Give In by Layla Frost

Give In

I watched her.I knew I shouldn’t. It was a mistake. Wrong. Forbidden.A glimpse of heaven before a depraved angel led me to hell.One email was all it would take to end the torture. A simple email, dropping Eden Wilder from my class and my life.But I couldn’t do it. I was selfish—taking any bit of her I could.That’s how addictions start. You give in just a little. Just once. Before long, your obsession has grown into a violent storm, shroud...

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TitleGive In
GenreErotica, BDSM, Romance, Contemporary Romance

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  • Carol [Goodreads Addict]
    “She was my promise land.My secret.My obsession.” Give In, by Layla Frost, is one of those books that when you read the final page, you just sit there for a few minutes, staring at your e-reader in awe perhaps. Layla is a new to me author and she has won my heart. While I was reading this, it took up every bit of my brain, no matter what I was doing. There was only one goal throughout my day, to finish whatever it was I was doing so I can get...
  • Carvanz
    One Stalker-licious Hero!Holy heck! This author claimed Give In to be a slow burn and in some aspects it is, but it’s the hottest slow burn I’ve ever read!I’ve always enjoyed a taboo story and teacher/student is definitely one of my favorites. However, the “fear of getting caught” as the plot has worn thin, in my opinion. This is not that book. While there is definitely the anxiety of someone finding out, this goes far beyond that simpl...
  • Mindy Lou's Book Review
    This has one of the best tug of war relationships. Professor Caine stalked. He'd advance then retreat. He stalked some more, advanced and then retreated. It was like reading a chess match being played out live and in color in my brain. Eden never had a chance. He was determined to make her his and he played to win.While Professor Caine is the biggest reason I loved this book, Eden was just as much a treat. I am such a fan of a heroine who stands ...
  • Isabella.R
    5 Dr. Jekyll and Dickhole Hyde Stars Being a stripper isn’t the long-term plan, but it certainly pays the bills in the interim. Believing she was relatively safe from her side job being exposed, Eden Wilder is freaked to see Professor Caine in the audience. Her Political Theory Professor who barely acknowledges her in class, the one that most college girls’ lust after? Watching her on stage, requesting her services for lap dances; yes, that o...
  • Stacey is Sassy
    There was a tingle up my spine…There are certain authors that I read without even a quick squiz at the blurb. Layla Frost is one of those authors. I opened the first chapter and a shiver went up my spine. The words hit my eyes and a smile broke free. There is nothing better than returning to a favourite author and knowing by the end of the first page that I was about to experience magic. I was being led on a journey of discovery, taken out of m...
  • Gi's Spot Reviews
    5 ‘ Holy mother of BUILD UPS’ StarsOh. My. World! This book, and this build up, devastated and put me back together in the most unexpected of ways! I have no doubt Professor Caine and his angel, his Eden, won’t soon be forgotten!Give In truly is all about the build up, the slow burn that you deliciously want to gorge on, but slowly taste to enjoy every single moment! From the very first page you could see something BIG was coming, and all s...
  • SansaReads
    Me with EVERYTHING this author writes... It has been a min since my last Layla Frost Read and can I just say I am absolutely enthralled with this release!?!Trying to do this review without giving any spoilers will be hard ..The experly beautifully written characterization of the main characters, the sexy as hell surprising plot, all tied up and bowed together in a perfect romance from Layla Frost. Professor Caine & Eden will take you on a journey...
  • Julia
    4.5 stars. There are reasons to give it 5 and to give it 4, but went with 5 because I enjoyed it up until the 90% mark. Reasons to give it 5: the author veered away from old tropes and stereotypical characters. For example, the heroine wasnt constantly blushing, struggling to form sentences, and her nipples weren't always beacons when the hero was around. FINALLY!!!!! Details like this are what made this book really great in my opinion. Everythin...
  • Michelle Claypot_Reads
    WOWSA!!!!! I binged this book in one session and I do not regret ignoring the real world, or feeding my family leftovers - totally worth it. Professor Caine is EVERYTHING I love in an alpha, a true dominant -not a guy playing at being a dominant - there's a HUGE difference. He was the very definition of filthy dominance and it was delicious. His dialogue is the very best kind of dirty darkness and felt so genuine I was squirming while reading, th...
  • Kimberly / Love Notes Book Blog
    2.5 stars. I am normally a fan of this author's work, but this book missed the mark for me. Give In is Professor Damien Caine and Eden's story. Eden is in college, but is estranged from her family so she pays for her school by working as a stripper. Damien is her professor. He was at her strip club for a bachelor party when he recognized her as his student. After that, he goes to see her there often, watches her, and even gets private lap dances ...
  • Raine
    ConfusingThis was a little difficult to read. The beginning started out great, but then quickly got boring. I thought Damien was going to be a lot more of an alpha male but ended up more of a wishy-washy guy who likes a little BDSM. There was a lot of vague alluding to her background and his. Both ended up to be seemingly trivial and just wanted to hype up the suspense. All that anticipation that Eden was in danger and Damien would save her from ...
  • Island Girl Romance Reads
    Let me start by saying that I’m not a fan of taboo stories or BDSM, but I loved this book so freaking much.Talk about possessive, jealous, controlling, stalker and obsessive Alpha male..holy d*mn!!Eden is stubborn and strong willed and loved that even though she’s young, she stands for herself. Professor Cain..swoon..what can I say? He had me hot with all his dirty talk and BDSM.D*mn..he was addicted to his depraved angel.This book was slow b...
  • Jos
    4 StarsOK, so if I could give 5 Stars for Professor Caine ALONE then yes, I am doing that, he was soooooo sexy, so alpha, so just.....YUMMY!!!! I FLOVED him:)Now, if I could give 1 or 0 Stars for Eden, then yes I am giving her between a 0-1 Star. Ughhhhh, I hated her, I mean she was annoying to no end, I couldn't take her and the only reason I pushed on was for Caine and Caine ONLY! She was annoying, stubborn, just a damn biotch!It's too bad beca...
  • Stacie
    2 1/2 "Dysfunctional" Stars!This really wasn't that bad at all. But what it was, was Fifty Shades of Grey fan fiction. I don't know if that was intentional or not, but that was my take. Happy reading!
  • Sarah
    It's LIVE! book has ALL the feels. So good. It hooked me from page one and never let me go. And I have just one word for Professor Damien Caine... Mine.
  • Kelly Green
    I.... Just.... Need....a... Minute.Ok! If this book were on a food menu it would need all 5 !!! That's the spiciness if this book!!! To me... The student/teacher romance never gets old! I have no problems what so ever with the desk scenario! Super hot! Then you add in the back story. The sight voyeurism. The moments of absolutely sweetness.... I'm totally sold! I was enraptured from the very first page!!! I will scream from the rooftops about peo...
  • Nova
    I wasn’t sure what to expect from this book but I was very pleasantly surprised, it’s slightly taboo but not in a way that you can disapprove of the teacher wanting a student. Eden is a strong independent woman trying to make her way through college and hiding from her previous reality. Her job is very risqué, working as a stripper at Sinners is not ideal but it pays better than bartending and the tips are way better. It’s far enough away ...
  • Fatimama
    1 star for the coverThis was so tedious to read and I just wanted it to be over. I wanted to DNF it so many times, I finished it out of the perverse desire to prove myself right, that this deserved 1 star.So H is the professor, he was supposed to like the h ever since he saw her but he really didn’t do anything to be close to her until he saw her accidentally in a strip club where she was working and he was with a stag party.Anyway, so many bac...
  • Skylar
    3.5 It's just not my jam. This was written well and I love Layla Frost. The push-pull dynamic just didn't do it for me.
  • Tracy
    This is the first book I've read from this new to me author but it definitely won't be the last. This was almost book perfection for me! Professor Caine was the perfect amount of possessive alpha male and sweetness. Eden was a brilliant heroine. She was stubborn and independent but also desperate to be controlled and owned by Damien. I loved this book and wished it was much longer. 5 stars!
  • ~Nichole~ Sizzling Pages Romance Reviews
    Sexy Taboo Professor Student story. Lots of slow burn chemistry. Then heat that will scorch you. I have always loved everything Layla has written. I definitely loved Caine so much. I didn't really connect with Eden. I have to find a kinship I guess with my heroines and she was way too immature and "blank" for me. Like I never got the full picture on who she was. I'd have like to read more about her having real responsibilities besides stripping, ...
  • Sarah Nadal
    I’m sitting here trying to find the words to describe how much I liked this book, the slow burn, the filthy sweetness, the stalkerish hero, the trust gained, the COFFEE and the epilogue makes this one a perfect read. I might be bias, because I love everything that Layla writes, but don’t believe me, just buy it, read it and see for yourself. Bravo again miss Frost. I’m sitting here trying to find the words to describe how much I liked thi...
  • Carrie
    WHEW! Damien & Eden are INTENSE! Like, think of an intense story & then go five more steps. *fans self* Parts of it were a tough read for me, but the story brought me back. And there is definitely a huge helping of HOT HOT HOT. I love the writing - it's beautiful! And when Eden opens up & gives her full trust... there were tears & tissues needed! This is a superbly done story & I highly recommend it! : )
  • Book Snob Sue
    Whew, these two were a hot af handful. He’s her OTT alpha professor and she’s his student that just so happens to strip to put herself through college. She’s on the run, so she has huge walls up around her. She gives as good as she gets. They have always been attracted to each other, but that ramps up when he is out for a bachelor party and sees her dance. This, for me, was definitely a game of cat and mouse, he really wants all of her, but...