Stalked (Predators MC #4) by Jamie Begley

Stalked (Predators MC #4)

There are some days it just doesn’t pay to get out of bed. My girlfriend kicked me out. Then, even my dog didn’t want me, so he ran away. My boss fired me when I called to let him know I was going to be late. And to put the cherry on top of the crap sundae, I accidentally doused a woman in water who had more followers than brain cells. As if becoming one of the most hated men in Queen City wasn’t bad enough, some lunatic was stalking the po...

Details Stalked (Predators MC #4)

TitleStalked (Predators MC #4)
Release DateMay 30th, 2018
PublisherYoung Ink Press
GenreRomance, Contemporary Romance

Reviews Stalked (Predators MC #4)

  • Lu Bielefeld **
    It was an okay reading. I was disappointed.I think the style of the author's writing is different from the previous books. I can't point out exactly what it is, but I found it too different. I didn't recognize the author's voice in this work.You can call me crazy, but I felt that.=====Lots of loose ends in history.Who is the stalker?Why was he in bed with another woman? What's the point of this?And will her powers be similar to those of the Porte...
  • Fatimama
    I really wanted to like it but it was just so meh.
  • Sheyla ✎
    I'm not sure what it's going on but I didn't love Stalked.I used to love all of Jamie Begley's books but lately, I'm just not falling in love with her main characters.Stalked is about Zoey and Stump. Zoey moved to Queen City a few years ago. Her childhood wasn't a perfect one. Her mother was absent and her father moved her too many times to count or remember. Presently, she's a life coach and she loves her work. She keeps her past to herself but ...
  • Tpagirl
    Stalked was the fourth book in Jamie Begley’s Predator’s MC series.This was a tough one for me to review. I love an MC read and I love a suspenseful romantic plot. Stalked had all three but I had a tough time connecting.Stump (not my favorite name) was a member of the Predator’s MC. During a horrendous day - where it was raining, his girlfriend broke up with him, his dog got loose and he was fired from his job - he soaked an unsuspecting la...
  • Neringa Neringiukas
    This review may have some spoilers, because I just can't review without mentioning what's bothered me. I tried to be abstract, but not sure if I got it. So, if you don't wanna spoilers stop reading after stars. Just now in all it was pretty good read for me. Stump and Zoey they had their own charm. And it was nice to not only meet Predators again, but The Last Riders and even Porter.☆☆☆☆☆I was confused about Zoey abilities. And if you m...
  •  Rosebud
    Zoey's life has formed her into who and what she is now. A life coach, Zoey believes a cup is half full and there is always a positive, even in the worst case scenario. Prime example is when she's drenched on her way to work by a motorcyclist. Her take is that at least she wasn't hit by the motorcycle. Yes, life has it's ups and downs but focusing on the positive is her mantra. Stump is in a panic (though he'd never admit it) when his dog Hanniba...
  • Karen
    The ending felt flat. The book was a solid four star until I couldn't find another page to turn. Pretty mad at having gone a long with all those childish letters all throughout the book to have them mean "not enough" got a star removal. Very vengeful of me but I'll give you a thank you for sweet cover model....
  • Ash Luna
    Hmmm?!?I absolutely adore Jamie’s book, but this is my least liked book out of all her books it felt rushed and the plot was lacking. Usually her books make me feel a tone of emotion but this one wasn’t like that it just felt like it was missing something. Very disappointed!
  • Raj
    Escape into My Reads Book Blog ➳ RajThe first chapter of Stalked started off with a bang and I was hooked, but my excitement soon dwindled as I continued reading and felt like I had to force myself to finish a Jamie Begley book.So little was known about Stump from the previous Predator books and I was interested to get to know him better, but I came away after I finished reading like I still learnt nothing about his character, his past or his f...
  • Lacey
    Zoey annoyed me through about 85% of the book. I don’t know why but heroines like Zoey and Shade’s Lily bore me and make me want to roll my eyes until they roll out of my head and across the floor. Too “goody-goody”. Too “pure”. Too “kooky” (Predators’ word). Zoey was almost TSTL when it came to her stalker. It’s just hard for me to see Zoey’s appeal to Stump. Why was everyone so maniacally angry in the beginning chapters? S...
  • Anne Sherman
    I'm not sure how to rate this book it didn't feel like a Jamie Begley book. This was to be Stumps story and I still feel like I don't know him. This felt like a rushed book just to put something out there and set up next book. No connection with Stump and Zoey. I really had to force myself to finish. Somethings in the book made no sense and some left unfinished. I have to go with 3 stars, I would have waited longer for a book that we know Jamie c...
  • Judy
    ETA: I changed the rating to two stars when I realized that at "Book Complete" I still didn't know who the stalker was. Did I just tune it out or was the whole thing just so confusing I didn't catch it? Maybe. I just really don't know what to say about this book. It's certainly different than any other book I've read by this author and I've read them all. I'm really stretching it to a 3 star. I guess that's because I'm such a JB fan girl. I could...
  • Phyl
    I liked it. It’s definitely different to her other books. Zoey is different to any other female character Jamie has written. She grew up with a father who mentally abused her and did not have a mother. This has made her grateful for the simple things in life but also guarded against loving anything afraid she would eventually lose them. I’m not a huge fan of the Predator I usually only read their story while I’m waiting for LR, but I did en...
  • Kimberly
    I have never written a review before, but I feel the need today. I have all of Jamie Begley's books. I have enjoyed them all. This being said, Stalked left me scratching my head. It seemed as if she was so busy trying to include so many former characters that she left much of the story between Stump and Zoey on the table. Many chapters were devoted to other characters and had no bearing on their relationship. I would have loved more of Stump help...
  • Juli
    3.5 starsI am not sure how to write this review. I’ve always loved Jamie’s books, but this one didn’t really do it for me.Stump was not my favorite Predator and that is saying something because Ice, Max and Jackal were no princes. He just seemed to be in a perpetual grumpy mood and couldn’t show his emotions for Zoey maturely. I did love how he loved his dog, Hannibal and the way he kept chasing after him. Zoey was kind but I felt she liv...
  • Neringa Neringiukas
    This review may have some spoilers, because I just can't review without mentioning what's bothered me. I tried to be abstract, but not sure if I got it. So, if you don't wanna spoilers stop reading after stars. Just now in all it was pretty good read for me. Stump and Zoey they had their own charm. And it was nice to not only meet Predators again, but The Last Riders and even Porter.☆☆☆☆☆I was confused about Zoey abilities. And if you m...
  • Tana
    Stalked (Predators MC #4) by Jamie BegleyI've read many books belonging to most of Jamie's MC Series, I absolutely love her writing style and the stories from each series. I love the fact that they cross over and you get to catch up with other characters from other books. In saying that I have to say that this book ended up becoming one of my favorite stories. It was one of the books you start to read and you can't put down till you reach the ver...
  • Angie
    Storyline was kind of all over the place. Stump was sappy and easily manipulated. Loved Zoey's back story though. Very emotional. And I always love a Shade cameo.
  • RCK
    Agree with the Hero the heroine is a kook. No resolution to who the stalker.. book ends at 85ish%
  • Gina Grabosky-Hollingsworth
    This was a rough one for me. Took me 4 days to finish it.
  • Brandi
    Definitely not my favorite book in the Predators series. (Seems like no one will be able to top Ice & Grace's story, Riot.)Overall, the book left me with a "meh" kind of feeling. I liked certain parts of it but it wasn't unputdownable or exciting... it was sort of forgettable.*****COULD BE SLIGHTLY SPOILER-ISH*****One of the major problems for me... There was no sizzle factor. Plain & simple, Stump & Zoey lacked chemistry. I liked them as friends...
  • Carmen Baldwin
    I loved it!The first thing I have to do is thank Jamie for not making us wait and count down the days, what a great surprise! This Predators book was great I loved Zoey (the kook) she had a past that frankly would put me in a deep depression but she was so strong with her own way to deal with her past and she helped people as well, now Stump was a a$$ at first in dealing with Zoey especially when she had his dog Hannibal, but he changed my mind a...
  • Linda
    This is Book 4 in the Predator’s MC series. Well! She did it again. Another fantastic book in the Predators series. Stump and Zoey are such a mismatched couple that you wonder how she’s going to get them together. In the end, she has pulled two complete opposites together and made you ask yourself, why didn’t I see that? It was good to see all the Last Riders crew. Now we have to wait for Ginnie’s story. This is another great Jamie Begley...
  • AlligatorSmith loves to read
    So, I haven't marked any book as one I've read since Dec 4th. Wow! I've read a lot of books since then but just haven't marked them. I have a lot of work to do!!Kind of hokey in places but an okay read. I like kooky female characters sometimes but not when they are so excruciatingly naive. Not my favorite Begley books, that's for sure. It's over a three but not all the way to a four for me.
  • Deb B
    I am a HUGE fan of Jamie Begley's Predators, Last Riders, VIP Room, Biker Bitches & Porter Brothers. Many of these books have hit my reading list five or six times. No way was I expecting Stump's book next and no way did I expect such an absolutely funny read. I had really been looking forward to Rider & Jo's story and although I loved it, it just didn't quite have that same feel to it that I got from all the other books. This book though, really...
  • Kim Brewing
    3.5 starsIf not for the epilogue and the scene with Greer and the Riders at the restaurant, this would have been a 3 star read. There is a big difference between alpha and alpha-hole....and Stump stays in the second category most of this story for me. It's definitely an opposites attract and a bit of a comedy too. Overall I liked it, but I definitely didn't love it.
  • Shishko
    2.5 stars
  • Marie Vayer
    I have been a big fan of JB series The Last Riders and the Predators MC, her books went from 5 stars with amazing characters to this one which was ehhh. Her characters are becoming wimps and afraid of their wifes - what happened to the predators in book 1? Its almost like someone else wrote this book and Jamie put her name on it. Very disappointed and I may not continue to series.. Portions were left hanging, why all the "letters" to her mom that...
  • Incy Black
    Have read all titles across Begley's series, her stories are compelling--but unfortunately not this one. Stalked didn't feel like a Begley, the characters lacked blood, the prose punch. I'm holding out for the next one being waaay better. The upside being, yes, I will be reading more of Begley's work in the future.
  • Kayread
    H was rude to her. ow after meeting h. Led h to believe he was with ow after spending weeks with her. She admitted her feelings and he did as well. I would have said no because if you loved me you wouldn’t have slept with Crush. She never was told that the morning she caught them in bed it was a set up. I didn't get the unsolved stalker thing. Obviously Ginny will get a book.