Goddess in the Machine by Lora Beth Johnson

Goddess in the Machine

When seventeen-year-old Andromeda breaks free from her cryonic chamber, she’s prepared for a bleak reception on humanity's new colony planet. She definitely isn’t expecting to be revived in a desert wasteland by a soldier with a vagabond smile who introduces her to the villagers as their 'Goddess'. Andra has woken a thousand years too late, in a desperate society where technology is considered magic and its practitioners revered as Deities.Zh...

Details Goddess in the Machine

TitleGoddess in the Machine
GenreScience Fiction, Young Adult

Reviews Goddess in the Machine

  • Kelsey Helveston
    THIS BOOK IS AMAZING! I was hooked from page 1. A compelling sci-fi with fantasy prose and two main characters that you will fall in love with--Andra is so relatable and Zhade is a sass machine. AND. IT. HAS. A. BRILLIANTLY. CRAFTED. FUTURISTIC. DIALECT. You read that correctly. I thought I would be lost trying to read a dialect that doesn't exist but I was amazed at how my brain adapted so quickly and how it makes so much sense when you think ab...
  • Jennifer Gruenke
    I can say without a doubt that this is an absolute must read for sci-fi fans and fans of great books in general. I have been personally victimized by this book and I need the next one now. Right now. Gimmie it.
  • Alechia
    This book. Wow. I know that's not articulate, but it really is an extraordinary story. Lora Beth Johnson hooks you from the very beginning and doesn't let you go. She crafts a science fiction, fantastic tale full of detailed, engaging world-building, characters you want to trust and root for, and twists that keep you guessing even at the very end. Andra is all of us, she wakes up confused, out of place, and grasping for the truth at every turn--y...
  • Alex Batty
    This book is dope! A perfect blend of sci-fi and fantasy with characters that feel real. Really excited to get my hands on a beautiful bound copy! Robots, space, goddesses, oh my! What more could you want?!?
  • Edward G Johnson
    The book creates mystery, excitement, makes you laugh and makes you think. I recommend this as a must read.