said, “Quantum” starts glacially slow, with two female security personnel searching a NASA Langley basement/tunnel. After much exploring, complaining about claustrophobia, and monologuing about . . . well, about a lot of stuff, protagonist Captain Calli Chase and Major...
  • Judi Easley
    QuantumA Captain Chase Novel #1Patricia CornwellThomas & Mercer, Oct 1, 2019353 pagesSci-Fi Mystery Thriller seriesAmazon New Releases for OctoberThe cover is dark and mysterious looking, but not terribly exciting. The author’s name will sell the book, yes, but I really prefer to see the title of the book first. Sometimes it seems like the author’s name is more important than the title when they do it this way with the two the same size in th...
  • Belinda Bentley
    Hated it read one chapter then deleted the book
  • The Nerd Daily
    Originally published on The Nerd Daily | Review by Marla WarrenPatricia Cornwell’s newest novel, Quantum, features shades of the action and atmosphere her fans have loved in her Kay Scarpetta series, but for crime-thriller junkies, Captain Calli Chase is no Dr. Kay Scarpetta. On the flip side, however, Quantum may be very appealing to a thriller-reader that leans toward sci-fi.As the events in Quantum take place primarily within NASA, this clea...
  • Martin
    Loved the early Kay Scarpetta novels so as a sci-fi fan thought I'd give this one a go. Turgid, rambling, not engaging so I gave up after about 10% (Kindle). I rarely give up on a book but this had no signs it was going to get any better. The continual reference to measurements such as temperature in Celsius (then Fahrenheit in parentheses) and distance in Km (then miles in parentheses) drove me crazy. Not sure if my rating of one star is meaning...