Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport

Digital Minimalism

Minimalism is the art of knowing how much is just enough. Digital minimalism applies this idea to our personal technology. It's the key to living a focused life in an increasingly noisy world.In this timely and enlightening book, the bestselling author of Deep Work introduces a philosophy for technology use that has already improved countless lives.Digital minimalists are all around us. They're the calm, happy people who can hold long conversatio...

Details Digital Minimalism

TitleDigital Minimalism
Release DateFeb 5th, 2019
GenreNonfiction, Self Help, Productivity, Science, Technology, Psychology, Personal Development

Reviews Digital Minimalism

  • Carl Rannaberg
    I badly wanted to like this book. I really did. Because I have very much enjoyed other books by Cal Newport: So Good That They Can’t Ignore You and Deep Work. Both have inspired me a lot and I have recommended these to others in many occasions.This book was way below my expectations. I'm afraid it’s not the book, it’s me. The practical value for me was minimal as I have already implemented a lot of things he proposes in the book.As Cal Newp...
  • K.J. Dell'Antonia
    I've been thinking a lot these days about making more deliberate tech choices. No one human--not even Steve Jobs--ever expected technology to invade our lives the way it has. Instead, keeping us tethered to our tech and pulling that lever became the most popular and obvious way to monetize the Internet, and we individuals became, not the consumers, but the product being sold. And instead of cutting ourselves some slack--billions of dollars have b...
  • Mehrsa
    I like the idea in here--less is more. We do not need all the apps and the social platforms. He's definitely talking to someone like me here. I am not a huge consumer of these platforms (mostly this is age-related). However, I listened to his book using audible and some apps have really helped me expand my mind (meditation apps and audible are two). There is no room in Newport's framework for using smartphones in a good way. He's sort of an intel...
  • Kate Olson
    If you are ready to make radical changes in your approach to tech in your life, this book is for you. It has been life altering in the best possible ways for me. I’m noticing that the people who aren’t ready to make changes tend to get defensive and call Newport a Luddite 🤷🏼♀However, if you almost never use your phone except for making phone calls or don’t use social media, you can probably skip it. Or if you’ve already read other...
  • Robert Chang
    Cal Newport provided practical advice on how to embrace the philosophy of Digital Minimalism:- Spend time alone to gain solitude - Leave your phone at home - Take long walks - Write letters to yourself (journaling)- Don't click "likes" - Avoid falling into the slot machine feedback loop of likes - Consolidate texting - hold conversation office hours - Reclaiming conversations- Reclaim Leisure - prioritize demanding leisure activity over pass cons...
  • Kate
    Cal Newport’s Digital Minimalism is Marie Kondo’s tidying philosophy applied to technology: technology isn’t inherently bad or good, but it should be judiciously curated to fit your pre-existing values of what constitutes a good life. Rather than going to Facebook or Instagram or a news feed of breaking news to find human connection and entertainment, pre-decide what you value in the spheres of entertainment and connection and then tailor t...
  • Tanja Berg
    I picked this book up on a whim at Helsinki airport a week ago. For a few months, I've been trying unsuccessfully to reduce the amount of time I spend browsing social media on my phone. The screen time report has been dismal reading. I also realize that when I am tired after a long day at the office, my capacity to resist is next to nil.I am now going to make a serious attempt at decluttering my digital life. Tonight I will delete all social medi...
  • Luke Bacich
    Deep work (Cal's previous book) is my favourite book; it overhauled how I stay focused during the work day in an age of distraction. Digital Minimalism is the perfect sequel. Digital Minimalism removes low impact distractions from your personal life in search of meaningful high quality analogue activities. Between the two books your work and personal life are covered. You come away a far more present and content with your life.
  • Madeleine (Top Shelf Text)
    Such an important work of non-fiction for anyone who would like to evaluate their relationship with social media. I loved this book -- it spurred me to take a 30-day break from Instagram, and I look forward to re-reading it in the future to keep me thinking about the role of social media and general technology in my life!
  • Ahmed Alsahaf
    The author of this book is a prime example of how one can be very successful, and at the same time incredibly unimaginative.When the title caught my attention at a bookstore, I had been feeling for a long time that my own consumption of digital content has gotten out of hand. “This looks like something you should read,” said one of the better angels of my nature (brace for many Abraham Lincoln stories if you decide to read the book). With uni...
  • Emma Sea
    "'Likes' are poison to your attempts to cultivate a meaningful social life. . . . don't click 'like. Ever . . . Don't click and don't comment. This basic stricture will radically change for the better how you maintain your social life."I want all the benefits Newport outlays, but I'm scared of doing a digital detox. I have a YouTube addiction and I am afraid going cold turkey will highlight to me how empty and unfulfilling my leisure time current...
  • Goce Cvetanov
    Since I already kind of have a few principles on using social media and digital devices, this book helped me confirm my principles and maybe even nudged me to think about these topics a bit more.I would recommend this book to anyone, especially to those "addicted" to social media. What I liked the most is that every information presented in the book was linked with a scientific article, or another book, or some study, meaning that they are true a...
  • Nicholas Kotar
    All I'm going to say is:READ THIS BOOK!I have joined the attention resistance movement. I am now a digital minimalist. And let me tell you, my quality of life has improved exponentially. Do it, people!
  • Sudheendra Fadnis
    Another master piece from Cal Newport. While the book Deep Work stresses on how to thrive professionally, this one is all about how to flourish in our personal lives through discretionary use of social media. We should be the masters of the technology we use, and not the other way around. We live in an age of dramatic distractions , which is driven by the attention merchants such as Facebook, Instagram , Twitter etc.Now a these days one's attenti...
  • Andriy Rushchak
    Дуже вчасна книжка.Почавши із постановки проблеми - Because checking your likes is the new smoking - автор дає конкретні поради, як позбутися сміття в щоденних звичках використання сучасних технологій. Якщо ви відчуваєте тривогу щоразу, як забуваєте свій смартфон вд...
  • Ivan
    Cal Newport has an uncanny ability to synthesize wide-ranging sources and making a compelling, crisply written case. He does it again in this book. He’s no Luddite and he doesn’t encourage mindless tech adoption but instead argues for what he calls “digital minimalism.” The latter two thirds of the book on “practices” were my favorite parts of the book.
  • Rian Merwe
    I read this book over the weekend, and it exceeded my expectations. I was a little worried it would just be a re-hashing of his previous book Deep Work, through a slightly different lens, but it’s not that at all. Cal brings in lots of psychology, and provides practical (and pragmatic) recommendations for cultivating a better relationship with technology.He also draws heavily from the experience of about 1,600 people who undertook a 30-day “t...
  • Olga Shatokha
    Amazing, life-changing book. My life already became of a much higher quality with new hobbies.
  • Renee
    This was a good quick read. Nothing that was a big revelation, we all know how easily technologies gets a hold and a grip on us. Cal Newport makes many good points but one quote that got me was about how we sometime feel more " important " then we ought to be. That we are so indispensable that we need to be reach at all time or that the world we stop turning we we don't have a constant access to others, particularly our own families . So here is ...
  • Tiffany Freeman
    Such an important topic to be talking about right now. I feel like a lot of my acquaintances would accuse the author of being a “tech hater,” but I feel like that couldn’t be farther from the truth if you really listen to what he’s claiming. I’m honestly already on board with a lot of the suggestions he shares, so maybe I was an easy sell. But I enjoyed it and my kids even enjoyed the parts I shared with them. Also, it didn’t feel pre...
  • Ahmad Moshrif
    يظل هذا الكاتب الرائع (كال نيوبورت) يتحفني بأفكاره البسيطة والعميقة في نفس الوقت. كتابه السابق Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World كان أحد الأعمدة المهمة في بحثي لكتابي الأخير الذي كتبته وهم الإنجاز: كيف يتحرك العامة وماذا يحفزهم، فمع تقدم التكنلوجيا ...
  • Daniel
    I am a fan of Newport. So:1. Digital technology especially social media has enslaved us. Rather than being just a way to connect with our friends, facebook has mastered the art of the slot machine, giving us random and variable rewards. That has been found to be the most addictive of all; just look at slot machines, the Japanese Pachinko or channel surfing. I totally agree with this. 2. The only way out is Digital Minimalism. There are many ways ...
  • Brad Feld
    I wrote a post / review on this at
  • Seth Thomas
    Fresh airI feel like I’ve been slowly moving this direction for a couple of years. This book feels like freedom and confirmation that I/we don’t need the steady social media IV drip to survive and thrive.
  • Paul
    I talk about this book some in my wrap-up video here:
  • Arvind
    3.5/5 Minimalism is something intrinsic to me before I knew about the term, and so was digital minimalism. Sparing you the details, but "screentime" on iphone tells me that my total FB+Twitter+browsing usage on avg is less than 30 mins per day. And apart from goodreads and imdb on which serve an important function for me, I am not on any other SM (including Whatsapp or Insta).Wished to take a step further and also compare notes. A lot of it - opt...
  • Nina
    Bukvalno poklonjene dve zvezdice samo zbog ideje o digitalnom minimalizmu. Lik savetuje da idemo u teretanu ili da se bavimo drvodeljstvom kako ne bismo bili onlajn, lol. Takođe u jednom momentu savetuje da ako baš moramo da imamo mobilni kod sebe onda da ga ostavimo u kolima ako idemo negde. Pa onda ako vam neko mazne kola imaće i bonus ulov.Kao jedan od primera osoba koje su prigrlile digitalni minimalizam navodi neku ribu kojoj su ukrali aj...
  • Antonio Gallo
    Mi aspettavo molto di più da questo libro. Il "minimalismo" digitale non è altro che quell'acronimo che coniai una ventina di anni fa durante un corso tenuto dall'Università di Londra, "Institute of Education" sul tema "Online Education & Training". Nella dissertazione finale, dopo circa cinque mesi di corso online e a pagamento, ebbi modo di sintetizzare in tre semplici parole quello che l'autore ha esposto nel suo libro: C.A.C. vale a dire "...
  • Kent Winward
    A Millennial professor telling this Baby Boomer how to deal with technology -- well let me tell you little whippersnapper -- I was around for 8-track tapes -- we old timers know a few things about technology and how to use it properly. In all seriousness, it raised the question for me that my relationship to new digital media may be different simply because I had a whole lifetime without the tech to prepare me to do naturally what must come hard ...