Imagine John Yoko by John Lennon

Imagine John Yoko

In 1971, John Lennon & Yoko Ono conceived and recorded the critically acclaimed album Imagine at their Georgian country home, Tittenhurst Park, in Berkshire, England, in the state-of-the-art studio they built in the grounds, and at the Record Plant in New York.The lyrics of the title track were inspired by Yoko Ono's "event scores" in her 1964 book Grapefruit, and she was officially co-credited as writer in June 2017.Imagine John Yoko tells the s...

Details Imagine John Yoko

TitleImagine John Yoko
Release DateNov 13th, 2018
PublisherGrand Central Publishing
GenreNonfiction, Biography, Music, History

Reviews Imagine John Yoko

  • Jake
    I usually read dirty old used paperbacks that I get at thrift stores for a dollar, so when I got a free copy of this from goodreads the first thing I noticed was that it's a freaking beautiful book. I was worried as I read this giant immaculate white book that I might have residual grease on my hands from work and soil it. As a coffee table book, its design is great. As a book-book it was quite interesting to get into the heads of John Lennon and...
  • Stan Prager
    Review of: Imagine John Yoko, by John & Yoko Lennonby Stan Prager (2-3-19) It was late and I was on my way home, rock n’ roll blasting on the car radio. It was the one-week anniversary of our very first apartment together as a couple, so there was a kind of glow around the day. Then the music cut off abruptly and the news broke: John Lennon had been shot. John Lennon was dead. When the tunes resumed, it was all Beatles and Lennon solo stuff. On...
  • Krista-Lise
    I was completely floored as to how beautiful the book is. It totally worth getting if you are a fan of John Lennon. Not only is it filled with brilliant photos but it gives you story of making Imagine.
  • Susan Grodsky
    You learn a lot about John and Yoko in this coffee table book. It's big and heavy. Each page is elegantly designed. The photos are luminously beautiful. It may be a little more than you want to know. Here's the thing I learned about John Lennon that I liked the most. It's that he was very nervous -- he donned a suit -- when he was about to meet Fred Astaire, whom he described as "a real movie star." Right he was. But I'm vegan so I have to say th...
  • Aaron Badgley
    Great stories, great pictures, perfect book
  • Amelia
    BEAUTIFUL BOOK -- possibly more than you would ever want to know, but it is worth buying just to slowly flip through the pages when you are on your couch. Take it in in little chunks. It is absolutely beautiful