American Princess by Stephanie Marie Thornton

American Princess

A sweeping novel from renowned author Stephanie Marie Thornton...Alice may be the president's daughter, but she's nobody's darling. As bold as her signature color Alice Blue, the gum-chewing, cigarette-smoking, poker-playing First Daughter discovers that the only way for a woman to stand out in Washington is to make waves--oceans of them. With the canny sophistication of the savviest politician on the Hill, Alice uses her celebrity to her advanta...

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TitleAmerican Princess
Release DateMar 12th, 2019
PublisherBerkley Books
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Fiction

Reviews American Princess

  • Miranda Reads
    3.75 stars "You are a rare woman, Alice Roosevelt." Nick leaned forward as if to tell me a secret. "In fact, I think I might be falling in love with you." Alice Roosevelt, eldest daughter of Theodore Roosevelt is about to experience the surprise of a lifetime. "Father's going to be president," I said slowly, staring out the window as my mind raced ahead to what this meant for us. She is thrust into the spotlight like no other girl of her time. ...
  • Brandice
    American Princess: A Novel of First Daughter Alice Roosevelt is a historical fiction, first person account of Alice Roosevelt, President Theodore Roosevelt’s eldest daughter. Admittedly, my knowledge about this time period and both Roosevelt administrations was limited. I always claim to enjoy American history (because I do) but am often surprised by how much I don’t know as I continue to read on. Thornton did a great job with American Prince...
  • Jennifer ~ TarHeelReader
    Oh my goodness, Alice Roosevelt! ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ What a character! She is the gum chewing, rough-around-the-edges daughter of a president. She’s no wallflower. Alice wants to stand out in Washington. She tests the boundaries of every interaction she has. Alice ends up entangled with a congressman, and she gets her heart broken. That doesn’t stop her, though, and she’s determined to rise above the fray of the scandal. Alice also experiences ...
  • Katie B
    4.5 starsThis historical fiction novel about Alice Roosevelt was a real treat! I didn't know much about her prior to reading so quite a few things about her life surprised me. Definitely a fascinating woman.Alice Roosevelt is the oldest child of President Teddy Roosevelt and even in a town like Washington D.C. she manages to stand out. She marches to the beat of her own drummer and America can't help but want to follow her every move. She ends up...
  • Berit☀️✨
    Alice Roosevelt, daughter of the president, wife of the Speaker of the House, mistress of a Senator... america’s princess!This was a compelling book about a remarkable woman! Alice Roosevelt was bold and brash and blunt. She realized in order for A woman to be noticed in Washington she needed to shake things up, so shake things up she did! From smoking on the White House roof to publicly opposing her cousin FDR when he was running for president...
  • Suzanne Leopold (Suzy Approved Book Reviews)
    Theodore Roosevelt’s election launched his eldest daughter into the national spotlight. Alice became America's sweetheart and her dress styles were copied and sold using her name. During her father’s presidency, she was constantly followed by the press and she often rebelled with her headstrong and non- conforming personality. Alice's life started with a tragedy when her mother died two days after childbirth. When her father was unable to cop...
  • Lori
    ‘They say that it’s the mistakes that make life more interesting. If that’s the case, then I’ve led the world’s most interesting life …’ AMAZING! I loved this novel. Like always Thornton has brought history to life. What I love most about her novels is that each of her characters has their own unique voice. Alice was a woman before her time. She challenged the rules of the day and paved her own path sometimes at great cost to herse...
  • Kate Quinn
    Received an ARC for the possibility of a cover quote, which I was delighted to give. Teddy Roosevelt's swashbuckling daughter Alice springs to life in AMERICAN PRINCESS: Presidential darling, America's sweetheart, and national rebel. Whether smoking cigarettes on the White House roof or cutting political enemies and jealous rivals off at the knees with her witty one-liners, Alice is a force of nature and a delight on the page. Stephanie Thornton ...
  • Juli
    Alice Roosevelt. Daughter of a president. Wife of a Congressman. Mistress to another. Media sensation. Outspoken. Strong-willed. An icon. She lived to the age of 96 and passed away having always lived life on her own terms, no matter what the cost. Sledding down the white house stairs on a lunch tray with her brothers. Smoking cigarettes on the roof of the white house. Her favorite color becoming a fashion sensation called Alice Blue. So many wor...
  • Mackenzie - PhDiva Books
    In a powerful story of the dark and light sides of her life, the unconventional, unapologetic, and uninhibited Alice Roosevelt shines through the pages of Stephanie Marie Thornton’s American Princess: A Novel of First Daughter Alice Roosevelt. This is a story of a truly incredible woman that I admit I knew very little about before reading this book. I’m so glad I had the opportunity to read about her life, because she is truly an early femini...
  • Brenda - Host of Traveling Sisters & Friends
    3.5 StarsThe President’s Daughter, America’s Princess, An adventurous, Attention SeekerStephanie Marie Thornton research shows through here as she brings Alice Roosevelt Longworth’s colourful, witty, and unconventional personality alive for us as she weaves the events of Alice’s life with a slightly fictional take.I enjoyed seeing the many sides to Alice throughout the story as she dealt with secrets, betrayal, scandal, tragedy and heart-...
  • Renee Rosen
    Stephanie Marie Thornton brings the irrepressible Alice Roosevelt Longworth to life in American Princess. As vulnerable as she was bold, Alice’s life story captivated me from beginning to end. Witty and poignant, chock full of secrets and scandals and richly researched, American Princess has everything you could want in historical fiction. Thornton skillfully takes us behind the scenes of one of our country’s most powerful political families ...
  • Magdalena aka A Bookaholic Swede
    Alice Roosevelt, the oldest daughter of Theodore Roosevelt, was only two days old when her mother died. Her father was unable to cope with the situation of his wife's death and handed over Alice to his sister Anna. He would later remarry and father several more children. Alice meanwhile becomes a reminder all through his life of the love he lost. Alice would fight for his love and for his attention. She became a woman that took her life in her ow...
  • Jenna Bookish
    My thanks to Berkley Books for sending me a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own and are not influenced by the publisher. What better time to read this novel than now, during Women's History Month? I'm a big historical fiction enthusiast, and I was so excited when I saw there was a novel about Alice Roosevelt, daughter of Theodore Roosevelt coming out. Teddy Roosevelt once infamously said "I can do one...
  • Erin
    Find this and other reviews at: https://historicalfictionreader.blogs...In June 2016 Stephanie Thornton announced she’d finished the first draft of her fifth novel. From the image that accompanied that announcement, I deduced the novel’s subject which means that I waited an excess of two years to get my hands on American Princess. Two. Whole. Years.Turnabout is fair play and while I feel I’d be entirely justified in holding this review unti...
  • Stephanie Anze
    ".... I'll never regret grabbing life by the throat and refusing to let go despite the mistakes I've made.But then, if you live as long as I have, you're bound to make a few mistakes here and there. They say it's the mistakes that make life more interesting.If that's the case, then I've led the world's most interesting life..."Five stars for one feisty and bold lady!Alice Lee Roosevelt was seventeen when her father, Theodore Roosevelt, took the o...
  • Renee Rosen
    I have the privilege of reading an advance copy and was blown away. Stephanie Thornton has a real winner here. Alice Roosevelt is fascinating historical figure and Stephanie Thornton captures her beautifully, in all her irrepressible glory. Witty, poignant, and chock full of secrets and scandals, this richly researched novel has everything you could want in historical fiction. Highly, highly recommend!!!
  • Heather Webb
    With graceful prose, Stephanie Thornton paints a lively portrait of the indomitable Alice Roosevelt—socialite, writer, and president’s daughter—and the making of twentieth-century American politics. I found myself utterly absorbed in the era Thornton depicts, and paused often to research many of the characters and events; a sure sign of an excellent historical novel. A rich and compelling read, AMERICAN PRINCESS is one I won’t soon forget...
  • The Lit Bitch
    4.5 starsI have read all of Stephanie Thornton’s books. She’s a wonderful writer that singles out strong female characters in history and writes their stories. I love her novels and was so excited to see that she was coming out with a new book.If I am being 100% honest here, I was a little on the fence about reading this one. Thornton has written about Empress Theodora, the wives of Genghis Kahn, Hatshepsut and even Alexander the Great’s wi...
  • Denise
    "...never envy anyone who has led an easy life...nothing in the world is worth having if it doesn't mean effort, pain, or difficulty."I took a break from my usual suspense and thriller reading addiction for this foray into the world of historical fiction and specifically the life and times of Alice Roosevelt Longworth. The eldest daughter of our nation's 26th President, Theodore Roosevelt, was a force to be reckoned with through her youthful anti...
  • Chanel Cleeton
    A fascinating account of the life of the daring and adventurous Alice Roosevelt Longworth. Brimming with political history, scandal, and insight into some of America’s most influential figures, American Princess is a must-read for historical fiction fans.
  • menna hafez
    This book is good and have a lot of Alice Roosevelt but the way of listing events is little boring and i turned a lot of pages
  • Kelley
    Novel received courtesy of Berkley PublishingIf you are a fan of historical fiction this novel is definitely for you! It has everything that good historical fiction has: real people, real events, terrific author and a little bending of the truth for good reading. I absolutely loved it!Now that I've read the novel, I'm ashamed to say that I didn't know a thing about Alice Roosevelt. She was the daughter of Theodore Roosevelt, wife of a philanderin...
  • Meg - A Bookish Affair
    4.5 stars. "American Princess" is the story of Alice Roosevelt, daughter of my favorite President, Teddy Roosevelt. I love the whole Roosevelt family (cousins included) but Alice has always been terribly fascinating to me. In a family full of boisterous, big personality people, she still found plenty of ways to make herself well known. She was a celebrity of her time with media following her every move. She was also smart, strategic, and savvy. H...
  • Linda Zagon
    Stephanie Marie Thornton , Author of “American Princess” “A Novel of First Daughter Alice Roosevelt” has written an enthralling, intriguing, page-turning, and entertaining novel. The Genres for this Novel are Historical Fiction, and Fiction. The time-line for this story is just before Teddy Roosevelt became President, and continues into the twentieth first century. The author describes Alice Roosevelt as complex, complicated and attention...
  • Gill Paul
    Many UK readers will not be familiar with the larger-than-life figure of Alice Roosevelt Longworth, but don’t let that stop you from picking up this wonderful novel. It stands alone as a colourful portrait of an extraordinary character, who wielded a lot of influence on American politics of the first half of the 20th century. She was the daughter of a president, wife to the House Speaker, and mistress of a prominent senator, and she was never a...
  • Robin
    As the title says, this is a novel of Alice Roosevelt, the eldest daughter of Theodore Roosevelt. Always having a complicated relationship with her father, she adored him but he kept her at arms length since she reminded him too much of her deceased mother, the love of Teddy's life. Yet she was easily the most like him in personality; unapologetically strong willed, strong minded, and outspoken with a quick wit, she was likely trying to emulate h...
  • Iset
    20th century historical fiction is a genre that I have definitely seen explode over the past ten years. It’s also an era I tend to avoid. My personal love of history stemmed from the excitement and wonder of exploring strange, distant worlds, remote and mysterious – to be perfectly honest 20th century has always held little appeal for me because it was all too familiar. I picked up American Princess because the author, Stephanie Thornton, is ...
  • M.K.
    Alice Roosevelt was a high-spirited, independent-minded woman who took America by storm when her father, Teddy Roosevelt became president. Her actions - hijinks - demanded attention and when she was younger she did little to govern her impulses, often acting like a spoiled young woman who didn't give a damn about the opinions of others. Stephanie Thornton skillfully takes Alice from youth to old age with a compelling story of her life, loves, and...