The Home by Karen Osman

The Home

Angela was just a baby when her mum left her for the last time, and a children's home is no place to grow up. The home's manager Ray takes the girls off to his 'den' in the garden and the littlies come back crying, and Ray's wife Kath has special wooden spoons which she saves for beating any of the children who dare to misbehave. So, when wealthy couple James and Rosemary come to choose a child to adopt, Angela is desperate to escape. But the sca...

Details The Home

TitleThe Home
Release DateSep 4th, 2018
GenreAdult, Suspense, Thriller, Psychological Thriller

Reviews The Home

  • Dash fan
    4☆ A Compelling and Poignant Domestic Thriller/ DramaWow oh wow, what a Compelling Read, it was Poignant and gripping I couldn't put it down!I wasn't too sure what to expect when reading the blurb for The Home.Angela was abandoned in a Children's home.Sinister things happen whilst Angela is living there and the more you delve into those memories, via diary entries the more you want to save each of the children from the violence and abuse!Luckil...
  • sue
    I read some reviews after I read this book. I never read reviews before as I dont like to be influenced. But I do enjoy reading others points of view. Makes me step back and think.I actually enjoyed the skilled writing in this book. It urged me along quite nicely. I thought about this little girl being left up for adoption. Why and what thoughts would this child have growing up.She makes friends with others in this orphanage but of course we know...
  • Sue
    THE HOME by Karen Osman is the story of three women all connected by adoption. While this novel is listed as a psychological thriller, I feel it is more of a psychological drama. This is a story of lies and abuse and some may find it disturbing. She should have been safeAngela was raised by foster parents, Rosemary and James. Angelas biological mother is Evelyn. Angela was just a baby when her mum left her for the last time, and a children's hom...
  • Eva
    Well, this didn't at all turn out the way I expected it to from the book description. Which, quite frankly, also gives away way too much, in my most humble opinion.To begin with, despite a few events near the end of the book, I'm finding it hard to label this as a psychological thriller. For the most part, it reads as a drama and for the first half of the book, there didn't seem to be that much happening at all.The chapters switch between three w...
  • Chloe
    3 ½ stars Angela was adopted by Rosemary and James when she had lost all hope of escaping the childrens home where kids were beaten with wooden spoons by the manager and taken to the den when they misbehave. Now years later at the top of her career Angelas finds her biological mother Evelyn but instead of a happy reunion strange sinister things start to happen around them.The Home by Karen Osman narrated from three womens POV, as well as a diary...
  • Shalini
    This book was a little slow for my interest. It dealt with topics like child abuse, lies and neglect, which was mentally draining for me. The story had Angela wanting to try to find her real family. There were too many timelines to keep track, with journal entries, and a slow drip feed of information. The secrets are soon revealed with an unexpected twist. But the child abuse really pulled me down and I had to skim read it, to protect myself.
  • Michelle
    Review can be found on my blog here: https://booksonthebookshelf.wordpress...This book was a pleasure to read from beginning to end. I fell in love with the characters in the book, especially Angela and her adoptive parents James and Rosemary. You read about Angelas upbringing as a child, her abandonment by her mother, and what life was like for the various children living in the childrens home. You cant help but feel so many mixed emotions for t...
  • TracieB♠️
    I don't like leaving a bad review, to be fair i am sure most don't, but still it makes me feel awful. but it's all about honesty so.... I did not hate this book, but sadly i didn't love it either, far from it really, reading the blurb i just thought it would be a lot more sinister and dark/gritty but it fell short for me and it didn't help that i just didn't particularly like the characters! i got to 50% and i just felt like it plodded along, don...
  • Betty
    Wow, this book had some fantastic twists! Really enjoyed reading this one.Full review coming soon.
  • Dawn
    Although I guessed where this was going fairly early on, I really enjoyed reading it. I think a little more couldve been made of the 80s setting, but it was dark and unsettling and I read it in one sitting. Although I guessed where this was going fairly early on, I really enjoyed reading it. I think a little more could’ve been made of the 80s setting, but it was dark and unsettling and I read it in one sitting.
  • Eve beinguniquebooks
    In this book we meet successful solicitor Angela whom grew up in care until she was fourteen and got adopted by James and Rosemary.Her foster life was harsh and some of the things you read in here are unimaginable to have to face at her young age back then
  • Emma ♪
    I'm shocked that this book has 5* ratings if I'm honest with you. The book is generally well written and I enjoy chapters that skip from person to person as the story unfolds. The story of the children's home is told really well and the journal entries were fun to read. Although the girls write in exactly the same style despite never meeting and through the entire 20 years they've been journalling? The book started off so very good. There were so...
  • Book-Lover Book Blog
    Right, now where to start with this review? My mind is still whirling in circles and I trying to get to grips of that ending... I definitely didn't see that coming!! Who I suspected? Well, it wasn't. I'm quite impressed, and mystified, with how the author never let NOTHING slip throughout the whole book!!!The characters - Angela, Rosemary, James, Evelyn - were all so amazingly well portrayed, though I really wasn't fond of Angela's snobbiness or ...
  • DubaiReader
    A tough upbringing.We were lucky enough to have the author come to our Book Group discussion and share the story of how she won the highly coveted Emirates Festival of Literature, Montegrappa Novel writing prize in 2016, with her first book, The Good Mother. This resulted in a three book deal, of which The Home is her second book. I had already read and enjoyed The Good Mother and this was an excellent second novel. To compare the two, I would sa...
  • Marianne
    I really enjoyed this until the reveal of one twist which is such an overused cliche! The story was dark and captivating. The characters were interesting and the slow burn of a build up was just right. There were a good amount of twists. Some of them were great and came out of nowhere completely taking me by surprise. They changed my perception of the character(s). It was a well crafted story. Like I said I enjoyed it. It was pretty disturbing an...
  • Mary Thomas
    3.5 * Thanks to Netgalley for my copy.This is the story of Angela who is adopted from a children's home by James and Rosemary. Fast forward and she is a solicitor slogging away at work. Her adoptive father becomes ill and encourages Angela to find her birth mother. It is told in alternating time-lines with flashbacks to the children's home in the 1960"s.This is a tale of lies, betrayal and abuse and some may find it disturbing. It is a bit slow a...
  • Donna Maguire
    1970-01-01 really enjoyed this story, it had great drama and suspense that built up in the book to a really good ending!The pace was spot on and I liked the writing style, it was great for the story and gave it an added edge.I thought that the characters were well developed and they worked really well with the plot to make this one a thoroughly enjoyed psychological thriller!Four stars from me, I really enjoyed it!
  • Philomena Callan Cheekypee
    The Home is my first but certainly not my last read by this author as I absolutely loved this story. When Angela was a baby her mum left her and she ended up in a childrens home. It wasnt a nice place with Ray taking the kids to his den and his wife Kath with her wooden spoons to be used on the kids. She cant believe her luck when a rich couple decide to adopt her. This story is told through three points of view which gave us a great insight into...
  • Sharon
    This story is told mainly from the perspective of Angela. Angela is a 27 year old solicitor, who was adopted as a child and recently, due to her adoptive fathers cancer diagnosis, she has begins to look for her birth mother. In between these chapters, there is also the birth mothers story and also the diary extracts from a child who is in a childrens home. Angelas birth mother, Evelyn has had a difficult life since she gave her child up all those...
  • Jessica Jarlvi
    I thoroughly enjoyed this novel - full of family drama, intrigue and plenty of interesting characters. It kept me guessing until the end.
  • Myreadbooks
    I would like to thank Aria Publishing and the Netgalley website for this partnership.I was immediately attracted to the cover. We see Angela with a frightened look in her eyes. A catchphrase also attracts my attention: "The house is where your heart breaks".Angela was abandoned by her mother, and she was forced to go to a home, but it was not a part of the fun, because she was beaten by the manager with wooden spoons. A couple comes to adopt her,...
  • peggy
    I have just finished this book and all I can say is WOWThis book is dark in places, heart breaking and very emotional. In places I found it hard to read as it was upsetting. Saying that this author just has a way with words. A psychological thriller with so many twists and turns. A very emotional book which will stay in my thoughts long after I finished this book. I will definitely be looking out for more of this authors books. I would like to th...
  • Cassie-Traveling Sister-
    This book starts with the main character going back to her roots to find her real family with the encouragement of of her adoptive parents. During the story line its also filled with journal entries of when she was in a childrens home. It made you really hurt with her and hope for a family . There are some parts with child abuse that made be unsettling for some. Its sad the amount of abuse this poor girl went through and felt myself tear up at ti...
  • michelle
    Thought I would give this book a go as its a friend of mines daughter. WOW I could not put it down read it in less than 24 hours absolutely gripping page turner with some of the biggest plot twists I have ever read in a book. You want to read an excellent edge of your seat page turner this book is for you. Thought I would give this book a go as it’s a friend of mines daughter. WOW I could not put it down read it in less than 24 hours absolute...
  • Jenni Richards
    Didn't see that coming! Brilliant! Loved the characters, all very believe able. Would have liked to have heard from other sister earlier, even, if it meant making the reader think there was maybe a split personality thing happening. I had to go back and read the last two chapters twice to really get it, and I still had questions.. excellent read though!
  • Lynn Mccarthy
    I wasn't too sure what to expect when reading the blurb for The Home.This is a story of lies and abuse and some may find it disturbing. Full of family drama, intrigue and plenty of interesting characters. It kept me guessing until the end.
  • Genevieve Aylott
    . Overall, I enjoyed the book but it just didn't grab me and I had to persist to reach the end. I felt the representation of some of the characters was unrealistic and the ending, for me, was ultimately an anticlimax. I did enjoy the style of writing from the different viewpoints and diary entries, which broke up the story.
  • Rebecca Pirkle
    I really enjoyed this book! I haven't read a book this good in forever! I highly recommend this book to everyone!!!! I loved the characters and the twist and turns.
  • Kathy Brackin
    Unexpected ending 😱😱
  • CrazyCat (Alex)
    Fantastic story with some terrifying moments and a twist I did not see coming. It was really hard to read the diary entries about the children homes in the UK. The poor children, what a life with abuse and violent beatings. It made sense that growing up in such a home had an everlasting effect on the children. Highly recommended!I chose to read this book and all opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased. Thanks to NetGalley and A...