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Stranger Things

The official behind-the-scenes companion guide to the first two seasons of Stranger Things and beyond, featuring exclusive color photos and stunning concept art.Note: This book has been designed to mimic a used book. The marks, scuffs, and tears on the cover and pages are an intentional design element.Stranger things have happened. . . .When the first season of Stranger Things debuted on Netflix in the summer of 2016, the show struck a nerve with...

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TitleStranger Things
Release DateOct 30th, 2018
PublisherDel Rey Books
GenreNonfiction, Culture, Pop Culture

Reviews Stranger Things

  • Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin
    This book is fanfreakingtastic! Will add pictures, etc. later on Happy Reading! Mel 🖤🐶🐺🐾Well here's some pics! The front cover vet is sooo cool as Stranger Things do. The cover looks old and even has a used book sticker! I love it! They even have an upside down section! The rest of the pictures are just some random coolness, a map and a drawing on the inside cover page. They have plastic around it a library book too. Highly recommend ...
  • Ashley Daviau
    This is an absolute must read for ANY and every Stranger Things fan out there. I’m obsessed with this show and getting an inside look at how it all came together was such a treat! And seeing all the work and sweat that went into it makes me love the show even more, it truly is a labour of love. I really enjoyed getting to know more about the actors and how the characters were shaped around what the actors brought to the table. I think that’s ...
  • Mandie (Naughty Book Snitch)
    BUY THE BOOKI love the show and I love this book. My friends got me this book for my birthday and it didnt disappoint. Its fantastic. I really love the old, tattered and worn look of the book and all the extras it has with it. Such as Will's drawing of the Shadow Monster as part of the inside cover. There is also a map of Hawkins and a Morse code pocket guide and of course a plethora of behind the scenes and insight to the entire show and charact...
  • Annie
    Wer schon mal eine Handvoll Artikel zur Serie gelesen hat, wird hier wenig Neues finden.Trotzdem ist das Buch sein Geld wert - liebevoll gestaltet, künstlich gealtert mit Schutzumschlag über dem vorgeblich kaputten Schutzumschlag, einer Karte von Hawkins, einem herauslösbarem Kärtchen mit Morse- und Fähnchen Code.Ich kann mir aber vorstellen, dass Leute, die jünger sind als ich, mehr Freude an diesem Buch haben werden - weil es für diese t...
  • Emma
    I spotted this hiding amongst the shelves whilst shopping, I pulled out the book and was greeted by a worn looking cover reminiscent of a book from the 80s. It was the perfect cover for this book!I had a quick flick through whilst standing amongst the books and thought it was a must buy. I've always loved behind the scenes of any show or film and this was great!Some of the information I had seen before and was a partial recap, but there was a lot...
  • Lisa
    Full review at Tenacious Reader: is a book that just made me smile the minute I received it and any time I would pick it up after that. The entire book is so incredibly retro, straight down to the worn look, complete with plastic protector to prevent further damage. I mean, even the FAIR condition sticker from Melvad’s General Store on the front brings me joy. This is just one tiny example of the det...
  • Sabrina
    "Denn diese Welt braucht mehr Geschichtenerzähler. Sie braucht mehr Träumer. Und, ja, sie braucht mehr Nerds."Couldn't agree more with the Duffer brothers. Perfektes Buch für jeden Stranger Things Fan und definitiv jeden Cent wert. Wunderschöne Fotos, haufenweise Hintergrundinformation und Liebe zum Detail.
  • Audra (ouija.doodle.reads)
    As a fan of Stranger Things (I’m probably not a level-crazy fan, but I do own an Eleven Funko, several t-shirts that I wear in my weekly rotation, and I dressed my dog as a Demogorgon for Halloween), I think this book is a must-own.I mean, just look at it. It is one of those books I put in a category called, The Argument for Buying Real Books. Super amazing dustjacket designed to look like a vintage book you’d find secondhand, complete with a...
  • Anthony Rapino
    The presentation of this book is fantastic. It was a pleasure to peruse, exploring the many glossy photos and inserts (not to mention surprises). While this book acts as a companion to the show, I did find much of the information within its pages a bit basic. A significant number of passages (scattered throughout the text) are dedicated to summarizing episodes or scenes, which anyone reading this book would have no doubt viewed at least once. Sim...
  • Christy
    I don’t often read behind the scenes books but this was SO FUN
  • Phil
    This book deserves at least one star simply for its aesthetic: faux-distressed, stickered by "Melvald's General Store in Hawkins, IN, and full-page, full-color pictures. Beyond that, it fails to capture the substance of the show. It reads like a poorly written Entertainment Weekly article, or as a thin defense against allegations of plagiarism by the Duffer Brothers, but it's fun, especially the quotes from the show's five young stars. (And I lov...
  • Rachael
    This was just amazing! Stranger Things is my favorite show of all time and I am always buying merch to support the fandom. I have just about every Funko POP. I have some board games and even some T-shirts. So, of course, when a book is released I HAVE to get it. This behind-the-scenes companion gave us so many details in what goes on during the filming of Stranger Things. We get to see how they made the van soar over the kids while on their bikes...
  • Hope (HopelessBookAddict)
    Loved this. It was a great book for any lover of Stranger Things like me!
  • اُمامہ
    The Best Best Best Story everrrr! 😭😍I have watched the TV Show for like 5 times. I’m so into watching and reading about telekinetic abilities.
  • Annika
    I’m not just a Stranger Things fan; the show is my life. From the synth scores to the retro vibe to the amazing actors, these entire two seasons are a fucking masterpiece. This book deserves 1176392374 stars for the layout and design, let alone the way it’s written. If it wasn’t such a big, chunky hardback, I would’ve slept with this under my pillow every night.
  • Halim
    Wow! I own hundreds and hundreds of books but this is by far the coolest book own. The whole book was an art piece by itself. From it’s torn vintage cover to its hyper-realistic photos to its faded yellow pages, everything about this book was well thought out. Every chapter had its own unique style and font, it was pure pleasure looking through this book...This was also a very easy and fun read...Article sections very short but very informative...
  • Chris DiLeo
    If you love STRANGER THINGS, as I do, then this review is unnecessary. Get the book. I've watched both seasons numerous times, and each time I am struck by how wonderfully the show works. (Point of confession: I read the entire book yesterday while rewatching the show yet again.) This book goes through both seasons, offering insights about the Duffer brothers, scripts, the actors, and the special effects. To quote the Duffer brothers: "This book ...
  • Out of the Bex
    Fans buy companion guides like this for the novelty and to flip through on occasion. Few read the work from cover to cover. However, I decided to give it a go. And I had a blast. I could not start this review without noting the incredible design details that highlight this book. The cover art, the torn dust jacket, the plastic cover reminiscent of a well-used library book, the convincing distressed look, the fold out map in the back, the drawing ...
  • Michael
    I think Stranger Things 3 premieres in July... so is it July yet?I could've read a ST behind-the-scenes book that was 3X this size and walked away wanting more. As I was only 2-3 years older in real-life than Will, Mike, Dustin, Lucas & El at the time Season 1 took place in the fall of 1984, I was reading anything by Stephen King AND I was basically the same kind of Dungeons & Dragons-playing dork as the ST kids (mixed in with Season 2's Billy Ha...
  • John Stanifer
    Obviously, this book is primarily for fans of the show, but what a book it is in that respect. Like the Blu-ray release(s) of the first two seasons, the book revels in the nostalgia for a bygone era that the show embodies.It's purposefully made to look like a beat-up secondhand book . . . and it's beautiful, down to the "Melvald's General Store" sticker on the front (the store where Joyce works in the show). Be sure to check underneath the rear h...
  • Alexis Polk
    If you know me, you will know that Stranger Things is one of my favorite TV shows of all time, with that said, this book was phenomenal!! If you are a Stranger Things fan like my self and love the fandom so much, as I do to the point of reading a book on all the details and interesting 80's/90's fandoms that it is based on, then this book is for you!! It goes into so much depth of introducing you to all the characters in season 1 and 2 and where ...
  • Ville Verkkapuro
    This is a wonderfully designed book that is perfect companion for anyone finding pleasure in the series Stranger Things. And how you can you not find not pleasure in it? The series is a haven of all things eighties. It is a combination of Gremlins, Stand by Me, E.T., WarGames, Altered States... just to name a few. This book makes me feel like I'm eight years old and I fucking love it.I love the particular genre of movies and series from the eight...
  • Breña
    Ich mag Bücher, die mir Einblicke in den Entstehungsprozess von Filmen oder Serien bieten, vor allem wenn die Aufmachung zum Werk passt. In diesem "Begleitbuch" kommen verschiedene Beteiligte zu Wort und die zahlreichen Verweise der Popkultur werden aufgegriffen. Und in der Gestaltung ist ähnlich wie in der Serie wirklich viel Liebe zum Detail erkennbar. Manche Passagen lassen erkennen, dass die Zielgruppe jünger ist als ich (auch wenn ich die...
  • Sara King
    While not as in depth with season two as it is with season one, Worlds Turned Upside Down is still a fun, quick read. The book discusses both seasons, and gives us a preview of season three. It also goes in depth about the backstory of how ST came to me, who and what influenced the Duffer Bros., and interesting little tidbits like what personality traits they changed in some of the characters to better fit the actors portraying them. Plenty of be...
  • Eva
    5/5This is the perfect companion to Stranger Things, the nostalgic Netflix Original. The hardback edition comes with an aesthetically-pleasing "ripped" cover, and has a detailed map of Hawkins on the inside of the back cover, as well as a pull-out Morse Code key I used as a bookmark. Full of gorgeous, full-color pictures from the show as well as behind-the-scenes shots and a compelling narrative--this book was captivating from start to finish! I ...
  • Sarah Hackworth
    I definitely don't usually read things like this, but I have fallen absolutely in love with Stranger Things in the past couple of months and I just had to have more. While this wasn't life changing, it was enjoyable to have more insight into the process making the show into what it is.
  • Eli
    4.5 stars 😊 I really really liked this. It was beautifully put together and I don't think I've ever read a nonfiction book that fast. XD
  • Skylar Lane || Living as a Reader
    I got this book for Christmas and absolutely loved it!
  • Granaha
    A wonderful read, amazing from cover to cover, now time to rewatch the series ^^
  • Maggie
    Loved learning about the making of one of my favorite TV shows. Can't wait to see what they do next!