The Snow Gypsy by Lindsay Ashford

The Snow Gypsy

From the bestselling author of The Woman on the Orient Express comes a haunting novel of two women—one determined to uncover the past and the other determined to escape it.At the close of World War II, London is in ruins and Rose Daniel isn’t at peace. Eight years ago, her brother disappeared while fighting alongside Gypsy partisans in Spain. From his letters, Rose has just two clues to his whereabouts—his descriptions of the spectacular so...

Details The Snow Gypsy

TitleThe Snow Gypsy
Release DateFeb 1st, 2019
PublisherBrilliance Audio
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Fiction, War

Reviews The Snow Gypsy

  • Katie B
    I chose this book as my second free pick for January's Amazon First Reads because I was interested in reading a historical fiction novel that takes place in Spain after World War 2. The Spanish Civil War is also a subject addressed in the book and not knowing much about it was another reason I thought this would be a good fit for me. I love it when a book gives me the opportunity to learn something new but unfortunately the characters in this one...
  • The Just-About-Cocky Ms M
    Not too many months ago I watched as an excellent First Read book become a punching bag for a distressing number of folks. This unfortunate event, which is still continuing but with less and less shrill invective, centers not on the book itself, its plot, characters, writing style, or other legitimate elements of storytelling but on three sentences in the Author’s Notes at the end wherein she wrote that the apparent unchallenged and acceptable ...
  • Erin
    3.5 stars Thanks to Netgalley and Lake Union Publishing for an egalley in exchange for an honest review. Set in 1946 England , France, and Spain, The Snow Gypsy is told from the point of view of veterinarian Rose and Gypsy dancer, Lola. I "liked" most of the story but felt it didn't really grab my attention until I had reached the second half of the story. This is when it was more detailed about what happened during the Spanish Civil War and w...
  • CindyLovesBooks
    I had the privilege of making The Snow Gypsy by Lindsay Jayne Ashford my first read for 2019, and way to start with a bang! Excellent book!! This story follows English veterinarian Rose Daniel on her journey through France and Spain on a quest to finally solve the mystery of her brother's disappearance. The last letter she received from him in 1938 spoke of the need to escape from the little mountain village in southern Spain, and then not anothe...
  • Mackenzie Bekker
    I thought this book has a great story at its core but execution and details could have been better. I really liked reading about this time period and I found myself very interested in the descriptions of gypsy life. However, I didn't like that there were some side stories of the plot that didn't necessarily lead anywhere, which was pretty frustrating; by the end, it felt like parts were missing to tie up some of the loose ends that had been creat...
  • Kathy
    First time reading this author. I believe I have just read her most recent book, this historical fiction that covers several themes. There is the Spanish landscape to enjoy, detailed artistically, the after effects of World War II for family members searching for answers for their dead, women coping with pregnancy outside of marriage, herbal remedies learned from Gypsy communities, Flamenco dancing and a whole lot of nasty men who behave badly al...
  • Mycah
    I gave it a go. Really, I read the first 100 pages. A third of the book. It's just not great. I got it as a Kindle first read. I thought the synopsis sounded intriguing. I'm so glad I didn't pay for this book. The author spends the bulk of her writing giving ornate detail to everything- the region, churches, animals, clothing. However, she never builds on her characters. Rose falls flat for me. I kept waiting for her to become this modern, indepe...
  • Katie Wechtler
    Blah- This book didn't really do anything for me. At first, it felt like a YA title as there was kind of a lack of depth in the main character's development. She just didn't feel authentic to the historical setting. As the book progressed, she grew whiney. The plot twists were a bit unrealistic and the ending too tidy. This was a free download, and it kept me reading until the end only because I hate having unfinished plotlines, but this is one I...
  • Mandy
    I’ve read several historical fiction novels that take place during this time period, but this was my first time reading one about the Spanish Civil War. Although a work of fiction, The Snow Gypsy was inspired by a real person (an herbalist) and some of her life experiences. We read through the eyes of Lola and Rose - two different yet connected women. I thought this novel was beautifully written...almost poetic at times. Heartbreaking and hopef...
  • Peggy Warren
    A very good story, well written, interesting characters. The big turn off for me was the never ending references to animals being used as resources - as a normalized practice. The protagonist was supposed to be an animal lover, but she seemed to have had no reservations whatsoever when it came to exploiting nonhumans for food, clothing, entertainment or labor.
  • Angel
    The Snow Gypsy follows the intertwining stories of two women, Rose Daniel and Lola Aragon. Rose is living in London as a veterinarian during the aftermath of World War 2. In the years of the war, her brother Nathan joined the fight. But the last letter Rose received from him was eight years ago. Now she is determined to find her brother and get the answers to the question that’s been nagging her for years: what happened?Lola is a young flamenco...
  • Joan Bannan
    I've been contemplating how to write this review for the past eighteen hours or so. I hate to say anything negative, but I really appreciate my Goodreads friends and their honest reviews. Overall, I liked it, but didn't love it. I believe others may give it more than my paltry three stars.What I liked: It's a good story. I can't say I fell in love with any of the characters, but I was rooting for them and would have never abandoned them by not fi...
  • Bonnye Reed
    GNAB This is an exciting story, told very well. We see Spain and her people through the eyes of Rose Daniel, a Jewish English woman borne of a Turkish father and French mother. Rose and her Afghan hound Gunesh spend time in 1936 in and around a gypsy encampment near her home in England, picking up a bit of the language and beginning to understand the lifestyle of the gypsy clans who traveled through her homeland. Separated by prep schooling and h...
  • MichelleG
    Poignant and Bittersweet This is a fascinating insight on what life would (or perhaps could) have been like from the perspective of a gypsy in the post war era. There are many poignant moments which seek to remind us that life is a gift, but that it is also fragile and can also be bittersweet.I enjoyed this book overall. It wavers somewhat in the middle, but definitely picks up towards the end.
  • Jessamyn Rock
    This was one of my two kindlefirst picks for January. I thought I was going to love it. Rose, a young English woman, goes looking for answers about her brother, a partisan fighter during the Spanish Civil War. She encounters a Gypsy woman named Lola who may just be part of those answers. *If you don’t want spoilers, stop reading now.*I was disappointed in this one. I love WWII era novels and was looking forward to one that focused more on fasci...
  • TC
    I was disappointed in this book....really should be a 2.5 *.the writing was more like a YA novel.....the narration was linear, and simple......there was so much potential in the historical period, I was very excited to read it....but the writing was so flat and un-emotive that it never really grabbed me. Also the characters were pretty flat.....I struggled to finish this book.....What a pity.....I will not read another book by this author...
  • Debbi
    3.5 stars for not being predictable and for having some unique characters.
  • Kylie Corley
    There aren't enough words to describe just how much I love this book. It captivated me from the very beginning! The cover is gorgeously captivating. The author brought the book to life with her words and vivid descriptions. This is definitely a book I'll recommend and re-read. Good luck 2019 releases surpassing this as one of my favorite reads of the year.
  • Jennet Sechrist
    Non spoiler:Very descriptive but not overly captivating... some of the imagery was really beautiful and I enjoyed the first half of the book immensely, especially leading up to and right after her arrival at the fiesta.Quasi-Spoiler:About halfway through I found myself skipping over the descriptions to get to the meat of the story. I had such high hopes for love to win, for forgiveness to triumph, for our character Rose to grow. She didn't necess...
  • Hillary
    The most interesting part of this book is the afterward, in which the author tells the story of the real woman who inspired this novel. Don't miss it.I'm always up for a novel set in a locale I don't know. This book made Spain look particularly enticing (that is, the natural world, not the politics of the time). That said, there was an awful lot of description in the book. It was lovely, but just a lot of it.In fact, the whole story leaves me a b...
  • Heidi
    It was a slog. There were good parts but they were few and far between and the end was abrupt and didn't fit with the rest of the narrative. It rambled and lacked a unifying theme. I felt like it was rambling around and unsure of what it really wanted to be.
  • Judi Easley
    The Snow GypsyLindsay Jayne AshfordLake Union Publishing, Feb 2019332 pages, ebook, hardcover, paperback, audible bookWomen’s Lit, Historic Cultural Fiction✮✮✮✮✮The cover is very nice with its vivid picture of Lola dressed for the dance against the backdrop of Granada. It captures her intense inward focus while she’s dancing. And it matches the description of the costume in the book.The story is complex and interesting. One young wo...
  • Carla Suto
    THE SNOW GYPSY by Lindsay Jayne Ashford is a well-written and moving story of two strong women who lives become inextricably intertwined in post-World War II Spain. Rose Daniel is a veterinarian of Jewish descent who travels from London first to France and then to mountain villages of Spain hoping to learn the fate of her brother, Nathan who was last heard from eight years earlier in 1938 where he was fighting alongside Gypsy partisans in the Spa...
  • Cindy Woods
    Heart-wrenching!This is an amazing story of a young English woman on a journey to find her brother in post-WAR Spain. All she has to go on is the last letter she received from him eight years previous. He had been a Republican partisan fighting fascism in the mountains and small villages of Andalusia where he wrote of falling in love with a local girl who was pregnant with their child.Rose is determined to find out where her brother Nathan is, de...
  • Christine
    The Snow Gypsy has an intriguing historical backdrop. The novel draws inspiration from the life of a British-born herbalist and author who lived with gypsies and spent time in the Alpujarras region of Spain post-WWII. I can readily imagine that the source material was fascinating and fulfilling for the author to explore and weave into a work of fiction. It's the writing that prevents the book from being great. The prose is subdued and lacks energ...
  • Krista
    Free book on amazonI received this book free from Amazon in the month of January. It was a good book in grabbing your attention to find out the mystery behind her brother. But many of the Spanish lingo was difficult to follow. The book ended quickly which seemed different from the rest of the detailed beginning and middle.
  • David Canford
    An absorbing and entertaining novel about flamenco, the Romany culture, Andalucia and the aftermath of the Spanish civil war. You really get a sense of place, though not really of the abject poverty of rural Spain at the time which comes across so strongly in Laurie Lee’s brilliant autobiographical account 'As I walked out one midsummer morning'. It is perhaps a little unfair that the main female characters come across as so loving and caring a...
  • Julier
    Set in the aftermath of WWII and the repercussions from the horrible thing people in Spain did to each other when they chose to side with the fascist Nazis or with the local resistance. Similar to civil wars, after the war is over both sides have to go back to living side-by-side. This book had the feel of a young adult book because I didn't feel I had an in-depth understanding of this historical time and place. It was interesting that being a Gy...
  • Laurie Buchanan
    I'm so glad I make a point of reading book acknowledgments first. In the case of THE SNOW GYPSY by Lindsay Jayne Ashford, I learned about the real-life people and events that portions of this excellent fiction novel are based on. That knowledge served to increase my reading enjoyment. I highly recommend this book.