Death Wins a Goldfish by Brian Rea

Death Wins a Goldfish

Death never takes a day off. Until he gets a letter from the HR department insisting he use up his accrued vacation time, that is. In this humorous and heartfelt book from beloved illustrator Brian Rea, readers take a peek at Death's journal entries as he documents his mandatory sabbatical in the world of the living. From sky diving to online dating, Death is determined to try it all! Death Wins a Goldfish is an important reminder to the overstre...

Details Death Wins a Goldfish

TitleDeath Wins a Goldfish
Release DateFeb 5th, 2019
PublisherChronicle Books
GenreSequential Art, Graphic Novels, Fiction, Humor, Adult, Graphic Novels Comics

Reviews Death Wins a Goldfish

  • OutlawPoet
    Clearly, Death works here in my office. I think he's in the next cubicle over.This is an extremely cute and relatable book in which Death is told by HR that he needs to take some vacation time. A lot of it. So, with a huge amount of PTO, Death fulfills all his dreams...yes, including winning that goldfish.Death's sabbatical is adorable and made me smile again and again.After I read it, my 10 year old stole it and read it as well. She's now wonder...
  • Rod Brown
    Death takes a holiday and does every stupid thing people do on vacations, with pretty much the same result. Neither funny nor insightful. The art varies from simple to childlike.Not for me.
  • Barbara Mohs
    This wonderfully titled book about a workaholic forced to take a break and ponder living made me laugh out loud many times while it reminded me of what’s really important. Simple drawings with multi-faceted meaning. Highly recommend!
  • Nate
    Funny, sweet, inspiring. And the art really grew on me as I progressed. A wonderful book.
  • Maria Blindiuk
    Таня Петренко привезла мені з Канади Death wins a goldfish Браяна Рі, мовляв: "Ти ж постійно про смерті пишеш, от побачила книжку й зрозуміла, що вона має бути твоєю". А оскільки цю тему можна вічно перекручувати й інтерпретувати, про цю книжку можна ще й розп...
  • Tamara Evans
    A charming fast read that provides a glimpse into the world of a grim reaper who’s never taken time off of work and is forced to finally take a vacation. During his yearlong sabbatical, he discovers who he is without his job title. Death does many things during his time away from work such as reflecting on his purpose as well. As starting a journal to capture his thoughts.He pushes himself out of his comfort zone by doing things such as going o...
  • E G
    everyone should heed Death's message. this was fun!
  • Amy Christine Lesher
    When I saw this book on Instagram I had to have it. The bookseller had to look at it as he was ringing the sale. I love this book. I read it in less than half an hour and it's simply too cute.
  • Kirsti
    This book taught me that it's okay to be alone sometimes because that means you get to eat all the marshmallows. Also it has a picture of Death riding a JetSki, which made me laugh out loud.
  • Ariel Cummins
    This was very cute and sweet.
  • Alissa Marquess
    I loved it. Death is good at reminding us how to be alive.
  • Case
    Short, sweet, and really, really cute!! Picked this up from the library on a whim & I'm glad I did. Very unique & fun premise!
  • Diana Harvey
    Phenomenal graphic novel about living life.