Deadly Class, Volume 8 by Rick Remender

Deadly Class, Volume 8

The crew returns to Kings Dominion to discover things have changed in their absence. The program has changed. Master Lin's schemes revealed. Betrayal. Mystery. The secret of the catacombs beneath the school. A reckoning for the corrupt. Our friends try to hold everything together as Freshman finals loom ever closer...Rick Remender and Wes Craig's darkly humorous look at the 1980s underground comes full circle.Collects DEADLY CLASS #36-39, FCBD 20...

Details Deadly Class, Volume 8

TitleDeadly Class, Volume 8
Release DateAug 6th, 2019
PublisherImage Comics
GenreSequential Art, Comics, Graphic Novels, Graphic Novels Comics, Fiction, Mystery, Crime

Reviews Deadly Class, Volume 8

  • Jayson
    (A-) 81% | Very GoodNotes: A cold-brewed interlude, still sinfully sublime, sluicing emotional bursts in spatter and spurts, it resets the paradigm.
  • Kyle
    This was... not the most interesting (or riveting) Volume in the series.Issue #36: Filler— a redundant head-trip through Marcus’s inner turmoil. Perfectly encapsulates depression and grief, sure, but we’ve seen it countless times before in this series.Issue #37: Gorgeous action/chase scenes. I am so constantly in awe of the coloring and art direction. This was more my speed, even though I’m still not a fan of Saya.Issue #38: Coming full-c...
  • James DeSantis
    It's been awhile since I gave a Deadly Class volume lower than 4 stars. This isn't horrible or anything. It's still filled with solid dialogue and great art, but it lacks any punch the series is known for. This time we have Marcus going on a personal journey in his head on who he is. It is revealed that, he is, a piece of shit. Then we move on to him and Maria returning to school and how everyone's perception of him has changed. Marcus has a plan...
  • Roy
    A return to kings dominion but kinda feels like a build of a new arc in a way.
  • Chris Lemmerman
    Marcus and Maria finally return to Kings Dominion, but all is not as they left it. Shabnam and his Council rule the school, while Master Lin seems content to turn a blind eye to their machinations in favour of his own. Plus, a Free Comic Book Day flashback story!Man, this series doesn't know when to stop. Despite all the insanity that Marcus and his friends have gone through, literally walking back into the lion's den doesn't seem to phase them a...
  • James
    Homecoming for the main crew and some become legacy. Some closure as well.
  • Eddie
    This series never fails to impress. Some great twists in this volume as well as character insight. Can’t wait for the inevitably bloody denouement.
  • Nicole
    That cliffhanger tho !
  • CeCe Purnsley
    We're back at Kings Dominion but this time it feels entirely different. Nothing mind-blowing happened in this volume but I feel like it was used to bring everyone back to the place where everything started. The characters are in completely different places with new titles, and barely any of the squad that was there in the beginning are still around. The school is even under new status-quo now that Marcus and Maria are back. I felt like this slow ...
  • Doug Peters
    I really liked this volume. It was nice to get back to familiar locales before everything continued to go off the rails. We're back in the thick of it, where I think this series does best. Remender continues to capture heady, dark aspects of human experience without being wholly depressing. Like so many of his characters in other series, things are always bad and getting worse for Marcus and Co., yet I am always heartened by their resolve to get ...
  • Adam
    After the gory battle of the previous volume, Marcus and the Deadly Class gang find themselves drawn back to King’s Dominion. After eight volumes, I’m still blown away at how well each instalment is written; great volume.
  • Benny Regalbuto
    Wes Craig is OUTTA HIS DAMN MIND!!!But anyway. Even though I felt we retread some typical Marcus inner turmoil here, it was exceedingly well done (especially the commentary on music and art). And based on where things are headed, I'm excited as always for next time.
  • Coraline
    This one hit me hard for some reason. Always enjoy reading deadly class. Each issue is filled with great writing and amazing art and I fall more into love (and hate) for certain characters the more I read.
  • Chris
    Damn, this is such a good series I hated waiting for this volume. Now I have to start waiting again to see what Marcus and Maria have planned.
  • Samaga
    This book was so excellent.
  • Andrés
  • issabellareads
    that last scene really got me
  • Lori
    I guess. *Kanye shrug*
  • Maria