Notes on a Nervous Planet by Matt Haig

Notes on a Nervous Planet

A follow-up to Matt Haig's internationally bestselling memoir, Reasons to Stay Alive, a broader look at how modern life feeds our anxiety, and how to live a better life.The societies we live in are increasingly making our minds ill, making it feel as though the way we live is engineered to make us unhappy. When Matt Haig developed panic disorder, anxiety, and depression as an adult, it took him a long time to work out the ways the external world ...

Details Notes on a Nervous Planet

TitleNotes on a Nervous Planet
Release DateJan 29th, 2019
PublisherPenguin Books
GenreNonfiction, Health, Mental Health, Psychology, Self Help

Reviews Notes on a Nervous Planet

  • Liz Barnsley
    I'm not really going to review this properly I bought it and read it just for me really. There's nothing much I can say that I haven't said before about this author's writing and sometimes you just want to read a book to kick start your soul again. Suffice to say that as ever after reading a Matt Haig book my faith in many many things is restored. Yes indeed.
  • Nat K
    ”The paradox of modern life is this: we have never been more connected, and we have never been more alone.” Another gem from one of my favourite writers, which makes me realise why I love reading his books so much. Matt Haig has the innate ability to get inside your core and peel back the layers.He makes you feel. He makes you think.Whenever I start one of his books, the rest of the world falls to a blur, in slow motion. I become so engrossed...
  • Penelope
    A truly timely and important book that everyone living on this nervous planet should read. Matt's honest and personal experiences shine through on every page and his writing is like a cup of tea and a warm blanket making you feel that no matter how crazy the world can get everything is going to be ok. I loved this book and have no hesitation recommending it to absolutely everyone, no one will finish this book without learning at least one importa...
  • April (Aprilius Maximus)
    This book gave me so much to contemplate!
  • Whitney Atkinson
    Thanks to Penguin for a free review copy! I read Reasons to Stay Alive by Matt Haig during my 2017 relapse, and I devoured it. I absolutely love Haig’s writing style and the way he weaves anecdote into advice, and how closely our experiences relate. I especially like how in this book, he talks about how social media and technology can exacerbate anxiety, which is certainly true for me as well.I was initially fearful that this book would be a pr...
  • André Oliveira
    A book about depression, panic attacks and how to deal with them. Or at least get better at it.Obviously, it's about a lot more subjects but Matt Haig give us some advice on how to cope with the present lifestyle and how to accept yourself and the world we currently live.
  • Nadia
    This was my first encounter with the work of Matt Haig and I can see why he's become so popular. In his latest book, Matt shares his observations about today's 'nervous planet' we live on, overloaded with technology and social media connecting people all over the world, yet leaving them feeling alone. Based on his own experience, Matt offers advice on how to cope with stress and anxiety, how to value and appreciate the little things in life, but ...
  • Alexa Petre
    As much as I respect and appreciate Matt Haig, I cannot give more than 2 stars to this book. First of all, it's very messy, and although he even mentions in the book that he deliberately wanted to write a messy book, it actually feels like a bunch of blog posts cluttered together in a book, without much structure and flow to it, especially since he repeats himself numerous times throughout it. I just couldn't help thinking I was reading a bunch o...
  • Tom McLean
    I feel like I could write a Twitter bot that would generate this entire book. If you're the type of person who needs someone to tell you "It will be okay" a thousand different ways, then this is the book for you. I, like Matt Haig, also suffer from anxiety. But being told "it will be okay" only adds to my anxiety. I was hoping for a tool or an escape, but did not find it here. I'm glad Mr. Haig has found a profitable way to deal with his anxiety,...
  • Doug
    3.5, rounded up.I really, REALLY liked Haig's previous 'self-help' book, Reasons to Stay Alive, even though some found it corny and simplistic. Reading this sequel, I could see why that feeling might be valid this time round. A prime reason why the previous book made an impact, is that it hewed more closely to Haig's personal history, as he shared autobiographical stories from which he gleaned his insights - here, there are far fewer such example...
  • Lauren Hartley
    As discussed in the book, everyone has different opinions on books and I loved Reasons to Stay Alive but this I found really boring.This book was very rambly and induced stress rather than prevent it. I found his last book actually had a story to it whereas this was just quoting other books and repeating what they said. The amount of chapters and paragraphs which. Were. All. One. Word. Sentences. Drove me insane by the end!
  • Emily B
    A very accessible book written by Matt Haig.I love the way it’s formatted and compiled of lists and short chapters. The subject matter is very relevant and I found it explored issues and anxieties concerning modern life and social media that have been at the back of my mind for a while.
  • littlemiss_emmxx
    I had heard this book was a sort of follow on from Reasons To Stay Alive. I read Reasons To Stay Alive while I was on holiday in January. And loved it read it in 2 or 3 days and ended up having to start it again as I hadn't thought I would finish it so quickly. Clearly it took me a bit longer to read this but that's because I'm not on holiday this time. I couldn't wait that long to read it. I just love Matt Haigs writing. It is so honest and trut...
  • Victoria
    His best book yet! The perfect antidote to our messy world! I love all Matt Haig’s books and this was still even better than I had anticipated! Just buy it, read it, talk about and love it! This world is a better place with this book in it .
  • Malia
    So many thought-provoking points! I found myself nodding along and dog-earing my book in a way that would leave some readings weeping. Highly recommended!Find more reviews and bookish fun at
  • Lindsey
    Just read it :)
  • Zohal
    4.5 Stars "It’s all right that the world is crazy, as long as I make my little corner of the world sane." Diane Lockhart from The Good Fight.The above quote perfectly summarises this book. I read this in one setting which rarely happens these days. This has given me so much to think about it. It was so raw and so very from the heart. I don't suffer from anxiety yet I felt as though Matt Haig put the deepest depths of my soul onto the page. I g...
  • Rita Araújo
    “Find the hope that is already here and help it grow” “Find the hope that is already here and help it grow” ❤️
  • Brendan Monroe
    I wish this book had been available back in January 2015. When I started my last job. I was in a different country, working with colleagues from all over, and it was my first time working a desk job. The atmosphere there was absolutely toxic, the people I worked with unbelievably petty and bullying, and I thought about walking out on my lunch break on a daily basis. But I never did. Maybe all "desk jobs" were like this. What did I know? I stayed ...
  • Anni
    "Distracted from distraction by distraction" (T.S. Eliot' - The Four Quartets)If you feel like shouting “Stop the world, I want to get off!" on a daily basis, then this is the book for you. Following on from his bestselling “Reasons to stay Alive”, Matt Haig here explores whether it is possible to stay sane in a mad world, offering useful suggestions for coping with our addiction to modern technology along with its attendant information ove...
  • Megan
    I hardly ever dnf a book. Now trust me when I say I know that this book is just like Haig's others; ones that I do like, The Humans is actually one of my all-time favourites. I stopped a little over 200 pages in and I realised he would be repeating the same messages over and over again, I got the gist and was to be honest irritated. He did hit a few aspects of modern culture on the head but at some points it came off like a middle aged man compla...
  • Tim Rideout
    ‘Kindness spring-cleans the soul.’Reading ‘Notes on a Nervous Planet’ is like being given a new pair of spectacles. It makes everything clearer.Matt Haig writes with humility, wisdom, clarity, honesty, humour and kindness about his own mental illness and efforts to improve his mental health. In doing so he is a source of great help to others. I read this book quickly - it will stay with me for a very long time.Yet another remarkable book ...
  • Jo
    This book is raw and real. Highly recommend to anyone struggling with anxiety and mental illness- it is a read that will show you that you are not alone. Also highly recommend to those not struggling with mental illness but are simply broad-minded enough to want to understand those who do.Matt Haig writes of our nervous planet. Nervous, yes, but also "[a] planet where we can breathe and live and fall in love and eat peanut butter on toast and say...
  • Kathleen
    Haig does an excellent job of identifying sources of our anxiety—whether it is the cacophony of mass media, our fast-paced modern life, or simply the unreasonably expectations we place on ourselves. Haig suggests that we stop worrying about everything that did happen or could happen, and live in the moment. Enjoy the day with a walk out-of-doors, get plenty of sleep and CHILL. Clearly sound advice.
  • Sarah Dorothea
    5 out of 5 stars! After having read Matt Haig’s last non‑fiction book, 'Reasons to Stay Alive', I was utterly amazed by his second oeuvre. 'Notes on a Nervous Planet' is not so much a “reasons to” as a “how to” guide, for all those readers who responded so powerfully to the last book. This book follows a similar format: short chapters, concisely written, with lots of numbered lists – just right for an audience whose attention, Haig...
  • Paul
    The modern world is fast and relentless, our connection to the internet that means we have a never-ending stream of notifications, jobs that come with a phone and almost permanent on call. Our nerves are jangled constantly. It feel like you are in a race that you can never win and standing still doesn't feel like an option. Yet in the world of 24 / 7 connections to family, friends and strangers around the world, people have never been more alone....
  • Heather
    The world is a nervous system. Everything is connected and it's difficult to switch off, even for your own sake. Notes on a Nervous Planet makes you stop, think, consider your own interactions with the world around you and how it seeps into your life. Most of all it makes you hope it's possible to truly disconnect, whatever that means for the individual, and find your own sense of calm to catch your breath amidst the noise of the bustling world a...
  • Ashma
    I agree with what he has to say but it kinda gets preachy at times and annoyingly repetitive. Nevertheless, this guy writes his suffering out!
  • Katie.g
    “Maybe the point of life is to give up certainty and to embrace life’s beautiful uncertainty” 4.5 nervous stars!I’d heard a lot about Matt Haig’s short book on anxiety; from other reviewers on Goodreads and one of my work colleagues. I was craving something non-fiction and kept seeing it in the supermarket so decided to give it a try.I’ve experienced my fair share of anxiety in the past and have developed my own coping strategies. I p...
  • Izzie
    I've suffered with anxiety for... Most of my life, now that I think about it, but I didn't seek help until I was 19 and forced to drop out of uni because both my physical and mental health had sort of imploded. I'm much better now, two and a half years later, and back at uni, but sometimes I do still find it hard to switch-off and disconnect from the constant barrage of shit in the news and the world in general.This was an excellent book, written...