Where the Forest Meets the Stars by Glendy Vanderah

Where the Forest Meets the Stars

An Amazon Charts and Washington Post bestseller.In this gorgeously stunning debut, a mysterious child teaches two strangers how to love and trust again.After the loss of her mother and her own battle with breast cancer, Joanna Teale returns to her graduate research on nesting birds in rural Illinois, determined to prove that her recent hardships have not broken her. She throws herself into her work from dusk to dawn, until her solitary routine is...

Details Where the Forest Meets the Stars

TitleWhere the Forest Meets the Stars
Release DateMar 1st, 2019
PublisherLake Union Publishing
GenreFiction, Contemporary

Reviews Where the Forest Meets the Stars

  • Larry H
    There are books you read that you enjoy, there are books that you love, and then there are the books you hold in your heart. Having just finished Glendy Vanderah's stunningly beautiful debut novel, Where the Forest Meets the Stars , I know it will be one to cherish. What a special book this was.Joanna Teale is an ornithologist who is recovering from a double blow: her mother's death and her own battle with breast cancer. Bearing physical and emo...
  • Jennifer ~ TarHeelReader
    There’s a reason (or two or three) why Where the Forest Meets the Stars is an Amazon bestseller. It’s special! ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ So special, in fact, I’m unlikely to forget this story or its characters. Joanna has had her share of trauma and grief. As a breast cancer survivor still grieving the loss of her mother, she goes back to graduate school to study birds (this in and of itself was fascinating, and a fun tidbit- the author had this...
  • Mackey
    4.5 or maybe 10 stars, I don't know. My mind is still blown. Don't ask me about stars right now. Oh wow! I know I shouldn’t begin a review with Oh Wow but I was so blown away with Where the Forest Meets the Stars that it has taken a few days to put words to my thoughts (and you see how well that has gone, right?) Oh wow is what I have come up with so far. Joanna Teale is an ornithologist is safely tucked away in a researcher’s cabin on the ma...
  • Nilufer Yenidogan Ozmekik
    I think so far this is the best book I’ve read on 2019. It’s so emotional, heart warming, poignant, amazing story of three people who try to live with the hand life’s dealt them. Jo, in a remission from cancer, Gabe, fighting with his depression and a little girl Ursa who defines herself as an alien brings them together and seal their fates. The story is about living not only surviving, staying strong and seeing the worthiness of your own l...
  • Stephanie
    Oh my heart. Sob sob sob. I loved, adored, TREASURED this book and I didn’t want it to end. I don’t want to give anything away so I’ll keep it brief but it was just PERFECT. Full of magic and hope and despair and pain and longing and love and loss and fear and more magic. Woven throughout the story are threads of love. Love lost, love gained, love that the characters dreamt of but weren’t sure they deserved, weren’t sure they were capab...
  • Amy
    4.5/5When my publicist buddy Ashley sent me this and said, you were this first person I thought of when I finished this one, it’s right up your alley and is very similar to Catherine Ryan Hyde I had a feeling I was in for a treat! Man was she ever right, I was totally charmed by this one it’s such an unusual and gorgeous read.I adore books about unlikely friendships and the sudden bond that develops between Jo and Ursa was the type that I lik...
  • Jennifer Kyle
    4.5 Stars! What a wonderful story. This is definitely an author to look out for!!!
  • DJ Sakata
    Favorite Quotes:As always, words fail when you most want to say the right thing… I’ve decided language isn’t as advanced as we think it is. We’re still apes trying to express our thoughts with grunts while most of what we want to communicate stays locked in our brains.He was teaching her how to play poker, and they were using oyster crackers as betting chips. “First guns, now gambling,” Jo said. “You’re a bad influence.” “Not ...
  • Rachel
    This was an amazon first read selection for February '19. I read through it very quickly -- it is that kind of book (and I took a 'read' day this past weekend for myself). I think that the premise and the characters were actually quite unique and built on a solid foundation. As a research wildlife biologist myself, I related to both the biologist side of Jo, but also to the complex, agoraphobic Gabe...and to the awkward, fumbling relationship dan...
  • Goth Gone Grey
    Magical quarks, full of emotion, possible spoilers. First few pages: Alien kid, like KPAX or Sati. Ok, I can get into this. A few more pages: Ominous foreshadowing. Not digging that. But hey, there's a cute dog, too! A few chapters in: A romance between two damaged people. This works, too, and it works with the star child and the dog. Nice. I'll just forget about that foreshadowing nonsense. A few more chapters: Ooooooohhhhh.... This book is goin...
  • TL
    *Got via Amazon first reads, one of the hardcovers I picked*
  • Erica Robyn
    Where the Forest Meets the Stars by Glendy Vanderah is a wonderfully heartwarming tale about the challenges that life throws our way, but how the power of love can heal all. However, this book wasn't all star-shine and baby kittens. This book was also thrilling, terrifying, and frustrating, and it tackled a number of really difficult elements. I loved every second of it! This book immediately found it's place on my top ten favorite books. Hence, ...
  • Chandra Claypool (wherethereadergrows)
    THIS BOOK. My heart feels so utterly full after reading this - I don't even know what to do with myself! I am in love with Ursa, Jo and Gabe. They all have their battles and come together unexpectedly and it's the best damn thing I've read in this genre in a while. Let's talk about the characters - Ursa, this precocious and utterly stubborn girl was an absolute delight. A genius among geniuses and certainly a girl you cannot ignore and who will m...
  • Meg - A Bookish Affair
    4.5 stars. In "Where the Forest Meets the Stars," all Jo wants is peace and quiet to continue her field study of birds after a harrowing fight with cancer at a very young age. A cabin in the woods seems like the perfect place to hide away from the world. When a strange lost little girl named Ursa finds Jo and comes to stay, Jo's world will be turned upside down. Not only does she find an unbreakable bond with Ursa but she'll share that bond with ...
  • Hallie Szott
    4.5Glendy Vanderah’s debut novel Where the Forest Meets the Stars is one that captured my heart and imagination, and I absolutely loved it.Joanna Teale intends to spend the summer simply observing nesting birds, returning to graduate studies after disruptive hardships, when she encounters a dirty, little girl—one claiming to be an alien, one capable of changing her life. The girl, known as Ursa, claims to be searching for five miracles before...
  • Suzanne Moore
    An Amazing storyI can't believe this is a first novel! It's the best book I've ever read from the Amazon prime monthly offerings. I could hardly put it down and read it in two sittings over two weekend days.
  • Kelin
    The more I think about this book the less I like it 🥺 When I first started reading it I was really enjoying it...alien girl, stray dog, cute guy, what’s not to like? The more I read on though the more unbelievable it became.Jo was a woman who had a shit hand of cards dealt to her in the last couple yrs. She even admitted that she didn’t really like kids and had a hard time connecting with them but by the end she was adopting her??? The dec...
  • Kathleen
    If you are an Amazon Prime member and have not yet selected your Kindle First Reads book for February 2019, grab this now!What a great book! I started reading this novel on Saturday night and ended up rearranging my Superbowl Sunday plans so that I could finish it the next day. The characters are very human, very imperfect, and so endearing. The reader meets the little girl at the same time that the characters do and we are all swept away by the ...
  • Kathy
    Three stars for the first 50% of this debut book. It charmed me with the appearance of a child that truly did seem to be intelligent enough to be alien, and the young woman who opened her home and heart was also engaging. It has qualities of a fairy tale until it meets harsher truths. My preference would have been a short story that ended in the middle of the book.I appreciated the bird work, the natural setting in Illinois, the healing power of ...
  • Cindy
    Magical, wonder-filled, debut novel. I was enchanted by this story of two neighbors dealing with their past and its effects and a young girl / alien who brings them together in her quest for 5 miracles. Ursa Major wanders into Jo's well-ordered life as a graduate researcher studying birds in Southern Illinois. It's a solitary existence and she uses this distance to shield herself from her heartaches as she deals with her mother's death and her ow...
  • Kristin
    Going by the star rating, I have to say this book was just "okay".(SPOILERS AHEAD)My biggest issue with this book is that I didn't like the protagonist, Jo.At all. The first half of the book she was a robot, completely void of a personality. The second half of the book, I thought she was very pretentious. Also for a scientist she sure is ignorant and bigoted, particularly when it involves mental health. I didn't appreciate her forcing Gabe to cha...
  • Stacy
    Gah! I’m so disappointed! This book had so much potential. It could have been so beautiful. The premise was good, the characters were good, things just weren’t executed to their full potential. Ursa was magical. I loved her so much. Jo’s relationship to her cancer diagnoses and her new body could have been done better. It felt forced to me, like the author was trying too hard to create an emotional atmosphere and it just didn’t feel genui...
  • Ruthy lavin
    Oh, be still my beating heart!! What a fantastic debut novel this is - a beautifully written fantastical tale of human kindness and fate.There is a hint of Mitch Albom to this story, which is a huge compliment to the author. I really didn’t know where it was going and what kind of an ending we were going to have, I won’t spoil it by revealing anything but boy what an emotional roller coaster!Easily worthy of a 5 star rating - just beautiful.
  • Amy
    I received an advanced review copy of this novel from the publishing house. All thoughts and opinions are my own.This selection is currently available for FREE for Prime members so definitely scoop it up! This is a heartwarming debut about how a child teaches two strangers to find love and trust again.The story opens immediately with a child showing up at a woman's temporary home where she is residing while studying research on nesting birds . Di...
  • Harley
    This novel, set in southern Illinois, is an excellent first novel by Glendy Vanderah. Jo, a graduate student, is spending the summer in southern Illinois studying the nesting habits of birds. The appearance of a young 11 year old girl out of nowhere and puts in motion events that will change Jo's life. The mystery that keeps the reader glued to the book is whom the girl is and where did she come from. The author does a great job of keeping the re...
  • Isabelle
    I received a free copy of this book through Amazon First Reads. This does not affect my rating or opinions.Rating may change later, it's an ambivalent four stars (which I think is new for me!). I suspect this book will go widely overlooked, and it deserves better because it is an incredible debut. While I would not recommend it for everyone, for the right reader this one will be magical.The premise, the execution — minus a few things that I'll ...
  • Stacey A. Prose and Palate
    4.5 Stars
  • Rebecca
    What can I say about this debut except this...I want more Glendy Vanderah! Wow, I loved this book and devoured it, but just didn't want it to end! So many themes and all wrapped together in a wonderful storyline. All the many ways we love and all the many kinds of love. All wrapped up with the natural world and all it's magic! Oh, and kudos for addressing the subject of social anxiety, agoraphobia, and depression. Currently dealing with this in o...
  • Producervan in Cornville, AZ from New Orleans & L.A.
    Where the Forest Meets the Stars by Glendy Vanderah. Fiction. 304 pages. Source: Amazon. Format: Kindle ebook. Expected Publication Date: 01 March 2019 by Lake Union.This was my first ebook from Amazon’s First Reads. What a great way to start! A cozy relationship develops between an unlikely trio of people, the protagonist a midtwenties cancer survivor named Joanna Teale, a 25-year old man with agoraphobia and depression, and the runaway girl w...
  • Anna Luce
    ★★✰✰✰ 2 starsIf I could just rate the first 30% of this novel I would have given this 4 stars. Sadly, I found the depiction of depression and social to be lousy, and worse, I thought that the romantic relationship between the two leads is...worrisome.Initially I was enjoying this story. In spite of the main characters' troubled pasts (Ursa, a child who shows signs of abuse, claims that she is an alien researching human beings; Jo is fin...