The Stillwater Girls by Minka Kent

The Stillwater Girls

Two sisters raised in fear are about to find out why in a chilling novel of psychological suspense from the author of The Thinnest Air.Ignorant of civilization and cautioned against its evils, nineteen-year-old Wren and her two sisters, Sage and Evie, were raised in off-the-grid isolation in a primitive cabin in upstate New York. When the youngest grows gravely ill, their mother leaves with the child to get help from a nearby town. And they never...

Details The Stillwater Girls

TitleThe Stillwater Girls
Release DateApr 9th, 2019
PublisherThomas & Mercer
GenreMystery, Thriller, Fiction, Mystery Thriller, Suspense

Reviews The Stillwater Girls

  • Felicia
    I'm sitting here trying to decide how to start this review and all I can think of is "why"? Everything was going fine. I was actually loving this book, the mystery had me rapt, I had to know what was going on. It was killing me! You know those kind of stories, right? Completely and utterly absorbed in this book. And then I turned to page 203.......the final reveal was so far beyond absurd my eyes rolled completely into the back of my head leaving...
  • Debra
    Raised in isolation, taught to fear the outside world, two teen sisters, Wren and Sage are left alone in their family cabin in upstate New York after their mother leaves seeking medical attention for their younger sister, Evie. Months pass while hope ebbs away, food diminishes, livestock dies, and fall is turning into winter. Then someone knocks on their door.Nicolette wants to be a foster mother. She and her husband cannot have children. Her hus...
  • Kaceey
    3.5*Two seemingly different, and I mean extremely different stories running side by side. Youll ask yourself, how on earth can these stories be related? How are they possibly going to merge? Theres just no way.... but hold on!Nicolette, married to a world class photographer feels her world is crashing down around her. Shes losing the thinnest of threads that are barely holding her marriage together. Unable to have children, shes desperate to fost...
  • Lisa
    My thanks to Thomas & Mercer, and Netgalley.I had.decided.not to request this book for review from Netgalley because it seemed a bit overhyped. I really wish I'd stick with my gut instinct! This story was so disjointed and all over the place. The twist? Damn it, woman! I should know better by now. If someone says to watch out for that twist then I should be able to find said reviewer and give them a swift knock upside their noggin! If there's a t...
  • Brenda -Traveling Sister
    3.5 StarsTwo sisters alone, kept off-the-grid, hidden secrets, a women on the search to find the secrets her husband is keepingThe Sitllwater girls captured my heart and I was hooked right from the start and wanted to know about them. I was rooting for them, confused by their circumstance and wondering how they came to where there are. The suspense increases as the story goes on and I was questioning how the two storylines are connected here. Thi...
  • Susanne Strong
    3.5 stars (rounded down)An Enjoyable Mystery with an Unrealistic Ending.Wren, 19 and Sage, 18, are sisters, living somewhere off the grid in the woods of New York. Their Mama and their younger sister, Evie, 9, left them months ago - as Evie was sick and needed medical attention. Fending for themselves, foraging for food, Wren doesnt know how much longer theyll survive, when a man breaks into their cabin - though he doesnt hurt them, both sisters ...
  • Katie B
    I went into this with fairly low expectations because I haven't read anything by the author before and given the synopsis I thought there was potential for the story to easily veer into hot mess territory. However, I was pleasantly surprised that this turned out to be a pretty entertaining read. This is not some literary masterpiece (not trying to be snarky, the vast majority of books do not fall into the masterpiece category) but in terms of hol...
  • marilyn
    Nineteen year old Wren and her sisters Sage and Evie, have been raised by their mother in a cabin in the woods, never meeting another person, and being warned by their mother of the evils and devastation of the former civilization outside of their little world surrounding their cabin. They've been warned never to venture away from their plot of land and that saying at the cabin is the only way to stay safe. But then one day their mother must leav...
  • Kendall
    I have been an absolute huge fan of Minka Kent since I turned that last page of The Memory Watcher. I remember thinking.... have I been living under a rock this entire time not knowing anything about this author named Minka?! I absolutely loved Minka's first two books The Memory Watcher and The Perfect Roommate. The third book I was disappointed and was hoping that I would fall back in love with her books upon reading The Stillwater Girls. Unfort...
  • Julie (JuJu)
    Short Summary:An emotional roller coaster ride!My thoughts:This was a not-so-typical suspense. Filled with characters that were so vividly described, I found myself emotionally attached as I was pulled into their heart-wrenching journey. It was a mix of suspense and just the right amount of heartbreak.This is my first book by Minka Kent, but I have another waiting in my TBR. Her writing style is so captivating. I loved every minute of this book. ...
  • Mackenzie - PhDiva Books
    Two stories intertwine in a shocking way! First, two girls raised in isolation off the grid find themselves forced to leave the hold home theyve ever known when a stranger comes to call. Miles away a woman with everything life has to offer questions her marriage, feeling disconnected from her husband and certain he is keeping a secret. With twists, turns, and a fascinating conclusion, I found myself completely engrossed!I always make sure to put ...
  • Selena
    I received a free e-copy of The Stillwater Girls by Minka Kent from NetGalley for my honest review.This is the first book I have read by Minka Kent. I give it a 3.5 star rating only because I didn't care for the end. I was very excited to read this because I had so many people talking to me about how good it was. As soon as I opened The Stillwater Girls I was addicted, just like with all of Minka Kents books. I found myself wanting to know more w...
  • Tammie
    The Stillwater Girls, a mystery thriller book, was a solid 3 stars. The story centers around sisters Wren and Sage. They live in a remote cabin with very little knowledge of the outside world. Problems arise when their mother and younger sister (Evie) leave for the hospital after Evie becomes seriously ill-they never return. When the girls situation becomes dire, they bravely set out to find help, landing on Nicolettes doorstop. As their story ge...
  • Mackey
    The Stillwater Girls, my first book by Minka Kent, is a solid 3 star: a good read, interesting, but quite flawed. Stillwater is a forest in upstate New York in which two girls, Sage and Wren, have lived with their mother and younger sister, Evie, for their entire lives. They, quite literally, have had no contact with civilization. There are no cell phones, radios, televisions, internet - nothing. They never have seen another human being outside o...
  • ♥ Sandi ❣
    3.25 stars Thank you to NetGalley and Thomas & Mercer for allowing me to read and review this ARC. Publishes April 9, 2019.Minka Kent is a new author for me. I find her to be easy reading, expansive and imaginative. She writes with the expressiveness of an old soul. One who has seen way more than would be normal. I believe she captured the pure essence of her characters and set them on the best path for telling this story. The novel starts out in...
  • Bill Kupersmith
    A most engaging and suspenseful read till we reach the final chapters, when we uncover a back story that is so totally preposterous, unethical and unbelievable Im embarrassed to have to admit I read the book. But even stranger than the ludicrous plot was having a character who had always lived in a cabin in the woods and never seen a flush toilet or a toaster, sit down and read Gone Girl. Id love to read her review. A most engaging and suspense...
  • Bex (Beckie Bookworm)
    This was a gripping and engrossing read that captured my attention almost instantly.I really liked the two separate narratives almost like separate stories, originally seeming poles apart but connected and eventually merging into one shared conclusion.I liked the back and forth style of narration adding tidbits and clues, drip-feeding the reader and creating a sense of mystery and intrigue.So you have Wren and Sage living off-grid isolated with t...
  • Mary Carrasco
    This was a really great story about Wren, Sage and Evie. Sisters who were kept isolated from the world by their mother. Until one day when their mother leaves with Evie and never comes back. Again, a great story with an unfortunate, meh kind of ending. I just felt like everything fell in to place way too perfectly. I think with a few tweaks to the end this could have been a five star because most of it was well written. 3.5 stars rounded up.
  • Amy
    3.5/5This blurb is weird, its accurate and all but it leaves out something pretty big and I really dont understand why?! So many times I feel like blurbs actually spoil things and Ive even cut parts of them out for my reviews, but this time Im just scratching my head wondering why. What they left out that I think is important for you to know is that besides the story of the sisters there is another main character that you hear from in alternating...
  • Elle's Book Blog
    Release Date: April 9, 2019 Genre: Domestic Drama Actual Rating: 4 starsThe Stillwater Girls was an unexpected surprise for me. I went into this book thinking it would be a psychological thriller but found that it's actually not. Instead, this is a domestic drama about a woman who desperately wants children only to find two mysteriously appear on her doorstep. Unfortunately, with these girls comes shocking revelations and deep seated secrets t...
  • Dennis
    I've never read anything by Minka Kent, but everyone is always telling me, "Dennis, you need to pick up something by Minka Kent! She's always writing the most twisted mysteries and you'll love them!" The Stillwater Girls is my first read by the author, and for the most part, I enjoyed this story. I would've rated this book higher, but there's a major twist that changes the entire narrative, and it just didn't work for me. I found it to be a lit...
  • Chelsey
    3.5 rounded down. I love Minka Kent - love her writing, her story telling, the way she makes me forget Im reading fiction, and the way I literally cant put her books down. I also loved this book.... until 80% in. And while I still cried and enjoyed it overall, the twists in the last quarter of the novel were just too much for me. I still recommend this book and I will absolutely pick up the next Kent book the second its available, but this one ju...
  • Jo
    This was a great, short read. I devoured it in one sitting. Lots of happy coincidences, but I was willing to overlook those because I cared for the characters. I dare you not to fall in love with Wren.
  • Lou
    Bestselling author Minka Kent returns with a story based around an unconventional off-the-grid family living in the beautiful seclusion of a hunting cabin in what can only be described as a clandestine compound where they appear to be living under some extent of brainwashing. I couldn't help but get hints of cult influence throughout which led to a chilling and oppressive claustrophobia and a sense of total unpredictability in terms of the way th...
  • Kim
    In an isolated cabin in the woods, teenage girls Wren and Sage await the return of their mother. They have never lived anywhere else and know nothing of the outside world. But their younger sister Evie was taken ill and their mother decided she had to take her to town to seek medical advice - but that was 63 days ago and their mother has still not returned. Food is running low and Wren does not know what to do. Then a decision is forced on them w...
  • Rachel
    4 StarsThis 4 Star book crossed several genres; it could qualify as a psychological thriller, suspense, family drama and/or a love story. At just short of 250 pages, was a quick read. In fact, I couldn't put it down and ended up reading it in just one day. SUMMARYThis story is told by two narrators, living vastly different lives. Narrator one, Wren, lives way off the grid in Upstate New York with her mother and sisters, Evie and Sage. They live s...
  • Myla
    4.5 Stars"We're not going to die. Not here. Not like this."Wren and Sage were left to fend for themselves in a secluded cabin when their mom left them together with their youngest sister Evie. They haven't returned and the food supplies are getting low. Wren is worried when it's all really gone. Will she be brave enough to go to the outside world? "All I know is I have to try... because I'm losing him."Nicolette is desperate to have a child. And ...
  • Talon
    "I don't need comfort. I only need to survive."WOAH! I really, really, really enjoyed this book. I didn't expect to like it that much either. With multiple POV's and something constantly going on and happening, I had a really hard time putting The Stillwater Girls down. If any one is looking for a quick read, mystery/thriller type book, this one is definitely for you! I think what I liked about this was how outside of the box the plot-line was. ...
  • Lindsay
    3.5 stars
  • Jacqueline (We Be Book'N)
    Wow. Wow. Wow. This is my first book by Minka Kent and I'm fully blown away! If all her books are like this, she may be my new favorite author! I read this book in one day and was totally shocked at the ending. The story was so interesting, especially with how many questions I had about where the girls came from, how the two storyline were going to connect, etc. Fantastic job! 5 stars!I was able to read this ARC, thanks to Net Galley, but this is...