Cook It in Your Dutch Oven by America's Test Kitchen

Cook It in Your Dutch Oven

A Dutch oven is the most versatile pot in your kitchen: a soup pot, a deep fryer, a braiser, a roaster, an enclosed bread oven, and the perfect vessel for one-dish meals.Don't relegate your prized pot to the back of the cabinet. Learn how to put your Dutch oven to work every day in so many different ways. Turn out practical yet fun meals made entirely in one pot, such as Weeknight Pasta Bolognese; Chicken Pot Pie with Spring Vegetables; and Lamb ...

Details Cook It in Your Dutch Oven

TitleCook It in Your Dutch Oven
Release DateDec 4th, 2018
PublisherAmerica's Test Kitchen
GenreFood and Drink, Cookbooks, Cooking, Food, Nonfiction

Reviews Cook It in Your Dutch Oven

  • KC
    America's Test Kitchen so you know it's filled w great recipes, clear directions and stunning photos.
  • Sherri
    It's from America's Test Kitchen. You know there will be good instruction, photos, recipes, and tips from their product testing. Your book for one pot wonder dishes from main dishes, soups, and desserts.
  • Angela
    I'm gonna need to own this.
  • Telisha
    Was given both this book and a Dutch Oven for Christmas. Have already used them both 3 times and am in love!This book does not disappoint, it holds both great recipes as well as the pro tips of WHY they work so well in a dutch oven.Even better at the beginning of the book, they go through all different types of Dutch ovens and how they performed so you can change your cooking times to work the best for your model.Love that they did so much ground...
  • James Tomasino
    Some fantastic recipes in here that really show off the creativity of a Dutch oven. You know you're in for something special when a recipe calls for flipping the lid upside down. The into has a nice guide to Dutch ovens as well. Glad I picked it up from the library. Many note cards have been filled!
  • Natalie
    5 stars, obvs.
  • Janet
    Good but not great. Only saved 15 recipes that uniquely stood out as must-makes: Couscous Risotto with Chicken and Spinach, Beef Enchilada Casserole, Steamed Cheeseburgers, Latin American Pork and Rice, Italian Sausages with White Beans and Kale, Cheese and Tomato Lasagne, Quick Beef & Barley Soup, West African Sweet Potato and Peanut Soup, Hearty Minestrone, US Senate Navy Bean Soup, Best Chicken Stew, Pumpkin Turkey Chile, Roasted Pork Loin wit...
  • Joanne
    Cookbooks by America's Test Kitchen are always good, clear, and helpful. This one's no exception, although it leans a bit heavy on the international cuisine, which is a good way to get a lot of different flavor profiles in their array of recipes but not quite as useful to my household, raised on mid-century American with a heavy dose of Southern. However, there is a large selection of recipes which will fit well in my slice of the universe, but w...
  • Eric Mesa
    Some pretty awesome recipes that I can't wait to try and one I've already tried. While not as full of photos as their Illustrated line of cookcooks, it's still got a lot of great photos to showcase what your finished dishes should look like. It's also got the signature America's Test Kitchen recipes that tell you why the recipe works as well as where they've taken shortcuts that make it easier to cook without sacrificing on taste. They've got dis...
  • Becca
    I normally don't give cookbooks five stars because I usually only find one or two recipes I actually enjoy in each book, but America's Test Kitchen really outdid themselves this time. I've tried about half of the recipes in here so far, and they've all been really solid. If you love yourself, take an hour and make the couscous risotto with chicken and spinach. I've made it twice in the past week and a half. The second time, I tried a vegetarian v...
  • Patricia Romero
    If it was not for my french oven, we would never eat. When I saw this at my library, I grabbed it at the same time my boyfriend did.There is a ton of information about french/dutch ovens along with the best way to care for them.The recipes are very easy, with not a lot of complicated ingredients. So far we have tried 3 of them and we are working our way through the book now that it's Fall/Winter. The soups and stews are just right!Great Job!
  • Manintheboat
    I didn't realize this was America's Test Kitchen.I hate America's Test Kitchen because nearly every recipe is, "We replaced the kaffir lime leaves with lime juice..."You made something else Karen. You didn't make Thai Green Curry. You made some lazy diluted "inspired" white people version, call it something else.If you actually want to learn to use your dutch oven, go read Modernist Cuisine. You can order each volume individually from the library...
  • Miss Clark
    If you have a Dutch Oven or are wondering what could you even make in one, this is a delicious and easy place to start and to find recipes you will go back to again and again!My favourites are:Beef Enchilada CasseroleLatin American Pork and RiceChicken and Ramen Soup*Portuguese Beef StewIrish Lamb StewRoasted Poblano and White Bean Chili*Texas Chicken-Fried Steaks
  • Alanna Husch
    My first introduction to Americas test kitchen, this is a terrific book. Information about different makes and models of Dutch ovens as well as price comparisons, plus how to care for them. The recipes are varied and strive to use only the one pot for both main and sides. Pleased that there is a separate section for baking breads as well. My first introduction to America’s test kitchen, this is a terrific book. Information about different mak...
  • Jessica
    I love my Dutch oven and it really is probably the most versatile kitchen item I own. I already use it all the time, but there were lots of really great recipe ideas in here. Everything from one pot meals to desserts and everything in between. If you're looking to utilize your Dutch oven more or just want some new recipe ideas this is a great cookbook.
  • Meggie
    In great Americas Test Kitchen fashion, I learned so much about what I can do with my Dutch oven in this cookbook. The header notes are fun to read, full of information and enticing. The recipes are fairly involved and time consuming, but those I have tried were worth the effort. Id probably try about 75% of the recipes. In great America’s Test Kitchen fashion, I learned so much about what I can do with my Dutch oven in this cookbook. The hea...
  • Nicole
    Great cookbook. How could you look at the cover and think otherwise? I am making Beef Bolognese stat! I like that it compares Dutch Ovens so a beginner can make a wise choice. I only wish I had this book a few weeks ago before I bought my dutch oven. Cleaning tips are also provided. I have bookmarked quite a few recipes and will begin using my Dutch Oven with confidence!
  • Cathy
    The directions in this cookbook are exceptionally clear, and the introduction for each recipe explains why each step is important for the flavor of the final dish. Every recipe I have tried has turned out beautifully, and my family has loved them. I've learned some new cooking techniques and am trying these on some family-favorite recipes that I had not previously tried cooking in my Dutch oven.
  • Dux l My week is Booked
    I didn't know you could deep fry in the Dutch oven so that was cool. I also really liked the breakdown in the beginning of the types of crock pots and what makes one better than another.Shout out to the section on cleaning off the light enamel, and to the huge molten lava cake.
  • Dana
    This is the only Dutch Oven cookbook I will ever need. All the tips and tricks, plus a great stock of awesome recipes!
  • Carol
    America's Test Kitchen and a Dutch Oven - what could be better?
  • Brianna Sowinski
    I love to check out ATK books over and over.
  • Lisaavery
    We have tried several of the recipes now. They are both fun to cook and come out perfectly. I highly recommend.
  • Kristen
    More great recipes for my favorite pan! Going to try 10 of them! Love their explanations on what works and why
  • Michele
    I will be purchasing this cookbook.
  • Lora
    Made my first recipe this week -- Chicken Thighs Braised with Chickpeas and Fennel. Freaking delicious!
  • Margaret Gerberding
    Do you have a Dutch oven that is gathering dust? This book has plenty of recipes to fill your Dutch oven and your family!
  • Shannon
    Great recipes. Also, they love to use the word "nestle". I found that amusing.
  • Linda
    Beautiful color photographs and easy to follow recipes. A good book for anyone who owns a Dutch Oven and would like to use it more.