Julien (Confessions, #2) by Ella Frank

Julien (Confessions, #2)

People are complex. Love a double-edged sword. And when it comes to a broken heart, there are no rules, only time… For the past eight years, Julien Thornton has been living with a secret. One that only a handful of people know about. To the outside world, he has it all. A thriving career. A loving husband. And a face that the American public fell for by the millions, on a reality show that inadvertently saved his life. But behind the shine of c...

Details Julien (Confessions, #2)

TitleJulien (Confessions, #2)
Release DateJun 3rd, 2018
PublisherElla Frank, LLC
GenreRomance, M M Romance, Menage, M M M, Contemporary

Reviews Julien (Confessions, #2)

  • Wendy
    Those who are meant to be yours will always find you. I am a big fan of Ella Frank's "Temptation" series and I absolutely LOVED the first book in this series "Robbie" !! I couldn't wait to start this one and read more about The Princess, The Priest and The Prick ... This time around we especially get to know more about "The Prick's" past...I really loved Julien in the first book and he didn't disappoint in this one...damn but there is somethin...
  • Shile
    Warning! This is a Stan’s review proceed with caution! “What’s not to love? Julien cooks, you worry about the important stuff, and I make everything sparkle.” That elusive smile of Priest’s lit his face, and Robbie added, “I also love that I can do that.” “What?” “Make you smile. It’s so rare that it feels like a major accomplishment when it happens.” Another gushing and gifs I call review! I am a Stan for this series and ...
  • Jen
    This is the second book in the Confessions series and it definitely had some very hot, passionate scenes in it! A forewarning, this book is m/m romance, and it also is about an unconventional relationship between three men! Julien and Priest are married and have brought Robbie into their marriage as their boyfriend! I like the fact that they never exclude Robbie from the two of them. There is no jealousy either, and I am positive if there was a w...
  • Meags
    4 StarsWhere the first book (Robbie) was mostly about the chase and the conquest – with married couple Julien and Priest adding a third to their relationship in the form of the delectable and sparkly Robbie – this sequel followed the trio into a much more established and settled place. With the growth of Robbie, Julien, and Priest’s relationship came better character development and more tasty insights into their individual backstories, not...
  • Astrid - The Bookish Sweet Tooth
    ROBBIE left us with a mild cliffhanger and JULIEN continues right where the first installment of the Confessions series stopped - I was excited to continue Robbie, Julien's and Joel's journey and see where this new situation would take them.Robbie has moved into Julien and Priest's apartment. It takes a special man to be able to not feel like the third wheel in an established relationship when you are the last to join but Robbie has no problem at...
  • R * A Reader Obsessed *
    4 - It’s the Principle - StarsI’m not going to proclaim I’m a connoisseur of ménage because I’m not. And while I thoroughly enjoyed Robbie, this fell a bit short for me. It wasn’t the men’s interactions but actually Julien’s background, while tragic, wasn’t all that interesting. Sorry. I just wanted to bask and further explore these guys’ new dynamic, because though I initially balk at more than two in a relationship, the inter...
  • *J* Too Many Books Too Little Time
    Not quite as good as book 1, but still a good read and a nice addition to the series. This one was a bit more heavy and serious then book 1 as we find out about Julien’s past. I liked that there was no unnecessary drama. And I liked the progression of their relationship. But if I’m honest, Priest’s book is the one I’ve been waiting for. Can’t wait to get inside his head a bit more.
  • Courtney
    I’d been looking forward to a book that focused on Julien, and it didn’t disappoint! Not only were we able to learn more about Julien and his past, we got to see more of Priest as he opened up to Robbie, too. The three of them together are crazy hot - I think my headphones might melt when this comes out on audio!I can’t really give details without fear of spoilers, but one of the things I loved the most was all the little ways the three men...
  • Optimist ♰King's Wench♰
    More seriouser than the first to me.Even though we again get all three's perspectives the story is Julien-centric, complete with flashbacks. Julien's turmoil is front and center and while I understand why he's haunted I also felt the big reveal was anti-climactic. I was expecting something MUCH bigger and more nefarious.However, what I really liked about this one is the relationship development. Frank is building something between these three tha...
  • Sanaa Z.
    4.5 stars. Sometimes the best memories made are the ones you don't even realize you're making. It's no secret that I loved Robbie when I met him in the Temptation Series and I've wanted him to get his own book ever since. When I found out that he was getting not one book but an entire series, I was so happy. And so far it has not disappointed. Julien was just as amazing as the first book and I loved getting more of Julien "The Prick" Thorn...
  • Lorraine Lesar
    Whoop-Dee-Robbie-Do!It was a case of...Robbie was of course fabulous The Prick that certainly wasn’t a dickANDA feast with a Priest!He wasn’t Royalty, but he was The Prick’s and The Priest’s, Princess. He was all passion, fire and loyal. And that’s all they needed. But was it all that I needed?Yes and no. I love these three and I love Ella. Now normally ménage is not my thing but in the hands of this author, she made it work. It was li...
  • ⊱✿⊰ Alicia ⊱✿⊰
    4.5 Delicious StarsThese men are just scrumptious! Filled with heat, drama, intrigue and a little suspense. This is not just some hot M/M/M read although it is very hot but it also has substance and a great plot. I listened to the audio version and let me tell you, the audio is FANTASTIC!! The narrators are perfect for each man, can't wait to listen to Priests book next.
  • Barbara➰
    **4.25 Stars**This was what I was looking for in book 1. All the feels. And while I didn't necessarily buy into Julien's self-imposed guilt trip because I believe his sister was an adult and made her own choices, I blame most of it on his parents. His parents should have been there for him too. They weren't the only ones to lose someone they loved. It was kind of hard to reconcile how he remembered them as loving parents to them completely removi...
  • Erth
    Embrasse Moi! Wow........just wow. I can't believe how incredible this book was. I was totally looking forward to this addition after reading Robbie, and holy cow was I not disappointed.I loved everything about this book. Priest, Prick and Princess work to define their relationship, and boy do they! I enjoyed reading the dynamic of these three. Of course, learning more about Julien was funny and heartbreaking. I'm not a fan of flashbacks but Ella...
  • Lyndy Ann ♫
    Julien is the second book in the Confessions trilogy, I could not wait to read this even putting another book on hold.This continues from where Robbie the first book ended continuing the polyamory relationship between Priest, Julien and Robbie.I must admit I struggled with this one I even skimmed the sex scenes as they went on forever, I much preferred their banter and cheeky flirting.Julien's dark secret was a let down as well I expected somethi...
  • ✰ Bianca ✰ BJ's Book Blog ✰
    We're back in the world of our darlings Logan & Tate! Well, not really - this is a spin-off thingy, but we all met and fell for Robbie & Priest & Julien in the Temptation series ....If you haven't read TRY & TAKE & TRUST & TEASE & TATE & TRUE you should definitely do it!!And obviously you should have read CONFESSIONS: ROBBIE - because this is a trilogy which began with Robbie's book!Book #1 ended with Robbie ringing the doorbell, ready to move in...
  • Cadiva
    Things start to get a little bit more complicated as Ella Frank explores more of the dynamic which makes up the enigmatic French-American chef Julien Thornton.This series is way more than just the menage aspect of it, though. Each one of the three men involved in this relationship brings something the other two needs and that is never more obvious than in this middle book of the trilogy.Julien is hiding demons and, as the time approaches closer t...
  • Christelle
    Second part of the “confessions” series. Not a stand-aloneWhining here : why is it not working for me ? Why ? It should...really, it should.Even though threesome is not my favorite trope, I don’t mind either. And I quite enjoy the dynamics here as Robbie, Julien and Priest compliment each other nicely. Add that Ella Frank knows how to write hot chemistry imo. And hot it is, no question about it. Maybe it’s the pace ? It’s only at 80% th...
  • Elsbeth
    *4.5 stars*I'm out of breath from reading this so fast. Started as soon as it hit my kindle and finished within 8 hours.It was great. I really love the dynamic between these three men. Robbie is so perfect for the two of them. "A light to the dark paths of Priest & Prick"Although the cover model of Julien is totally hot, I can't help invisioning Julien as William Levy. Julien Ever since something happened in Julien's life 8 years ago, he's been s...
  • Lost in a Book
    4 Stars*Psssssttttt* I’ll tell you a secret… I’m holding out for Priest. He’s the dessert I’ve been waiting to devour. I’m not saying I haven’t enjoyed Robbie and Julien, I’m just being clear and upfront that Priest is where it’s at for me.This story is aptly named because it goes through Julien’s mysterious history that we understand from the first story, runs very deep. Much of Julien's POV are flashbacks either he has or st...
  • Chris
    I really love the hell out of these guys. Robbie is adorable, Priest is smokin and Julien is French - need I say more ! Julien’s story was mixed, his love for Priest and Robbie was beautiful and his need for them was strong. While the chemistry between the triad was growing, Julien was managing his emotions coming from a personal tragedy and had difficulties reconciling this. As he allowed his men to step in and support him each character grew ...
  • Debra
    3.5 starsThe story picks up right after Robbie and takes a more serious turn as Julien's and Priest's pasts come back to haunt them. Once again, these guys have crazy chemistry, especially Robbie and Priest, and now that they're living together things are very serious, though they've only been together a month or so. I enjoyed the flashbacks to how Julien and Priest met. The focus on Julien is his difficulty dealing with the guilt over his sister...
  • Chelsea
    When we were first introduced to Julien in the Temptation series I didn't really think I like him. For he seemed like another love interest for Robbie and I loved the thought of it just being Robbie and Priest. For as much as they argued in these books, their chemistry was off the charts. Then, of course, we found out that he's married to Priest and so on. Still didn't like love him until I started reading these books. I love Julien and not just ...
  • Claude
    3,5 stars. Unpopular opinion sorry 😕. I love Ella Frank. I just love her. She gave me Tate and Logan 😍. My babies. And she gave me this 3 guys too. I was so excited about this book! That’s why this review does not please me to write. I loved « Robbie ». It was light, funny et sexy 😏. I remember feeling that the end was too fast: deciding to be together ok but move in after few days of dating was soooo fast. But that wasn’t my big...
  • CaRo
    Hmm was not really my cup of the tea. Julien is my least favourite of these three and the whole drama around his sister was kind of off. Couldn't feel his pain. Also I really didn't get that Priest always looks out for these two (his men) and before for Jules but he didn't stop this yearly hurt fest? And didn't set the parents straight - kind of feels like the story is not harmonious. As well I didn't like the fact that Jules could do no wrong in...
  • Nyakarima
    Cheesy AF. But there's double penetration so...
  • Ariana
    *4,5 stars*I really loved book 1 a lot more than I anticipated (always wary of m/m/m). Robbie's involvement with Julien and Priest who have been married for quite a few years could have easily gone very wrong. But Ella Frank made the attraction, the need between these three men believable and realistic (and very very hot!)Book 2 takes a closer look at Julien and his past. We get a lot of relationship development between the three men, and it beco...
  • Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews
    I’m completely fascinated by triad relationships so it is no wonder I jumped at the chance to read and review Ella Frank’s Confession series especially since she is one of my favorite romance writers. The first book in this series let readers get to know Robbie better whom readers knew from the Try series, but in this book readers begin to understand the man behind The Prick moniker, celebrity chef Julien Thornton; his grief, his shame, and h...
  • Vanna
    4 stars! This was a great book, but I still felt that Robbie was probably slightly better. We find out more about Julien's side of the story and honestly speaking, it was a little anticlimactic. I was imagining something quite terrible and I felt Julien's guilt was too much. Nevertheless, it was great to see the relationship between the three become stronger and Robbie gaining an understanding of the dynamics in the relationship. The plot was eve...