Outspoken by Veronica Reuckert


Are you done with the mansplaining? Have you been interrupted one too many times? Don’t stop talking. Take your voice back.Women’s voices aren’t being heard—at work, at home, in public, and in every facet of their lives. When they speak up, they’re seen as pushy, loud, and too much. When quiet, they’re dismissed as meek and mild. Everywhere they turn, they’re confronted by the assumptions of a male-dominated world.From the Supreme C...

Details Outspoken

Release DateJul 2nd, 2019
GenreFeminism, Nonfiction, Leadership

Reviews Outspoken

  • Jenny (Reading Envy)
    This book starts with a focus on the actual voice and expands out into topics like politics, women in business, Disney films, and so on. It goes all the way up to some discussion of AOC, so very current.I appreciated practical advice like how to overcome the compulsion to speak in a hushed tone in an open office layout, how to interrupt, and a discussion of whether we should be shushing our female children. It's clear that it is not the actual vo...
  • Viral
    Thanks to HarperCollins for the ARC at BEA 2019!I feel weird responding to and critiquing this book, as a cis man. My close friend Saloni had some phenomenal things to say, so in the spirit of this book, I'll first link her review, since I agree with it and will be building on it: https://www.goodreads.com/review/show...I completely agree with Saloni, and I would like to add that while I think this book brings up an important problem with strong ...
  • Saloni
    Thanks to Harper for providing me a free copy of this book at BEA 2019. I'm honestly conflicted about the message of this book and have a lot of thoughts.This book does not describe an innovative concept. There are hundreds, probably thousands, of books encouraging and advising women to be more assertive and more outspoken. Where the book becomes interesting is when Veronica focuses on how vocal tonality, pitch, and rhythm affect how someone is p...
  • Meg
    I wholeheartedly recommend Veronica Reuckert's groundbreaking analysis of the myriad ways women are unheard-- seen as "too much" or dismissed as "not enough"-- and, in both cases, silenced. Since reading Outspoken, I've been cognizant of my own patterns in speech and space, in posture and performance and am working to reclaim my voice I loved as a child-- before my library-job cubicle voice, before the shame in "talks too much" elementary school ...
  • Raelene
    I'm confused by this book. I was initially enthralled with the book and was texting quotes to my friends, but then it didn't seem to have any organization to it? I don't know. The book begins with a discussion of your actual physical voice, which was interesting but definitely not groundbreaking. Many good points are brought up and she includes great examples, but they're again, not groundbreaking - though to be fair I have been studying things l...
  • Tina
    I wanted to like this more than I did. Good message...really think, though, the author was a bit repetitive with message towards the end...it wasn't holding me and I kept wishing to be done with it.