The Circus Thief by Alane Adams

The Circus Thief

The circus is in town, and Georgie has his heart set on going. When Papa agrees to take him and his friend Harley, the boys marvel at the amazing elephants and clowns. But the best act of all is the amazing Roxie, a trained horse who can do all sorts of tricks. When Georgie is invited to ride on her back, he discovers it’s her last show―Roxie is going to be sent to the work farm! When Roxie bolts with Georgie on her back, Papa must come to hi...

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TitleThe Circus Thief
Release DateNov 6th, 2018
GenreChildrens, Picture Books

Reviews The Circus Thief

  • PattyMacDotComma
    3★"'Now why would I give you a dollar for something you ought to do? Should I charge you for that new pair of shoes you’re wearing?''Georgie looked down at his shiny boots. 'No, Papa.''Should I charge you for that new coat I bought you?''No. Georgie shuffled his feet. 'It’s just, the circus is in town and I was hoping I could go.'"I think every child has had a time when they were afraid to ask for something but wanted it badly enough to tak...
  • Mel (Epic Reading)
    I'm missing something. This beautifully illustrated children's book makes no sense. There is a boy who does his chores and asks his father to attend the circus. Dad takes him and friend. During the main show the boy gets to ride an older, almost retired circus horse. Said horse runs off after the show (with the boy on it) as the horse has (presumably) figured out that she is destined for a work camp. Circus owner and Dad have a discussion about t...
  • Etienne
    Wonderful illustrations! But that's about it for me there. The story in itself is cute as far as the visit to the circus goes, but the last part about saving the horse and all... I didn't really see the point or the interest in those last pages and it really drop my appreciation of the book, I was going for a four, but with that kind of ending, I drop it at 2,5/5. Too bad!
  • Amanda
    After reading that this book was geared for ages 4-8, I decided to have my own kids (ages 4 and 7) read it with me for a test drive. Coincidentally, my kids' grandfather (who they call Papa) was visiting us at the same time so my kids were really drawn to Georgie's father who also goes by the name Papa. My kids' first reaction to the story was that Georgie was only asking for a dollar for completing his chores and my kids didn't think it was fair...
  • Gwen - Chew & Digest Books -
    There are books that stun you with their lessons or subtle messages/morals, there are books that stun you with their author's obvious grasp and understanding of history, there are books that stun you with their illustrations, there are books that stun with their writing, and then there are those that do all of the above.The Circus Thief is that last type. Circuses are nearly things of the past and certainly the type and the era in general that Al...
  • Juliana
    3.5 stars. I received a digital ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This is a sweet story about a boy who wishes to go to the circus because it's in town. He completes all of his chores and asks his father if he could go, who says yes. His father takes him and his friend to the circus and there he sees a show with an old horse that is retiring after the show.The illustrations are what makes this story. They are absolutely gorgeou...
  • Stephani Beltran
    This looked like such a cute book from the cover and description. My 4 year old daughter saw the cover and became curious right away and wanted me to read it to her. She said she was happy that the show horse from the circus was able to find a new home and someone to take care of her. It was sweet to hear her feedback and really get into it. She said she wants me to buy this book for her to put on her shelf in her room and display it.
  • Renae McBrian
    My kids LOVED this story, and immediately asked me to read it again when I finished the first time.
  • Storywraps
    The Setting: Summer, 1929Girard, Pennsylvania during the depressionThe Characters: ~ Georgie - a tender-hearted, empathetic, animal-loving boy~ Georgie's parents - a poor, hardworking couple that struggle to sustain their farm and love each other, especially Georgie~ Harley - Georgie's good friend~ Roxie - a magnificent, smart, talented, trick horse from the Circus stableThe PlotThis is a charming story set in 1929 when the depression made it so...
  • Amanda Williams
    This is a beautiful book with an unexpected twist to the end. Lovely story with a good moral. Really enjoyed this one.
  • Literary Soirée
    I adore THE CIRCUS THIEF, a lovely story about the circus coming to a small 1920s Pennsylvania town, geared to children ages 4–8. The illustrations are gorgeous and the tale of Georgie, who has done all his farm chores and convinces his Dad to take him and his friend Harley to the circus, gives such a sweet look at ‘20s life, when the world spun more slowly and the chance to see elephants and clowns was as exciting as any super hero multiplex...
  • Leigh Frohnapfel
    Great story, beautiful illustrations. Story keeps the pages turning and you are left wanting more at the end. Perfect to read to a young audience. Recommend it to all my teacher friends and mothers with littles.
  • Carla Johnson-Hicks
    I did not realize that this is a series, but that is not an issue when reading this story. This is a sweet story about Georgie who wants to go to the circus. When he completes all of his chores and his father takes him and his friend to the circus. They enjoy everything they see and when they see Roxie, the showhorse, Georgie gets to ride on his back. Roxie is being retired after the show, and when Georgie climbs on his back, Roxie bolts as she d...
  • Theediscerning
    When a young lad's hard work pays off, and he gets allowed to go to the circus with his best friend, he gets a lot more than he bargained for, in this short and sweet read. I'd certainly rate the illustrations more than the text, as they're really well handled; the story isn't too bad but one minute a certain character seems to be a bit of a penny-pincher, the next he's loaded, and the whole thing does just kind of stop as opposed to come to a na...
  • Mundie Moms & Mundie Kids
    What starts out as a great story set in the 1920's about a young boy wanting to visit the circus, ends with a story that felt incomplete and lacked any sort of resolution. However, the illustrations are great, and the historically setting was one of the elements I liked about this story. This story would have been more a lot appealing if there hadn't been an abrupt, incomplete ending. I'm not sure if I have an incomplete story with the unsolicite...
  • Monique
    This is a sweet little childrens book that reflects kindness and a simpler time in history that I enjoy seeing in books. The illustrations in "The Circus Thief" are detailed and colorful, and the story is quite charming with good morals. I definitely recommend this book for young children.I received this book from NetGalley and the book's publisher in exchange for my honest review, for which I am very grateful.
  • Lauri Heaton
    The Circus Thief is a delightful tale of Georgie on yet another adventure. This is the fourth in The Thief Series for Alane Adams. The Circus Thief allows young readers to glimpse into the life of a young boy in 1920's Pennsylvania. Georgie begs his Papa for a chance to go to the circus. Not only does Georgie enjoy the show, but the end of the story shows us his compassion and kindness; virtues we need in today's world. A wonderful addition to an...
  • Darcy
    The illustrations in this book were colorful and engaging, but the story itself was quite uninteresting and didn't live up to the bright illustrations. The title didn't really fit the story and was even somewhat misleading. The "thief" incident didn't occur until near the end of the book and was very anticlimactic. I can imagine small children enjoying the illustrations of this book, but I can't see many really loving the story.
  • Kelsey
    A positive, compassionate story about a boy who visits the circus the circus horse he meets. Unfortunately, much of the story seemed rushed and I thought it ended very abruptly. However, the illustrations are delightful and the boy's compassion for the horse, Roxie, shines.
  • Rachel
    A unique historical setting and the illustrations are rich with color, but the story is a little plodding and predictable. Thanks to Edelwiess for an advance look.
  • Hannah-lynette Hunter
    Definitely a book for older readers and more of a daytime read than a bedtime tale. The illustrations are beautiful and has more of a story than other little human reads.
  • Alane Adams
    True Story: my upcoming picture book The Circus Thief is based on a story my dad told about growing up on a farm in 1920s Pennsylvania. To think there was a real live horse named Roxie as beautiful as @lauren.gallegos drew it (🙌💕🙌💕) and was rescued by my grandfather to live out her days in peace 🤧🤧🤧#heartstories ..Not everyone who reads or critiques the book understands the history—which is fine—books should stand on thei...
  • J Aislynn d'Merricksson
    The Circus Thief by Alane Adams is a sweet tale about a circus horse named Roxie. Georgie and his dad attend the circus and learn that this performance will be Roxie's last. Georgie gets to ride Roxie in the circus ring, and ends up behind curtain where he learns from Roxie's owner that she is not bound for retirement, but to a work farm. When the man startles Roxie, she takes off at a run. It's all Georgie can do to hold on. The owner accuses Ge...
  • Paige Jeanty
    Taking place during a time when the circus was big red tents and bearded ladies, Georgie works hard to earn a trip with his friend. Agreeing to take them, Georgie’s father lets the boys explore the big top in all its glory. As Georgie participates in an act with a beautiful white horse, something terrible happens and Georgie is accused of being a thief. Will Georgie’s Father help rectify the situation? Will the circus trip have a happy ending...
  • Julie
    I received a free ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. This book was just alright for me. I really enjoyed the bright pictures, but the story seemed a little flat for me. I don't know if a lot of kids today will identify with the time period.
  • Brenda
    This was a cute story about a boy's first visit to the circus. After learning about the fate of a soon-to-be retired circus horse, he convinces his dad to help save the horse. The illustrations are done very well. They are so life-like and colorful. The story is a quick read, but children will enjoy it.
  • Danielle
    Set in the 1920’s, The Circus Thief is a sweet story about a little boy, Georgie, that just wants to go to the circus in town. Upon permission of taking a friend along with them, Georgie and his father head to the circus. After being chosen to ride the star of the circus, an Arabian named Roxie, Georgie finds himself in a situation. Georgie’s father saved the day for not only Georgie, but Roxie too.The illustrations were beautiful and detaile...
  • Missy Block
    Illustrations are amazing and sure to excite any young reader. The story, while out of date, was a refreshing lesson in what good can come from doing your chores.
  • Donna172
    The premise if this book is good and the illustrations are beautiful. Much of the story is told through the illustrations. It is a story of a young boy who goes to the circus and sees a beautiful horse and then finds out that it is being sent from the circus to become a work horse because of its age. Although this would be a great book for young kids, the scene where the boy falls in love with he horse could have been more developed and the fathe...