Mating Season (Morgan Clan Bears, #1) by Theresa Hissong

Mating Season (Morgan Clan Bears, #1)

Drake Morgan has kept his family secret from the humans for eternity, having no desire to put their existence out into the open like the other shifterkind. He lives a solitary life with his two brothers hidden on his farm deep in the backwoods of Northern Mississippi. Every spring, their bears call to prepare their home for the arrival of a mating season. The search for their mates begins, and Drake has to rethink his disgust of humans when one o...

Details Mating Season (Morgan Clan Bears, #1)

TitleMating Season (Morgan Clan Bears, #1)
Release DateAug 28th, 2018
GenreFantasy, Paranormal, Romance, Shapeshifters, Paranormal Romance

Reviews Mating Season (Morgan Clan Bears, #1)

  • Jerecho
    If you read TH series about panther shifters probably you will know it's a tweak of that, the only difference it's a grizzly bear. Also, there are only three in the clan whereas panthers has a pride of 50 or more.This one is a love story that involves the ex-husband as the protagonist. The highlight for me is the cooperation between the shaw pride and the Morgan clan. No matter how you detest others as the saying goes "no one is an island". You m...
  • C Exley Books (Cassandra)
    If you have read Theresa's series Rise of the Pride you have already met Drake Morgan. This is another awesome read from her. I have been dying to read Drake's book from the minute I first meet him in the Rise of the Pride Series.Tessa is thankful that she was able to find two places to work at in her new town after having to escape her crazy ex-husband, even it if means she only gets one day a week off to do things for herself.Drake is growing i...
  • Melinda Workman
    This first book in the Morgan Clan Bears was so good. I enjoyed the new characters (Drake and his two brothers) and also seeing some old familiar faces (Harold and the panther guardians). It had some BDSM elements but just enough to make it spicy and sexy. I especially like when the reader gets to see more than a snapshot in time. The ending was fabulous and I can't wait to read the next book in the series!
  • Sonia
    First in series. Sexy bear shifter who does not trust humans meets his mate who is human. Love that Rise of the Pride members show up in this series. This book is well written,funny,sexy moments with a few surprises thrown in.
  • Jeraca
    I received this eARC novel from Red Coat Publishing. This is my honest review.Tessa is thankful that she was able to find two places to work at in her new town after having to escape her crazy ex-husband, even it if means she only gets one day a week off to do things for herself. Some days make it seem rough and hard, but nothing will compare to her life before when she was scared and bossed around. Drake is growing impatient finding his mate for...
  • Kristi Metcalf
    If you have read Theresa Hissong’s series Talon Pack you have met Drake Morgan. He is a grouchy bear shifter that sticks to his land, loves his brothers which are his Clan, and hates humans.Tessa Ward is new to the area, on the run from her abusive ex husband and not in anyway looking for a man, which is good since what she finds is a shifter. LOLI do love a broody, bearded man and that is exactly what Drake is. Yes his bear is after him to fin...
  • Roxanne Davies
    So this book is about a bear shifter called Drake who is big, strong, protective, possessive and above all loyal.  Then we have Tessa who has been through hell with her ex husband and is trying to live a normal as can be life as possible, that is until she meets Drake.I had really high hopes for this book when I started to read it. I'm a sucker for any paranormal/shifter story. But sadly overall I thought this book was ok and not amazing in comp...
  • Lara
    A good shifter romance, but not anything really unique or exceptional. So, 3 solid stars.A spin-off of Hissong's Rise of the Pride series, so you see some cameos from the panthers. I believe Drake was introduced in that series, too, though I haven't gotten that far in those stories myself. Rather liked seeing Drake come around to the idea of humans. Rather a grumbly bear otherwise. Interested to see how his brothers come across their mates.Altern...
  • Kathy Wideman
    I have been impatiently waiting for this book. It didn’t disappoint. This is a spin off series of the Rise of Pride Series. Drake Morgan and his brothers get their home and land ready for a mating season every spring. He doesn’t think this season will be any different from the previous seasons until one little female comes onto their land to deliver a part. Tessa is working two jobs and trying to stay under the radar. She has come to their li...
  • Laura
    *CONTAINS SPOILERS* WOW! A GREAT first book to a new paranormal series!! I LOVED IT!!I fell in love with Rise of the Pride Series and was SO excited to know that Theresa was coming out with another paranormal series and once again, she did not disappoint my excitement! Drake Morgan is a hard working man but he's grumpy, unsociable, dislikes humans and keeps to himself and his 2 brothers maintaining his land and crops. The last thing Drake ever ex...
  • Darsie
    For me, in this genre, this book is lower end of average. There were brief descriptive passages that elevated the narrative, such as when Tessa touched Drake's bear for the first time. But mostly, the story was clusters of clichés and repetitions. I think I was disengaged because of the emphasis on dominant/submissive behavior as Tessa and Drake became a couple... more than in some of the other books I have read of this kind. This was not indica...
  • Meiwilli
    Just not feeling it. Mating Season is sorely in need of structure and some form of hierarchy that makes sense.The synopsis piqued my interest and I hoped this would be an enjoyable read. However, the poorly defined characters, DOA plot, repetitive, flat dialogue along with the lack of chemistry between the one dimensional characters Drake and Jess, dashed my hopes of that after the first two chapters. Drake, Rex and Gunner aren’t interesting en...
  • MJ
    DNFBlah. The H is a jackass who hates everything and everyone and grumps, grouches and growls all over the place. Not one of those redeeming ones either, just an ass. And then to top it off, he HATES humans and even though he feels the mating pull to the h... he's decided he won't touch her and risk activating the mating cause she's a human and he hates humans, did he mention he hates humans and is willing to pass up a chance of a mate if she hap...
  • Linda
    This is Book 1 in the Morgan Clan Bears and it was fantastic. I love her Pride series, but I think Drake and his brothers are going to my new favorite guys. Drake hates humans because they killed his parents. Will he come to realize that all humans aren’t bad? The bears haven’t come out to the public yet, so the family stays away from town. Now he meets Tessa. She’s been running from her ex-husband when she gets to Drake’s town. She likes...
  • Amy Ariyoshi
    Had potential but feel a little short Loved these characters from her prior books and was really looking forward to reading this book.My biggest problem with this is that it didn’t seem like a final version and instead a unedited draft in many spots. For example, at one part Drake tells Tessa that she can’t work at the diner, that she will work for him and she doesn’t object but the next day he is taking her to work at the diner. There were...
  • Sherry Koch
    Theresa Hissong has left the pride for a short excursion to a bunch of grumpy bears and I loved it! The bears made an appearance in the previous pride books, but now the reader gets to know them better and how they tick. Drake Morgan and his two brothers generally like to keep to themselves, even though that makes finding a mate fairly difficult. Rex and Gunner, his younger brothers go out more than Drake in the hope of finding a mate. Drake defi...
  • Mrs J
    Brilliant bookTessa has been on the run from her abusive husband for the last years she moved to this small town hoping her ex couldn’t track her. Drake is a bear shifter him and his two brothers keep to themselves town folk don’t know what they are and they want it stay like that. Drake hates humans however fate has it that his mate is the human Tessa. The two come together and sparks fly as Drakes bear claims her as his when Drake touched h...
  • Katy_ Rose
    I have accidentally read out of order, but they are still great books so no harm/ no foul. Drake Morgan is a rough and growly bearded bear shifter. He hates humans and isn't keen on any beings other than his Clan mates. When Tessa Ward moves to town she blows his assumptions all out of the water. I really loved how Theresa has tied in her panther shifter books with this one. It all flows and makes for a great world building design. The Morgan Cla...
  • Whispers From
    Shifters Tessa moves to a little town in Mississippi where she works two jobs. She is on the run from her ex husband and keeps to herself. Drake is a bear shifter and lives with his two brothers on some land that they grow crops on. Drake doesn’t like humans and when Tessa shows up to make a delivery, he stays far away from her. When he accidentally touches Tessa, he knows she his destined mate. As Drake explains to Tessa about his shifter worl...
  • Tanja Williams Hancock
    Paranormal Bear Shifter RomanceI very rarely read paranormal books, but thought I’d give this author a try since her previous series received great reviews. This book focuses more on the relationships vs the shifter aspect, making for a good story. The characters in human & animal form are well developed, with back stories and current details. The premises that bears mate once and for life is repeated over and over, but each time it fits within...
  • Mel
    It was good, but the whole 'ex' thing came off as drama for drama's sake. (view spoiler)[Yes, DV is bs and Tess may not have made a report at the start, but her mother knew and could have. And her 'I fell' wouldn't have flied in a decent hospital given the extent of her injuries so surely THEY would have had to report something. If it was just Tess running in silence I would have (possibly) accepted it more readily, but it was just very big stret...
  • Kimberly
    His FateFascinating from the start. The one thing I like about paranormal authors is that each have their own take on the way of life and Theresa's is really interesting. The story ignites the imagination, grizzly shifters that dont necessarily have an Alpha, small family clans, but all seek mates. I really like the dynamics of this shifter town and those that live with and accept them.
  • Marcia Davis
    This was one of the better shifter stories ever told. Shifter saved by human & human saved by shifter. I’ve never know bears to be so caring & honoring of their female nor that another’s male touch could burn. Which I don’t particularly care for as I feel once you are part of the family are accepted by all. So does that mean that the uncles will not be allowed to pick up their niece? May have to read more to find out.
  • Sydney M Neblett
    Love really conquers all! (even a difference in species)I loved this! Drake and Tessa are the perfect couple. He needs to learn not all humans are bad and she needs to know that not all men are nasty pieces of work like her stalking ex-husband. Throw in 2 bear brothers, the neighboring pride, an angel and the earth mother and you have a story worth taking the time to read. I am looking forward to the next installment!
  • Jean Darby
    AmazingI love 💘 reading All Shifters romance, This book kept me reading non stop, I love how Tessa taught her mate how to love and understand how All humans are not bad which in the real world is true, I love how her new family protect her from day one, This is truly an amazing love story,
  • Linda
    LOVED IT!I can Not express how much I enjoyed reading this book. Totally fell in love with with the Morgan men. Drake and Tessa's story will just have you sighing out loud when the big grumpy bear finds his forever mate! I am so excited that the Morgan's get to have their stories told and am waiting as patiently as I can for the next book in the series.
  • Sharon Noble
    So glad the Bears got a book!Drake Morgan is a bear shifter & doesn't like humans, so when one comes on to his property, he make sure to send them packing. Tessa Ward is a human & goes on to Morgan land to deliver machine parts when she meets Drake. This is not the first time she's been there!
  • Renee Stokes
    The Mating Season: Book One in Morgan Clan series is a very quick read, perhaps too quick. The characters development was lacking. There wasn't any in depth personality traits associated with the brothers: Drake, Gunner and Rex. The whole process seemed rush and incomplete. However, Mating Season was a decent paranormal read.
  • Holly Bargo
    DisappointingFrom disjointed, stilted dialogue, some inconsistencies, and less than facile writing, this book hurtles along at breakneck pace even as it repeats the same old worries and prejudices. The plot offers little in the way of originality and the inauthentic BDSM aspects feel tossed in there to cater to the FSOG crowd. The content could use a good editor, too.
  • Safety Lady
    Teddy bears or notSweet paranormal romance with a grumpy bear and his submissive mate. Good writing but with a predictable plot. Over all a good read but nothing too special or over the top that stands out. Interesting cover photo and dedication in the book. I love Shaman Harvest music and the cover shot is awesome. Happy reading.