Where Secrets Lie (DS Karen Hart, #2) by D.S. Butler

Where Secrets Lie (DS Karen Hart, #2)

Beneath a quiet village, dark crimes lie buried.When decomposed human remains are discovered in a suitcase behind a locked door in the home of an elderly man, Detective Karen Hart thinks the facts speak for themselves. That is, until she finds the warning: It’s time to pay for your crime.The body belongs to a former teacher, Oliver Fox, who vanished from the village thirty years earlier. Hart’s instincts tell her there is something untoward a...

Details Where Secrets Lie (DS Karen Hart, #2)

TitleWhere Secrets Lie (DS Karen Hart, #2)
Release DateJan 10th, 2019
PublisherThomas & Mercer
GenreMystery, Thriller, Crime, Fiction

Reviews Where Secrets Lie (DS Karen Hart, #2)

  • Tahera
    I quite enjoyed this book...it was fast paced with a believable storyline and characters that were real and relatable. There is a dual storyline going on in this book; what begins as a routine checkup call leads to a discovery related to a 30 year old cold case and while the police are trying to get this cold case solved, a series of current murders which could be connected to the said cold case, make things more tricky and difficult for DS Karen...
  • Anovelqueen
    Are you looking for an excellent police procedural whodunnit? If so, I highly recommend this book.Police find an elderly man lying at the foot of his stairs while doing a welfare check. He tells them not to go into a certain room in the house. So what does police do? They go into the room and they discover a corpse in a suitcase. This opens up all sorts of questions...Who is the corpse? How did the old man drag the suitcase out of his attic? How ...
  • Louise Wilson
    Detective Karen Hart #2An elderly man, who a neighbour had shown concern for, is found in his home. It looks like he has fallen down some stairs. He asks the policemen who had attended the call out not to go upstairs. Intrigued, they search upstairs only to discover a decomposed body in a suitcase. It seems an easily solved case, that is until Detective Karen hart finds a warning note: It's time to pay for your crime!I'm really liking this new po...
  • Hans
    Impressive! This is a very fast-paced thriller with lots of surprises and twists. With a very unsuspected ending. Karen and her fellow police officers have an interesting private life as well.
  • Lou
    Where Secrets Lie, the second novel in the Detective Karen Hart series, is a fascinating, multi-layered whodunit, and right from the beginning I enjoyed the dual storyline; both the cold case that suddenly heats up again thirty years later and the present day crime means there are two different killers to identify, convict and imprison. Butler manages to fool this seasoned crime reader for the duration as it didn't matter how far I read into the ...
  • Clare
    With thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for this ARC in exchange for an open and honest review.Where Secrets Lie is the second book in the DS Karen Hart series.The book began with the death of website designer James Hunter. James was a recovering alcoholic who fell off the wagon after two years. During a drinking binge James told a friend from his AA group a secret he had kept for hidden for years. Later James stood on the balcony of his luxur...
  • Kat Dietrich
    Where Secrets Lie by DS Butler is the 2nd in the Detective Karen Hart SeriesFirst, let me thank NetGalley, the publisher Thomas & Mercer, and of course the author, for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.Series Background (Warning – May contain spoilers from previous books):DS Karen Hart lost her husband Josh and her daughter Tilly in a car accident. Years later, she struggles to move ...
  • Maggie
    An elderly man is found at the bottom of his stairs after a neighbour raised the alarm. Not something the would usually overly concern the police- unless they happen to find a very dead body in a suitcase in the man's bedroom! There is also what could be classed as a threatening note in the house.The body was killed by a blow to the head forty years ago. He had been a teacher at a local high school where the old man was once Headmaster. He was al...
  • Joann
    Firstly, I won this Kindle book in a Goodread's Giveaway. Thanks for the opportunity to leave an honest review. I love mystery and mystery series so was anxious to give this a go. I was a tad disappointed in this second book. Granted, I missed the first book but I was still able to follow the plot and the characters. For me, the book just didn't seem to have enough going for it. I enjoyed the characters well enough but there just didn't seem to b...
  • Elaine Tomasso
    I would like to thank Netgalley and Thomas & Mercer for an advance copy of Where Secrets Lie, the second novel to feature DS Karen Hart of the Lincolnshire police.When Albert Johnson falls downstairs the police break in to rescue them but he isn’t happy to see them and forbids them from going upstairs. When they do they find a skeletonised corpse in a suitcase in a padlocked room but what seems like a straightforward case takes a few turns when...
  • peggy
    This is the second in the DS Butler series and i am loving it.A body is found in a suitcase in the bedroom of an old man. The remains are over thirty years old. This thirty year old cold case is about to become very current. Someone is on the rampage and killing but why ? What have these new murders got to do with this cold case ? My god there are so many suspects and red herrings. A real page turner and the climax WOW. I had no idea who the kill...
  • Annette
    DS Karen Hart is back and the second book in the series is even better than the first, it has a great storyline and as the bags under my eyes will confirm I read it in one sitting until 2.30am this morning. It had me riveted and I couldn't read fast enough. I look forward to the next book in the series
  • Autumn
    I received this book via NetGalley to give an honest review.The first thing that called to this book was the cover it just looks amazing and calls it to be a good book. I thought I had the suspect figured out but as the story kept unfolding I realized I was far off. I like books like that! When Detective Hart and DI Morgan are pulled into the case of a body being found in a suitcase they knows there is a case here but, who would put a person in a...
  • Karschtl
    When the police discovers the literal skeleton in the closet, they are faced with solving a 30 year old crime where all traces of evidence are long gone. But suddenly this cold case turns into a hot pursuit.It is the second part of the 'Detective Karen Hart' series, and I enjoyed it just as I did the first one. But while Karen Hart was really at the heart of the investigation in the first book (true to the name of the series), here all four main ...
  • Sid
    I went into this book straight on from the first book and I'm really glad that I did as I enjoyed this book as much as I enjoyed the first book. I really like the characters in the book, especially the relationship between Karen, Rick and Sophie and also the rapport between Karen and DI Morgan. The writing is fluid and quick and enjoyable. I loved the way the entire investigation and trying to figure out the killer was written. Overall a really e...
  • Stephanie Parker
    IntriguingWhen two police officer act on the request of a concerned neighbor and conduct a welfare check they discover that she is right: her neighbor has fallen down his stairs and is seriously injured. They also discover a skeleton in a suitcase.That sends Detective Karen Hart into a 30-year cold case that morphs into a string of recent and grisly murders. Police efforts to solve the old murder and stop the new killings are blocked at every tur...
  • Colette Lamberth
    I haven’t read book 1 in this series so I can confirm that it reads perfectly well as a stand alone book. What appeared initially to be a cold case enquiry turned out more and more complex as the book progressed. The main character DS Karen Hart was easy company and I rather like that she follows up on her gut reaction to things. I have a minor gripe with the fact that she was referred to as Karen while her boss was always referred to as DI Mor...
  • M
    Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for providing me with an arc of this book in exchange for an honest review.Having read and enjoyed the first book in the series, I had high hopes for this second book. It didn't disappoint but it seemed to move at a slower pace and the characters didn't feel as though they developed at all. The story itself was good with some twists and a satisfying resolution.
  • Sandra
    I have really enjoyed reading this book it certainly grips you with the plot and i was happy to read that i had the killer sussed.D S Butler certainly writes a brilliant book.When police are called to the home of an elderly man by a worried neighbour they are about to make a discovery that will have the team racing against time to stop a killer.If you want to read a good book then i can highly recommend this one.Well worth 5*
  • Tarrah Marie
    This is the second book in the Karen Hart series and it reads well as a stand-alone. Butler does well to provide an adequate background to the characters, making the reader feel comfortable diving right into this novel without having any prior knowledge of the previous story line. The plot of this book is complex, weaving through the twists and turns of a murder mystery from the past and that of the present. The narrative is character driven, mai...
  • Jypsy
    Where Secrets Lie is a Karen Hart mystery. The remains of a body from thirty years ago are discovered. This leads to more deaths. Who is the killer? I like the method of investigation in the story. It's different from the usual. The story moves at a good pace. There is enough mystery to keep your interest. Karen is a likeable character. She's clever and complex. The story is well written and engaging. Overall, I liked it. Thanks to NetGalley for ...
  • Andrea Pole
    Where Secrets Lie by DS Butler is a suspenseful thrill ride of a novel that pulls the reader in immediately and does not let go. This is a gripping police procedural that hits all of the right notes and will surely delight fans of the genre.The novel's prologue introduces us to James, an alcoholic who is thrown off his own balcony by someone he is clearly well acquainted with, thereby setting the stage for the rest of the narrative. The surprises...
  • Margaret Duke-Wyer
    This is the second in the Detective Karen Hart series but the first I have read. A concerned woman has called the police because her elderly neighbour is not following his normal routine. Upon investigation two policemen discover the old man, barely alive following a fall down the stairs. His odd behaviour leads the police to make a grisly discovery. Upon opening an old suitcase a body is discovered. No ordinary body but one that has all but mumm...
  • Monica Mac
    Reading this book was like riding a horse: first you go for a gentle stroll and you are enjoying the ride and wonder if your horse likes to go a little faster, then things ramp up a bit and you are trotting....and then next thing you know, you are going at a full gallop! My horse skipped the cantering completely ;) Seriously though, this was one good read! DS Karen Hart is back in her second adventure and even though I read the first book, it abs...
  • T H Marshall
    A tremendous read I ordered this book on a Kindle recommendation.Not knowing what to expect and already being a fan of several other detective book series I wasn't expecting very much from this story. How wrong I was and very pleasantly surprised I was.! The story gripped me from the first introductory chapter and continued to grip me as it turned out to be a real page turner. Not only is there a tremendous story which didn't fail to surprise me ...
  • Alex Black
    An elderly man is found dead in his home and it appears to be a straightforward accident. But when a neighbour suggests the police don’t go upstairs, the alarm bells ring. A suitcase is found with a decomposed body.The body belongs to a former teacher who vanished thirty years ago. It seems an easily solved case, that is until Detective Karen Hart finds a warning note: It’s time to pay for your crime! Hart learns that Fox wasn’t an innocent...
  • Shawn
    I thoroughly enjoyed the story with all it's twists and turns. Unraveling all the mysteries surrounding a man's disappearance thirty years earlier was fascinating. The case begins when an old man takes a stumble down a set of stairs. The old man telling the police not to go upstairs just makes them wonder what he's hiding. Never did they expect to find a dusty old suitcase with a body inside. Each new discovery in the case made me want to turn th...
  • Tracy Wood
    This is an excellent novel with well drawn characters and realistic emotions covering more than just the crimes themselves. It tied up almost all the loose ends in a most satisfying way and I wonder if the one unresolved issue will feature in a third outing for DS Hart and her colleagues. The four main police officers work well, together but are also shown individually so as to include their private lives which creep into the case just enough to ...
  • M
    This is a better, second entry in a British police procedural series set in rural Lincolnshire. I read this as a stand-alone—after passing on author Butler’s first DS Hart book after 50 pages. In this second book, the characters are more settled and less annoying to read about. This solid police procedural is character-driven, which is great—until various characters have extraneous personal-melodrama, slowing the pace.That said, this murder...