Queen of Ruin (Grace and Fury, #2) by Tracy Banghart

Queen of Ruin (Grace and Fury, #2)

A fierce sequel full of sisterhood, heart pounding action, betrayal, and intrigue in the royal court in a series that "breathes new life into the feminist story of oppression and resistance" (Publisher's Weekly).Banished by Asa at the end of Grace and Fury, Nomi and Malachi find themselves powerless and headed towards their all-but-certain deaths. Now that Asa sits on the throne, he will stop at nothing to make sure Malachi never sets foot in the...

Details Queen of Ruin (Grace and Fury, #2)

TitleQueen of Ruin (Grace and Fury, #2)
Release DateJul 2nd, 2019
PublisherLittle, Brown Books For Young Readers
GenreFantasy, Young Adult

Reviews Queen of Ruin (Grace and Fury, #2)

  • Beth
    3.5 StarsI'd gone into this with high hopes, maybe slightly too high? I absolutely ADROED Grace and Fury and was so excited to read this, but I wasn't as drawn to it as what I had been. I loved the complete girl power throughout this book and really seeing Nomi and Serina come into their own but for me it didn't pick up or things seemed to happen at the 56% mark.After that it was action packed and the whole sense of the uprising and certain chara...
  • Umairah | Sereadipity
    Queen of Ruin was the conclusion to the Grace and Fury duology and while it was better than the first book, I still found it a bit lacking.Plot: 3/5Characters: 4/5Writing: 4/5 At the start of the novel, the two sisters, Serina and Nomi, were reeling from the disastrous events that unfolded in the previous book. Serina, while battling her grief and guilt, was trying to lead the women of the Mount Ruin prison to freedom. Whereas, Nomi was strugglin...
  • Rachel Reads Ravenously
    3.5 stars I loved Grace and Fury, but this one fell a bit flat. Pacing was off, the book felt too fast and too slow all the at same time. The ending seemed particularly rushed. I liked Nomi's story the most and it's what kept me reading, but I cannot help but wonder what happened with this book. It just wasn't up to the standard of the first one.Follow me on Facebook Blog Instagram Twitter 3.5 stars I loved Grace and Fury, but this one fel...
  •  Amelia
    See that pile of disappointment over there? Yep. That's me.Grace and Fury was a fabulous story about two sisters finding strength and learning to accept their new roles. This was...not that. Okay it was when it comes to Serina because she is even more kickass than before, but Nomi...ughhhh. Here's the thing, even though she annoyed me in the 1st book, she tried her best I guess, I could understand her. In this book she did NOTHING. She spent more...
  • Eleanor (bookishcourtier)
    Honestly, the best thing about this book was Serina's character development. Still have no idea what the world is supposed to be like though.
  • Shannon (It Starts At Midnight)
    You can find the full review and all the fancy and/or randomness that accompanies it at It Starts at Midnight .Okay,this is how you finish a duology. I am two for two with sequelsthis week alone and wow. Just wow. This was everything I had hoped for, and then some! I really enjoyed Grace and Fury ,and was obviously thrilled to read the sequel. But you know, sometimes sequels are scary! But this is how you wrap up a series! Here's the thing: This...
  • Krystal
    The Good: - Girl Power- Malachi
  • Leah Grover
    A rare sequel that surpasses its predecessor. Banghart pushes her characters beyond their limits to a conclusion that is as satisfying as it is empowering.
  • Kelly (Diva Booknerd)
    The women of Mount Ruin have revolutionised the brutal island prison, their oppressors imprisoned although continue to threaten the now united female community with violent consequences of their insolence. In protecting her sister, Serina Tessaro was sentenced and ostracised from the Kingdom of Viridia, a disgraced Grace accused of literacy in a society in which women are denied an education. Although Serina pleads her innocence, sister Nomi is a...
  • Lea ♞ That_Bookdragon
    3/5 Before we start, I just want to say that I am a huge fan of Grace and Fury. I received it last year in a Fairyloot box and fell in love. I truly hadn't planned on getting it had it not been for Fairyloot. however, because reading on the bus can be complicated when it's packed, I decided to read it as soon as I got it because its format was fairly small. I did not expect to love it so much, I finished it in two days and read during my lunch br...
  • Jessica
    Hovering around 2.5 stars. This wasn't a bad book necessarily. I don't think it adds anything to the genre or is particularly creative in its storytelling. Things happen a bit conveniently and the writing is straightforward; the language is purposeful but not engaging in any way. Very consumable and a good book if you need something to get through quickly. It reads very "old school" YA.
  • Katherine Paschal
    *Review can be found at https://smadasbooksmack.blogspot.com/Now this, this is the rebellion book everyone needs in their lives. Queen of Ruin was so good, so good, that I had goosebumps on my arms during one of the (many) freaking intense scenes near the end, and I could not put the book down, I had to keep going until I reach the conclusion. And what an ending it was too! I am happy to report that there is no cliff hanger, things are very well ...
  • Harley
    Pre-release: I'M SO HYPED FOR THIS! CAN'T WAIT TO SEE MY PRECIOUS CHILDREN TAKE DOWN THE PATRIARCHY!!My heart is so full, my feels! I loved this book so freaking much! The characters have evolved so much from when we first met them. I'm like a proud mama being like look how much my children have grown.Speaking of crying I did tear up at the end, it got me all gooey and whatnot. (view spoiler)[I did like the ending but I kind of wish it ended with...
  • Melanie Belson (booklovewithmelanie)
    Fantastic! Review to come once I can think of something with semi non-spoilers....but you'll want to get your hands on a couple once it comes out!
  • The Nerd Daily
    Originally published on The Nerd Daily | Review by Teralyn MitchellQueen of Ruin is the sequel to Grace and Fury, by Tracy Banghart. Queen of Ruin is a powerful story about women empowerment and finding your voice. Serina and Nomi both had to reinvent themselves throughout the series but more so in Queen of Ruin when they were faced with obstacles that threatened to tear them apart forever.Queen of Ruin starts right where Grace and Fury left off ...
  • Shelley
    *Source* Library*Genre* Young Adult, Fantasy*Rating* 3.5-4*Thoughts*Queen of Ruin is the second and final installment in author Tracy Banghart's Grace and Fury Duology. The world of Viridia has put women down for centuries because they feared what giving women power could lead to based on a history they’ve suppressed. Women were not allowed to be educated, any wages they made were given to their husband, and they were basically property of thos...
  • Amanda
    I was lucky enough to win an ARC. Just like Grace and Fury I couldn’t put it down. Serina is no longer a grace she is a warrior out for justice. Nomi betrayed by Asa is out for blood and will stop at nothing to get it.
  • Neelam
    Thank you to Hachette Children’s Group and Netgalley for this ARC in exchange for an honest review.Grace and Fury was one of my top reads last year so I have been eagerly awaiting the sequel and it did not disappoint! Queen of Ruin is just as amazing as Grace and Fury! Tracy Banghart has now become an auto-buy author for me! If you haven’t read Grace and Fury I highly recommend it!Guys! This book had me up reading ALL NIGHT! As in I started i...
  • Stephanie
    These books are FANTASTIC! Strong female characters: Check! Interesting and beautiful world: Check! Hot side characters: Check! This is the type of book I love giving to people when they come in looking for YA Feminist Fiction. The ending was awesome- will there be a third? There could be, but I'd be happy with this ending too. So good. Go read Grace and Fury then pick this up. You won't be disappointed!
  • Tiffany Heitz
    Audiobook. 4.75 stars I think I liked this book better than book 1! There was only one aspect of the book that didn’t make me mad BUT I think I might have done differently. I feel I’m more like Anika. Good book. Def tear jerker!!!
  • The Enchanted Library
    3.5/5 stars
  • Sina Stein
    Great !This book was gripping and full of badass characters. For me it was a fast and relaxing read. I really liked the plot twists and it was exciting all the way. Tracy Banghart did well on this book about rebellious women and loving sisters. With reading Queen of Ruin my love for Nomi’s and Serina’s story grew even more and more. Amazing book . Great 😍!This book was gripping and full of badass characters. For me it was a fast and rela...
  • Maggie Mckee
    Got an ARC at BookCon 2019This was such an amazing way to end the duology. Everytime you thought you knew where it was going BAM plot twist. Absolutely wonderful. Love love loved it
  • Lesa Divine
    2 stars maybe 3....But I liked 1 better. This one felt rushed along. Too quickly characters willing to go all and beyond at a drop of a dime.It continues from part 1. But I just couldn't get attached to the sisters as I did in book 1.Just meh as they try to get revenge and break the rules of women being less there of.
  • Joee (booksandacupofjoee)
    I've been anxiously waiting for almost a year to see what happens next in this series after the intense ending of Grace and Fury! This kicks off right where we left things and it was moving fast! I just cherished the sisterly bond between Nomi and Serina. However, I felt myself more invested and connected to Nomi's storyline. Especially after the fall out of book one. I couldn't get enough of her chapters. Honestly, I kind of wish it had more abo...