How We Became Wicked by Alexander Yates

How We Became Wicked

A plague, called Wicked, is pulsing through the world; and in its wake, it’s dividing the population into thirds:The WICKED: Already infected by the droves of Singers, the ultraviolet mosquito-like insects who carry the plague, the Wicked roam the world freely. They don’t want for much—only to maim and dismember you. But don’t worry: They always ask politely first.The TRUE: The True live in contained, isolated communities. They’re the l...

Details How We Became Wicked

TitleHow We Became Wicked
Release DateJul 23rd, 2019
PublisherAtheneum/Caitlyn Dlouhy Books
GenreYoung Adult, Science Fiction, Horror, Dystopia

Reviews How We Became Wicked

  • Shannon (It Starts At Midnight)
    You can find the full review and all the fancy and/or randomness that accompanies it at It Starts at Midnight .I have no idea how this book isn't on all the radars, but it isn't. And that's a complete shame, because it is phenomenal. The kind of book I flew through reading, but was also sad cause I never wanted it to end. You know the kind. So let us chat about why I am such a fan, yeah? Though I am purposely keeping this short, because it's be...
  •  Amelia
    wow. WOW. guys. please read this. now.I don't remember the last time I saw something original like this, something fresh, something unique. The concept is so delightfully creepy and disturbing - a virus making people into child like murderers. They act and talk like kids, but want to take your eyes out and eat them. And they're gonna tell you all that and think it's a good thing. I love it when a horror book actually turns out to be a horror book...
  • JenLovesBooks
    This novel here was more than I was expecting. Once I started reading, I got so many feels from it. Mainly, The Walking Dead, mixed with a little bit of World War Z, and tons of what you might expect in an apocalyptic setting (with a twist). Yes, it might seem played out, another zombie type book, but it was a lot more than that. The wicked are more intricate than a normal zombie would be. And, in a way they aren't really zombies if they don't ne...
  • Jackie
    Nothing makes me happier than a book I’m not sure about being one of my favorites of the year and this book is exactly that. “How We Became Wicked” draws us into a world where The Wicked spend their time gleefully hunting those who have yet to be infected trying their best to kill everyone they can when Astrid and Hank find themselves face to face with someone new just behind the wall who speaks of life on a nearby island but when things ta...
  • Sofía
    THIS BOOK IS AMAZING. I don't usually give 5 stars to a book these days, but wow. How We Became Wicked is such a cool book. That's what it is. A cool book. It has characters so interesting and the wicked people, which are so frighteningly sweet, and a turn of events I don't know why I didn't expect, and such creative dialogues and a story so original and dystopian and amazing. I loved this book, I what everyone to read it.
  • Teri
    I'm always up for a post-apocalyptic plague story.  I've read several, but this novel puts a fresh spin on the typical version.Some reviews have referred to the Wicked as zombies.  I didn't see them that way at all.  They're almost childlike, and retain most of their memories, but are able to function and take care of themselves.  It's unnerving, because it can be difficult to tell they're Wicked.  They're lethal and, given the chance, will ...
  • Amber (The Book Bratz)
    The full review + more can be found at The Book Bratz To be brutally honest, I never head of How We Became Wicked until I spotted it on NetGalley. Immediately the summary sucked me in. Ultra-violet mosquitoes that spread a plague that causes people to become incredibly violent and sadistic, sign me up! This book had my name written all over it. How We Became Wicked wasn't just a book about a world that had ended, but the sacrifices you make for t...
  • Aoife
    No one knows where the Wicked came from. It's carried by insects like mosquitos, insects that are still multiplying in the ruins of the old world. There are still a few True people, uninfected, left hiding out. And a tiny number of Vexed, immune to the stings. But they are far outnumbered by the horrifyingly polite Wicked, who want nothing more than to tear down what's left of the world.This is one of the creepiest zombie novels I've ever read. T...
  • Kasey Giard
    This book is sooooo creepy! The Wicked say some really violent things but in this cheerful, artless, innocent way. The juxtaposition of those two things gave me chills in lots of scenes.HOW WE BECAME WICKED is told in two different viewpoints, from characters in two different situations that don’t, at first, overlap. One section follows Astrid’s point-of-view.Astrid isn’t a super girly heroine. She’s very smart and practical, and almost d...
  • Lutoms Lutomski
    First the cover is gorgeous!Second this is a great new dystopian book! I haven’t read dystopia is a while because it had all become the same but this is truly unique and i couldn’t put it down! The characters and voices of the wicked, vexed and true are well written, I loved it!
  • Lisa
    Riveting and creepy story with a twist ending. Excellent writing and characters.
  • Romina
    Well that took a turn.Mysterious virus.Mainland/Island.Searchers.The end, oh Amblin.
  • Kelsey
    3 StarsUgh, I wanted so much more from this story. I wanted a tense thrill ride through situations full of Wicked that would have me on the edge of my seat. What I got was a story with a few wicked interactions that weren’t very thrilling. The writing is engaging and I was interested enough throughout, but this was far more a story about how people are wicked in general and the “Wicked” were a backdrop to what I’d thought was their story!...
  • Rachel Drenning
    Very interesting story with great characters. The ending (twist) was done nicely. Read in one setting. New take on a old trope.
  • sally
  • Librariann
    This was an incredibly exciting book to read. Once I got halfway through, I did not want to put it down. Language and descriptions of violence pushes it into firm YA territory at my library, but your average 7th graders should have no problem picking this one up.There were some post-apocalyptic nitpicks (view spoiler)[how did their fuel stay good for 40 years? How did the timelines mesh ("27th year of the quiet" in Natalie's Timeline, "40 years w...
  • Eleanor Roth
    Formal review TK but for now... THIS WAS SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!! excellently, vividly, hauntingly crafted post-apoc worldbuilding with *the best* twists and turns I’ve encountered in a while. Devoured this in one sitting.
  • Tabsie
    YOU MUST READ THIS BOOK!!!!!!Characterization: AWESOME! There isn't a main character I don't love! Even the bad guys are interesting, because you can see hints that they're not flat, two-dimensional things.Setting: Excellent - It's in Main! Bangor is even mentioned (hi, Stephen King fans!)Plot: Excellent - a touch formulaic, but there's a twist that makes it feel fresh!Beginning: Very Good!Rising action: ExcellentClimax: Excellent, with a twist!F...
  • Mel
    This was a pretty creative concept and a fun read. The book was pretty heavy on the info-dumping though, I wished Yates showed more rather than just telling us about the virus, the spread, the backstory. I was also hoping for a bit more from the horror elements. I dove in expecting something tense and atmospheric like Erin Bowman’s Contagion, but the book was ultimately pretty scant on scary bits. It felt like a diet version of the film The Cra...
  • Hel
    The prose war accomplished, with delightful metaphors and such. That made finish the book, even after I had long sensed that the story was diving in the shallows.That was due to the lack of plot. There is no chain of causality between unique events, but useless walking around and endless repetition of banalities. The absence of a plot has severe consequences: The characters cannot grow, the simple background worldview stays simple (the investors ...
  • Kat
    Thank you to Atheneum/Caitlyn Dlouhy Books and Edelweiss for the opportunity to read #HowWeBecameWicked.An end of the world thriller that will leave you with an appreciation that zombies don't yet exist (or do they). The plot is intriguing and the girls journey is what I really enjoyed about this novel. We see them slowly meld into survivalist and the way they have to deal with the social aspects of this world is a great perspective.
  • jacquillyn
    This book was really good and the ending was surprising and fantastic I would recommend this book to anyone we'll say there is some groups and parts so prefer to be adult teen this book kept me going and I finish this book and a day and a half almost 2 days and that's really good for me I highly recommend this book
  • Sofia
    I liked the concept and writing, overall a solid book. I was waiting for the characters stories to intertwine but then I figured out the plot twist a little before it was travelled in the book but it was still really good
  • Tina Milano
    Original and extremely well written! Amazing read!
  • Rena
  • Kim Baccellia
    Okay, I'm totally confused now on what was really going on. I 'think' I finally got it, but had to go back to the beginning.
  • Katie
    This was a really interesting book. I loved the main characters and did not see the plot twist coming until right near the end!