Castle on the Rise (Lost Castle, #2) by Kristy Cambron

Castle on the Rise (Lost Castle, #2)

A storied castle. A band of rebels. And a nation chasing the centuries-old dream of freedom . . . What legacy will they leave behind?When Laine Forrester travels to France to attend her longtime friend's vineyard wedding, she expects to find a bride on the brink of a fairy-tale life. But after a series of unforeseen setbacks--a devastating diagnosis, a castle restoration put on hold, and the emergence of deep-seated family dynamics that threaten ...

Details Castle on the Rise (Lost Castle, #2)

TitleCastle on the Rise (Lost Castle, #2)
Release DateFeb 5th, 2019
PublisherThomas Nelson
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Romance, Fiction, Christian Fiction, Contemporary

Reviews Castle on the Rise (Lost Castle, #2)

  • Andrea Cox
    FTC Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of this book from NetGalley and publisher Thomas Nelson. A positive review was not required. These are my honest thoughts and opinions.My heart cries to have to write a negative review for this book. Please know this was excruciating to put voice to.The following content broke my heart.The first third was basically an advertisement for Guinness beer, and there were a plethora of other alcoholic refe...
  • Olivia
    Before reading: Ireland, this cover, and the author
  • Heidi Robbins (Heidi Reads...)
    Such an evocative telling of three different yet connected stories. I have to admit I struggled with the triple storyline in the first book The Lost Castle, but with this one I found the setting of Ireland so compelling and loved the history I discovered among its pages. I don't remember learning about Ireland's struggle for freedom in school, and I am especially grateful to the author for bringing it to life in such a meaningful way. It made me ...
  • Melissa Tagg
    Once again, Kristy Cambron amazes me with her ability to weave together not two, but three storylines in three separate time periods. And it's not only that she's done the research or found a way to tie each story together...but she's made all three compelling and interesting! Throw in her usual beautiful writing'd be hard-pressed to pick a favorite from the three heroines and their journeys, but Maeve and Eoin's story might be...
  • Elizabeth Dragina
    Oh my poor heart. These couples will hold such a dear spot in my memories. Everything about this series is just so unique and perfectly overflowing with history. And just like The Lost Castle this one destroyed my tattered emotions. I just can't keep everything together when reading Kristy Cambron. She is one of thee best historical fiction authors that I've read. The history and culture just floods every page, but the way the story is told makes...
  • Deanne Patterson
    Set in Ireland over three time periods revolving around three generations of women and their devotion to the castle. As much as I wanted to I did not enjoy the story even though I read the first book in the series and enjoyed it much better. This did have a lot of history in it but the book itself really dragged.Pub Date 05 Feb 2019I was given a complimentary copy of this book. Thank you. All opinions expressed are my own.
  • Julie Carpenter
    A couple years ago I had seen a couple books by Kristy Cambron popping up different places. I was intrigued by the covers and seeing that some of my friends on Goodreads had read or were reading them, made me even more intrigued. When the first book (read my review for The Lost Castle here) in this series showed up on NetGalley, I thought to myself, "why not take a chance and see?" I was completely pulled into the story from the very beginning an...
  • Staci
    Loved the imagery of Ireland in this novel. It sounds lovely.All three story lines have the commonality of the struggle for Irish independence and a castle. Each story line was engaging although I enjoyed the current day and WWI time periods the most.My gratitude to Thomas Nelson for a complimentary copy of the novel. I was not required to post a review and all opinions expressed are my own.
  • Melanie
    Castle on the Rise is the second book in the Lost Castle series. I'm sad to say that I didn't enjoy this one as much as the first book, The Lost Castle. I don't know if was the book or just my reading mood, but I had a hard time following all three timelines. I also wasn't fond of a few things that happened in the book.I did like the setting. It was nice to read a book about Ireland, even if the storyline wasn't a happy one at times. All in all, ...
  • Chautona Havig
    I thought I'd share the best and worst parts of the book, and since three things are equally divided between best and worst, that’ll make it easy!First, there’s the description.Kristy Cambron knows how to paint a vivid picture with words and, much to my delight, without extraneous words. Most of the time. While there were a few places where I felt like the description slipped a little too close to overdone, for the most part, it couldn’t ha...
  • Loraine
    This book has 3 distinct timelines that are interwoven. The earliest is set in 1798 with the Irish rebellion that started it all and the main character is Maeve who is the castle's lady of legend fighting for survival as her father grieves the loss of his wife. Maeve's brother is in England which he much prefers, so Maeve must become the mistress of the castle and protector of her tenants. The second timeline is 1916 starring Issy (Lady Isabel) a...
  • Caitlyn Santi
    Having read and loved several of Kristy Cambron's books in the past I was excited to read this one, even more so once I found it was set in Ireland aka one of my very favorite places to read about! I love time-slip novels, but to be honest I was a little nervous at first that I would find it difficult to keep up with the three different time periods, but I needn't have worried! Kristy wove them all together beautifully and there was never any con...
  • Kav
    "Ireland has a million stories and if you stay long enough you'll learn them all."Heartfelt, shivery sigh. Followed by some muffled sobs and inelegant hiccups. I need a moment...or a recover from this splendiferous read.Heart-breaking. Awe-inspiring. Hope-lifting. Sure and Kristy Cambron must have kissed the blarney stone, her words are that eloquent. And greatly enhanced by the narration of Amy Rubinate. I listened to the audible versi...
  • Clara
    I have read every single Kristy Cameron book.I have shed tears in every one.I’ve hugged them and reread them and they never seize to amaze me.So I’m pretty sure I know what I’m saying: this is her best work yet.Beautiful and superb writing alongside side an impeccable research draws you in to a beautiful country. But what captured me the most was the depth of the author’s respect and compassion for another country’s culture and history,...
  • Toni Shiloh
    This is a read that begs you to take the time to just soak in the atmosphere and the words that appear in front of you, because they're not just words. Ms. Cambron arranges them so artistically that you’re transported to the magical world of Ireland and all that it inspires.Set in three time-periods, Ms. Cambron takes you on an adventure. I must admit that the present day timeline was my favorite. How could it not be with a hero such as Cormac....
  • Beth Erin
    Full review on FaithfullyBookish.comThere are books to be devoured and there are books to be savored. Like a deliciously rich dessert, this is a book to savor, reader friends. I often found myself lingering over the pages, contemplating the different time periods, and adoring the characters—modern-day Laine, 1916 Issy, and 1798 Maeve. I completely enjoyed each interlaced plot, every high and low, each historical fact and fictional embellishment...
  • Christina (Confessions of a Book Addict)
    Laine travels to France to attend her best friend's vineyard wedding. She is expecting perfection. France? A vineyard? What is not to love? But she finds out some upsetting information from the bride, Ellie, and perhaps things aren't as perfect as she thought. After the wedding, she finds herself traveling to Ireland with Ellie in tow to help her out in her time of need. This works for Laine though as she is avoiding heading back home as she has ...
  • Lydia Howe
    WHY I CHOOSE THIS BOOKKristy Cambron's books and I have a strange relationship, yet despite that I always find myself wanting to read her latest release and get lost in her lovely writing. The first book in this series,Lost Castle, was one of my favorites Miss Kristy has written, so when an ebook ofCastle on the Risewas up for review on NetGalley, I excitedly requested it.WHAT I THOUGHT ABOUT THIS BOOKHere's my strange relationship with Miss Kris...
  • Beth Vogt
    Once again, author Kristy Cambron pulled me in from the very beginning of Castle on the Rise with her talent for painting vivid scenes. It's evident she loves Ireland and she wants her readers to fall in love with Ireland too. The novel weaves back and forth between three time periods -- and Cambron handles all three well -- and I came to care about the lives of each of the main characters. I finished the book with tears in my eyes.
  • Maureen Timerman
    This book takes us through three time periods in Ireland with the location of the same Castle, with the decades spanning the 1700’s through to present, each leaving their mark.Now this is the second book, which I hadn’t realized, but was brought up to date while reading, and now need to go back and read!The author presents us with three strong women, and the battles and sacrifices that are made for those they love and care about.A beautiful d...
  • MJSH
    "Live every moment. That's what you said to me when I walked down the aisle, remember? I gift it back to you. Fix every second of this night in your heart. Protect it, and visit it often."Another stunning and absolutely captivating time-split novel by Kristy Cambron! I am not a novice to the author's writing, yet am still astounded every time I read her books. This story takes place mostly in Ireland - in 1797 during an uprising against the Engli...
  • Amanda
    This story is told in 3 different time periods (present day, 1916, and 1798) and follows many characters in Ireland. All the stories involve a crumbling castle and manor near the Irish Sea.The story is very atmospheric, as I read the words, I was swept away to Ireland and felt as though I was travelling along with the characters. Kristy Cambron is very gifted of describing everything so that the picture is very clear and vivid.I found the book to...
  • Sarah Monzon
    Can I take a tour of castles all over the world please? Unfortunately my pocket book won’t allow that but I can at least Journey to Ireland in the pages of this book. The castle isn’t as focal in this book as the first but then setting descriptions are just as beautiful. Because of the three time periods, this book is best binge-read, in my opinion. Otherwise it can take a little while to get swept away in the stories. Looking forward to book...
  • Dawn
    So rich in history and my heart cried for the characters.
  • Lou Allen
    Castle on the Rise is a dramatic mix of three stories in three time periods, all set in the same part of Ireland.This is definitely not a quiet stroll through the Irish countryside! All three stories are stacked full of events and emotions and I lost count of the number of cliffhangers as we jumped back and forth between the stories. This book mixes fast pacing with descriptive language which works well within the historical time periods. As an E...
  • Tamara
    I loved this story of three women living in Ireland during different time periods learning to love, heal and rise above their situations.
  • Rebecca
    "Ashford Manor was a time capsule hidden in the Irish countryside". . . . . .a castle overlooking a span of cliffs and exploding surf below". It was a castle on the rise.When a reclusive pub customer bequeaths her entire castle estate to a family broken apart by grief and misunderstanding, a father and his sons tiptoe around the questions that none of them want to ask or attempt to answer. It takes a lovely wedding and its guests to begin the que...
  • Hallie Szott
    4.5Kristy Cambron does it again. Castle on the Rise is an exquisite trip through history and ruins, worth every page. “But there’s something about dreams that don’t need castle ruins or fairy-tale endings to make life beautiful. We can still have the happy while we stand up to the sad.”Laine travels with her daughter to France to attend the wedding of friend Ellie (of The Lost Castle) in the midst of life-changing challenges for them both...
  • Natalie Walters
    The beauty of Ireland and her history come alive in Castle on the Rise. Author, Kristy Cambron, introduces readers to three stories set upon the sacred grounds where Irish rebellion and tenacious courage collide. There's so much that I love about this book. From the endearing Irish brogue to the fine detail playing over every setting detail to characters steeped with the kind of gumption and fortitude it was hard for me not to seek them out in hi...
  • Clare O'Beara
    The author has visited Ireland while researching for her book. Three time periods feature; modern day, 1916 and 1798, the latter two famous for rebellions. The castle at the heart is a ruin already in 1798 and the family we follow farms the nearby land. Three women are the subjects, and I particularly like that in 1916 one of them has a new camera and takes up photojournalism. For some readers there will actually be too much content, too many det...