Cemetery Road by Greg Iles

Cemetery Road

Sometimes the price of justice is a good man’s soul.The #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Natchez Burning trilogy returns with an electrifying tale of friendship, betrayal, and shattering secrets that threaten to destroy a small Mississippi town.“An ambitious stand-alone thriller that is both an absorbing crime story and an in-depth exploration of grief, betrayal and corruption… Iles’s latest calls to mind the late, great Southe...

Details Cemetery Road

TitleCemetery Road
Release DateMar 5th, 2019
PublisherWilliam Morrow & Company
GenreFiction, Mystery, Thriller, Mystery Thriller, Suspense

Reviews Cemetery Road

  • Paromjit
    This is a standalone thriller from Greg Iles, set in a small southern town, Bienville, in Mississippi with all the elements for a riveting read set in Trump's US, and all that entails. No-one here is free from flaws in this story of murder and twisted intrigues, least of all the protagonist, Marshall McEwan, estranged from his father, a Pulitizer prize winning journalist in the 1960s for his coverage of the Civil Rights movement. After 26 years a...
  • Beata
    I am afraid my thoughts on the latest novel by Greg Iles will not be that praising as in the case of the Natchez Burning Trilogy …. I was really looking forward to reading Cemetery Road since the deep south of the United States holds some allure that I can’t resist. The allure is still there, however, the novel disappointed me with regard to the characters, their secrets and their psychological development. I am sorry but I did not find their...
  • Tammy
    This is your usual Iles. A crusading and prize winning journalist returns to his small town Mississippi home to a less than functional family and barely functioning family newspaper. There is a murder which provides the impetus for the narrative. A cabal controls this town and nice men they are not. They are plenty of lies, deceit, betrayal and backstabbing. As I said, your usual Iles which is always entertaining.
  • Julie
    Cemetery Road by Greg Iles is a 2019 William Morrow publication. Small town corruption, family tragedies, betrayals, and murder- In other words- quintessential Greg Iles. In this standalone novel, award winning journalist, Marshall McEwan, returns home to Bienville, Mississippi to be closer to his parents after his estranged father is diagnosed with Parkinson’s. At least that’s what he tells himself. Deep in his heart, however, he acknowledge...
  • Joey R.
    4.5 Stars —This is the 10th book by Greg Iles I have read. Needless to say, if he wasn’t one of the best storytellers around, I wouldn’t have read 10 of his 16 novels. “Cemetery Road” is a stand alone book which doesn’t star Penn Cage, Iles’ most famous and well liked protagonists. It also doesn’t include one courtroom scene, which makes it different from most of Iles’ other books. However, despite these differences, this book d...
  • Brenda
    This book is fiction, but damn it, I know that what happens in this book happens in real life.A group of men obtain riches and power. The more they have, the more they want. They die and pass everything to their sons and then their sons. Starting after the Civil War in Mississippi, this group of men has played a long game. They spread their arms wide and circle the pot of poker chips in the middle of the table and pull the pile to themselves. In ...
  • Susanne Strong
    4 Stars.Complex, Twisty, Dark and Gritty. “Cemetery Road” is a standalone novel by Greg Iles. It is a brilliant character driven novel about family, friendship, love and politics in a small Mississippi town. Marshall McEwan is a reporter who returns to Bienville after a long absence. His father is ill and he has been tasked with taking over his dad’s ailing newspaper, The Watchman. Returning to Bienville is something he thought he’d neve...
  • Nilufer Ozmekik
    Different, complex, twisting story, a perfect combination of a family drama and real events on Florida mystery! An absorbing crime story,grief, betrayal in Southern community!
  • Lisa
    A first rate journey into a small town’s corrupt power brokers and the length they will go to protect their pockets. SUMMARYMarshall McEwan vowed never to return to his hometown, Beinville Mississippi when he left at age eighteen. He moved to Washington D.C. and became an extremely successful and award-winning journalist. But now his father is now dying and his mother needs Marshall to help with the debt-ridden family newspaper, The Watchman. S...
  • Tim
    Multiple plot lines become sullied and muddled until the end. By then, it's hard to care much for the characters. 3 of 10 stars
  • Darcy
    I usually really like this author, but this book was tough for me. I didn't care for any of the characters, hated what they were doing. As things went on things go messy, so very messy. About the time I started to like a character something would happen and I hated them again. By the end of the book I was just glad to be done and didn't really care if anyone found any happiness.
  • Amy
    Trump and capitalism bashing, PTSD, gay character, affairs, suicide, racist white old southern men, sex...in detail... mafia....check, check, check.....the list continues...all trendy topics thrown in for a rather pointless plot with unlikable characters. Would not recommend. Hang up the newspaper industry and write about something else. Seriously...twice in this story sex .... pubic hair and anal penetration.....play a plot role or twist. The au...
  • Zoe
    Ominous, pacey, and tragic!Cemetery Road is a gritty, engrossing novel about life in Bienville, Mississippi, a small town struggling with socioeconomic depression, corruption, murder, scheming politicians, and powerful, rich, white businessmen with no scruples.The prose is descriptive and tight. The characters are tormented, scarred, and complex. And the plot is a rollercoaster ride of twists, turns, deception, allegiances, revelations, greed, po...
  • Julie
    This is a well written novel by Greg Iles. Only problem is it is a crappy story. As others have said it is like there was a checklist to make sure all the nasties of life were included. But I have to say as in real life there are flowers in the patch of weeds. Buck, Quinn and Marshall's mom. Was there really anyone else to like?
  • Skip
    Like his Penn Cage series, this is classic Greg Iles: the main character is a writer, it is set in a small Southern city (Bienville), with a plot combining long-buried secrets, southern culture, complicated family dynamics, and nasty politics. Bienville is struggling with socioeconomic depression, corruption, murder, scheming politicians, and powerful, rich, white businessmen with no scruples (the Poker Club.)Winner of a Pulitzer Prize for a war ...
  • Ruth Askea
    I have read and enjoyed all the other books by Greg Iles but... I was so disappointed by the intrusion of current politics in this one. I read fiction for a reason, to escape and I don't need an author's political opinion (left or right) when doing this! I can turn the TV on if I want that!
  • Judy Collins
    Review to come!
  • Erin Clemence
    This review is for the audio version of “Cemetery Road”, by Greg Illes, narrated by Scott Brick and published by HarperAudio. Audio: 4 stars Scott Brick is a renowned narrator, with too many novels under his belt to mention, however he was recognizable to me because of his work in Michael Crichton’s Dragon Teeth. Brick has a distinctly recognizable voice, built up from many years of acting and narrating, that is both clear and expressive....
  • Ann
    It's hard to put into words how this book makes me feel; it is one of Greg Iles best. The story about going back home to help care for aging parents, to confront your demons and rekindle love, to weigh moral dilemmas, to seek truth and reveal corruption, in a place uniquely planted in the past is fast paced and compelling.
  • Carolyn
    Greg Illes writes thrilling, complex stories set in the deep south of the United States. There are lovely antebellum mansions surrounded by fragrant flower gardens, but he explores the rotten core of these towns, which may contain corruption, murder, racism and injustice. This is a long book of 608 pages, but his compelling previous Natchez Burning trilogy contained 804, 814 and 707 pages without unnecessary filler, and I felt they could have gri...
  • Carrie
    Thanks to William Morrow and Goodreads First Reads program for an ARC of this amazing book. The following is my honest review:Hands down one of my favorite books by Greg Iles!! I made the mistake of starting this book around midnight right before I was ready to go to sleep. At 3 am, with my eyes struggling to stay open, I kept saying just one more chapter to myself over and over. It's that good.This story is so gripping. It starts out:I never mea...
  • Bret Kramer
    OK, this one is hard for me. I'm a big fan of Mr. Iles work. Unfortunately, this one to me felt like a very poorly masked and extremely shallow description of his political views wrapped around a reasonably good story. I listened to the book from Audible and there were many times were I just flat paused the audio, rewinded and said "no". I truly do not mind different political views in the books I read. In fact, I often enjoy them, but I enjoy th...
  • Tom Swift
    Greg Iles is my favorite author. The Penn Cage series is the best series that I have ever read. This is a stand alone novel based in Mississippi. Iles writes almost entirely about the south, his stories are full of history, intrigue, and race relations in the South.Now I probably have to wait 2 years for a new book. Sad.
  • Jim C
    This book is about a man who has returned back home to the South because his father is dying. While being back home, his mentor is killed because he believes a new construction site use to be a Native American dwelling and this discovery would put a halt to the construction.Greg Iles is one of the few authors that I make sure I read the newly released book right away. Other authors I can wait until I come around to it. The author has an amazing g...
  • Jan
    Marshall McEwan is an award winning journalist based in D.C. Marshall returns home to Bienville, Mississippi to assist his mother in the care of his father and to run the family newspaper in his father's absence. Marshall runs into his old girlfriend, Jet, now the wife of his former best friend. Together, Marshall and Jet explore the whys, wherefores and secrets of the Bienville Poker Club, the death of his brother, his son, Buck Ferris and the b...
  • Susan Crowe
    I love this author!! Wow this book was good! Gritty, raw and very graphic so beware if you've never read this author before. But wow, can he weave a story! His imagination is incredible. Highly recommended!Scott Brick does a fantastic job narrating if you do audiobooks.
  • Nikki
    March 12, 2019: Full review to come.March 18, 2019: Okay, let's get into this.This book kicks straight into gear. There is no "easing" into it, you jump straight into action from the very first pages. And then you get hit with flashbacks. Multiple flashbacks. That get broken up to return to present day. It pulled me out of the present story to tell me a different one and then I get pulled out of the new story to return to present day. I didn't li...
  • Tracie
    This is a book I received as a Goodreads giveaway. It is also my first time reading Greg Iles, but it certainly won't be my least. I love anything in a southern setting. Other readers have complained that this book is too long. I found it so intriguing that I fly through it. Lots of interesting characters and murder wth a twist. LOVED it.
  • Margarete Lory
    Still worth the read, just not quite as great as some of his others have been in my humble opinion.
  • Julie Sanders
    I have read other books by Greg Isles and found them to be worth 5 stars; however this one is not. I found myself disliking the main characters and just didn’t find much of the story plausible - it went in too many directions often with weak connections- corruption, sexual infidelities, murder, treason, war, torture, drownings, suicide, paternity issues and more. Also, as others have stated I did not see the need for bringing in a political sta...