Wolf Inventory by Zefyr Lisowski

Wolf Inventory

This micro-chapbook is a part of the 2018 Ghost City Press Summer Micro-Chap Series.

Details Wolf Inventory

TitleWolf Inventory
Release DateMay 30th, 2018
PublisherGhost City Press

Reviews Wolf Inventory

  • Alexandra
    A fantastic little chapbook. Lisowksi is a master at imagery and word use. "Wolf Inventory" is just a great title by itself, but her words are creative and engaging. ...The smell inside the glen, between the bodies,it's smoky and like a tongue. ......Beneath your teeth are more teeth—an arithmetic of addition,......I surround myself with goo, bone broth, hoard facts like they could ever keep me safe...She challenges beautiful word use. I though...
  • Erika
    ”Darling, do you remember me, and what you did? If my skin is burning to pieces it’s only for you.”Incredible poems worth more than just one read... make that ten, fifteen. Zefyr’s a master at putting beautiful words together and making you feel what they felt. *-*
  • Erin
    We need these poems now. This is such an essential grouping of work.
  • Brianna Albers
    "All along I meant to be tender but by the fourth incident realized I / was only offering an opening."
  • ❄Elsa Frost❄
    TW for sexual assaultI like how this addresses sexual assault in an honest way. Also, the wolves as a metaphor is great!!
  • V
    A cyclical meditation on trauma, consent, and toxic masculinity. It's powerful and unflinching in its gaze: directly into the eyes of the wolf.
  • Amanda
    a passionate suite of poems