Of Fire and Lions by Mesu Andrews

Of Fire and Lions

The Old Testament book of Daniel comes to life in this novel for readers of Lynn Austin's Chronicles of the Kings series or Francine Rivers' Mark of the Lion series.Survival. A Hebrew girl first tasted it when she escaped death nearly seventy years ago as the Babylonians ransacked Jerusalem and took their finest as captives. She thought she'd perfected in the many years amongst the Magoi and the idol worshippers, pretending with all the others in...

Details Of Fire and Lions

TitleOf Fire and Lions
Release DateMar 5th, 2019
PublisherWaterbrook Press
GenreBiblical Fiction, Historical, Historical Fiction, Christian Fiction, Christian, Fiction, Biblical

Reviews Of Fire and Lions

  • Loraine
    Mesu Andrews says her philosphy of writing Biblical fiction is: 1) Biblical accounts and Scripture to build the foundation, 2) Historical facts that support the truth of God's Word, and 3) creative fiction to hold the historical fact and Biblical truth together. This is so obvious in this wonderful tale of Daniel. The story is so well-fashioned that it seamlessly weaves all 3 components together to place me right in the middle of Daniel's life an...
  • Alysha (For The Love of Christian Fiction)
    Mesu Andrews with rip out your heart, step on it a few times, then mend it back together.This story was a lot to ingest. I wanted to savor every single moment of it, so it took me longer to finish it. In all honesty I could've gone for another 400 pages. Every word had a purpose and they hit their mark with perfect aim.One of the main reasons I love biblical fiction is how much it tests my knowledge of the Bible. Though I know my fair share of th...
  • Pamela
    Faith in the face of exceptionally oppressive times, taken captive in a land of pagan gods and brutal sovereignty. This fictionalized story of Abigail (Belili) and dream interpreting prophet Daniel is every bit a story of faith and love, along with being a family/marital story of devotion, honor, long-suffering, forgiveness and second chances.And it is superb! Extremely well written, and fascinatingly captivating. I love Mesu Andrew's writing sty...
  • Sarah Monzon
    Anyone else an Adventures in Odyssey fan? I always used to think taking a ride in the Imagination Station would be really cool. Well, you don’t need a trip to Whit’s end in order to find yourself caught up in the adventure and action found in bible stories. All you need is a Mesu Andrews book! The fiery furnace and the lion’s den are two stories we’ve all grown up hearing in church school and family worship. Mesu makes those stories come ...
  • Jill
    If you are a fan of biblical fiction, you won't want to miss this exciting retelling of the life of Daniel. Mesu Andrews is a wonderful story teller. She includes a lot of historical details that enrich the biblical account. The story is told through the eyes of a fictional character named Abigail. I enjoyed her character development and story line. She added an interesting female aspect to what would have been an all male story.I received a free...
  • Andi
    If you grew up in Sunday school like I did I’m sure you’ve heard the story of Meshach, Shadrach, and Abednego in the fiery furnace and their best friend Daniel in the lion’s den during their exile in Babylon. But, have you truly experienced the story in a way that makes it unforgettable? That is what Of Fire and Lions does. I’ve read Daniel, studied it, even Bible quizzed on it as a kid, but Mesu Andrews with the use of an exiled Hebrew g...
  • Susan
    Mesu Andrew's Of Fire and Lions tells the story of Daniel. It is told from the POV of Daniel and Belili. While the Bible tells us that Daniel maintained a strong walk when faced with persecution, many Hebrews in captivity struggled to maintain a close relationship with God. Ms. Andrew's chooses to give Daniel a wife and family. In Belili, the author gives us a heroine that has learned to be strong and courageous in order to survive. The story spa...
  • Katie
    I read this book in one sitting. A facinating look at Daniel and the Babylonian captivity.
  • Laura
    OF FIRE AND LIONS is Ms. Andrews' newest biblical fiction and fans of this genre will devour it. Biblical fiction is not my favorite genre, I find it changes the way I look at the Bible and I am not sure if how much of the story is fiction. However, Ms. Andrews is a very talented author, the story is engaging and hard to put down--even for me, a non-fan! Her characters come to life on the page and as the reader, I care.If you love biblical fictio...
  • Audrey
    At first I found the story confusing since it alternated between different time periods in Daniel's life but soon it came together. I was sceptical about Daniel having a wife but the author explained that possibly a eunoch was a palace official. Ok, I grant her the right for artistic license. The story was written from Abigail/ Belili's perspective. She was a childhood friend of Daniel in the early years of their captivity. Years later she became...
  • Anne
    This is another success for Mesu Andrews! I don’t read her books but I become part of her books. When I read the description I knew I must have it in my hands. I love to read anything about Daniel. He is one of my favorites besides Jesus. I love the way Mesu gave this fictional bible story to life. The characters, the time and feeling part of this book was such a wonderful experience. I love how she made this book come alive.I received a copy o...
  • Jenelle Hovde
    Profound. Heartbreaking realism. Gorgeous romance and family reconciliation set within the dangerous court of Nebuchadnezzar. This could be my favorite read of 2019. Belili is flawed and yet so relatable as she hides secrets and tries to keep her family and her great love, Daniel, safe. Loved this novel. Fantastic romance. I wasn’t expecting that. Surprisingly uplifting book considering the history. Highly recommend for book clubs.
  • Phyllis
    Freedom despite captivityMesu Andrews brings the book of Daniel to life in this exciting tale. Not content to have her characters molded perfectly, without flaw, for her readers to wish they could emulate, she carves them out of flesh and blood and makes them fully human. She took the Biblical account and made it come to life for me more than than it has in the past as I considered even more the things the captives would have seen and experienced...
  • Kathy DiDomizio
    Mesu Andrews writes Biblical fiction in a way that completely draws me into her stories like few other authors. I have thoroughly enjoyed all her books, but Of Fire and Lions is my new favorite!This beautifully told story follows a Hebrew girl, Abigail, who is captured in the fall of Jerusalem in 605 BC and made a servant to four young princes who were also taken in the siege. It becomes her charge to ensure the princes, who include Daniel, arriv...
  • Dianna
    Abigail is a Hebrew servant when, at age nine, she is taken as a captive into Babylon. She is assigned to serve Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. I thoroughly enjoyed this imagined retelling of the life of Daniel (and his fictional family) from the Old Testament. So many Bible-based books that I pick up lately seem have the goal of exposing all the weirdness that is in the Bible (and yes! there's a lot! I get it!). I found it refreshing th...
  • Ruth
    In her latest novel, Of Fire and Lions, Mesu Andrews explores the nation of Israel's Babylonian captivity through the eyes of Abigail, a young Hebrew maid whose life is inextricably entwined with four young Hebrew princes caught up in the first exile -- Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abendnego. This is perhaps Andrews' most ambitious novel to date, spanning some seventy years of heartbreak, hope, and redemption on both a national and an intimate,...
  • Lisa Johnson
    Title: Of Fire & LionsAuthor: Mesu AndrewsPages: 400Year: 2019Publisher: WaterBrookMy rating: 5 out of 5 stars.This novel includes characters who really lived, and readers can read the true events in the Bible. The author does an amazing job of utilizing her research in this fictional tale. At the end of the book, the author shares what she learned and her thoughts about the story. Daniel was a Jewish man who was royalty and was taken to Babylon ...
  • Faye
    Taken captive by the Babylonians, Abigail, fights to survive using her wit and charm to survive in Nebuchadnezzar's court, denying her Hebrew heritage and taking the name Belili.Now many years later she is married to Daniel, and mother to four daughters who resent her, everything changes when Daniel is called to interpret mysterious writing on the wall. What will the reign of Median King Darius mean for Belili and Daniel?Told for the most part th...
  • Helen
    Of Fire and Lions by Mesu Andrews is an outstanding book that brings to life the story of Daniel in the Bible. The story takes us from 605 BC to about 539 BC. Using Biblical facts, the author writes a fictional retelling of Daniel's life after the Babylonians took over Jerusalem to the returning of the exiles to Jerusalem. The main character in this story is Daniel's wife Abagail/Belili. I just loved this story from Abigail being the maid for Dan...
  • Vicky Sluiter
    So imagine Daniel. We know about “Daniel and the lions den”. We don’t know a lot more about him. Author Mesu Andrews helps to fill in some gaps with her “what if” novel. What if Daniel was married as a young man? But not to his first love. What if later that first love became his wife? Let me say that Andrews in no way states her book as “the way it was”. It’s clearly a work of fiction that makes you think about possibilities but ...
  • Janet Ferguson
    If you enjoy biblical fiction like Lynn Austin's god & kings series, you'll enjoy this fictional story of Daniel in the Old Testament. I like biblical fiction because it sends me to the Bible to see where the author got their research.
  • Lynna
    I fell in love with the wring of Mesu Andrews. Her telling the fictional account of Daniel was inspiring. I jave already gotten another one of her books. Isaiah's Daughter! She brought this part of the Bible to life for me and several times moved me to tears. A must must read!!
  • Molly Jaber (Cover To Cover Cafe)
    You all remember sitting in the Sunday school rooms growing up and hearing the tales of young Daniel and the Lion's Den? Or what about the story of Meshach, Shadrach, and Adednego? I definitely do! Mesu Andrews has taken those stories straight from the Old Testament and weaved them with the perfect amount of fiction, to make the story come to life and play out like a movie on the big screen. I loved learning more about Daniel and his life. It wa...
  • Rachel
    Ah-mazing. Mesu just keeps getting better and better! A must-read for biblical era fiction fans.
  • Violet Stone
    I want to write a review for this book but I don't know what to say. First I'll say thank you to Above the Treeline for a free copy in exchange for an honest review.But again, I don't have many thoughts towards this book.I have mixed feelings when an author takes a Bible character and adds to their story. It's unclear if Daniel every really had a wife but I understand that Andrews did a lot of research before writing so she probably had evidence ...
  • christianchicklit
    Another Amazing Book By Mesu Andrews!I have never read a book By Mesu Andrews that I did not completely love… and this one is no exception!Although I have done a comprehensive 12-week bible study from Beth Moore on Daniel, read Daniel for Dummies (yes it was a real book but can’t find it anymore), and studied the topic of Daniel’s life in detail, there were so many new things that I discovered about Daniel’s life through reading this book...
  • Becky Van Daniker
    Mesu Andrews is one of my favorite authors when it comes to biblical fiction. I had no idea what the author had in store for "Of Fire and Lions" except that the cover was absolutely stunning and that it would be based on the book of Daniel. Now, if you've grown up in the church then you're probably very familiar with this guy. That's what I love the most about this story. Mrs. Andrews brings to life the stories that happened thousands of years ag...
  • Robin Ryan
    I have a love/hate relationship with historical religious fiction books. On one hand I enjoy the expounding of a Biblical story that provides clarity about a culture and society of a particular period of time that on its own is difficult to understand. I appreciate learning about a place and a time that is foreign to me. On another hand I sometimes get frustrated if I feel the author takes too much liberty and adds or removes too much of the Bibl...
  • Marsha Dixon
    Of Fire And Lions by Mesu Andrews is the story of Daniel. Daniel is one of my favorite Bible characters. The cover of this book was also a huge draw. It’s beautiful. I’ve never read any books by this author before, but will be looking for some of her books now. This book begins with Daniel and Belili/Abigail in their old age, but has the story of their younger selves and adventures throughout their lifetimes woven into it. It focuses on their...
  • Barb
    I am a big fan of Mesu Andrew's Biblical fiction and very much enjoyed her newest, Of Fire and Lions. Mesu has a gift to make Bible characters come to life and leap off the page, and she certainly hit it out of the park with Daniel! I loved learning more about Daniel and the time period in which he lived. The background and history of what was going on in the Middle East politically, socially, economically, historically, was fascinating and reall...