Hex Vet (Hex Vet, #1) by Sam Davies

Hex Vet (Hex Vet, #1)

In a world where magic is an ordinary part of daily life, two young apprentice veterinarians pursue their dreams of caring for supernatural creatures. Have you ever wondered where witches' cats go when they pull a claw? Or what you do with a pygmy phoenix with a case of bird flu? Nan and Clarion have you covered. They're the best veterinarian witches of all time—at least they're trying to be. But when an injured spectral wolf beast from anothe...

Details Hex Vet (Hex Vet, #1)

TitleHex Vet (Hex Vet, #1)
Release DateDec 18th, 2018
GenreSequential Art, Graphic Novels, Fantasy, Childrens, Middle Grade, Comics, Magic, Animals, Graphic Novels Comics

Reviews Hex Vet (Hex Vet, #1)

  • Sarah
    I like this sweet story for a wide range of age groups. The deeper messages about acceptance and looking past the surface/ignoring gossip was well couched in mystical creatures and witches-in-training. It is short, sweet, and heartwarming. Bugbear was my favorite.
  • Ziggy Schutz
    Really cute art (LOVE the character design), definitely something I'd recommend to readers who are really into graphic novels like Ghost, who are looking for something that feels similar and comfortable but also introduces them to something new. I was really happy with how much worldbuilding was fit into quite a tight story, and it definitely left me wanting to know more about the history of the town, the characters, and how magic (and magical ed...
  • Holly Letson
    This was very enjoyable, and I hope that more books will release in this series soon.__________________ Nan and Clarion are witches-in-training at the magical vet. They do simple tasks like manning the reception desk and feeding the magical creatures. So, they never expected a magical problem of this magnitude to befall them while the magical vet and her partner are away helping a local farmer. But, they combine their skills (and, get a little he...
  • Laura
    I wanted to really like this. Copyediting errors and a lot of tell not show led this to be meh experience for me. Cute art. Fun colors and character designs.
  • Marianne
    3.5 starsAdorable art, appealing characters, and I particularly like the cute-creepy mashup stuff in the weeks right before Hallowe'en....
  • Audrey
    I'm SO excited that this is the third graphic novel I've read in the last week or two; and, just like the first two, this is also a FIVE STAR book! It was absolutely adorable and had an important message for middle grade kids that is also something everyone else needs reminded of from time to time. This didn't disappoint me at all. Witches? Heck yes! Magical creatures? Boo-yah! Witch Vet Clinic? Woah!! The illustrations are very appealing to the ...
  • Jessica
    Short, quick, relatively engaging...only problem was it lacked a conclusion. Is this first in a series? So many things left hanging at the end. The moral lesson(s) was/were there (and concluded), but it left me hanging in the same manner as The Two Towers, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, and Matrix Reloaded. So I'm on the fence about recommending it to a younger reader...maybe it would inspire them to draw their own conclusions and ma...
  • Kenya Starflight
    I really wanted to like this graphic novel. It had a fun premise and looked cute, and I'm a sucker for anything involving magic and mythical creatures. And this isn't a BAD book at all. It's just... lacking in substance, I suppose. I found the art style didn't really match the subject matter, and the story leaves huge unanswered questions that I really feel should have been addressed in some manner. "Hex Vet: Witches In Training" follows two stud...
  • Janis
    I cannot like a book that has mutiple grammatical errors. Where is the editor on this, Boom! Box (publisher)?!It's a simple enough story about witches training to become magical veterinarians, and the mishaps that occur when left on their own. Cute, sweet, predictable plot.The vocabulary hits more of a middle to high school even level, but the overall look is more 2nd-5th grade, as is the length. In order words--confusing to place.I'm seeing lots...
  • Arminzerella
    Nan and Clarion, two witch-vets in training, are apprentices at a magical veterinary clinic. The doctor leaves them in charge of the animals when she's suddenly called away, and the two must work together to prevent a bunny with hypnotic powers from hexing all of the animals in their care. Seems like a fun, action-packed series that combines two things many readers will enjoy - magic and animals!
  • Allyssa
    Boom Studios sent me an e-ARC and I loved it. We have already ordered a copy for our library shelves. The illustration style is very eye catching. The story is fun and sweet and I can see various age groups enjoying this story. I really hope that there will be other installments in the future because I can see it becoming very popular among our GN readers, as well as readers of fantasy, friendship books, animal books, and more. More Buggy, please...
  • Sara
    This book is super cute and I'm really looking forward to putting into the library at work for the kids to enjoy. Much like The Witch Boy, this story touches on feeling out of place in a magical community, but it is aimed at a younger audience. The illustrations are adorable and I sincerely hope there is more to come from Sam Davies.
  • Adam Stone
    There's cute art in this book but the dialog and the story structure fail to meet up with incredible premise the book presents. It might still work for kids under ten but it doesn't have enough interesting characters or animals, or stories with stakes, to appeal to the kind of kid who likes to reread books.
  • Vanessa
    Super cute illustrations, and beautiful colors. But there wasn't much... magic to it? I'm hoping this is the first in the series and we get more beasties. I'm also hoping its the first in a series cause it just... didn't go anywhere... very open ended with lots of room for growth. But I've got to give 8/8 for best bugbear design
  • M (aka DarkBeauty73)
    I agree with some of the other reviews, there were a few spelling mistakes that should of been caught before printing. Other wise a cute story about not judging a book by it's cover or in this case a persons family. Besides what can go wrong with a bunch of cute magical animals lol.
  • Mallory Hall
    I loved this graphic novel with its clever cast of characters including mythical creatures, imagined animal maladies and its own social order. I can't wait to read more about these apprentice witches!!
  • Jessica
    So cute! And with a message of kindness and acceptance, it's a great story for any age group. What happens when two witches in training are left in charge of the vet's office? Magical illnesses, daring escapes, and new creatures abound in this beautifully drawn story. Original and clever!
  • Billie
    The art was cute, but this felt very unfinished. A little more world-building and character-development would not go amiss. Younger elementary students, though, will be attracted to the art and the action and not care as much about somewhat inconsistent characterization.
  • Amy Pickett
    I love the concept (witches-in-training at a veterinary clinic for magical creatures!), artwork, and color scheme, but I agree with other readers that the story arc felt incomplete. I would definitely read any follow-up installments if this becomes a series.
  • (a)lyss(a)
    This is a cute start to what seems like a series.There's a bit of a mystery raised around one of the characters and some charming magical creatures in a fairly short issue that I wish had been a bit longer and explained some more.
  • Rhiannon Johnson
    Thank you BOOM! Studios for my e-ARC! This is such a cute story and would be perfect for lovers of magic, animals, and working together. I'll definitely be gifting some people with a copy this holiday season.
  • Matt Sowell
    Adorable in so many ways. Wonderful art and cute characters. I really hope we get more, as I would love to get to know these characters more. In fact, that is the only folly: I want to know more and feel like this is just a chapter out of a much bigger universe waiting to be developed and shared.
  • Nehmat
    This was my most anticipated graphic novel of 2018 and let me tell you it was like the cutest thing ever. I want a sequel asap. 💗💗💗💗💗😭😭😭😭
  • Charlotte
    Adorable little comic
  • Samantha Puc
    What’s not to love about this sweet little graphic novel?
  • Jessica F
    Sweet story, awkward art at times. Hope to see more installments, I think there's a lot of potential. Interested to learn more about Annette and Dr. Talon especially!
  • Jenny Yergin
    This is a really cute graphic novel! Bright graphics and team work.
  • Amanda
    I could predict the plot from the beginning, and the illustration style was not my favorite. Still I haven't seen this done before so 2 stars for that.
  • Rachel Sharpe
    Dialogue read like clunky video game conversations.