Better Not Pout by Annabeth Albert

Better Not Pout

One hard-nosed military police officer.One overly enthusiastic elf.One poorly timed snowstorm.Is it a recipe for disaster? Or a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for holiday romance?Teddy MacNally loves Christmas and everything that goes along with it. When he plays an elf for his charity’s events, he never expects to be paired with a Scrooge masquerading as Santa Claus. His new mission: make the holiday-hating soldier believe he was born to say h...

Details Better Not Pout

TitleBetter Not Pout
Release DateNov 12th, 2018
PublisherCarina Press
GenreRomance, M M Romance, Holiday, Christmas, Contemporary

Reviews Better Not Pout

  • Judith
    5 Stars.Get ready to put this on top of your Christmas reading listI'm not even remotely ashamed that I've read a Christmas book in the midst of the hottest summer we've had in the UK in,like forever....I absolutely adored this book,there was nothing I didn't likeWhat do you get if you take one,reluctant grumpy Santa....who's just a bit hot,by the way,And,One bossy,organized Elf with a delicious Twink vibe going on......who's just as hot...Explos...
  • ~✡~Dαni(ela) ♥ ♂♂ love & semi-colons~✡~
    ~4.5~I never thought I'd read a holiday story in August, but I can't resist Annabeth Albert, even when it's 104° F outside. And this story is all kinds of warm and cozy, featuring a grumpy Santa who saves the day, a bossy elf with a heart of gold (and a few naughty tricks up his sleeve), family who means well, snow storms that leave you stranded, giving trees and garlands, sex in a recliner (and many other places!), and a truly heartwarming HEA....
  • Shile
    Loved it! 4.5 cute Christmas starsThis book was love at first chapter. We have a broody, grumpy Santa Sergeant Major Nicholas - Saint Nick and a cute Elf with a heart of gold named Teddy who is all about positive vibes. Mix these two polar opposites, Grumpy Santa and bubbly Elf together and we get one big explosive Christmas romance.Like Teddy, i love Christmas and this book provided the right recipe for a feel good holiday book. Teddy loves Chri...
  • Shin Mon Thway
    I’m the kind of person who can read holiday stories all year round. 😁 That being said, I haven’t had such good luck with holiday novels for a couple years already but now, my spirit of Christmas past curse has been certainly lifted! 😉 What a gloriously feel-good and cozy holiday book this is! 😱 I absolutely loved it! 😍 I was worried about the connection between two MCs being too insta or not emotional enough but I couldn’t have ...
  • Nazanin
    3.5 Santa & Elf StarsI think I’m in the minority here! Not that I think it was bad (because it wasn’t) but something was missing here! For a sweet story, I couldn’t feel their passion, their feelings for each other, their emotions and I felt a bit detached! I didn’t like Nick, yeah he was a grumpy Santa (that I liked) but not the way he thought and for the reasons he rejected Teddy! Actually, I couldn't understand them. But instead, I ado...
  • Heather K (dentist in my spare time)
    I'm basically obsessed with Annabeth Albert, so it is killing me to say anything negative about Better Not Pout. I mean, Annabeth Albert and a Christmas story?! That pretty much sounds like nirvana. But... it wasn't, at least for me. I liked the book, don't get me wrong, but my review will mainly focus on the things that didn't work for me because those are the details that stick in my mind. The two MCs didn't seem all that into each other, to be...
  • Susan
    This was just lovely.I wasn’t too sure after the first few chapters, but somehow it won me over anyway.46 year old Sergeant Major Nick Nowicki has been asked to play Santa in the little town of Mineral Spirits this year by his commanding officer. Her husband always plays Santa, but can’t do it this year because of health problems.Nick is not happy he is now stuck in a Santa suit that’s too small, in a little town where it seems to be always...
  • Cadiva
    Annabeth Albert + a Military MC + a festive setting = complete win!I knew going into this one that I would - more likely than not - end up loving it as it had all the hallmarks of the great formula which has worked so well in Annabeth's Out of Uniform series (and if you've not read that yet, get on it! is magic, a lonely Sergeant Major being pushed into retirement after 28 years service, a younger man ...
  • .Lili.
    Better Not Pout by Annabeth Albert is why I love holiday reads. Feel good + grumpy Santa + loving Elf + Snowstorm + hot chemistry + Annabeth Albert = WINNER. What I loved: -Opposites attract. Nick and Teddy had completely different personalities but complimented each other well. -Dual POVs-Relationship development. Their feelings going from casual to serious felt very natural and genuine. They were perfect for one another in and out of the bedroo...
  • Deborah
    3.5 to 4*It took me awhile to settle into this book and honestly early on it was touch and go for a while. This was mainly due to Nick who does a very good impersonation of the grinch.But I’m getting ahead of myself let me start at the beginning.We have Sergeant Major Nicholas Nowicki who somehow gets roped into playing Santa. Now Nick is counting down. He’s weeks away from retiring from the army after twenty-eight years service. They won’t...
  • Ele
    I said I wouldn't read a Christmas story before December or at least late November. Obviously I didn't stick to that decision because it's October and I can't resist an Annabeth Albert book that promises "opposites attract" and "age gap". And trust me, the story delivered.Νick must be the grumpiest (and most reluctant) Santa there is. After serving the army for almost 30 years, he's pushed into retirement. He's uptight and set in his ways. He ha...
  • Jennifer☠Pher☠
    2★'s = it was ok.I seriously think I read a different book than my friends did.I am a firm believer Christmas should not start until after Thanksgiving, unless you are a craft store of course. But these days it seems it now starts before Halloween. There are even two local radio stations playing nothing but Christmas music here already. But this year, I won’t lie; I am swept up in it. I can’t wait to decorate, make lists and just be jolly. ...
  • Zoe
    Warm, romantic, and festive!Better Not Pout is a sweet, tender, captivating novel that features the kindhearted, fun-loving Teddy, and the grouchy, mature Nick as they discover that the heart wants whom the heart wants, and sometimes opposites really do attract.The writing is heartfelt and comforting. The characters are winsome, dependable, and genuine. And the lighthearted plot is a charming mix of undeniable attraction, sizzling chemistry, Chri...
  • Elsa Bravante
    Hace unos años parecía que tres de cuatro historias eran BDSM, ahora es el turno del age gap. Y la verdad, no soy muy fan. Sin embargo, a pesar de empezar la historia mirándola de reojo por dicha circunstancia, al final me han convencido las buenas vibraciones, los polos opuestos que se atraen, el ambiente navideño y alguna buena escena erótica.Una historia dulce entre un militar a punto de retirarse y sin raíces, y un veinteañero con una ...
  • Rachel Emily
    My first holiday read for the year, and boy was it a good one! Teddy first meets Nick when they have to spend some time together for a Santa and elf holiday photo shoot. To Nick, Teddy is everything that he is not - young, vibrant, full of pep and life. Nick sees himself as someone getting ready to be put out to pasture. he is retiring from the military and doesn't quite know what to do with himself. He plans on moving from NY to Florida to help ...
  • Melissa
    An ARC was provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.It's Christmas!!!!! Well, almost. But this book certainly put me in the holiday spirit. :D For those who have read Annabeth Albert's Out of Uniform Series, Better Not Put is nothing like that. I've not read all of AA's stories so I don't know if it's similar to any of her other work, but I have read the majority of her Uniform series and the type of story this is ...
  • David Alexander
    ~ 5 StarsPart of the reason I don't like reading Christmas books has more to do with the fact that they seem to always be missing something or too short for me to actually fall in love with the MC's. But Annabeth Albert wrote one hell of a great Christmas book. It may be that the story was very well developed and I was able to feel the connection between Nick & Teddy was real and not just superficial. Maybe it was the fact that it was a May/Decem...
  • Ula'ndi Hart
    Overall book rating: 4.5Audio Book: N/A Book Cover: 3.8What a bite of deliciousness!!!Yes this was all things Christmassy Good and I loved every moment of it.I’m not going to say much more than that as there are great reviews already posted about this little beauty. But it’s good. It’s warm and fuzzy and it even made me blink rapidly a few times there. I’m just so happy Nick had to stand in for Santa. And so happy Teddy was his Elf.I love...
  • Catherine
    *** 4.5 Stars ***Annabeth Albert is probably the most consistent author in my roster of favourites and stories like this one are exactly the reason why. Better Not Pout was one of the best holiday stories I have read in a really long time.
  • BWT (Belen)
    Dual POV with a delicious age gap, hot sex, feels, and a very happy ending. It took me a bit to get into it, but once I did, I couldn't turn the pages fast enough.I loved how Nick and Teddy had similar character-forming experiences in their childhood and how it made them able to relate on a deeper level.Terrific holiday read!Advanced Review Galley copy of Better Not Pout provided by publisher via NetGalley in exchange of an honest review.This rev...
  • Ami
    Sergeant Major Nicholas "Nick" Nowicki is counting the days to his retirement, he cannot wait to head down south to Florida, where there's heat and chance for fishing, and escape the cold and snow of the north. That is until he is roped into playing as Santa Clause, in a small town of Mineral Spirits, where he meets joyfully spirit younger elf, with sparkling blue eyes and curly blond hair...Teddy MacNally knows that it's stupid to have a crush w...
  • Caz
    I've given this a B+ at AAR, so that's 4.5 starsI’m one of those people who doesn’t start feeling Christmassy until a couple of weeks beforehand.  I hate the fact that the cards and decorations start appearing in the shops at the end of August; I won’t listen to a Christmas song until well into December if I can avoid it, and it’s not time for It’s a Wonderful Life, Scrooge or The Muppet Christmas Carol until at least the second week o...
  • Amanda
    Is it too early for Christmas story? Never! This is a very sweet and cute holiday theme May/December romance. And the best part: Is a full length novel! We have grumpy bear, veteran, Nick and the bundle of sunshine, Teddy, even his name is cute. Nick is the reluctant Santa for the month at Mineral Spirit and Teddy, the young director of the charity organization vowed to make Nick enjoyed the holiday season. Okay, part of his motivation is to get ...
  • Zuzu
    3.5 starsTeddy is a life-long resident of Mineral Spirits and he runs a charity resource center for local residents. Nick is a soon-to-be retired military policeman who is ready to head south for warmer weather. When Nick's commanding officer's husband falls ill, Nick volunteers to fill in as Santa for the resource center's fundraising campaign. That's when he meets Teddy and starts feeling things he never intended to want for his life.I really l...
  • Dumbledore11214
    This will be short, I really enjoyed couple of stories from "Out of uniform" series by this writer , but this was ultimately boring to me. I appreciated both guys, I liked that they faced very real, everyday issues, but I needed more meat to chew and the narrative just did not deliver.
  • Emily Seelye
    This started off pretty strong, but around the halfway mark I was ready for it to be over. It was too long, and I needed Nick to make up his mind about Teddy. *ARC provided by A Novel Take PR
  • Andrea
    I absolutely adored this one! It was such a perfect Christmas story, complete with a grumpy Santa reluctantly admitting he does have feelings for a cheerful Elf after all. Cynical Sergeant Major Nickolas "Nick" Nowicki is about to retire from the army at 47 when his boss asks him for a simple favor: dress up as Santa and help out at a local community center. He's in no way prepared for the twenty-something Elf who greets hi , who is called "Teddy...
  • Annika
    Audiobook reviewThis was such a heartwarming story even though it was set in the frigging cold, but still - there was such warmth to it. You really felt the Christmas spirit throughout and kept wishing the holidays weren't so far away.It's almost Christmas in this small and snow covered town. As a reluctant favour to his CO, the very serious Sergeant Major Nicholas Nowicki dresses up as Santa for some charity events. There are a few problems with...
  • Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews
    This is the first Christmas book of the season for me, and what a perfect way to start getting in the holiday mood. This story hit all the marks: it was sweet and sappy and sexy at the same time, and made me just want to curl up by the fire and watch the snow outside.I’m a huge Annabeth Albert fan, and I love her hot SEAL men. This book felt like a little detour from the Out of Uniform series that I am used to, but I gobbled it up just the same...
  • Eli Easton
    A lovely Christmas book from Annabeth Albert. It features a retiring Sergeant Major from the military MP who believes he's over the hill and who has a job lined up in Florida, and a young social worker who lives in a small, cold, northern town stuffed full of his relatives. When the military guy, Nick, is roped into playing Santa for the social worker, Teddy's, community fund raiser, Teddy is star struck immediately. It takes Nick longer to warm ...