The Demon World (The Smoke Thieves, #2) by Sally Green

The Demon World (The Smoke Thieves, #2)

The epic, magical saga of royalty, romance, and violence continues.A princess. A soldier. A servant. A demon hunter. A thief. When we last saw them, this unlikely group was heading into the Northern Territory of the kingdom of Pitoria, on the run from the sadistic and power-hungry King Aloysius of Brigant. The Smoke Thieves have discovered that demon smoke is not only an illegal drug used for pleasure, but in fact, when taken by children, demon s...

Details The Demon World (The Smoke Thieves, #2)

TitleThe Demon World (The Smoke Thieves, #2)
Release DateAug 6th, 2019
GenreFantasy, Young Adult, Young Adult Fantasy

Reviews The Demon World (The Smoke Thieves, #2)

  • Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin
    Well, this and the first book are going in the trade in box. I was loving it, then just tired of stuff. I’m glad some of you did enjoy it. Mel 🖤🐶🐺🐾
  • Umairah | Sereadipity
    The Demon World was the gripping sequel to The Smoke Thieves, bursting with political intrigue, love and divided loyalty. In some ways it was better then the first book, in some ways it was not, but overall I enjoyed it very much.Plot: 4/5Characters: 4/5Writing: 4/5 Just like The Smoke Thieves, this book had five main point of view characters: Catherine, Ambrose, Tash, Edyon and March. Tszayn also got one point of view chapter and it was really i...
  • Sarah
    With Prince Tzsayn captured by the Catherine's family Catherine, Ambrose, Tash, Edyon and March all find themselves fleeing for their lives and as the Brigantine army closes in they're forced into making desperate decisions in order to survive. As the group ends up separated once more they all have different paths to follow that are equally fraught with danger.Sometimes the second book in a trilogy suffers from second book syndrome and ends up fa...
  • Beth
    I’m conflicted! I love so many characters (minus one main character) and I think just because of that and their actions throughout I just found so off putting...Hopefully when I’m home tomorrow I can try and add to this, I still absolutely love it, and Tash’s Chapters really stole the show for me!---------The Smoke Thieves - 5 StarsThe Demon World - I’m conflicted! I love so many characters (minus one main character) and I think just be...
  • Chloe
    THAT ENDING IS BRUTAL JESUS CHRISTI can't fucking wait for the next book!!
  • Maddie
    This book I definitely didn't find as good as #1. It started off great, with a POV of a character I love, but it turns out we only get that POV once. It was jarring to me. I didn't like the whole jealousy plot, it always irks me. And the way everyone accepts Catherine, and those who don't she wins over. I definitely did grow on the parts in the demon world, but even that started to bore me. I wasn't connected with any of these characters, it just...
  • Lucy
    Six of Crows meets Game of Thrones in this spell-binding epic fantasy series. For my review of book one of the series, click here. In the final few chapters of The Smoke Thieves Catherine, Ambrose, Tash, March and Edyon managed to come together to help one another. But now, war, demons and deceit threaten to tear them apart as they flee the Brigantine army. Split up once again, Tash traverses the dangerous tunnels of the demon world while Catheri...
  • Ashleigh
    IT CAN'T END LIKE THATSo we all know that the second book in a trilogy can be a bit of a slump, and we've all read books that just don't live up to the first book. I was not expecting this book to be like that :(The ending of the first book made me instantly want to pick up this one. The Smoke Thieves was a bit slow getting off the mark, building up the story and the characters and at the end of that, I was like yessss, now shit is about to go do...
  • Karen Barber
    Things are not going well. The Prince is being held captive, war has come to the area and the plans that King Aloysius has for the purple demon smoke are discovered.Our group are quickly under attack and end up separated. Boundaries and relationships are tested as they attempt to work out the best way forward.Catherine finds her way to what should be safe territory, and ends up having to fight against people who are determined to have their own w...
  • Alysa H.
    One of the rare sequels that’s just as good as the first, and perhaps even a little better!
  • Marta
    My heart is broken big time. The ending left me in a massive hangover and I need book three right now.
  • Maggie
    Right. Ok. Where to start? I really did enjoy the first book in the trilogy as I am a sucker for fantasy books with maps in them of course however I didn't love The Demon World nearly as much. For starters it was very slow to begin with and I had forgotten most of the storyline from the first book. I've realised my mine problem is that I just dislike some of the characters who narrate.Ambrose- I think he not needed as a narrator. Catherine could ...
  • Susan
    Demon World picks up right where Smoke Thieves leaves off. Each character having suffered tremendous loss or the uncertainty of possible loss, while still harbouring secrets of their own.Full review at Spoilers for Smoke Thieves Only
  • Alix S.
    I need the next book right now! This sequel was exactly what I needed it to be. It took all the world building and character introduction in the first book and then used it to push the plot into new and exciting territories. I loved all we learned about the demons and their culture in this book and how the character’s stories’ developed. Catherine still remained my favorite despite her trials this book but I also really enjoyed the direction ...
  • thewoollygeek (tea, cake, crochet & books)
    I absolutely adored the first book, and I was not disappointed in any way this the second. Sally is an amazing writer, pulling you straight back into her world from the first page, it’s like I’d never left. I have a gigantic hole in my life now with that ending, I need book three yesterday. If you loved the smoke thieves you will love this, no spoilers but it’s another emotional ride, one you will have late nights with not wanting to put th...
  • A.R. Collins
    I was looking forward to this sequel, and mindful that there was every chance I wouldn't enjoy it as much as The Smoke Thieves, so overall I wasn't disappointed. It was a bit disappointing when the characters split up again after spending the whole of the first book coming together, but that isn't worth a lengthy grumble.What a cruel cliffhanger! That is, I hope and believe it's a cliffhanger and not the conclusion to one of the story threads; th...
  • Sophie
    #thedemonworld by @sallygreenwriter This is book 2 in a series. Biome: War, Demon 🌍 Review:What Went Well:The character development in this second instalment was quite phenomenal IMO. We saw them all grow into more calculated or lost, lovestruck or secretive and heartbroken or cunning people. I truly thought they worked well. The story building, as well as the description of yet another entirely made up world, the demon world, and it’s inhab...
  • Alisha Tarran
    When I read The Smoke Thieves last year I completely loved it, and The Demon World has been one of my most anticipated sequels of the year so I can finally see what happens next! While I did enjoy this every bit as much as the first book, I couldn't help but be a little bit disappointed simply because we spent the last book watching everyone come together so I was excited to see them all teaming up again in this book...but it's not long before th...
  • Ariel Chua
    RATING: 7.5/10Okay i have to admit it, i did NOT want to put down this book at all from beginning to the end.THE PACEi'm generally a little less inclined towards filler books in trilogies, but i'm happy to say that i really enjoyed this one because of the pace! not once was there a dull moment, and i loved how the pace could move from brutally fast to suspensefully slow. it was such a good read, and i enjoyed every minute of it.THE CHARACTERSthis...
  • Munch
    I was sent an arc of this book via Netgalley in exchange for a honest review.I have mixed feelings on this one, I loved the Smoke Thieves and I've been looking forward to it's sequel since I finished it. This took me awhile for me to get into, I found it quite slow in the beginning and I didn't start getting invested in the story and characters again until about 150ish pages. I think the main problem for me was Catherine and Ambrose's relationshi...
  • Tabor
    Oh my. Have you ever read a sequel and wondered what you thought was so great about the first one? Well, I'm here to report that The Demon World was disappointed and completely filled with YA cliches and dare I say it? A line that included the words "licking tongues", which I am still horrified about. Princess Catherine and her entourage are fleeing across the country when the various groups are separated. Marsh and Edyon are involved in a murder...
  • Liam
    Following on from The Smoke Thieves, The Demon World continues with it's mix of magic and politics. The main characters all came together at the end of their individual journeys in book one, and that's how they start book two, but it isn't too long before they are split up again and we once more follow individual narratives.There's a fascinating journey into one of the demon holes, into the titular demon world. The demons have previously been see...
  • Christina
    This was a really sloid sequel to the Smoke Thieves, picking up the story where the first one left off. We follow again the 5 characters from book one. There is dangaer all around, now with the threat of war and the mystery of the purple demon smoke. My favourites were again Tash and Edyon. I think this book could have focused a little bit more on Tash, since her story was so interesting (and that ending!). I also liked March, his struggle with h...
  • Laura Newsholme
    This book suffered a little from second book syndrome to me in that a lot of it felt like filler and not a great deal happened in terms of moving the plot forward. It follows several of the characters we met in book one as they adapt to the political and military situations they find themselves in, with varying levels of success. I did really enjoy being back in this world and I loved the exploration of the Demon world, although I thought that th...
  • Ruthsic
    Warnings: physical violence and warRep: Two of the main characters are queer; also has a WoC main characterWith our group of main characters narrowly escaping the siege at the northern stronghold, they escape into the Northern Plains to outrun their Brigantine pursuers. Necessity takes them into the demon tunnels, where the others, too, discover how unusual it is. Tash herself gets a chance to explore more of it, and comes away with more question...
  • Ruth
    I received a free ecopy of this book in return for an honest review. Many thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for the opportunity.This is book two of what is planned to be a trilogy and to understand what is happening you are really going to need to read book one. This is a complex saga written for five different alternating viewpoints. Book one was the story of these five, very different characters being drawn together. Book two wrenches them ...
  • Hannah-lynette Hunter
    This book contains one of the most powerful endings I’ve ever read. I start with it purely because it hit me like a freight train. This is a book version of a game of chess. It’s clever, and always many paces ahead of the reader.The characters we see perspectives from are the ones you will always want ‘just one more chapter with’. The separation of characters that began in the final chapters of Smoke Thieves continues on in The Demon Worl...