The First Lady by James Patterson

The First Lady

"Sir, the First Lady ... has gone rogue."President Tucker is caught up in a media firestorm. The scandal of his affair has sent shockwaves through his re-election campaign, and threatens to derail everything he has worked for. To win the vote, he needs the First Lady to stand by his side.But Grace Tucker has a mind of her own.After years of compromise, unfulfilled promises, deception and betrayal, Grace refuses to give in to her husband's demands...

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TitleThe First Lady
Release DateDec 13th, 2018
GenreThriller, Mystery, Fiction, Suspense, Politics, Adult Fiction, Crime, Audiobook, Detective, Mystery Thriller

Reviews The First Lady

  • Matt
    Finally out for reading...James Patterson and Brendan DuBois renew their collaborative efforts with a new book full of thrills and political intrigue. As US President Harrison Tucker makes his final push for re-election, he finds himself in an awkward position. Caught leaving an Atlanta hotel with his mistress, Tucker scrambles to save his reputation, but is unable to keep media reports from reaching First Lady Grace Tucker. Understandably upset,...
  • Mandy White
    A quiet day today and managed to listen to this in one day. A good stand alone atory with an unexpected twist
  • Paula Phillips
    I have to admit. First I wasn't sure whether I would enjoy this book as I found The President is Missing hard to get into and it ended up being a DNF for me. The First Lady, on the other hand, I did enjoy as I loved the character of Grace Tucker - the first lady. She was strong, stood by her moral code and ethics. She was her person and had a strong sense of what was right and wrong. The President, on the other hand, I found him such a weak man i...
  • Carol
    TWENTY-ONE MINUTES before the ambush, Harrison Tucker—former state senator, former Ohio governor, President of the United States, leader of the free world, and a month away from being reelected in a landslide to a second term—is lying on his stomach on a king-size bed in an Atlanta hotel room, feet toward the headboard, chin resting on a pillow, watching a retrospective documentary on the TV series House of Cards with the love of his life.A b...
  • Annette Chidzey
    This fast paced novel co-written by James Patterson and Brendan DuBois was indicative of other Patterson novels I have read in that the key characters were quickly introduced to the reader and their specific roles and circumstances established promptly so that the narrative could rapidly unfold. Having previously read ‘The President is Missing’, I was immediately drawn to this account set as it was in Washington DC, a location I had recently ...
  • Kate
    Hugely entertaining political thriller, although its writing feels less 'Pattersony', and not as good, as in other Patterson books I've read recently. Nevertheless, I enjoyed every page and gobbled it up. Review to follow shortly on For Winter Nights.
  • Elaine Heading
    I found this book incredibly frustrating as there were so many stupid things happening. Here’s a few examples;- There’s no way the First Lady would have been in that cabin and not found. She was only 3 miles upstream. - The horse farm had a shed full of illegal immigrants and despite the huge search party going on no one checked the shed? Come on! - The secret service agents sitting in the car and never even glanced around when the assassin d...
  • Donna Hines
    James is back but this time he's lost something valuable- Our First Lady!Well kind of as she's tucked away in a rural area but not many know until money comes into play or as they say you might have to pay out the ARSE.Well, for starters she might've wanted to run after all she just witnessed on tv her husband the President of USA with another woman named Tammy.Of course, there must be an explanation. Or one should hope since both parties are mar...
  • Laura Rash
  • YC
    Fun mystery read
  • Erik
    An excellent thriller with a lot of twists to keep you guessing. I love anything political so this was a very enjoyable read.
  • Liz
    I felt this was slower-paced than many of James Patterson’s books and a political thriller rather than a murder/crime story. The plot was good with many twists although I felt it lost momentum in the middle.3-4 stars
  • Julie Garner
    Another strong political thriller by JP. Quite a few twists and turns will keep you reading until the end.
  • Gerri
    If you follow my reviews you know I gave up on James Patterson long ago; however, was between novels and this one was available at the library so gave it a try. Will admit not nearly as bad as past Patterson books - maybe the addition of Brendan Dubois as co-author helped. I found the read to be ok but incredibly frustrating when it came to details that were way too far-fetched. For instance and to only name a couple…No way a First Lady would g...
  • Linda Millard
    Okay from a pace standpoint and not way overlong. But, all of the bizarre behavior in this book turned me off. Beginning with the very beginning. The President is having an affair and his Chief of Staff keeps saying you can't keep it a secret forever. Of course not, when it seems they couldn't even be bothered to try in the most basic way. Why was Tammy going down in the elevator with him? Why was there unsecured access to the garage for the pres...
  • Danielle
    This was on the library’s “grab and go” table, and I always love a Patterson. The President is Missing was good, and while this plot was along the same lines, it wasn’t exactly the same. I zoomed thru this in about two or three days and I just couldn’t put it down at work and would pick it up every time I had a spare few minutes which is always easy to do due to the short chapters.After President Harrison Tucker is found to be having an...
  • Mark Mindel
    Great follow-up to "The President is Missing," (with Bill Clinton). Here, it's the F.L.O.T.U.S. who has been kidnapped, or gone missing, after her husband's affair with a beautiful lobbyist becomes front-page news ("The Ambush in Atlanta"). Told from several points of view: the Secret Service Agent in Charge, Sally; the President, Harrison; his Chief of Staff, Parker; the mistress, Amanda; the First Lady, Grace; and the hired assassin, Marsha (wh...
  • Readerkuna1
    The First Lady goes missing after she finds out that her husband the President is having an affair.The Secret service have to find herHoyt the Chief of staff is not acting right/They search a horse farm and at first don't find anything then a finger comes in the mail.Hoyt wants to FBI to take over the investigation.Grissom the Secret service is determine to find the FIrst ladyShe goes back to the farm.She finds the First lady and then reports to ...
  • Jennifer
    Hmm. It did not feel like the usual James Patterson novels I have read in the past but still, it was quite exciting and fast-paced. I practically read this in one sitting. I was so intrigued I kept flipping the pages instead of stopping as I told myself to do. I am happy I couldn't guess the whole plot and that it cast doubt in my mind. All in all, I enjoyed the book and the fact that it did not make the female characters stupid but presented all...
  • Devyn Thornton
    The First Lady by James Patterson has to have been one of my favorite books I have ever read so far. This book left me at the edge of my seat the entire time and had many twists and turns. This book was very different from anything that I have read before, but I really enjoyed this book and would definitely look into more books like this. Before reading this book, I was a really big fan of James Patterson's books, so I already knew that this book...
  • Alison Clifford
    Another good, fast paced thriller. I love that the lead protagonist is a female Secret Service Agent with a position of responsibility - a refreshing change, especially as the book deals with some of life's issues from a female perspective. The story has an excellent complexity to it so the reader is given lots of options as to exactly who is doing what, but not so complex as to confuse. A great read.
  • Ellen Listens 24/7
    My favorite Patterson writing team book in quite a long time!!!! Only spoiler to me was a narrator who didn’t know the proper pronunciation of some of the most historical landmarks in these United States or proper names of historical figures. Just really got to me under my skin. With the high level of production Patterson farm puts into audio, and usually I complain they are overproduced, the corrrctions should and could have been completed pro...
  • Michael crage
    I really don't know what to say about this book without spoiling some part of it. I will tell you, even though it was not written large print, I finished in one day. So you could say it is what some people call a page turner. I just forgot about anything else I was supposed to do and how much my eyes were hurting and read it. I don't know how anyone could read it and not enjoy it. I especially appreciated the end of the book.
  • Victoria
    Very popcorn but enjoyable for thatI must admit I didn't see the twist coming but apart from that this book was quite predictable. Enjoyable for that though I loved the characters of Grace and Sally how strong and courageous they where almost as much as I despised the sleazy, slimy male characters. Its always a good start when a book makes me feel a lot of emotions and this one definitely did Nothing earth shattering just a nice, comfortable myst...
  • Grace
    A fast-moving thriller that comes to a satisfying conclusion. The authors manage to develop characters that are believable and engaging- with the one exception of the President, who seems unable to see what’s in front of him yet is wildly popular and pitches as a much better option that the ‘crazy’ opponent. I read this because I needed an easy read and it was just that. Something not too taxing but with an intriguing plot
  • Sam D.Turner
    A Very Entertaining ReadOne of the best books I have read by James Patterson. Fast paced with many forks in the path to the end. Each twist in the plot leaves the reader wanting more. Reading this on my Kindle was a pleasure despite the lost sleep as I stayed up flipping pages. Characters are richly developed and believable. I wish there would be a follow up to this story; it certainly leaves the possibilities open for exploration.
  • Adventures with Shelle
    I have never read a James Patterson book before but after reading this book I am hooked! Each chapter is written from a different characters perspective but carries the story on right from where the chapter before it finished. The book had many little twists and turns in the plot and I didn’t have expect the rapid and sudden ending of the story. I enjoyed all the little details and found myself unable to stop reading as I just had to know what ...
  • Tammy
    Wow this was a good one. You meet Tucker the president as he is meeting with his mistress and then gets caught by the media as he leaves. Grissom the head of the secret service detail to the president is brought in when the president says the first lady has disappeared. Who could have taken her or did she disappear on her own? Grissom follows the trial looking for her while keeping it quiet until it all breaks loose and everything gets out of con...
  • Julie
    The First Lady was a quick read. The story was almost over from the beginning as the actions of all the major characters were so defined from the opening pages. I am a follower of Patterson but this was a little disappointing. Not easily believable in terms of what a President and the Secret Service would actually do.
  • John
    Even though it starts with the obligatory James Patterson bedroom scene, this book spends little time in bedrooms. The concept and premise are novel and well handled. The plot is a little uneven, but easy enough to follow. Female protagonist is refreshing and ending could easily lead to a second book.