Hotel Sacher by Rodica Doehnert

Hotel Sacher

One woman takes hold of her legacy in an epic tale of Viennese romance, deception, and danger. Vienna, 1892. Against all odds, at the height of Belle Époque splendor, Anna Sacher has taken possession of her late husband’s hotel, across the street from the famous opera house. At a time when controlling such a business was an opportunity afforded only to men, Anna is as vigilant as she is relentless. Now, under her ownership, the Hotel Sacher t...

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TitleHotel Sacher
Release DateSep 1st, 2018
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Fiction

Reviews Hotel Sacher

  • The Just-About-Cocky Ms M
    Here are my credentials: I have read the entire book, not the blurb; I have been to Vienna and spent several weeks there, drinking rich coffee and eating Sachertorte; I have actually made Sachertorte using the real ingredients--it takes pretty much all day and generates muttered curses, but worth the effort; and I'm a historian and understand not only the political history of the Belle Epoque in the Austro-Hungarian world but also its social, eco...
  • Susan Rosoff
    Perhaps one shouldn't be disappointed in a free book, but I expected, as reviewed, that the book would be more about Anna Sacher and her management of the hotel. It was more about those in her circle, and their lives. The writing style was jerky, and the transitions poor. Overall, this was not a book I appreciated.
  • Kelly Garcia
    Hmmm. I could not enjoy this book.I couldn't finish this book. I really WANTED to love this book based on its blurb. But I knew from the first few pages that this was going to be a drag. And I love reading. So FYI, after days and days of trying to get myself interested in this book, I Gave up at 45% and proceeded to write this review.I enjoy good lengthy storyline with extensive discription, engaging dialogue, and well established charters and re...
  • Simon
    A series of interesting, well-conceived and executed characters (with the minor exception of Marie; I just didn't believe the child would have become the woman she did) operating against a vivid, fascinating background. Read it in one sitting, which means I was completely engrossed. Doehnert's greatest achievement is not fin de siecle Vienna as the setting, although she manages to make a convincing job of depicting it. It is the enormous sense of...
  • Ellen
    Engaging storyI found the characters to be well developed and enjoyed seeing them evolve over time .The history of Austria during that period was interesting to learn.
  • Ray Akerboom
    Aardig boek, maar wel veel gemiste kansen. Veel flat characters. Je verwacht bovendien dat het over het Hotel Sacher gaat, het dagelijkse leven, de ontwikkelingen, problemen, overwinningen etc. Maar eigenlijk gaat het boek over mensen die in een bepaalde periode in Midden-Europa woonden. ook niet onaardig, maar de titel doet toch anders vermoeden. Hier en daar springt het verhaal met grote sprongen voorwaarts, daar waar nu juist veel ruimte zit v...
  • Emily
    While this book had promise, I cannot recommend it. Perhaps due to format (I read the Kindle version), it seemed to jump around from one character's story to another character's story within the span of a paragraph or two. The author had a cast of many characters, and with that, none of them ever really got fleshed out. You got bits and pieces of everyone's story, but never a enough story to explain what the author had designed in her head. In th...
  • Lola
    Insgesamt unterhaltend, aber leider war mir die Geschichte an vielen Stellen zu wenig ausgearbeitet, sodass z.B. Handlungsstränge ziemlich plötzlich abgerissen sind.
  • Irene Herman
    I selected this novel because I planned a vacation to Vienna. The title intrigued me because I have heard of the sachet torte. I thought t.. Love and Death are always hanging around the characters. When I'm in Vienna. I will certainty visit the Hotel Sachet and have myself a slice of sachet torte. Story takes place in the late 1800s to the end of world war I to 1916. This novel talks about the end of royalty with the turn of the century and chang...
  • Tracey
    Normally I don’t like books that bounce around between the various characters but the flow of this book was wonderful. It’s smartly written and should be required reading for high schoolers. Maybe they would finally understand that war didn’t solve anything.
  • Christina Merrill
    Picked this as my Kindle First because theoretically, this should have hit all my buttons - historical setting, multiple characters, strong female protagonist. What I expected was an engaging historical novel that captured the atmosphere of turn-of-the-century Vienna. What I got was a rushed, disjointed narrative with characters that felt like puppets. I have to wonder if elements of this story were lost in translation because I didn't understand...
  • Lily Pink
    Oh dear, a decent enough idea but clunky sentence construction and a strange lack of detail,maybe it was the translation. I know Vienna, the Hotel Sacher and am aware of Austria’s turbulent history and this novel did not convince on any level.I kept hoping for better but nothing came.
  • Jean Browne
    In all fairness, this was just an ok book for me.I expected so much more of this Amazon Prime free book; with the main setting of beautiful Vienna in the 1990’s, and the beautiful Hotel Sachre, I just dove in expecting to be reading a warm and cozy book. NOT. Although it was listed as historical fiction, I found the writing to be jerky. I never felt invested in the characters. A bit of a disappointment .
  • Edris Segree
    Waste of timeI signed up for Amazon First Read and was disappointed with this book. Will be unsubscribing. Pages were missing making it difficult to follow story line. Half of the time I didn't know what happened or how/why the next event occurred. This may be a good read but I will never know.
  • Marlene Kessler
    Nicht beendet. Die Personen waren irgendwie eindimensional und eine wirklich Geschichte war nicht so sehr klar. Die Historie war nicht schlecht beschrieben. Hat mich aber nicht überzeugt.
  • Dagmar Garciová
    Historické romány zbožňuji a po fantasy literatuře zaujímají čestné druhé místo. Líbilo se mi, že kniha mapovala delší období a že vyprávěla více příběhů a ne jen jeden. Na city mi pěkně zanotoval příběh o Marii, holčičce, která vyrůstala od osmi let skryta před všemi zraky a která byla velkou obdivovatelkou císařovny Sisi. Kniha je strukturovaná do třech oddílů s názvy Smrt, Život a Láska.Více zde: h...
  • D. Starr
    Semi-historical ... But with Metaphorical FiguresThat Love and Death are presented throughout the story as sentient beings was distracting to me. In fact I found it annoying at times. The writing style reminds me of Mary Roberts Rinehart, who wrote many of her novels pre-WWI. By this, I mean that the "voice" I hear as I read is smooth, soft, rather grandmothery, and tends to make me sleepy. This is unfortunate since the story has potential.We fol...
  • Linda
    I am a fan of historical fiction so it is not a surprise that I enjoyed this book. If you enjoy historical fiction involving the aristocracy, I dare say you may enjoy this one too. Interestingly, the vast majority of the human characters in this book are fictional characters. The central historical character is the hotel itself, with the family who owned it at the time and especially Anna Sacher secondary. Two other characters that I enjoyed quit...
  • Floortje
    Wat kan ik intens genieten van een roman vol historische feiten, dat gegoten is in een fictief romantisch verhaal. Vanaf de eerste bladzijde ben ik in 1892, loop ik door het prachtige hotel en ontmoet ik allerlei belangrijke mensen. Voor mij is dit de ultieme manier om meer over een bepaalde periode te weten te komen. Het verhaal is bovendien boeiend geschreven, je gaat van de ene verhaallijn naar de andere, wat maakt dat het interessant en fris ...
  • Tess Ailshire
    I found this book a series of compelling character studies, wonderfully juxtaposed to provide a timeline and a glimpse into most levels of pre-war life. Except Death and Love. I suspect the author intended great depth be added, but the novel would have been equally powerful if those paragraphs had been omitted. I was particularly intrigued by the interplay between Georg von Traunstein and Vincente Zaccharias. Two men, with lifelong interactions, ...
  • Jan
    One woman takes hold of her legacy in an epic tale of Viennese romance, deception, and danger.Vienna, 1892. Against all odds, at the height of Belle Époque splendor, Anna Sacher has taken possession of her late husband’s hotel, across the street from the famous opera house. At a time when controlling such a business was an opportunity afforded only to men, Anna is as vigilant as she is relentless. Now, under her ownership, the Hotel Sacher thr...
  • Lauren
    Quick historical novelThis was a very quick read. Set primarily in Austria-Hungary during the turbulent era that closes out the 19th Century and kicks off the 20th, the novel centers around the proprietress, staff and prominent guests of the Hotel Sacher, a real hotel that was the height of Viennese luxury during this heyday of the empire.One of the most interesting facets of the novel is how it looks at women and the various roles and opportunit...
  • Jane Willis
    This was a book that I wanted to love and couldn't, something that very often happens to me when real life characters such as Anna Sacher and her family find their way into works of fiction. The story moves rather like a waltz - sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly, which can be both intriguing and frustrating. There were spur of the moment decisions that seemed to me to be too important to be made so rashly, and questions that were left unanswere...
  • S Alise
    I liked it! Couldn't put the book down once I got into it. Typically I read crime stories and covert ops novels. This was a move into a different genre for me, and I found it fascinating. I've visited Berlin, and Vienna (Wien), and Prague, so this all caught my attention. The years the book was set in, late 1880's to early 1920's, are not typically found in novels. So much innovation happened in this time period, and the book brings it out, subtl...
  • Aubree
    I read this because it was a free book from Amazon and I ended up really liking it a lot. The way the story was told was so unique and beautiful and drew me in. It gives glimpses into the lives of the characters and dances around the plot in a teasing way. I’m not sure that I even knew what the main plot of the story was until the very end, but that wasn’t a bad thing. The descriptions were rich and the characters very likable. I haven’t be...
  • Susan Nishikawa
    Great book! Labeled it to read again!I loved this book! The description of the book is only a slice of what this book is about. Much of the story revolves around the guests and staff of Hotel Sacher. I especially liked the involvement of Love and Death in the book. It was one of those books that I wanted to savor, but ended up finishing it within a couple of days. I will likely read it again some day. I received my copy of this book free from Ama...
  • Marloes Dijkstra
    Het had een mooi boek kunnen zijn over de periode tussen de moord op Sisi en de moord op Franz Ferdinand (waarna de eerste wereldoorlog uitbrak). Na de dood van haar man besluit Anna Sacher om zelf het hotel te runnen in een tijd waarin je dat als vrouw niet deed. Zo leert ze twee echtparen kennen van wie in haar hotel de verhaallijnen soms samenkomen. Hun vrouwenrollen zijn ook sterk maar dat is ook eigenlijk de enige kracht van het boek. Er zij...
  • Dee
    Great NovelAfter reading several reviews of this book, I almost passed on buying and reading it. This is a wonderful book, rich in history, characters and life. The author does a beautiful job presenting the real life characters and weaving a story around their lives. Set in the late 1800's thru the early 1900's you are introduced to the people who lived at the start of WW1 and how it drastically changed their lives. You will not only meet two in...
  • David L Kight
    Love and Death, what would one be without the other?The rhythm is staccato, jumping across time, characters, decisions and personalities. Love and Death are made real and walk among us, it is difficult to understand them, which is appropriate since they do not understand each other. The backdrop is the war to end all wars, and every final decision just lays the foundation for the next dilemma. Truth is; genealogy is not always clear, and forever ...