Journal Of A Trapper by Osborne Russell

Journal Of A Trapper

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Details Journal Of A Trapper

TitleJournal Of A Trapper
Release DateDec 8th, 2016
PublisherIndependently published
GenreAutobiography, Memoir, History

Reviews Journal Of A Trapper

  • Blake
    "The sight of danger is less hideous than the thought of it."This rambling and almost punctuation-free journal of the life of a Rocky Mountains trapper at the tail end of his profession's heyday is difficult to read at times, and often devolves into mere listing of distances traveled and landmarks passed, but when he gets into the actual narratives of his life, few firsthand sources of the era can rival the suspense and sense of dread Russell pro...
  • Deelighted
    Interesting but difficult to read due to lack of punctuation and words spelled different.