So Here I Am by Anna Russell

So Here I Am

Inspiring female voices that have changed our world, and started a new conversation.  So Here I Am brings together empowering speeches by women throughout history up to the present day. This is a celebration of women speaking up; within politics, science, human rights, TV and media - discussing everything from free love, anti-war, discoveries, race, gender and women's rights. With evocative and powerful illustrations from Brazilian artis...

Details So Here I Am

TitleSo Here I Am
Release DateFeb 5th, 2019
PublisherWhite Lion Publishing
GenreNonfiction, Feminism

Reviews So Here I Am

  • Fiona
    This is an interesting collection of excerpts from the speeches of famous women through history. Each begins with an introduction to the person, putting the speech in context. For me, there was often so much information in the intro that there was little point in reading the speech, however. This will probably be an informative book for early teens, introducing them to important women and events in history in which they were influential, but most...
  • Richard
    You cannot avoid being inspired by these collections of influential women, their various campaigns to make a difference and the content of speeches recorded and documented here.That I knew so few of these individuals by name is to my shame and shows why such a book needs to be written. Yet this isn’t a book highlighting great oratory but a desire to find a speech that sums each person up, their struggle and how their words mirrored their deeds ...
  • Taylor (TaysInfiniteThougts)
    This is a brilliant book full of wonderful speeches from amazing and powerful women. There are all kinds of speeches in this book from Elizabeth I's speech about The Spanish Armada to Toni Morrison's Nobel Lecter. I absolutely loved reading everything these women had to say. It was very refreshing to read so many beautifully worded speeches, all done by women. Every woman in this book is an inspiration and I think everyone should read this book. ...
  • Bonnye Reed
    GNAB This is a book I will order in hardback and keep by my reading chair. Many of these lectures are just what we need to hear on those days we are feeling useless and ineffectual as wives, mothers, employees - women in general. Anna Russell is a woman who knows what it takes to make you sit up and take stock of the plus side of the menu. She has collected prose from journalists, abolitionists, socialists, political activists, women's rights act...
  • Jilly
    More than fifty women who had the courage to speak out are pulled together in this fascinating book. Following a picture of each woman, there is a brief life history attached and then the speech that they are renowned for. Many of these women I had not heard of and found it fascinating to read about their lives and their bravery in speaking out There is a mixed selection including the expected suffragists, women rights and social reformers, as we...
  • Julia
    This is a wonderful collection of speeches by more than fifty women in history, Elizabeth I., Marie Curie, Sojourner Truth, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and lots more. It would make a perfect gift and is certainly going to find its way onto my coffee table to browse and read from time to time.
  • Laura
    So here we are, 2019. We know the suffragettes, we know jokes about 70's feminists burning their bras, and when asked to quote a woman we could probably rattle out "Ain't I a Woman?" even though Sojourner Truth* never said it. Not exactly a great legacy for 150 so years worth of women's activism, right? So Here I Am: Speeches by Great Women to Empower and Inspire by Anna Russell aims to equal the balance. Drawing together some of the defining spe...
  • Audrey Adamson
    So Here I Am collects a variety of modern women's speeches. each was chosen for its relevance to social freedom and it's ability to inspire. This book shares the stories of a variety of women of different cultures, backgrounds, ethnicity, race and economic background. I loved learned about each women' struggles and their unique perspectives on the world.The best part is the afterwards. The author tells you they only worked in such a time frame an...
  • Victoria
    The first dedicated collection of seminal speeches by women from around the world, So Here I Am is about women at the forefront of change – within politics, science, human rights and media; discussing everything from free love, anti-war, scientific discoveries, race, gender and women's rights.I do like the breadth of different voices shown in this book. Bringing new names to my attention and being able to discover more important historical wome...
  • Annette Jordan
    A collection of rousing speeches from some inspiring women, So Here I Am takes the words of these women and puts them in context in terms of history and politics. It is disturbing how true many of their words still are these days despite the vast societal changes since many of them were spoken aloud. The speeches chosen are diverse in topic, ranging from free love and reproductive rights to environmentalism and conservation , and while most of th...
  • Stephanie Skees
    "Can you think of a speech by a women?" This premise is exactly why this book is a much needed addition to everyone's bookshelf. Anna Russell provides a delightful compilation of women's speeches spanning history and emphasizing the work of women to build upon one another to effect change. I commend the book for succinctly highlighting women whose stories are not widely known and providing compelling excerpts of their speeches. I do wish the book...
  • Patrycja
    How many speeches by woman can you recall? Probably not too many...This book for sure can widen your knowledge.This is a great book. Absolutely amazing, with stunning illustrations. The idea is wonderful and execution of this project is excellent. This is such a outstanding book for every girl and woman out there. This is book that inspires, and empowers. It shows, that woman can, that woman are smart and strong. Author Anna Russell put together ...
  • Cristie Underwood
    This is a book that all women should own, as it is a perfect pick me up when you are doubting yourself. I have read several of the speeches more than once and keep this handy for those moments when I need some inspiration. The women that wrote these speeches are exceptional.
  • Ashwini Abhyankar
    An absolutely amazing book filled with speeches from brilliant women. It's not often that we get to read such a brilliant collection of speeches. The illustrations are amazing and the overall effect is simple yet leaves such an impact on the reader. A book everyone should read to be more aware of things that people so easily dismiss or not take into consideration. No woman from this collection is perfect but she was powerful and her imperfections...
  • joyce w. laudon
    This book is a wonderful resource for anyone (and it should be just about all of us) who cares about women's voices and what women have to say. It was masterfully put together by Anna Russell and includes speeches (although often not the full speech) by women beginning with Elizabeth the First and going historically up through Hillary Clinton and Margaret Thatcher among others. Below are the names of just some of the women in this book; the range...
  • Elizabeth
    Thank you to Netgalley, Anna Russell and Quarto Publishing Group - White Lion Publishing for the ARC! So this one….Let me start by saying that I was in need of some true female empowerment when I found this book and I definitely found it! Lately I’ve needed to find inspiration again in the world, in myself to seek it out and prove that it still exists within me. The world is a tough place and this life is not an easy one to navigate, but ther...
  • Julia
    What a lovely little book. I have always found history and speeches fascinating, so combined this book made a great read. The compilation of speeches and the commentary on the women who gave them is diverse and represents a variety of perspectives. This book will leave you feeling inspired! Bonus that the illustrations are gorgeous!
  • Paige
    Inspiring and beautiful book!